Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza, & Calzone: A Cookbook (Chez Panisse Cookbook Library)

Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza, & Calzone: A Cookbook

This classic cookbook brings together 87 recipes for pasta sauces and 36 pizza and calzone recipes, as well as tasty pasta doughs, such as buckwheat, red pepper and saffron. Featuring beautiful line drawings throughout, the book is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.Alice Waters, whom Craig Claiborne has called “that great American rarity, a deservely celebrated native-born chef,” gives us here the extraordinary pastas, pizzas, and calzones that she serves in her famous Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkley, California. Based on the freshest and best seasonal ingredients, every recipe is bursting with flavor and unexpected combinations. Inspired as much by Providence as by Italy, these recipes reveal Chez Panisse's strong Mediterranean affinities, not only in the choice of ingredients, but also in the combinations that make them so tantalizing. Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza & Calzone will send cooks from the garden to the kitchen, rejoicing in the bounty of nature and in miraculous transformations of fresh, beautiful ingredients into tantalizing meals.Praise for Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza & Calzone“After reading Alice Water's new book, I'm ready to proclaim her a culinary oracle. She dazzles me—the things she does with garden-fresh ingredients, the unexpected and wonder...

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Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza, Calzone (Chez Panisse Cookbook Library) by Waters, Alice (1995) Paperback

Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza, Calzone (Chez Panisse Cookbook

Excellent Book

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Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza, Calzone (Chez Panisse Cookbook Library) by Alice Waters (1995-04-18)

Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza, Calzone (Chez Panisse Cookbook

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Pizza: Seasonal Recipes from Rome's Legendary Pizzarium

Pizza: Seasonal Recipes from Rome's Legendary

A fresh take on everyone’s favorite food, straight from the "Michelangelo of dough" (Vogue). Yeast, flour, and water—from such humble ingredients rises a food that is for many an object of devotion. Here is a cookbook that reveals the secrets of the crust straight from the source in Italy. Gabriele Bonci, known throughout his country as the King of Pizza, operates a small pizzeria in Rome, where for the past ten years he has developed his signature style: making use of stone-milled farro flours, relying on the seasons to determine his unconventional topping combinations (he comes up with more than 1,500 each year), and inventing new techniques for sandwich pizza and fried pizza. The more than eighty recipes here (adapted for the American kitchen) will have pizza geeks’ heads spinning: pizza with grilled peaches and chicory; potatoes, eggplant, and rosemary "ash"; asparagus, egg, and lemon; endive, olives, and anchovies. This is Roman-style pizza al taglio—rectangular with an airy, foccacia-like dough that can support an ample topping. Bonci details his process for making dough, including his own sourdough starter. Whether for the expert or novice baker, this book revolutionizes the concept of pizza and introduces flavor combinations that can apply throughout the kitchen.

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Hot Pasta (Hot Books)

Hot Pasta (Hot

Accented by full-color photos and drawings, Hugh Carpenter and Teri Sandison’s Hot Pasta offers tips on how to make your own from scratch (it’s not as hard as you’d imagine!) and how to identify all of the different pasta shapes.  It also includes fifty easy pasta recipes from the authors of the bestselling Hot cookbook series. Dishes featured:• California Lo Mein• Mediterranean Pasta with Seared Tuna• Pan-fried Pasta with Clams• Pasta with Olives• Southwest Lamb Lasagna• Thai Primavera with Coconut Chiles and Limes • Tomatoes and Artichokes

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The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles

The Complete Book of Pasta and

How do you boil pasta? How much water and salt do you need? Should you add oil to the water? How well should you drain it? (Turn to page viii for the answers.)One part cooking course, one part kitchen reference, and one part foolproof recipes, The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles tells the story of flour and water like no other book on the market. Extensively covering the basics of pasta and noodles, this thoroughly researched and taste-tested guide is dedicated to the home cook who needs practical advice on everything from penne to pad thai. The experts at Cook's Illustrated present their knowledge and techniques in a hands-on way so that each and every step of the cooking process can be understood and easily executed. The authors leave room for interpretation and taste, of course, but you will not walk away from this book without knowing which olive oil to buy, why egg pastas tend to complement cream sauces, or how to mince garlic.The book is arranged in four sections, exploring first dried semolina pasta, then fresh Italian-style pasta, Mediterranean pasta and European dumplings, and finally, Asian noodles. There are thirteen chapters devoted to sauces alone, and recipes are included with the type of pasta with which they work best -- from the simplest to the complex, but al...

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Food DIY: How to Make Your Own Everything: Sausages to Smoked Salmon, Sourdough to Sloe Gin, Bacon to Buns

Food DIY: How to Make Your Own Everything:

'Warning: contains tantalising graphic depictions of meat' Esquire 'This is a tome to splatter through constant use' Harper's Bazaar Tim Hayward's Food DIY - the first comprehensive manual for the DIY cook. Over recent years, across much of the world, people have started rejecting shop bought food and are getting into making it themselves. The DIY food movement is spreading. But why DIY? Because it's fun, an adventure, thrifty, a great way to get your hands gloriously dirty, and because at a time when skills like baking, preserving and curing are in danger of being lost forever, it's more important than ever to learn how things work. Most importantly though, when you do it yourself you can make sure that all the food you eat is absolutely delicious. In Food DIY, Tim Hayward, editor of influential food magazine Fire & Knives and enthusiastic DIYer, will show you: - How to make your own butter and cheese, sloe gin, suet pudding and potted lobster. - How to smoke, and cure fish and meats, air-dry bresaola and boerwoers, as well as pickle fish, game and vegetables. - He'll explain the mysteries of terrines and faggots, bread and buns, as well how to spit-roast a whole lamb, make a clam bake in a wheelbarrow, smoke a salmon in a gym locker and deep fry a turkey outdoors. - He'll teach...

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Totally Pizza Cookbook (Totally Cookbooks)

Totally Pizza Cookbook (Totally

It’s not delivery—it’s Totally Pizza! The Totally Pizza Cookbook has all you need to know to whip up healthy, gourmet pizzas right in your own kitchen, with recipes such as Sausage and Arugula, Roasted Potato and Prosciutto, and Pesto and Eggplant. This easy-to-follow, pocket-size cookbook will guide you through the steps of pizza making from crust, to sauce, to toppings, to your family’s table.

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The Great Mango Book: A Guide with Recipes

The Great Mango Book: A Guide with

Mangoes have dazzled palates across the globe for centuries with their aroma, taste, texture, and seemingly endless shapes, sizes, and colors. The Sanskrit word for mango is amra, meaning "of the people," and in India alone there are over 350 varieties. Author and renowned chef Allen Susser's word for mango is "yum," and his GREAT MANGO BOOK is bursting with juicy history and tantalizing recipes—from chutneys to cocktails. After a dip into the pool of mango lore and a sip of a Mango Martini you'll be singing the praises of this truly remarkable fruit. Forever mango!• Features over 50 photographs illustrating many of the wonderful mango varieties available.• One of America's leading chefs and pioneer of New World Cuisine, Allan Susser is the author of THE GREAT CITRUS BOOK.

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