The King's Indian Defence: Move by Move

The King's Indian Defence: Move by

The King's Indian is a hugely popular opening at all levels of chess. Rather than attempting to secure early equality, Black is fighting for the initiative from the very first moves. White is allowed to build up an early central advantage but Black relies on the middlegame, hoping that the central installations that White has constructed will become unwieldy and vulnerable to a devastating counterattack. In many variations, White pursues material or strategic gains but in return Black has tactical and attacking opportunities. The King's Indian Defence appeals to players who arrive at the board prepared for a fight.The Move by Move series provides an ideal format for the keen chessplayer to improve their game. While reading you are continually challenged to answer probing questions – a method that greatly encourages the learning and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of chess knowledge. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to study chess while providing the best possible chance to retain what has been learnt.Everything you need to know about the King's Indian Defence.The Q and A approach emphasizes plans and strategies....

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Starting Out: King's Indian (Starting Out - Everyman Chess)

Starting Out: King's Indian (Starting Out - Everyman

The King's Indian is one of the most exciting defences in chess and is favoured by ambitious and aggressive players. At the highest level it has been a major weapon for World Champions Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. In this easy-to-read guide, Grandmaster Joe Gallagher goes back to the basics of the King's Indian, studying the key principles of its many variations. Throughout the book there are an abundance of notes, tips, warnings and exercises to help the improving player, while important strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated.

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The King's Indian According to Tigran Petrosian

The King's Indian According to Tigran

Welcome to Tiger’s Den!Tigran Petrosian, the ninth world chess champion, was one of the deepest thinkers the chess world has ever seen. His handling of complex strategic positions was legendary. Now, for the first time, Russian international master Igor Yanvarjov has put together a superb collection of virtually all the known games played by Petrosian – with both colors – in the King’s Indian Defense and other closely related Indian structures.The author’s objective was, first of all, to reveal the richness of Petrosian’s chess world and to follow the strategic development of the King’s Indian Defense through the prism of Petrosian’s creative work. He does this with the presentation of almost 300 deeply annotated, complete games.Contents include: Preface by Levon Aronian; Foreword by Igor Zaitsev; The Classical Variation; The Sämisch System ; The Fianchetto Variation; The Benoni; Other Systems; Portrait of a Chess Player; Lessons from Petrosian; The Problem of the Exchange; “Furman’s Bishop”; “Pawns are the soul of chess”; Playing by Analogy; Maneuvering Battle; Experiments; Realist or Romantic?; The King’s Indian with Colors – and Flanks – Reversed; Appendix; Index of Tabiyas; ECO/Opening/Tabiya Indexes.This splendid collection of annotated games...

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Play the King's Indian: A Complete Repertoire for Black in this most Dynamic of Openings

Play the King's Indian: A Complete Repertoire for

The King's Indian has always been one of the sharpest, most complex, and popular openings that Black can play; it still provides the setting for many encounters at the elite level of Grandmaster chess. Straight from the start, Black fights for the initiative and in many variations, while White pursues material gains, it is Black who has the psychological advantage of trying checkmate the opponent's king.Despite its many advantages, some prospective King's Indian players are put off by the seemingly endless amount of theory one is supposed to learn. In Play the King's Indian, however, Grandmaster and life-long King's Indian devotee Joe Gallagher has produced a comprehensive and yet workable Black repertoire against all of White's most dangerous possibilities.

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The King's Indian Attack: Move by Move

The King's Indian Attack: Move by

This series provides an ideal platform to study chess openings. By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of opening knowledge.Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to study any chess opening and at the same time improve your general chess skills and knowledge.The King's Indian Attack is a very popular system of development for White, which can be used against many defences. It’s easy to learn and play, and is based on understanding ideas rather than move memorization. The King's Indian Attack usually involves a deliberate and sustained attack on the black king, which often proves to be highly effective and difficult to defend against. In this book Grandmaster Neil McDonald examines in depth the many variations of the King's Indian Attack. He outlines White's most promising options and Black’s best defences, and provides answers to all the key questions.* Essential guidance and training in the King’s Indian Attack* Provides repertoire options for White* Utilizes an ideal approac...

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Bologan's King's Indian

Bologan's King's

The King's Indian Defence is arguably the most ambitious and exciting way to play against 1.d4. Black wants to start an early attack on his opponent's king, relying on the dynamic potential of his position. The KID has been a favourite of legendary attacking players such as Mikhail Tal, Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov, and remains highly popular at club level.Respected Grandmaster and acknowledged chess opening expert Victor Bologan presents a complete King's Indian repertoire for Black that is much more than just a lucidly explained and very playable set of responses. In many lines he presents two options to handle the Black position.Bologan's explanations are accessible for a wide range of players and he provides the reader with a thorough grounding in the strategic and tactical motifs. White players can benefit from this book as well, since he looks at things from both sides.During his research, Bologan has found many new ideas and resources. With this book under your belt you can go to your next tournament with confidence. You will win many exciting games with Bologan's King's Indian!

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Attacking Chess: The King's Indian (Everyman Chess Series) (Volume 1)

Attacking Chess: The King's Indian (Everyman Chess Series)

The King's Indian remains a hugely popular opening – unsurprising given the attacking opportunities it offers. In many of the ultra-sharp main lines, White wins the queenside battle but this often turns out to be a Pyrrhic victory as Black wins the war by checkmating on the kingside! Black is hunting the enemy king and – in practical play – this gives him a psychological edge.David Vigorito presents an aggressive King's Indian repertoire for Black based on the main lines. Vigorito is renowned for his opening expertise, and his suggested lines are full of innovative ideas. In addition, his lucid explanations of the key plans and tactics will benefit all players. Volume 1 deals with the Main Line (Classical) and Sämisch variations.Attacking Chess is a brand new series which focuses on traditional attacking openings, as well as creative and aggressive ways to play openings that are not always associated with attacking chess. It provides hard-hitting repertoires and opening weapons designed for players of all levels.· A King's Indian repertoire for Black· State-of-the-art coverage of the key lines· Packed with new ideas and critical analysis

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King's Indian Warfare

King's Indian

King’s Indian Warfare is a practical guide to the most dynamic and ambitious defense against 1.d4. Learn to play the King’s Indian like a world-class attacker from a life-long expert. Inside Smirin annotates his best games in the King’s Indian, explaining his successes, including his mini-match of four games over a decade against former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, which Smirin won 2½–1½. From sacrificial feasts to positional masterclasses, this book has it all.

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The Art of the King's Indian

The Art of the King's

Everything you need to know on the King's Indian defense, a favorite of Fischer and Kasparov.

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Modernized: The King's Indian Defense

Modernized: The King's Indian

Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov of Bulgaria loves the King's Indian Defense. Having played it from his youth after reading Bronstein's great book on the Zurich 1953 Interzonal Tournament, his love for the KID is on display throughout this volume, which is filled with creative ideas and strategies, tactics, and especially those shocking shots characteristic of the King's Indian. The lines recommended to you often involve giving up the center with ...e5xd4 and then using ...c7-c6 and eventually ...d6-d5 to break it all open at the right moment. The variations covered are: 1. The Classical Variation. 2. The Samisch Variation 3. The Four Pawns Attack 4. The Averbakh System 5. The Bagirov Line 6. The Fianchetto System Welcome to your journey in the King's Indian Defense!

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