Liquid Wrench L112 Penetrating Oil Spray, 11 oz.

Liquid Wrench L112 Penetrating Oil Spray, 11

Features and benefits: Free stuck nuts, bolts or locks dissolves rust and cuts through grease quickly penetrates corrosion reformulated new clear formula use on garden hose nozzles, clamps, pipes and frozen mechanisms premium lubricants with formulations designed for specific applications.

  • Color: OmC
  • Brand: Liquid Wrench
  • UPC: 078698120157

3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil, 8 OZ [12-Pack]

3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil, 8 OZ

Its precise, easy-to-use drip spout enables precise application, with no overspray or splatter, and its updated packaging has a fill level indicator strip that shows you when you're running low. 3-IN-ONE; oil can be used to lubricate tools, hinges, nuts and bolts, bicycles, wheels, fans and many other moving parts.

  • Brand: 3-IN-ONE
  • ASIN: B001E5DLNI

B'laster 16-PB Penetrating Catalyst - 11-Ounces

B'laster 16-PB Penetrating Catalyst -

The #1-selling penetrant since 1957, PB B'laster quickly busts loose rusted or frozen parts caused by rust and corrosion. It also contains a non-evaporating lubricant that saves time and equipment and protects against further rust and corrosion.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: B'laster
  • ASIN: B000I2079E
  • UPC: 088021735620

3-in-one Oil Multi-purpose Drip Oil, 3-Ounce (Pack of 24)

3-in-one Oil Multi-purpose Drip Oil, 3-Ounce (Pack of

3-IN-ONE Oil has hundreds of uses in the home, on the car, in the garage, in the office, for sports and recreation and on the job!Use it on door locks, sliding doors, hinges, sewing machines, window tracks, fans, and anything with wheels. On the car use it on throttlr cables, linkages, antennas, hinges. in the garage use it to help saw blades cut better, lubricate and protect tools, and to make drills work better. In the office use it on scissors, swivel chairs, file drawers and door hinges. Use it on bike chains, boat hardware, firearms, fishing tackle, camping equipment, skateboards and skates. On the job use it on casters, rollers, chains, power tools and on external moving parts of small motors.

  • Color: White/Black
  • Brand: 3-IN-ONE
  • ASIN: B001E5DLMY

3 IN ONE 12001/120015 4 Oz 3 In 1 Fast Acting Penetrating Drip Oil

3 IN ONE 12001/120015 4 Oz 3 In

Features. 3 In 1 Penetrant Drip. Fast Acting. Quickly Breaks Bonds That Hold Rusted Parts Together Prevents Rust.. Capacity - 4 oz.. Dimension - 1.25 x 2.12 x 6.25 in.. Item Weight - 0.25 lbs.

  • Brand: WD-40
  • ASIN: B016YKSA9M
  • UPC: 079567120018

PJ1 1-06A Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube (Aerosol), 5 oz

PJ1 1-06A Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube

PJ1 New Improved Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube applies easily and features a foaming action that penetrates into the pins and rollers to set up into a tacky, grease-like coating. After penetrating the inside of the chain, the lube becomes a sticky lubricant that bounces back or has a "memory" effect that withstands the continual mechanical stress of the chain. Specially optimized for a standard non-O-ring chains, yet is O-Ring safe and compatible with either type of motorcycle chain. New super tacky formulation reduces dirty fly-off, displaces and repels water, protects against rust and corrosion, extending sprocket and chain life. Petroleum based, race proven, and environmentally friendly with minimal rolling resistance.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: PJ1
  • ASIN: B00AAGEF96
  • UPC: 023159001063

Bickmore Bick 1 Leather Cleaner 2 oz - Clean Dirt, Oil, Sweat, Salt, and Water Stains from all Colored, White, and Black Leather

Bickmore Bick 1 Leather Cleaner 2 oz -

Bick 1 is an agressive cleaner for finished leather. Ideal for boots, belts, tack, saddles, car seats, furniture, purses, and most leather products that Dean & Tyler offers for dogs! Follow up with Bick 4 Leather conditioner. An aggressive cleaner for finished leather. Wax free formula prevents dirt from being trapped in the leather and dulling the finish. Does not clog pores, therefore allowing leather to breathe. Removes water and oil based stains - soil, grease, spur marks, food, and ink stains. A pH balanced blend of non-alkaline cleaning agents to safely and effectively clean finished leather. Ideal for tack, saddles, shoes, boots, car seats, furniture, purses, and most leather products. Bick products will ensure the longevity of your leather goods. As leather goods, many essential oils added by tanners wear away. Without proper care, drying, cracking and or hardening of the leather will occur. Bick-1 is a balanced formula that was created to thoroughly clean the dirtiest leather items both safely and effectively.

  • Color: Black bottle with clear liquid
  • Brand: Bickmore
  • ASIN: B0040UEBD8
  • UPC: 751241000082

Organic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil 7 Lb/One Gallon

Organic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil 7 Lb/One

Fractionated coconut oil is a fraction of the whole oil, in which the different medium-chain fatty acids are separated for specific uses. Fractionated Coconut Oil is a highly stable, odorless and colorless oil that can be beneficial when you need a really light, penetrating oil or an oil that will not quickly go rancid. Its affordability and shelf life makes it a good oil to keep on reserve should you run low on your other more precious carrier oils. Fractionated Coconut Oil is a super carrier for essential oils. It is completely liquid, colorless, odorless, and resists rancidity. It is non-greasy and very light - makes a great non-staining massage oil.

  • Brand: Dr Adorable
  • ASIN: B00LOVE3R0
  • UPC: 817116012014

3-IN-ONE 120018 Fast-Acting Penetrant Drip Oil 4 oz (Pack of 1)

3-IN-ONE 120018 Fast-Acting Penetrant Drip Oil 4 oz

3-IN-ONE; Fast-Acting Penetrant quickly loosens stuck parts and prevents rust. Penetrates up to 3 times faster than the leading competitors* Prevents rust better than the leading competitors** Marksman spout for easy precision application

  • Brand: 3-IN-ONE
  • ASIN: B00J25JD6Q
  • UPC: 079567120018

Renewable Lubricants Bio-Penetrating Lubricant, 1 Gallon Jug

Renewable Lubricants Bio-Penetrating Lubricant, 1 Gallon

A specially formulated, ultimately biodegradable penetrant that can be used as a light lubricant. Because of the super high viscosity index of the HOBS, this product performs in many applications. Bio-Penetrating Lubricant's patented composition of additives and base fluids provides a protective, thin film lubricant. This natural oily film has shown in laboratory and field tests to outperform petroleum base oils in terms of natural lubricity. Renewable Lubricants Bio-Penetrating Lubricant is formulated to penetrate into close tolerant areas, then lubricate, and prevent corrosion. Bio-Penetrating Lubricant's ability to creep is demonstrated by placing a 3/8-inches by 2-inches bolt on its head with 1/4-inches of Bio-Penetrating Lubricant in the bottom of a lab beaker; Bio-Penetrating Lubricant creeps vertically up the threads. It protects deep into the core of a cable or chain link and is excellent as a light air tool lubricant and preservative oil for parts. Bio-Penetrating Lubricant contains no VOCs, displaces moisture, and provides a high dielectric (47 kV ASTM D-877) insulating property in electrical equipment. This product has exceptional benefits over petroleum oils in these applications because there is direct danger of polluting the water, soil, or work environment through ...

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Renewable Lubricants
  • ASIN: B00C3LZN3I
  • UPC: 096523800036
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