Code Blue OA1307 - D/Code Unscented 24 oz. Field Spray

Code Blue OA1307 - D/Code Unscented 24 oz.

You spot a Buck ahead in the distance. If you're to tag him, you need to stay hidden. Prepare for this moment by coating your gear with this Code Blue D/code scent elimination unscented 24 oz. Field spray to mask your scent before you even step into the woods. As an experienced Hunter, you know the faintest Trace of an odor will spook unsuspecting game. The field spray's patented silver scent technology is skillfully crafted with medical-grade silver particles to locate and wipe out odor-causing bacteria, so you'll become virtually undetectable to the wildlife, regardless of which way the wind blows.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B01KQR7YW8
  • UPC: 707114013079

Code Blue - D/Code Unscented Laundry Detergent

Code Blue - D/Code Unscented Laundry

When the wind changes and the Buck you've been tracking is suddenly downwind, the last thing you want is your scent ruining the hunt. Avoid spooking your Prey by washing your gear with this Code Blue D/code scent elimination unscented laundry detergent, which eradicates the smells of pets, smoke and your own body to keep you virtually undetectable. While the detergent works to remove tough stains from your camo, the patented silver scent technology uses medical-grade nan silver to neutralize odor-causing bacteria. Before your next journey into the woods, make sure you're prepared to go unnoticed up in your Tree stand or in your blind with the help of this unscented detergent.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Code Blue
  • UPC: 707114013277

Code Blue - D/Code Body Wash and Shampoo

Code Blue - D/Code Body Wash and

n the woods, the slightest whiff could give away your position and ruin your shot at glory. Conceal yourself, even before leaving the house, by showering with the Code Blue D/Code 12 fl. oz. Scent Elimination Body Wash and Shampoo. The all-natural formula uses patented technology, which employs medical-grade particles to wipe out odor and mask your natural scent, so you can track game with confidence. Made with aloe, the body wash and shampoo provides a soothing and moisturizing feel without a fragrance, which allows you to approach and claim your trophy.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • UPC: 707114013086

Code Blue - D/Code Antiperspirant Stick

Code Blue - D/Code Antiperspirant

The sun has yet to rise, you're in the Tree stand waiting for an elusive Buck to arrive and you suddenly hear rustling from a nearby thicket. Remain cool when the moment arrives by applying the Code Blue D/code 2.25 oz. Scent elimination unscented antiperspirant stick before heading out for the hunt. Confidently lift the bow into position and draw the arrow, as the Stick's solid formula fights underarm perspiration, so you can focus on sticking the shot. Your scent is cloaked and your camo blends you into the surrounding wilderness - make sure you're dry and collected, so you can keep the target in your sights.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B01M08RXL2
  • UPC: 707114013178

Code Blue - D/Code Field Wipes

Code Blue - D/Code Field

It's early in the morning, and the sun isn't even up yet. Having already hiked into the woods, you're sitting in your tree stand when it dawns on you – you forgot to cloak your scent. Keep these Code Blue D/Code Scent Elimination Field Wipes in your pack to make sure you're always prepared for the hunt. Pull one of the pre-moistened, unscented wipes out to easily get rid of the smells of pets, smoke and your own body, and rely on the patented Silver Scent Technology to put a stop to odor-causing bacteria. As the pre-dawn hunt turns into an afternoon expedition, use the wipes to refresh your camouflaging, so you remain concealed when a buck makes his appearance.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B01KQR02PO
  • UPC: 707114013185

Code Blue - D/Code Dryer Sheets

Code Blue - D/Code Dryer

LONG before dawn breaks on a new day, you are positioned in your Tree stand - eagerly awaiting the arrival of a Buck you've been scouting. Make sure you remain hidden when it's time to nock an arrow with the help of these Code Blue D/code scent elimination dryer sheets. Add one of the sheets to the dryer with your gear to eliminate scents from pets and smoke, as well as your own body, so your target remains unaware of your presence in the woods. The dryer sheets help soften the fabrics of bibs, jackets, sweatshirts and other apparel, which allows you to silently move in a stand or blind or when tracking wildlife.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • UPC: 707114013192

Code Blue Whietail Doe Estrous OA1001

Code Blue Whietail Doe Estrous

Doe estrous urine taken from a single animal for "true-to-life" effectiveness. Certified as the "genuine article" by an independent organization and marked with the deer's registration number. Perfect for use during whitetail rut in deer hunting season.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B000VCS5NQ
  • UPC: 782174294903

Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way MAX 32oz Liquid Body Soap & Shampoo

Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way MAX 32oz Liquid Body Soap

Scent-a-way antibacterial bar soap. 3.5 oz bar. Odorless. This product is made of high quality material. Research and design have made this product one of the most widely used products amongst hunters and fishermen.

  • Brand: SCENT-A-WAY
  • ASIN: B0132U0UK4
  • UPC: 021291077588

Code Blue Screamin' Heat Enhanced Estrous

Code Blue Screamin' Heat Enhanced

Screamin’ Heat by Code Blue is the result of extensive scientific research and meticulous collection protocol. Containing 100% pure estrous urine collected from a single doe then enhanced with all-natural female secretions that drive dominant bucks wild, Screamin’ Heat is the hottest, most potent attractant you can use to entice rutting bucks.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B00AU69ZS2
  • UPC: 707114012782

Code Blue Actual Tarsal Gland (2-Ounce)

Code Blue Actual Tarsal Gland

Containing a real tarsal gland submerged in pure buck urine, Code Blue’s Tarsal Gland leaves a potent scent trail that signals to mature bucks that another dominant buck is in the area. Tarsal glands, found on the hind legs of deer, secrete a musk deer use to identify other deer and learn their status. Every deer has a unique rutting odor, typically deposited in scrapes when the buck rub-urinates during the peak rut. Code Blue has captured that unique rutting odor in every bottle of Code Blue Tarsal Gland.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B0000AVVJ4
  • UPC: 707114010023

Code Blue OA1341 Comfort Zone Stick

Code Blue OA1341 Comfort Zone

Code Blue OA1341 comfort zone stick. Scents hunting. This product is manufactured in United States. Scents hunting.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • UPC: 707114013413

Buck Bomb Doe P 33% More

Buck Bomb Doe P 33%

100% Doe P Whitetail Deer Urine in a 6.65 ounce aerosol fogger that can be sprayed intermittently or locked down to fog out the entire contents. With a 3 mph breeze this scent will travel a 1/4 mile attaching itself to leaves, trees, brush, etc. leaving a natural scent trail right back to The Buck Bomb can. Unequaled coverage and broadcast area, covers the hunters down wind side. Create scent trails, mock scrapes or use with a decoy. Great to use the entire season. Calms approaching bucks and does. The most effective way to get scent to a deer's nose while covering the hunters human odor.

  • Brand: Buck Bomb
  • UPC: 180903000243

Code Blue Grave Digger Scrape Mate 12 oz

Code Blue Grave Digger Scrape Mate 12

If you want to stir up a Buck, just make him think there's another Buck encroaching on his space. Shake some grave Digger scrape mate onto a scrape, or MOCK scrape, and you'll unleash his natural curiosity in early or late season. Use it during the peak rut, and you'll be using his own aggressiveness against him. Grave Digger scrape mate is soil impregnated with Code Blue Buck Urine, the combination that attracts the bucks all season long. Time release scent stays potent for up to 30 days. So long lasting, it practically eliminates the need to reapply.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B079RPKJP7
  • UPC: 707114013680

Wildlife Research 375 Key-Wick Scent Absorbing Wick (4-Pack)

Wildlife Research 375 Key-Wick Scent Absorbing Wick

4 pack, key Wick, convenient shape will dip right into a bottle of liquid scent, made with special synthetic felt that will not alter or change the smell of your lure, extreme absorbance & high scent dispersion, hang easily on branches or twigs to really Wick out the scent, packaged in a convenient re-sealable, zip lock bag.

  • Brand: Wildlife Research
  • ASIN: B0000AVXUH
  • UPC: 024641003756

Code Blue Code Red Buck-N-Does Combo Scent, Red, 2 oz

Code Blue Code Red Buck-N-Does Combo Scent, Red,

Serious hunters looking for the edge in attracting bucks before, during and after the rut will appreciate the Code Red Buck-N-Does Combo from Code Blue. Guaranteed pure and fresh, these three scents will help you harvest deer all season long. For Early-Season Use: Early season offers great opportunities to harvest both does and bucks. Moving stands and scouting are important tactics that help locate and pattern deer movement, but both leave a lot of human scent on the ground. Using Doe Urine as a cover scent provides great protection during those high-temperature days. Use it on scent pads, drags or directly on the soles of your boots when setting up your stands or scouting. For Mid- And Late-Season Use: Mid season is marked with signs of pre-rut activity as bucks begin to claim their territory with scrapes and rubs. During mid season Buck Urine should be poured in active scrapes to present the challenge of an intruder. Dominant bucks intent on protecting the territory will seek out the new competition.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B01FFU0EN2
  • UPC: 707114013260

Code Blue Whitetail Scrape Mate

Code Blue Whitetail Scrape

Code Blue’s Scrape Mate creates unbelievable scrape activity during the early and late season and rubbing anywhere bucks are marking their territory. Containing pure buck urine collected from a single buck then intensified with glandular secretions, this unique hunting product arouses curiosity during the early season and sends a strong territorial-infringement signal during the late season. Pour it on a scrape and watch the bucks keep it fresh. Trophy bucks are notoriously nocturnal, but Scrape Mate can help you pattern them all season long.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B001Q9JCKI
  • UPC: 707114011501

Code Blue Smoke Detector Wind Direction Indicator

Code Blue Smoke Detector Wind Direction

You have to know the wind direction to avoid spooking game and Code Blue Smoke Detector provides perfect readings every time with the accuracy of a smoke cloud. Super light air currents are hard to detect and can end a hunt quickly, but Smoke Detector's odorless cloud is ultra sensitive and shows air movement hunter can't feel.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B003DW8YMI
  • UPC: 707114012201

Code Blue Scent Drag with Doe Urine (1-Ounce)

Code Blue Scent Drag with Doe Urine

The perfect pair. Code Blue's Whitetail Doe Urine, collected under a certified and numbered process, with the rugged, highly absorbent scent drag system. Don't settle for the rest, get the only "one of a kind" deer drag in the industry. Perfect for use all season long.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B0000AVVJH
  • UPC: 707114010368

Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine

Code Blue Whitetail Doe

When you want pure doe urine and nothing else, choose Code Blue’s Pure Whitetail Doe Urine. Featuring Code Blue’s From One Deer to One Bottle process, where urine is collected from one deer and bottled, this product is guaranteed to be 100% pure. Perfect for all-season use, Code Blue’s Pure Doe Urine works great on drags to lure in does or mask your scent from trophy bucks in the area.

  • Brand: Code Blue
  • ASIN: B0000AVVJ7
  • UPC: 707114010047

Code Blue Platinum Lure - Standing Estrous 1.5oz.

Code Blue Platinum Lure - Standing Estrous

Both models are designed for easy and quick installation on virtually any bow.Both are also designed for easy customization using Leven's optional stack weights.

  • Color: blue
  • Brand: Code Blue
  • UPC: 707114012850
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