PT 109: An American Epic of War, Survival, and the Destiny of John F. Kennedy

PT 109: An American Epic of War, Survival,

The extraordinary World War II story of shipwreck and survival that paved John F. Kennedy's path to power – hailed as a “breathtaking account” by James Patterson, “masterfully written” by historian Douglas Brinkley, and “the finest book” ever written on the subject by Lt. Commander William Liebenow, the man who rescued JFK and the PT 109 crew in August 1943.In the early morning darkness of August 2, 1943, during a chaotic nighttime skirmish amid the Solomon Islands, the Japanese destroyer Amagiri barreled through thick fog and struck the U.S. Navy's motor torpedo boat PT 109, splitting the craft nearly in half and killing two American sailors instantly. The sea erupted in flames as the 109's skipper, John F. Kennedy, and the ten surviving crewmen under his command desperately clung to the sinking wreckage; 1,200 feet of ink-black, shark-infested water loomed beneath. "All hands lost," came the reports back to the Americans' base: no rescue was coming for the men of PT 109. Their desperate ordeal was just beginning—so too was one of the most remarkable tales of World War II, one whose astonishing afterlife would culminate two decades later in the White House.Drawing on original interviews with the last living links to the events, previously untapped Japanese wart...

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Italeri Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 Model Kit

Italeri Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 Model

Every historian and American who grew up in the 50's, 60's and 70's can associate PT-109 a WWII torpedo patrol boat and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the President of the United States. On April 23, 1943 Lieutenant Junior Grade John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was given command of PT-109. They took part in the US invasion of Rendova Island/New Georgia. PT-109 was rammed "Cut in half" and left in flames by an enemy destroyer the Amagiri on August 2nd, 1943. Miraculously, only two crewmembers were killed and only two others were badly injured. The seamen reached Plum Pudding Island, 3.5 miles away. Surviving on coconuts and with the help of local islanders, the remaining crew and their Captain were rescued. In 2002, the wreckage of PT-109 was located.

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PT 109 : Torpedo Boat Simulation

PT 109 : Torpedo Boat

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Search for Kennedy's Pt 109

Search for Kennedy's Pt

"At the height of the Second World War, a young Navy Lieutenant stood at the helm of a U.S. patrol boat and in one ill-starred night made his mark in the annals of history. That young man later became on of the most popular Presidents of the US - John Fitzgerald Kennedy. National Geographic reveals the true story behind the legend - a more complex, more intriguing tale than we were ever led to believe. Famed ocean explorer Dr. Robert Ballard will travel to the Solomon Islands to find the sunken wreck of Kennedy's boat, the PT-109. Through eyewitness accounts of survivors, local islanders and other PT crews on patrol that night, along with powerful footage from the war in the Pacific, we retell the remarkable story of JFK's heroic struggle to rally his crew and get them safely to shore and explore the controversies that have swirled around the boat's sinking.

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COBI Small Army Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109

COBI Small Army Motor Torpedo Boat

The PT-109 was an American torpedo boat used in World War II. It belonged to the PT-103 class where hundreds of them were constructed between 1942 and 1945 by Elco in Bayonne, New Jersey. The PT109 was equipped with four 21" toroidal torpedoes including Mark 8 torpedoes. This unique construction block model has small wheels, propellers and an anti-aircraft gun.

  • Color: Colorful
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KillerBeeMoto: World War Two Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 Short Sleeve Shirt

KillerBeeMoto: World War Two Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109

KillerBeeMoto: World War Two Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 Short Sleeve Shirt

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Killer Bee Moto

KillerBeeMoto: Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 Limited Print

KillerBeeMoto: Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 Limited

KillerBeeMoto: Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 Limited Print

  • Color: Vintage Background Style
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KillerBeeMoto: World War Two Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 Coffee Mug

KillerBeeMoto: World War Two Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109

KillerBeeMoto: World War Two Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 Coffee Mug

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Killer Bee Moto
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Collision With History: The Search For John F. Kennedy's PT 109

Collision With History: The Search For John F.

Michael Hamilton Morgan writes on the PT 109 collision: It?s about 2 a.m., August 2, 1943. Lt. John F. Kennedy squints into the fog and black while at the wheel of PT 109, idling in the Blackett Strait off Gizo in the Solomon Islands. His orders are to attack the ?Tokyo Express? resupplying Japanese installations.... He and his young crew are ready, but handicapped by darkness and fog.... Suddenly, only 300 yards away, a black shape looms...traveling without lights and at high speed. Only seconds before impact...the ship is identified as a Japanese destroyer, the Amagiri. The much larger craft slices through the hull of PT 109, cutting the 80-foot wooden-hulled boat in two. Several of the crew are injured, one critically. The crew takes refuge on the larger section that remains afloat until dawn. Then all are into the water, and Lt. Kennedy begins the series of epic swims that will save his crew and earn him a place in history. Forty years after his death and 60 years after his first collision with history in the South Pacific, John F. Kennedy and his story still inspire readers. In Collision with History, JFK?s heroic efforts to save the 11-man crew of PT 109 are brought to vivid life, interwoven with a comprehensive history of PT boats and the World War II campaign in the Solom...

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They Were Expendable

They Were

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WWII ELCO 80' PT-109 Torpedo Boat

WWII ELCO 80' PT-109 Torpedo

Executive Desktop Models are hand made and highly detailed collectible models designed for the serious collector. Made from either mahogany or from high quality resin material, these models are designed for display and are produced in desktop display size scales.

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Revell 05147, Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-109, 1:72 scale plastic model

Revell 05147, Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-109, 1:72 scale

A model construction kit of probably the most famous Motor Torpedo Boats in the Pacific war, commanded by the later US President John F. Kennedy. - Two part hull - Detailed superstructure - Interior cabins - 37 mm anti-tank gun on the foredeck - Display stand - Two paint schemes Authentic representation of the following versions: - PT-109, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 2, South Pacific, 2 August 1943, commanded by Lieutenant, junior grade (LTJG) John F. Kennedy - PT-109, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 2, Tulagi Island, Solomon Islands, South Pacific, August 1942 - February 1943

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The White Ghost (Billy Boyle World War II Mystery Book 10)

The White Ghost (Billy Boyle World War II

In the Pacific during WWII, Billy Boyle must discover if skipper, and future president, Jack Kennedy is a cold-blooded killer.1943: In the midst of the brutal, hard-fought Solomon Islands campaign between the Allies and the Japanese forces, Lieutenant Billy Boyle receives an odd assignment: he’s sent by the powerful Kennedy family to investigate a murder in which PT skipper (and future president) Jack Kennedy has been implicated. The victim is a native coastwatcher, an allied intelligence operative, whom Kennedy discovered on the island of Tulagi with his head bashed in. That’s Kennedy’s story, anyhow.Kennedy was recovering in the Navy hospital on the island after the sinking of his PT-109 motor torpedo boat. The military hasn’t decided yet whether to make him a hero for surviving the attack, or have him court-martialed for losing the boat, and the last thing the Kennedy clan wants is a murder charge hanging over his head. Billy knows firsthand that he shouldn’t trust Jack: the man is a charmer, a womanizer, and, when it suits his needs, a liar. But would he kill someone in cold blood? And if so, why? The first murder is followed by two more, and to find the killer, Billy must sort through a tangled, shifting web of motives and identities, even as combat rages all aroun...

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PT 109 tshirt distressed vintage style GIFT tee

PT 109 tshirt distressed vintage style GIFT

PT-109 Patrol Torpedo Boat JFK Get on board with this awesome shirt35th President of the United States

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Kennedy Engineering
  • ASIN: B07H1Y84PZ

In Harm's Way: JFK, World War II, and the Heroic Rescue of PT 109

In Harm's Way: JFK, World War II, and

In September 1941, young Jack Kennedy was appointed an Ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve. After completing training and eager to serve, he volunteered for combat duty in the Pacific and was appointed commander of PT 109.On August 2, 1943, Kennedy's PT 109 and two others were on a night mission to ambush an enemy supply convoy when they were surprised by a massive Japanese destroyer. The unsuspecting Americans had only seconds to react as the Japanese captain turned his ship to ram directly into Kennedy's. PT 109 was cut in half by the collision, killing two of Kennedy's 12 crewmen and wounding several others in the explosion.In Harm's Way tells the gripping story of what happened next as JFK fought to save his surviving crew members who found themselves adrift in enemy waters. Photographs round out the exciting narrative in the first book to cover this adventurous tale for young readers.

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PT 109

PT 109

One of the first naval combat games to hit the shelves in the early 1990's. PT 109 is Torpedo Boat Simulation, and the namesake of the boat made famous by JFK and his crew in WWII.

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2017 SB Kennedy 2017 1 oz Silver John F. Kennedy JFK Solomon Islands $1 Coin .999 Fine (In Assay) - 100th Anniv. JFK PT109 $1 Brilliant Uncirculated BU

2017 SB Kennedy 2017 1 oz Silver John

2017 1 oz Silver John F. Kennedy JFK Solomon Islands $1 Coin .999 Fine (In Assay) - 100th Anniv. JFK PT109 The 2017 1 oz Silver John F. Kennedy JFK Solomon Islands $1 Coin is a commemorative coin minted in celebration of the 100th anniversary of John Fitzgerald Kennedy's birth year - the 35th President of the United States. Produced by the Royal Australian Mint this exclusive coin is one of the most remarkable releases in 2017. The design of this splendid coin pays tribute to the act of heroism, endurance, and leadership shown by Lieutenant John F. Kennedy in 1943 during WWII in the Solomon Islands.This coin is a representation of the most famous crash in naval history of this war. On the night of August 2, 1943 boat PT-109 was destroyed by Japanese aircraft. John F. Kennedy attempted to turn his ship starboard to aim the torpedoes, but there wasn't enough time. The larger Japanese destroyer split PT-109 in half. Most of the crew was thrown into the water by the force of the impact - two were killed and one was badly burned. Over two days the men desperately looked for a way home with Kennedy taking a leadership role, but the rescue seemed increasingly far. Finally, two native Coastwatchers, who were patrolling the ocean, found the crew and helped them send a message to a base by...


John F. Kennedy and PT-109

John F. Kennedy and

From the bestselling author of Guadalcanal Diary: The thrilling true story of the future president’s astonishing act of heroism during World War II. In the early morning hours of August 2, 1943, US Navy motor torpedo boat PT-109 patrolled the still, black waters of Blackett Strait in the Solomon Islands. Suddenly, the Japanese destroyer Amagiri loomed out of the darkness, bearing directly down on the smaller ship. There was no time to get out of the way—the destroyer crashed into PT-109, slicing the mosquito boat in two and setting the shark-infested waters aflame with burning gasoline. Ten surviving crewmembers and their young skipper clung to the wreckage, their odds of survival growing slimmer by the instant.   Lt. John F. Kennedy’s first command was an unqualified disaster. Yet over the next three days, the privileged son of a Boston multimillionaire displayed extraordinary courage, stamina, and leadership as he risked his life to shepherd his crew to safety and coordinate a daring rescue mission deep in enemy territory. Lieutenant Kennedy earned a Navy and Marine Corps Medal and a Purple Heart, and the story of PT-109 captured the public’s imagination and helped propel the battle-tested veteran all the way to the White House.   Acclaimed war correspondent Richard ...


They Were Expendable [Blu-ray]

They Were Expendable

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Into the Dark Water: The Story of Three Officers and PT-109

Into the Dark Water: The Story of Three

Main Selection of the Military Book Club Made famous by her final commanding officer, John F. Kennedy, PT-109 is one of the most celebrated warships in American history. However, a full chronicle of PT-109’s wartime story has heretofore been lacking. Behind the familiar account of the future president and the boat’s violent demise is the little-known record under two previous officers during the swirling battles around Guadalcanal.In these mainly nocturnal fights, when the Japanese navy was at its apex, America’s small, fast-boat flotillas would sally out to probe enemy strength, vying with enemy destroyers, who were similarly roaming the waters and able to blast a PT-boat out of the water if main armament could be brought to bear. It was constant hit-and-run and dodging between searchlights across Iron Bottom Sound, as the PT-boats darted in among the enemy fleet, like a “barroom brawl with the lights turned out.”Bryant Larson and Rollin Westholm preceded Kennedy as commanders of PT-109, and their fights with the brave ship and its crew hold second to none in the chronicles of US Navy daring. As the battles moved on across the Pacific the PT-boat flotillas gained confidence, even as the Japanese, too, learned lessons in how to destroy them.Under its third and final com...

  • ASIN: 161200234X
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✅ Support Will via Patreon: ✅ Tip Jar: via PayPal to: This is a tutorial showing you how to make a plastic military model. It is PT-109 which is a torpedo boat that saw a lot of action in WWII. This particular boat was comma...

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The Patrol Torpedo Boats Documentary

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PT 109 (1963) Trailer.- JFK during World War Two

109 Torpedo

Dramatization of President John F. Kennedy's experiences as a PT Boat commander and the heroic tale of JFK in World War Two long before the day a sniper would take his life in Dallas Texas.

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