Brinkmann 800-2301-0 Q-Beam Max Million III Spotlight

Brinkmann 800-2301-0 Q-Beam Max Million III

This powerful Million 3 candle power, 12 Volts spotlight produces a super high intensity beam. It features a powerful halogen bulb for maximum brightness and a rubber gasket lens seal for water and shock resistance. It has a tough ABS plastic construction, convenient metal bracket for hanging or storage and includes a handy nylon carrying case.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Brinkmann
  • ASIN: B00266EF5C
  • UPC: 021112258370

GOODSMANN TACTICPRO Powerful 2000 Lumen HID Spotlight/Floodlight Automotive/Garage/Emergency/Boating/Fishing/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Patrolling Spotlight 9924-0011-06

GOODSMANN TACTICPRO Powerful 2000 Lumen HID Spotlight/Floodlight Automotive/Garage/Emergency/Boating/Fishing/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Patrolling

This powerful Goodsmann Tacticpro 2000 lumens 12 volt lightweight spotlight produces an incredible beam distance of up to 850 meters (0.528 miles).  High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp produce light with an electric arc rather than a glowing filament. The high intensity of the arc comes from metallic salts that are vaporized within the arc chamber. These lamps are formally known as "Gas-Discharge Burners" and have a higher efficacy than tungsten lamps.  Automotive HID may be called "Xenon Headlamps", though they are actually Metal-Halide lamp that contain Xenon gas. It features a powerful HID bulb for maximum brightness, a tempered glass lens, an aluminum reflector and a spot-to-flood light adjustable beam. It is impact resistant up to 1 meter. It also has a tough ABS plastic construction, an easy access on/off slider switch and convenient metal bracket for hanging or storage. In addition, this powerful HID spotlight is powered by an 8 feet heavy gauge coiled cord that plugs into a 12V socket.  This spotlight also comes with a nylon-carrying bag for safe storage and added portability. The Goodsmann HID spotlight is the perfect travel solution for your boating, hunting, camping, hiking, and outdoor adventure lighting needs. Maximize your next outdoor adventure with th...

  • Brand: GOODSMANN
  • UPC: 818100020275

6 Million Candlepower LED Spotlight - 25 Watt Handheld Hunting Spotlight - 12-32V DC - 1000' Beam

6 Million Candlepower LED Spotlight - 25 Watt

This handheld spotlight from Larson Electronics delivers an impressive 2 000 lumens while drawing only 25 watts of energy. With a combination of high output Cree LEDs and a 120mm parabolic reflector this spotlight projects a tightly focused cool white beam reaching up to 1 000 feet. This beam clearly and sharply illuminates objects all the way to the end of the beam reach. The Cree LED units in this light have been chosen for their high lumen per watt ratio and extreme longevity. These Cree LEDs generate 80 lumens per watt effective lumen output and have a 70% lumen retention at 50 000 hours giving them better efficiency and operational life than traditional light sources. This IP65 rated spotlight features an ultra-durable ABS polymer body an aluminum alloy light head housing and an impact resistant polycarbonate lens. Waterproof dustproof and shockproof this spotlight is built to work hard and survive demanding outdoor use. The HUL-LED25WRE-CPR features an articulated light head that can be tilted up and down independently of the handle for more precise beam positioning. The nylon handle has a no-slip textured surface that ensures a firm grip even in wet conditions. The booted push button provides additional protection from dust and water and is conveniently placed to allow ope...

  • Brand: Larson Electronics

Brinkmann 800-2705-0 1 Million Candle Power 12 Volt DC Spotlight with Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Brinkmann 800-2705-0 1 Million Candle Power 12 Volt


  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Brinkmann
  • ASIN: B0046ODC6K
  • UPC: 151903418956

Brinkmann Qbeam Max Million III 3 Million Maxpower Spotlight, Powerful 1200 Lumen Spotlight Bright Portable High Intensity Halogen Flood/Spotlight Offroad Automotive/Emergency/ Boating 800-2301-0

Brinkmann Qbeam Max Million III 3 Million Maxpower

This Brinkmann Qbeam Max Million III 3 Million Maxpower Spotlight is a powerful, high-performance spotlight. The spotlight provides portability and long runtime use with the 12-volt DC power cord, making this spotlight the perfect choice for a variety of applications. Its weight-balanced design virtually eliminates hand fatigue for the user. Its large and comfortable handle allows for ease of use in any outdoor scenario. The spotlight comes with an oxford bag, convenient for carrying and storage. The lens is made of optical-quality, tempered glass. The Q-Beam spotlight is built from durable ABS plastic and consistently performs perfectly during rigorous use. 1,200 lumens offers you safety and security whether you are camping, hiking, fishing, running, dog walking, or during power outages and emergencies. The Brinkmann Qbeam Max Million III 3 Million Maxpower Spotlight is a dependable choice, and you'll never find yourself lost in the dark.

  • Brand: Brinkmann
  • UPC: 818100022026

NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight (Spotlight) with 1000 Lumen LED, Detachable Red Light Filter, Wall and Car Charger Attachments

NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight (Spotlight) with 1000

If you only keep one flashlight around the house, it should be this one.The NoCry Rechargeable Flashlight / Spotlight is extremely versatile with its powerful 1,000 lumen LED bulb with 3 brightness settings: High (1,000 lumens), Medium (500 lumens) and Low (100 lumens). That allows for an impressive illumination range of anywhere between 90 to 300 yards - you choose exactly how much light you need at the time.Beefy Lithium-Ion battery outlasts most other spotlights.The rechargeable battery lasts between 6 and 20 hours, depending on which brightness setting is selected. You can actually leave it plugged in to ensure that maximum charge is available exactly when you need it. Won't lose power when not in use. Includes both wall and car charger attachments. Pro tip: Always plug the flashlight in after use to ensure full charge when you use it next.Built to last. Won't break if you drop it. Won't sink in water.Made of surprisingly soft-feeling impact-resistant matt plastic, the sturdy case protects the LED light and Lithium-Ion battery from damage caused by bumps or drops during normal use. And, if you drop it in water, don't worry - it's waterproof up to 3 feet deep, and floats up to the water surface. Plus, its lightweight and compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you...

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: NoCry

STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 920 Lumen Lithium Ion LED Spotlight Flashlight with USB Power Charger

STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 920 Lumen Lithium Ion

The STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS is a 10W Lithium Ion rechargeable spotlight. This ultra-bright LED delivers up to 920 lumens; allowing you to illuminate even the darkest of work areas, whether at home, in a vehicle, camping, or during a roadside emergency or power outage. With a runtime of up to 7 hours on low and 1 hour on high, the Lithium Ion battery stays charged for up to 12 months without recharging. This spotlight includes both AC and DC charging adaptors, allowing you to recharge at home or inside a vehicle. A rugged pistol-grip handle offers a convenient and comfortable grip while the locking, pivoting stand and trigger lock provide hands-free operation. The STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS is not intended to be submerged in water. Includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty.3 Mode Trigger: High / Low / Off

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: STANLEY
  • ASIN: B00OU67Z80
  • UPC: 814632012085

UpBright 12V AC/DC Adapter For Brinkmann Q-Beam 800-2801-S 800-2704-1 563 Lumen 800-2655-2 Halogen QBeam LED 12VDC Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlight Battery Charger (w/Barrel Tip. NOT 5V. NOT 3.7V)

UpBright 12V AC/DC Adapter For Brinkmann Q-Beam 800-2801-S

UpBright New Global 12V AC / DC Adapter Replacement For Brinkmann Q-Beam 800-2801-S 8002801S 800-2704-1 563 Lumen 800-2655-2 800-2232-0 Halogen QBeam 3 LED 12VDC Rechargeable 2000mAh Alkaline Battery Spotlight Flashlight DC12V - 13.5V Switching Power Supply Cord Cable Battery Charger Mains PSU (NOT 5V. NOT 3.7V. NOT Fit 800-2801-S 800-2704-1 563-Lumen 800-2655-2 800-2655-4 3.7V Rechargeable Spotlight. w/ Barrel Round Plug Tip. NOT 2-Prong Connector. Please Check For Compatibility With Your Unit. Thanks.) CECCCROHS 100-240

  • Brand: UPBRIGHT
  • ASIN: B077N4V4J9
  • UPC: 662230397970

15 Million Candlepower Handheld Spotlight - 35 Watt HID - 3200 Lumens - Spot/Flood Combo(-7 inch)

15 Million Candlepower Handheld Spotlight - 35 Watt

15 Million Candlepower Handheld Spotlight - 35 Watt HID - 3200 Lumens - Spot / Flood Combo(-7 inch). Buy American Compliant The Larson Electronics HL-85-HID is an extremely rugged and powerful spotlight designed to provide maximum output and high reliability. This spotlight produces a 3200 lumen light beam capable of reaching over 2800 feet in length and can be user adjusted to produce either a tightly focused and intense spotlight beam or a wide floodlight beam. This light operates on 12 or 24 volts DC and includes a 16 foot coil cord with cigarette plug for connection to vehicles, boats ATV`s and similar vehicles.. This light weight and waterproof 35 watt HID spotlight is ergonomically designed to produce a well balanced and easily managed handheld light source that can withstand demanding conditions and use. The entire unit weighs only 14 oz and is constructed with a high impact nylon handle and lamp housing and a thick polycarbonate lens for extreme durability. The unique lens and reflector design of this unit allows it to produce a high quality spotlight beam with exceptional intensity and long reach without irregularities or lens artifacts. Users can also lift the locking tab behind the lamp housing and rotate the lamp head to adjust the beam configuration. Rotating the hou...

  • Brand: Larson Electronics
  • ASIN: B007KEP1DA

Brinkmann FBA_9507440 QBeam 800-2380-W Max Million III Rechargeable Spotlight Offroad Automotive/Garage/Emergency/Boating/Fishing/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Patrolling

Brinkmann FBA_9507440 QBeam 800-2380-W Max Million III Rechargeable

For cordless operation with 1,100 lumens, you just can't beat the Brinkmann Q-Beam Max Million III Rechargeable Spotlight. Keep the Brinkmann Q-Beam Max Million III Rechargeable Spotlight handy for emergency situations. This high-intensity spotlight delivers powerful 1,100 lumens of bright light. The aluminum reflector present in this Halogen rechargeable spotlight enhances the illumination output. The Brinkmann Q-Beam Max Million Rechargeable Spotlight's 12-volt rechargeable battery is self contained to allow total portability. You can recharge this Brinkmann Q beam spotlight using the provided AC adapter. The status of the charge is indicated by the LED charging light. Charging may be done with the battery in or out of the spotlight from a standard 120-volt AC electrical outlet or a 12-volt DC lighter plug receptacle. The battery can be removed in just seconds and replaced with a fully charged battery for extended lighting requirements. Made from durable ABS plastic with tempered glass, this cordless rechargeable spotlight ensures durable use. The metal bracket present in this spotlight enables convenient storage and carrying. Other features include a momentary trigger switch with locking "ON" button and yellow rubberized pistol grip. This hand held spotlight will prove to be u...

  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Brand: Brinkmann
  • UPC: 039953532092
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Peak 1 million candlepower corded spotlight

Candlepower Corded Spotlight

$8 from autozone, well worth it. It's got a 10ft. Power-cord, much brighter in person- you can see the beam. my iPhone doesn't do well in the dark.

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Sealey LED437 5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight

Candlepower Corded Spotlight

Demonstration of this incredibly powerful 5 CREE LED Rechargeable Spotlight. Call Sealey on 01284 757500 or visit for more information.

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Sportsmansguide Peak Spotlight ($30) Demo

Candlepower Corded Spotlight

The Peak Spotlight is a budget priced light, 2.5 million candlepower, sold by the Sportsmansguide and on Amazon. It has a rechargeable battery, and a small blue LED light under the main light. It can charge from standard outlets and also comes with a DC charging cord. The main light can run for 2...

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