American Steam Locomotives: Design and Development, 1880–1960 (Railroads Past and Present)

American Steam Locomotives: Design and Development, 1880–1960 (Railroads

For nearly half of the nation's history, the steam locomotive was the outstanding symbol for progress and power. It was the literal engine of the Industrial Revolution, and it played an instrumental role in putting the United States on the world stage. While the steam locomotive's basic principle of operation is simple, designers and engineers honed these concepts into 100-mph passenger trains and 600-ton behemoths capable of hauling mile-long freight at incredible speeds. American Steam Locomotives is a thorough and engaging history of the invention that captured public imagination like no other, and the people who brought it to life.

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Guide to North American Steam Locomotives

Guide to North American Steam

This book has the fascinating history and development of steam locomotives in North American. Tells the stories behind the locomotives, includes rosters, and explains wheel arrangements, streamlining, and more with photos, summaries, and specifications for hundreds of locomotives.

  • Brand: Kalmbach
  • ASIN: 1627002596

Steam, Smoke, and Steel: Back in Time with Trains

Steam, Smoke, and Steel: Back in Time with

All aboard! This train travels through history making stops in time to learn about the progress of travel by rail.Hop up into the cab of a speeding modern-day locomotive and look down the tracks into the past. Perhaps these are the same tracks that the diesel-electric locomotives of thirty years ago thundered down, pulling their loads. Perhaps you can see the steam engines of thirty years before that. Watch time unravel and the landscape change as the history of trains barrels through the pages of STEAM, SMOKE AND STEEL: BACK IN TIME WITH TRAINS.The first trains puffed great billowing clouds of smoke and showered passengers with burning embers as they sped down the rails at a pulse-pounding twenty miles an hour! By the 1850's, however, trains were traveling much faster, much farther, and much cleaner and train travel contributed to the growth of our nation. Young readers will be fascinated by the exciting -- and sometimes dangerous -- story of trains while they learn about the different kinds of engines, equipment, and jobs necessary for operating trains throughout history. The young narrator introduces readers to trains from the time of his great-great-great-great-great grandfather at the turn of the nineteenth century to his father's train of today, showing the great changes th...

  • Color: Multicolor
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Early American Steam Locomotives

Early American Steam

Relive the early days of train travel with this exciting illustrated story of steam locomotion. Working with great love and skill from builders' specifications, old engravings, and contemporaneous accounts, author Reed Kinert recreates, in exacting detail, illustrations of the earliest locomotives—many of which were built and used before the advent of photography.More than 100 illustrations, many in color, portray the venerable "iron horses"—from the tiny Tom Thumb (which, early in its career, lost a race to a horse-drawn wagon) to vertical "teakettles" and "grasshoppers," and the streamlined "titans," outfitted with bells, whistles, and lights. Railroading enthusiasts, model rail hobbyists, and Americana buffs will be delighted with this expert pictorial-guided tour through the early days of the "iron horse."

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O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line: A Photographic Portrait of America's Last Great Steam Railroad

O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line: A

O. Winston Link photographed the Norfolk and Western, the last major steam railroad in the United States, when it was converting its operations from steam to diesel in the 1950s. Link’s N&W project captured the industry at a moment of transition, before the triumph of the automobile and the airplane that ended an era of passenger rail service. His work also revealed a small-town way of life that was about to experience seismic shifts and, in many cases, vanish completely. Including a collection of more than 180 of Link’s most famous works and rare images that have never before been published, O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line offers a moving account of the people and communities surrounding the last steam railroad.The book includes a cd of Link's recordings of the railroad.

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Historic North American Locomotives: An Illustrated Journey

Historic North American Locomotives: An Illustrated

Historic North American Locomotives traces the historic development of North American locomotives from the early 1800s through today. Considered a photographic book with the look and feel of fine art, 100 locomotives are profiled using descriptive text and richly detailed and colored photographic imagery. A well-researched introduction provides the reader with a historical perspective. The author/photographer includes high-quality photographs, created through various techniques that vividly capture the distinctive features of the locomotives. From the 1805 Trevithick portable boiler to modern, high-speed locomotives such as the 2013 GE Genesis, the reader will enjoy viewing a variety of locomotives that are not usually shown together in one book.

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Train: The Definitive Visual History

Train: The Definitive Visual

Featuring amazing images of trains, virtual tours of engines, and profiles of key innovators, designers, and engineers, Train: The Definitive Visual History traces the history of the railroad and the role of trains, from the first steam engines to today's high speed bullet trains. Comprehensive catalogs feature the most important trains from each period, exploring in detail iconic trains such as the Fairy Queen, Orient Express, and Javelin, and follows the development of trains from early steam to Diesel engines and modern electronic locomotives. Beautiful photographs and detailed maps explore some of the world's most impressive rail routes from South Africa to Siberia, including the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, the trans-Siberian Railway, and the high-speed Japanese Tokaido Shinkansen line. Includes 2 exclusive prints.

  • Brand: DK Publishing Dorling Kindersley
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The History of North American Steam

The History of North American

This illustrated history of steam trains makes a great gift item for train enthusiasts and railroad historians. It covers steam locomotives from its origins, its expansion through to its eventual obsoletion. It also includes a chapter on railroads in the north and south which covers Canada and Mexico. Lavishly illustrated throughout in full color and written by an author with a number of authoritative titles to his credit, this book has been published in two other formats with over 40,000 copies sold. This new edition is in a mid-size format which would make a perfect addition to the collector’s bookshelf.

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North American Locomotives

North American

Profusely illustrated with rare historic and previously unpublished modern photography, North American Locomotives this is the perfect addition to the library of any rail fan. This invaluable volume spans more than 150 years of locomotive technology to examine the wide variety of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives that have powered ninety North American railroads, past and present, through the decades. Since locomotive-building has long been a made-to-order business, the book is arranged alphabetically by railroad to give you a better understanding of how specific technologies suited specific needs. The railroads featured range from the best-known historic lines, such as the Canadian Pacific, Santa Fe, Union Pacific, and Baltimore & Ohio, to today's giant Class I roads, commuter lines, and selected short lines. The result is a beautifully presented reference guide that features more than 400 locomotive gems, including historic machines such as New York Central's J3a Hudsons, Pennsylvania Railroad's GG1 electrics, and EMD's classic E- and F-Units, to today's most powerful modern diesels. All the major builders - past and present - are represented, including such heavyweights as Baldwin, Alco, Lima, EMD, GE, and more.

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The Complete Book of North American Railroading

The Complete Book of North American

It would be impossible to imagine the rapid growth of the United States and Canada without railroads. From the industry's first tentative steps in the early nineteenth century to the railways of our day, here is a fitting celebration of that legacy-an all-encompassing tome for hardcore railfans and casual enthusiasts alike.For more than 150 years, railroads have transformed everyday life in North America - Bringing goods to market, carrying travelers across the continent, seeing us through wars, enriching our folklore, and proving indispensible tour economic, industrial, and social infrastructures. And that's not to mention the mind-bending technologies and machines that railroads have spawned.The Complete Book of North American Railroading celebrates the people and machines that have made this growth possible. In these pages, a cast of railroading authorities team up to tackle the industry's genesis; the development of steam, electric, and diesel-electric locomotives; the golden age of passenger travel; workhorse freight haulers; railroad infrastructure; and modern railroading operations.

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Field Guide to Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock (Voyageur Field Guides)

Field Guide to Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock

Now you can be the human Wikipedia page of trains--from locomotives to rolling stock. No Great American road trip would be complete without seeing trains streaming across wild prairies and through thick forests. All kinds of diesel and even a few steam locomotives can be seen, with everything from boxy frontends to curving streamlined bodies. The containers, flat cars, and boxcars pulled by these locomotives carry diverse freight, and the variety of these cars is wide. Field Guide to Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock is the source for easy-to-digest information on locomotives and cars. Model railroaders will also find this book indispensible, as it offers myriad ideas for realistic train systems.The book is divided by diesel-electric locomotives, self-propelled passenger trains, passenger cars, freight cars, rail transit, and preserved equipment at museums and excursion steam locomotives. It also touches on historic diesels, vintage trams, maintenance trains, snowplow engines, and circus trains. Featuring North American and world examples of trains, Field Guide to Trains includes just about any type of locomotive and train car you are likely to see on the rails today, making this book the only available comprehensive guide to locomotives and rolling stock out there.Bring Fiel...

  • Brand: Voyageur Press
  • ASIN: 0760349975

Railroads in the days of steam, (American heritage junior library)

Railroads in the days of steam, (American heritage

Colorful account of steam railroads and their contributions to America's culture and history from 1827 to 1920

  • ASIN: B0006AWHM8

Classic American Locomotives: The 1909 Classic On Steam Locomotive Technology

Classic American Locomotives: The 1909 Classic On Steam

Anyone who has watched in anticipation as a hundred tons of hot, black, smoky iron rolls into the station - or who thrills at the smell of creosote and the plaintive blue note of a steam whistle - will revel in Charles McShane's detailed examination of the inner workings of the classic steam engine. For the first time since 1909, fans of classic American steam locomotives can pore over hundreds of fascinating mechanical illustrations as McShane explains every aspect of how these incredible juggernauts operated. As impressive as the sum of the parts may be, the steam engine is made up of hundreds of discreet systems - slide valves, steam injectors, lubricators, pressure gauges, pneumatic brakes and more - all of them scrutinized in loving detail in Classic American Locomotives. Starting with a brief history of the locomotive, McShane addresses every aspect of locomotive construction, even treating how each company manufactured the various parts, how an engineer or rail worker should maintain these components, and the relative merits of the different systems. Classic American Locomotives is a fascinating reference for experts and curators, and the centerpiece of any train fan's library.

  • Brand: Brand: The Lyons Press / the Globe Pequot Press
  • ASIN: 1599214792

The Complete History of American Railroads - 4 Programs on 1 Disc

The Complete History of American Railroads - 4

The Complete History of American Railroads DVD, an impressive and comprehensive story of the development of railroading in America. Rail enthusiasts as well as history buffs, teachers and home schoolers, plus kids of all ages will appreciate this magnificent train adventure covering live action historic operating railroads, rare photos of drawings and valuable memorabilia, and live action re-enactments. Featuring spectacular cinematography and an inspiring musical score, this Award-Winning four part DVD covers over one-hundred years of transportation and railroading evolution. Part One – A WILD AND IMPRACTICAL SCHEME 1800 – 1845. In 1845 John Stevens obtained a charter form the New Jersey legislature to build the first steam railroad in America, but he could not get financial backing because no one believed it could be done. However, eventually the concept caught on and investors realized that trains would become faster, cheaper, and could haul more freight than any other type of transportation. Although the steam locomotive was originally invented in England, by 1830 America’s first locomotive, Tom Thumb made its first trial run for America’s first chartered railroad, The Baltimore and Ohio. Part Two – ONE NATION…INDIVISIBLE 1845 – 1865. By the 1850s railroads were...

  • ASIN: B002LI6X2I
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The Steamliners: Streamlined Steam Locomotives and the American Passenger Train

The Steamliners: Streamlined Steam Locomotives and the American

Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: TLC Publishing (VA); 1St Edition edition (April 5, 2002) Language: English ISBN-10: 1883089700 ISBN-13: 978-1883089702 Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.7 x 0.7 inches Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds

  • Brand: Brand: TLC Publishing (VA)
  • ASIN: 1883089700

The Story of American Railroads: From the Iron Horse to the Diesel Locomotive

The Story of American Railroads: From the Iron

This richly comprehensive history by a self-proclaimed "low-brow" historian features more than 100 photographs and contemporary prints of America's railway system. Stewart H. Holbrook presents a dramatic, highly readable chronicle of the development of the backbone of the country's commerce and industry. Abounding in episodes of ingenuity and achievement, the growth of the railway system required constant improvements in techniques, devices, and machines, from the first wood burner that traveled on wooden rails to modern streamliners and diesel-powered giants. In addition to technological innovations, the colossal enterprise required courage and resolve to battle challenges posed by nature as well as by political maneuvering and corruption. This fascinating survey draws upon many hitherto unknown original sources and new data, in addition to firsthand accounts from hundreds of brakemen, conductors, engineers, and other railroad employees. Sound and authoritative, it constitutes a definitive history of America's railroads.

  • ASIN: 0486799220
  • UPC: 800759799220

Great American Railroad Stories: 75 Years of Trains magazine

Great American Railroad Stories: 75 Years of Trains

Great American Railroad Stories gives readers a look at railroading history as presented by the writers of Trains magazine over 75 years. It includes rare, first-hand accounts that give historical insight into riding passenger trains, working on the railroad, and growing up in the era of steam trains. This book also focuses on the finest writing and includes historical photos. It features the writings and reflections of founding editor Al Kalmbach, David Morgan, Lucius Beebe, and other well-known names. All readers will be drawn-in by the many American railroading stories from those who actual lived it.

  • Brand: Kalmbach Books
  • ASIN: 1627001824
  • UPC: 884807511378

Locomotive (Caldecott Medal Book)

Locomotive (Caldecott Medal

The Caldecott Medal Winner, Sibert Honor Book, and New York Times bestseller Locomotive is a rich and detailed sensory exploration of America’s early railroads, from the creator of the “stunning” (Booklist) Moonshot.It is the summer of 1869, and trains, crews, and family are traveling together, riding America’s brand-new transcontinental railroad. These pages come alive with the details of the trip and the sounds, speed, and strength of the mighty locomotives; the work that keeps them moving; and the thrill of travel from plains to mountain to ocean. Come hear the hiss of the steam, feel the heat of the engine, watch the landscape race by. Come ride the rails, come cross the young country!

  • Brand: Atheneum Books
  • ASIN: 1416994157

The Heritage of North American Trains: Steam, Diesel and Electric Locomotives from Pioneer Days to Modern Times

The Heritage of North American Trains: Steam, Diesel

  • ASIN: 1904687202

The Engine's Moan: American Steam Whistles

The Engine's Moan: American Steam

Here, Ed Fagen, one of the nation’s foremost authorities on steam whistles, has provided us with a broadly researched, eloquently written and marvelously witty book, the first and only one on the subject. It includes comprehensive, illustrated chapters on: the history of the steam whistle, the voice of the Industrial Revolution, and how it developed; the various uses of steam whistles on locomotives, ships, factories, firehouse roofs, circuses; the broad range of whistle manufacturers, their histories and their product lines (including how to identify and date whistles, as well as an extensive discussion on the relative rarityof whistle types); how to acquire, organize, and preserve a whistle collection; how to repair and restore steam whistles; how to blow steam whistles on steam or compressed air; how a steam whistle actually works – a point that remains somewhat controversial even today. Also included are an illustrated glossary of whistle terms, an illustrated review of the major whistle-related U.S. design patents, and a comprehensive index. A joy to read, this book is a true “must have” for the railfan, collector, curator, historian of science, industrial archeologist, and anyone for whom the sound of this icon of connotative richness has ever beckoned to adventures...

  • Brand: Brand: Astragal Pr
  • ASIN: 1931626014
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American Steam Trains

Watch as 20 different steam trains operate throughout the eastern USA. This video includes Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 611 Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 765 Thomas The Tank Engine Pere Marquette 2-8-4 1225 Strasburg Rail Road 2-10-0 90 Western Maryland Scenic Railroad 2-8-0 734 Southern Railway 2-8-2 450...

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Train Expo 2014: A Grand Gathering Of Steam - Eight Steam Engines at the Steam Railroading Institute

American Steam Trains

June 20-22, 2014: the Steam Railroading Institute hosted Train Expo 2014 in Owosso, Michigan. For this, eight steam locomotives attended the event and were under steam. This video will show all eight of the steam locomotives that were brought in. The two big engines included Pere Marquette 1225...

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American Steam Locomotive Whistles

American Steam Trains

Here's a huge compilation of steam locomotive whistles in America. Yes most of these are in the east but hey it's America