Mayco AC306 Clay Mender Bisque Fix for Ceramic Clay or Bisque, 2 oz Bottle

Mayco AC306 Clay Mender Bisque Fix for Ceramic

Clay Mender is an "enhanced slip" that is intended to be used to repair and/or add attachments to greenware or bisque. More than ordinary slip, the enhanced formula creates a stronger bond for repairs and attachments. It can be used on bisque to join two pieces together, but is primarily for greenware use.

  • Brand: Mayco
  • ASIN: B07P13N6LD
  • UPC: 097539110324

My Urban Crafts 20 Pcs- 2.5" Small Mini Terra Cotta Clay Pot Ceramic Pots Pottery Planters Cactus Succulent Nursery Flower Pots- Great for Plants, Crafts, Wedding Bridal Favors (Matte White Bisque)

My Urban Crafts 20 Pcs- 2.5" Small Mini

Decorate your home and garden with these adorable 2 inch mini terra-cotta pots, now in Matte White! You can fill them with your favorite cacti/ succulent cuttings or even start your own indoor herb garden to keep your fresh herbs and spices at hand in the kitchen. These mini clay pots are so versatile, the possibilities are endless! From easy DIY craft projects to beautiful handmade wedding/party favors, they are enjoyed by all age groups! You can also hang these in one of your favorite macrame planters to brighten up even the smallest of spaces. Terra-cotta pots are made from baked clay. The porous nature of this earth-based medium allows air and water to pass through the walls of the pot; this promotes healthy plants by staving off root rot and disease caused by overwatering. However, this can also cause the soil to dry out quickly, which means more watering. If you have not used these pots before, you might find them smaller than they appear in the photos. These pots are delicate and so need gentle handling.Make sure to check out our other products that go hand in hand with these cute little terra cotta clay pots!

  • Brand: My Urban Crafts
  • UPC: 016102518404

Bar III Short-Sleeve Tie-Front Top Clay Bisque XL

Bar III Short-Sleeve Tie-Front Top Clay Bisque

A casual comfortable blouse to wear on your every day. Pair with a pair of skinny jeans for a chic look.

  • Color: Clay Bisque
  • Brand: Bar III
  • ASIN: B07GFQ59RR
  • UPC: 617171070017

Duncan patch attach 4 oz.

Duncan patch attach 4

This quality ceramic cement is used to attach or repair greenware or bisque, so it's easy to see why most ceramists consider Patch-A-Tatch an essential product for ceramics. Gently scratch crisscross lines on areas to be joined. Using a soft brush, moisten scored areas or broken edges with water. Use the same brush to apply a good coat of Patch-A-Tatch to these areas. Quickly attach or fit the pieces together and hold securely for a few seconds. Brush a little Patch-A-Tatch over the joint and, when set and thoroughly dry, scrape, sand, sponge or otherwise finish, and the piece is ready for decorating or firing. Clean up with water. For use with cone 04 ceramics only.

  • Brand: Duncan
  • ASIN: B0019LS1FK

DecoArt TG01-36 Triple Thick Gloss Glaze, 8-Ounce Triple Thick Gloss Glaze (Jar)

DecoArt TG01-36 Triple Thick Gloss Glaze, 8-Ounce Triple

Triple Thick Gloss Glaze is ideal for adding a glazed ceramic look to a variety of hard craft surfaces. Becauase it is extra-thick, only one coat is needed for most surfaces. Triple Thick is not intended for outdoor use and is not heat resistant.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: DecoArt
  • ASIN: B000WWM6QM
  • UPC: 766218019967

Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide: Master timeless techniques, explore new forms, dig and process your own clay

Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide: Master timeless techniques, explore

In Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide, pottery expert Melissa Weiss shows you the basics of crafting without a wheel, how to harvest and work wild clay, and using natural glazes. Handbuilt pottery is the perfect way for new potters to dive into this unique medium because it doesn't require access to a potter's wheel. In Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide, Melissa Weiss takes an organic approach to harvesting and working with local clays, and even shows you how to mix your own glazes to use on functional pottery for use at home. Students of pottery the world over have traveled to North Carolina to attend Weiss's classes. Now you don't have to! In this book, Melissa provides you with a solid course on slab and pinch-pot techniques that allow beginning students to master the basics and progress through finished wares. Looking to go a little deeper? Melissa also offers her unique knowledge of how to dig and process local clays for use in pottery, and for the techniques she has developed for creating unique glazes with ash, salt, and other dry materials. Melissa will also introduce you talented contemporary potters, who will share their work, tips, advice, and techniques. Learn the basics of handbuilding and more with this engaging guide.

  • ASIN: 1631595989

Sculpey III Multipack - Classic Collection

Sculpey III Multipack - Classic

Sculpey III is the perfect clay for beginners, kids and moms. This is a great introduction to crafting with clay because it is soft, easy to use and will stay soft until you bake it in your home oven. Sculpey III comes in 44 vibrant colors and is perfect for jewelry, figurines, home decor and seasonal items. Sculpey III is the best brand for image transfer due to the superior adhesion of the original images ink to the clay. Sculpey III provides inspiration for crafters everywhere and is the ideal medium to use for creating special projects for every occasion. Sculpey III can be blended easily to create custom colors or special techniques. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Made in USA.

  • Color: Assorted Classic
  • Brand: Sculpey
  • UPC: 046939999527

Sax Low Fire Moist Earthenware Clay, 50 Pounds, Red

Sax Low Fire Moist Earthenware Clay, 50 Pounds,

A low-fire earthenware clay suited to all hand-building techniques and throwing on the wheel. A popular choice for its workability, ability to hold intricate detail, and quickly dry to perfection. Stays softer for longer for active use. Bisque fire at Cone 04 prior to glazing while the final glaze firing is recommended at Cone 06 to Cone 05 (1855 to 1911 degrees Fahrenheit) with a range as wide as Cone 06 to Cone 02. Results may vary due to the many differences in techniques, glazing, and firing procedures. Non-toxic; ACMI AP (Approved Product) certified seal. Arrives in 2 secure separate bags.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Sax
  • ASIN: B003V1AGVI
  • UPC: 039672451315

Barclay FS30-BQ 30" Fire Clay Farmer Sink, Bisque

Barclay FS30-BQ 30" Fire Clay Farmer Sink,

Barclay Products has been serving professionals and home woners with quality products and responsive, personal service for twenty five years.

  • Color: Bisque
  • Brand: Barclay
  • ASIN: B000GWVL46
  • UPC: 028553069190

Tall Mrs. Claus Elf with Saying unpainted ceramic bisque ready to be painted

Tall Mrs. Claus Elf with Saying unpainted ceramic

The saying on the middle is "Fill your Heart with Christmas Cheer" This item is ceramic bisque that is white in color and has been fired to Cone 04. It can be left and displayed as it is, painted with acrylic paints or glazed. The finished picture is for reference only as to how your item could look when you are done painting it

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Newark Ceramics & Crafts
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