Atlona ATCOMP150SR Component Video with Stereo Audio 450-Feet Extender Kit

Atlona ATCOMP150SR Component Video with Stereo Audio 450-Feet

Atlona Technologies AT-COMP150SR can easily extend component (YPbPr) or composite (CVBS) video with 2 channel mono audio over only one CAT5/6 cable. The AT-COMP150SR lets you extend signals to cover the distance up to 330m (1,000ft). The devices are composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is installed near the video signal source, and the receiver is placed near the desired display, up to an impressive 330m (1,000ft) away for composite (CVBS) video and analog stereo audio. The AT-COMP150SR does not need a external power supply which is easier for installation. Features: Passive and no power required Supports component (YPbPr) and composite (CVBS) video and 2 channel mono audio Supports resolutions up to 720p/1080i (NTSC/PAL) Transmission range up to 1,000 feet Wall mountable

  • Brand: Atlona Technologies
  • ASIN: B003WT54WU
  • UPC: 846352001063

Atlona Component to Composite/s-Video D

Atlona Component to Composite/s-Video

  • Brand: Atlona Technologies
  • ASIN: B002B94GSK
  • UPC: 132017825793

1X2 HDmi (ver. 1.3) Distribution Amplifier is A Unique Device That Allows Users

1X2 HDmi (ver. 1.3) Distribution Amplifier is A

1X2 HDMI Distribution Amplifier (1.3)

  • Color: 717-131
  • Brand: Atlona Technologies
  • ASIN: B0027AOF7K
  • UPC: 878248007972

Atlona AT-DVI60SRS Powerless DVI Extender Up to 160' at 1920 x 1200

Atlona AT-DVI60SRS Powerless DVI Extender Up to 160'

  • Brand: Atlona Technologies
  • ASIN: B003XM9B70
  • UPC: 700315927305

Atlona KIT-PROHD3 Custom Installation Testing Kit

Atlona KIT-PROHD3 Custom Installation Testing

The AT-HD800, AT-DIS7-PROHD, Etude Sync (AT-ETU-SYNC) and AT-BAT-DIS7PRO comes in a high quality custom carrying case

  • Brand: Atlona Technologies
  • UPC: 846352002893

Atlona Technologies at-LINE-PRO2 Video Scalar

Atlona Technologies at-LINE-PRO2 Video

  • Brand: Atlona Technologies
  • ASIN: B0011MJIFE
  • UPC: 878248006937

Niles AVDA3 (FG00814) Audio Video Distribution Amp

Niles AVDA3 (FG00814) Audio Video Distribution

The AVDA-3 is a powerful tool for distributing source level audio and base-band video signals for home or commercial applications. The AVDA-3 features one set of audio/video inputs (left and right audio, as well as composite video) which are actively distributed to three sets of audio/video outputs. This unit is especially useful for distributing DBS signals to remotely located TV's, or when connecting a single audio/video source component, like a DVD or Multiple CD Changer, to multizone receivers and/or RF modulators. The AVDA-3 employs IC operational amplifiers and gold-plated connectors to deliver clear, stable video images and smooth, accurate sound. Its high-current output design enables the installer to utilize long wire runs without experiencing signal degradation. Audio/video cascade outputs with built-in impedance matching circuitry enable simple system expansion while preserving the integrity of the signal. As many as four AVDA-3's can be daisy-chained together.

  • Brand: Niles
  • ASIN: B00070QHL4
  • UPC: 760514008144

Atlona AT-UHD-PRO3-88M | 4K UHD Dual Distance 8x8 HDMI to HDBaseT Matrix Switcher with PoE

Atlona AT-UHD-PRO3-88M | 4K UHD Dual Distance 8x8

  • Brand: Atlona Technologies
  • ASIN: B0153V17HA
  • UPC: 750408371546

Atlona at-IR-CS-TX IR Emitter Cable for UHD-Ex Extenders and UHD-Pro3 Matrixes

Atlona at-IR-CS-TX IR Emitter Cable for UHD-Ex Extenders

The Altona AT-IR-CS-TX is an IR Cable for UHD-EX Extenders & UHD-PRO3 Matrixes. The 6.6 ft. (2 m) long, 2-pin cable features striped ends designed for quick connection with captive screw connectors (not included). The IR emitter can be used in several positions around the controlled device. An IR cover is included to avoid signal interference of the controlled device and possible interference to other IR devices within the rack. A red LED provides clear indication that the IR emitter is operational.

  • Brand: Atlona Technologies
  • ASIN: B015D2MB1U
  • UPC: 846352004460

Atlona AT-UHD-SW-51 4K/UHD 5" HDMI Switcher

Atlona AT-UHD-SW-51 4K/UHD 5" HDMI

The Altona AT-UHD-SW-51 is a 5x1 HDMI switcher with auto-switching and advanced control capability. The switcher supports 4K/UHD at 60 Hz with 4:2:0 color, offers 3D pass-through, and 10.2 Gbps bandwidth. With front panel buttons and IR control, it can be a standalone switcher. Designed as a cost-effective, easy to install solution, the switcher offers a web-based GUI for easy set-up and management of EDID and HDCP. Additional control options include auto-switching, front panel selector, and compatibility with RS-232 or TCP/IP-based control systems. Audio features include de-embedding of PCM audio over HDMI to either S/PDIF or two-channel analog audio outputs; pass-through of Dolby and DTS-HD Master Audio; plus an Audio Return Channel feed to the S/PDIF output from the HDMI display. The compact, 1U, half-rack width enclosure is easily installed in rack mounted systems with the optional 19" rack mount brackets. Two units can be mounted side-by-side.

  • Brand: Atlona Technologies
  • ASIN: B015D2MEIU
  • UPC: 846352004316
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