Blackburn Airstik SL Pump Black, One Size

Blackburn Airstik SL Pump Black, One

Convenient and compact, the Blackburn Airstik SL Pump is the perfect pump to grab and go for any bike ride. Despite its compact 6-inch size, it is capable of pushing air quickly and with enough force to achieve ridiculously high PSI for the most elite road cyclists. One of the gripe we hear the most often regarding new mini pumps is their lack of ability to be easily mounted and tucked away on our bike frame. Blackburn solves this problem with the Airstik SL by including a bottle cage mount that keeps the pump mounted out of the way, but within an arm's reach when you need it, though it's compact enough to fit in most saddle bags, or even pockets, should a frame mount not be ideal for your ride. The Airstik SL is made from lightweight aluminum, coming in at only 58-grams, despite being much more durable than its plastic counterparts. It has a solid head that holds up to abuse on the trail, but it's important to keep in mind that the head only takes Presta valves, so if you use a Schrader you'll be out of luck. To pump efficiently, the Airstik SL uses a dual-chamber design that uses the inner shaft of the pump to double as an air chamber and increase air volume per stroke massively -- claiming a 37% increase over competitor's pumps of the same size. Because of the dual chamber sys...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Blackburn
  • UPC: 768686065729

Blackburn Airstik 2 Stage Pump Dark Grey, One Size

Blackburn Airstik 2 Stage Pump Dark Grey, One

We find ourselves in an internal debate between the Blackburn AirStik 2Stage and the AirStik SL -- faster pumping or smaller size. If you need it on your bike for a race, do you want to save 26g or have almost twice the air volume per stroke? We go back and forth, but the greater air volume does seem worth the trade-off. The AirStik 2Stage can deliver 3. 5 cubic inches of air per stroke, which exceeds most other pumps that offer two different volumes per stroke. If you're not familiar with these, you should be. There is a switch on the pump, in this case on the bottom of the handle, which allows you to choose "high volume" or "high pressure." The latter is a polite way to say "low volume" -- something you will want as the pressure in the tire gets to a certain point as it makes the pumping easier. While the 2Stage is bigger than the SL, it's still pretty small. It is 172mm long when closed and has a 98mm long pump stroke. The barrel and shaft are aluminum. One of the things we like about this pump is that Blackburn hired a suspension fork engineer to work on their pump line. The result is mini-pumps that use the shaft space as an air chamber, which makes the pump action more stable and delivers more air per stroke. The Blackburn AirStik 2Stage comes with a mount that fits under a...

  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Brand: Blackburn
  • UPC: 768686065767

Blackburn Mountain Air Any Valve Pump, Black

Blackburn Mountain Air Any Valve Pump,

New graphics with pump metrics printed on the barrel. AnyValve pump head automatically adapts to Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves. Rebuildable internals.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Blackburn
  • ASIN: B009IIJ2DQ
  • UPC: 768686888540

Blackburn Airstik 2-Stage Pump

Blackburn Airstik 2-Stage

New color and graphics for 2013 with pump metrics printed on the barrel. Switchable high-volume and high-pressure modes for faster inflation with less effort. Lightweight aluminum barrel and shaft.

  • Color: WHITE
  • Brand: Blackburn
  • ASIN: B009IIITI0
  • UPC: 768686887666

Blackburn Airstick Anyvalve Mini Pump Pewter, One Size

Blackburn Airstick Anyvalve Mini Pump Pewter, One

When it comes to designing items like the Airstick Anyvalve Mini Pump, we're usually happy to yield to Blackburn's expertise. But. We do have one critique: instead of Airstick, we would've called the thing Airlog. It's light and small enough to warrant the "stick" categorization, but the amount of air it pushes is less like a stick and more like a flourishing oak trunk. That's because the Airstick features Blackburn's high volume design, which pushes more air per stroke and doubles up on that already increased volume by inflating your tire during the pull stroke, too. Despite that huge functionality, the Airstick lives up to its name at a reasonable claimed weight of 137g. That's not as low as the Airstick SL, and it isn't quite a toss-in-the-pocket-and-forget size pump, but it's a helluva lot more convenient than carting around a floor pump. The handle folds out into a T, and Blackburn's AnyValve pump head is compatible with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves. Blackburn includes a cage mount to help clear pocket space and ensure you never leave the Airstick on your counter in a bout of pre-ride forgetfulness.

  • Color: Pewter
  • Brand: Blackburn
  • UPC: 768686737732

Blackburn Core CO2'Fer Mini Pump Grey, One Size

Blackburn Core CO2'Fer Mini Pump Grey, One

Core CO2'Fer Mini Pump

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Blackburn
  • ASIN: B07HB5K57R
  • UPC: 768686155291

Blackburn Airstik SL Pump Replacement 2-Stage Rubber Strap - 2013601

Blackburn Airstik SL Pump Replacement 2-Stage Rubber Strap

Blackburn Airstik SL Pump Replacement 2-Stage Rubber Strap - 2013601

  • Brand: Blackburn
  • UPC: 768686796500

Blackburn Piston 3 Floor Pump Black Grey, One Size

Blackburn Piston 3 Floor Pump Black Grey, One

Finding a good pump may not the trendiest topic of conversation at the pre-ride coffee gathering, but it's a decision that'll have a big impact on the start of almost every day in the saddle. The Blackburn Piston 3 Floor Pump makes getting out the door a breeze with a giant pressure gauge, clean styling, and classic Blackburn durability. Its gauge is slightly larger than the Piston 2, which makes it even easier to read through bleary eyes while topping off the tires before an early morning spin. With an AnyValve pump head that works with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves and an irreproachable steel base and barrel, the Piston 3 stands to become a fixture in your pre-ride ritual for years of perfectly pressurized tires.

  • Color: Black Grey
  • Brand: Blackburn
  • ASIN: B01HEF7E6G
  • UPC: 768686731389

Blackburn Airstik Road Bike Pump

Blackburn Airstik Road Bike

  • Brand: Blackburn
  • ASIN: B000BNZ0LA
  • UPC: 768686755071

Blackburn Airstik AnyValve Mini-Pump Frame Mount - 7081572

Blackburn Airstik AnyValve Mini-Pump Frame Mount -

In 1975, Jim Blackburn looked at the at the emerging cycling culture and knew he could make a difference. That meant thinking from the user's perspective, showing respect for materials and their functionality, while bringing unprecedented innovation. Over the years, we've taken those principles to build gear that allow people to go further, do more and be prepared for anything.

  • Color: Grey / Black
  • Brand: Blackburn
  • ASIN: B076XG72PY
  • UPC: 768686749759
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