Blue Wave Drain for Winter Pool Cover

Blue Wave Drain for Winter Pool

This simple device economically pumps The water off your Above-Ground cover without electricity. The squeeze operated pump begins the flow of water & it stops automatically when the cover is drained. The unit comes with drain, pump & siphon & 13' Of hose.Make sure hose is not kinked or bent which would impede water flow.Make sure base of unit is centered in pool. Base of unit should be placed clear of leaves and/or debris; which may block or slow down draining. Water will not flow uphill. End of hose and siphon pump should be lower than unit; when working to prime/create siphon action. Prime unit : Filling hose with water prior to using siphon pump will help siphon action to start more easily & quickly.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Blue Wave
  • ASIN: B0024NKK42
  • UPC: 663001045489

13" White and Blue Cover Saver Siphon Pump

13" White and Blue Cover Saver Siphon

Use this easy to use pool cover saver to easily remove the excessive water on your pool cover without the risk of being shocked. Just hook up to a hand-operated pump or hose and the siphon will do the rest. No more hassles in trying to empty all the heavy rain waters that collect on the top of your pool cover! Features. Removes water from above ground pool covers automatically without risk of shock. Non-electric siphon. Pump protects winter cover from ice, water and mildew damage Dimensions: 2.5"H x 13"L x 11"W Garden hose required - not included

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Swim Central
  • ASIN: B00B2OS9S8
  • UPC: 093422178617

Little Giant APCP-1700 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Submersible Pump, 1/3-HP, 115V

Little Giant APCP-1700 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Submersible

Specification: Wattage: 270 watts Maximum Head: 23 Feet Intake: Screened Discharge: 1" FNPT Housing: Glass-filled polypropylene Shaft Seal: Nitrile Approximate Weight: 14 Pounds Warranty: 3 Year manufacturer’s warranty Little Giant APCP-1700 (577301) is a 115-Volt Automatic Pool Cover Pump with a low energy consumption, permanent-split capacitor (PSC) 1/3HP motor. It has Screened Intake, 1 in. FNPT Discharge, Glass-filled polypropylene Housing and 25 in. power cord. The APCP-1700 model activates in approximately 2 in. of water and deactivates in approximately 1.5 in. of water. The APCP-1700 has a wide base design for needed stability. Intermittent Liquid Temperature is up to 120 degree F. Little Giant APCP-1700 is ideal for removing water from all types of pool covers. The 1700 GPH performance was obtained through a 1 in. I.D. tube, with friction losses neglected. Using a 3/4 in. garden hose 50 foot long reduces this performance to approximately 500 gallons per hour due to friction losses in the hose. If your area frequently has heavy rain falls, (1 in. - 2 in. per hour), it may be necessary to use 1 in. tubing. This should be available in most pool supply stores.

  • Color: Blue
  • UPC: 780873175530

Fibropool Electric Swimming Pool Winter Cover Drain Pump (600 GPH)

Fibropool Electric Swimming Pool Winter Cover Drain Pump

The FibroPool Swimming Pool Cover Pump has been designed to be the fastest, easiest and most affordable draining solution on the market. Complete with a compact 16' drain hose, this hassle-free kit requires just seconds to set up, allowing you to leave your garden hose where it belongs-in the garage. Removes water at a rate of 600 gallons per hour to save time and energy. 16 foot power cable runs off of a standard 110/120V wall outlet for convenience. *This pump does not have an automatic shut off. Unit must be unplugged once water is drained*

  • Brand: Fibropool
  • UPC: 617529513609

WAYNE 57729-WYNP WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump

WAYNE 57729-WYNP WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water

The WAPC250 is an automatic on/off water removal pool cover pump. Max. Flow rate is 3000 gallons per hour using 1-1/4" drain hose. Includes: check-valve with 3/4" garden hose adapter to reduce repetitive cycling, 25 foot power cord (always plug into a gfci outlet), 25 foot "pull to shore" rope included to help position the pump on the pool cover. When temperatures drop below freezing remove pump from service and store indoors to protect pump from damage due to ice. The pump has a unique protection circuit to protect the motor from a locked impeller condition possibly caused by debris buildup or from a frozen impeller situation caused by ice formation. When the pump is activated and a locked impeller condition is detected the unit will automatically shutdown to protect the motor from overheating. The pump will continue this on or off cycle for a period of time to attempt to free the impeller until eventually the unit will remain off for a period of 12 hours checking twice a day for a freed impeller. Once the pump is able to operate correctly the pump will resume normal operation. To reset this delay without waiting 12 hours momentarily unplug the pump

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Wayne
  • UPC: 040066214973

Blue Wave Dredger Jr. 350 GPH Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump

Blue Wave Dredger Jr. 350 GPH Above Ground

The powerful Dredger Jr. Cover Pump removes unwanted water from your winter pool cover - fast! It is lightweight and submersible and will pump up to 350 gallons of water per hour! Features a reusable foam inlet filter and stabilizing base platform, standard with the Dredger Jr. This powerful little pump will remove water to within 1/8 in. of the pool cover. Comes complete with garden hose adaptor and 25 feet of power cord. Dredger Jr. will also effectively remove standing water from your spa, basement, boat and more. UL approved. 1-Year Warranty.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Blue Wave
  • UPC: 672875304905

soled 1 1111 11, 1

soled 1 1111 11,

Cruel Pool Do you cover your pool to protect it during the off-season? If so, then when it’s time to open it up again, you’ve probably found another pool on top of your pool! Rain and snow accumulate on the pool cover, which weighs it down to make more room for more rain and snow. Then nature settles in and that accumulated water gets filthy. Don’t let it contaminate the clean water underneath – drain it with a Milliard Pool Cover Siphon! Simple Siphon Our simple, but elegant solution uses air pressure and gravity to drain your pool cover like a bathtub – no electric pumps or machines required! Just place the drain in the center of your pool cover and run the spout over the side of the pool. The siphon is activated by priming the included hand pump to begin the suction of water. Once it’s primed, the water will just continue flowing out on its own until the cover is empty! It’s not magic, just science, but we won’t tell if you don’t. Product Features Weighted Grated cover protects it from dirt and leaves 15-inch Long hose For above ground pools Zero maintenance Includes drain pump and hose All Milliard products are manufactured with safety, quality, and comfort in mind and we are glad to make our consumers’ satisfaction our #1 goal.

  • Color: 1
  • Brand: soled
  • ASIN: B0794DNYLZ
  • UPC: 840985115920

Swimline Syphon Cover Pump

Swimline Syphon Cover

5436SL Features: -Non-electric siphon cover. -No cumbersome electrical cords - use it anywhere. -Stops automatically when your cover has been drained. -Use it anywhere: indoor, outdoor. Product Type: -Cover Pumps. Pool Type: -Above-Ground. Pool Type: -In-Ground. Generic Dimensions: -2" H x 4" W x 30" D. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -4 Pounds.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Swimline
  • ASIN: B007GF1IXU
  • UPC: 852673895687

LITTLE GIANT PCP550 14942702 Pool Cover Pump, Pack of 1

LITTLE GIANT PCP550 14942702 Pool Cover Pump, Pack

Little Giant PCP550 115V Pool Cover Pump with 25' Power Cord (14942702) This Little Giant pool cover pump will remove standing water up to 550 GPH at 0' lift - 400 GPH at 3' lift from your winter pool cover and is ideal for household water transfer applications. It comes with a removable intake screen for easy cleaning and maintenance and has a 3/4" garden hose connection for easy installation. This winter cover pump comes with a 25 foot power cord.Little Giant PCP550 115V Pool Cover Pump with 25' Power Cord (14942702) Features: 3/4" garden hose connection 550-gallons per hour Removable intake screenLittle Giant PCP550 115V Pool Cover Pump with 25' Power Cord (14942702) Specifications: Horsepower: 1 1/50 Flow: 550 GPH Cord Length: 25' Shut Off: 8' Voltage: 115 Hertz: 60 Amps: 1.1 Watts: 58 Height: 5.6" Width: 7" Length: 3.2"

  • Color: N/A
  • ASIN: B0013KCOIW
  • UPC: 010121118225

Car Seat Protector By Family First | Saver Cover Mat For Back Seat Leather Upholstery | Pad Front or Rear Facing Child Baby Carseats Booster Seats Travel

Car Seat Protector By Family First | Saver

Why worry about your car seat upholstery when using kids carseats or booster seats?Why our Car Seat Protector is superior to similar products:- Universal fit means your new car seat protector mat will fit in any car, truck, or SUV, helping to protect upholstered or leather seats from wear and tear.- Both upper and lower surface designed with non-slip grip so the car seat pad stays in place, and your child's carseat or booster seat never slides.- Seat saver is simple to use and easy to clean. Simply attach upper portion with adjustable snap clip around headrest.- Lower kick flap of car seat pad seat protector includes three pockets for handy storage of toys, snacks, or drinks. We have a no hassle 100% guarantee refund policy. If you use our Car Seat Protector and do not love it, simply return for a full refund, even used. Add one to your cart today, and consider picking up another for a second child, or as a gift for a friend who will appreciate protecting their car seats when traveling with kids!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Family First
  • UPC: 791043639257

ASSR 100PCS Fruit Saver Protection Bags, Mosquito Netting Garden Insect Barrier Bag 10"x6" for Protecting Plant Fruits Flower (100 Pcs)

ASSR 100PCS Fruit Saver Protection Bags, Mosquito Netting

SPECIFICATION Brand New: ASSR Material: Nylon Color: White Size: 10'' L x 6'' W Package Included: 100Pcs x Garden Protect Bags Features ✧ This garden netting bag is non-toxic, durable, can be reusable. ✧ Protect your plants, vegetables, flowers from insect, mosquito, bug, birds. ✧ It can be used in the all growing season. It can be used to pack plant seed or storage other little things. ❤If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Brand: ASSR
  • UPC: 192585999777

Oregon Saw Saver Guide Bar Cover 29675

Oregon Saw Saver Guide Bar Cover

Ideal for occasional users, this durable bar guide protects your chain from damage during transportation and storage.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Oregon
  • ASIN: B00004RA75
  • UPC: 036577001508

Briggs & Stratton 6151 Pressure Washer Pump Saver Anti-Freeze and Lubricant Formula, 10.7-Ounce

Briggs & Stratton 6151 Pressure Washer Pump Saver

The Briggs & Stratton 6151 Pressure Washer Pump Saver protects the pistons of your pressure washer and seals them from damage. Harsh weather or extended periods of idleness can lead to weakening of the pressure washerÕs pistons. Use this unique anti-freeze and lubricant formula before extended storage and prior to startup the following season to keep your pump running on full blast. This 10.7-ounce bottle can be used with most brands of pressure washers. Help keep your outdoor power equipment running at peak performance by ordering the Briggs & Stratton 6151 Pressure Washer Pump Saver. Only Briggs & Stratton genuine parts are specially designed to exact OEM standards, manufactured and tested to help deliver optimum performance in Briggs & Stratton engines. Not only are Briggs & Stratton genuine parts guaranteed to fit, but using them also ensures that the Briggs & Stratton engine they are installed on complies with applicable (EPA) emission regulations. For more than a century, Briggs & Stratton branded engines and power equipment have helped consumers get the job done. Known for hard-working, dependable, efficient products, Briggs & Stratton is the world's largest producer of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment. Briggs & Stratton products are designed, manufactured, ma...

  • Color: -
  • Brand: Briggs & Stratton
  • ASIN: B007TFF2PM
  • UPC: 011675061517

Critter Skimmer 9-Inch Round Pool Skimmer Cover, Tan

Critter Skimmer 9-Inch Round Pool Skimmer Cover,

A replacement for your existing swimming pool Skimmer cover for in-ground pools. It helps small creatures like frogs, salamanders, mice, etc. Escape drowning in the pool. The flow of circulating Water pushes these critters to the skimmer area where they climb up the internal ramp.

  • Color: Tan
  • Brand: Critter Skimmer
  • ASIN: B003G30FIU
  • UPC: 736211293817

Solutions Group UP-2 Cover Saver Patch, Swimming Pool Safety Cover Repair Material

Solutions Group UP-2 Cover Saver Patch, Swimming Pool

Cover Saver Patch is designed to repair rips, tears and severely abraded areas. The patch should extend over any damaged are by at least 1.5-inch on all sides. Any rip that is excess of 7-inch should be returned to the factory for a complete replacement of the damaged panel between the webbing straps. Your pool professional can facilitate return and repair for you. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, that a cover repaired with this patch will meet ATSM standards. Surface must be dry and clean. Trim all corners round for better adhesion. Apply repair patch to cover on a hard surface. Press firmly with fingertips or roller. For best results, repair both sides of the problem area. Includes 2 extra large sheets measuring 5.75-inch x 9-inch.

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Solutions Group
  • ASIN: B010TS509S
  • UPC: 857896001600

Impresa Products 20-Pack of Pool Skimmer Socks - Perfect Savers for Filters, Baskets, and Skimmers

Impresa Products 20-Pack of Pool Skimmer Socks -

TESTED, TRUSTED AND BACKED BY OUR TOP-RATED WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE! EXCLUSIVELY MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED BY IMPRESA PRODUCTS UNDER THE IMPRESA BRAND TRAPS ALL THE GUNK AND DEBRIS: Made from durable elastic and ultrafine nylon mesh, these pool skimmer socks act as a net to attract and trap leaves, grass, hair, inanimate scum, oil, pine needles, pollen, bugs, and other debris, preventing them from clogging your pool's filtration system. Also works with spas, hot tubs, jetted tubs and more PROTECTS YOUR FILTER SYSTEM, SAVING YOU MONEY: Using a pool sock protect the pump impeller and shaft seal from damage / clogging, thereby extending the life of your pool filter / filtration system. Any pool owner who has been through a filtration system repair knows just how valuable that can be MAKES CLEANING YOUR FILTER BASKET A BREEZE: Skimmer basket socks make cleaning skimmer pool baskets easier and less messy. When soiled, simply clean with garden hose and reuse or throw away (if heavily soiled). Replace with new sock every 4-8 weeks FITS VIRTUALLY ALL POOL BASKETS, INGROUND AND ABOVE GROUND: Our pool skimmer basket saver fits nearly any shape pool skimmer basket, including baskets produced by Hayward, Pentair, Intex, Swimquip and more. Ideal for inground / in-ground and...

  • Brand: Impresa Products
  • ASIN: B06XS63TWJ
  • UPC: 859717006481

Beverage Barricade Soda Protector 6 Pack for Active Families. Improve Your Picnic or BBQ Experience: Shield Your Cans from Bugs & Dirt, Easily ID Whose Drink is Whose & Eliminate Painful Top Popping.

Beverage Barricade Soda Protector 6 Pack for Active

Improve your Picnic and Bar-B-Que Experience No more bees or flies invading your soda and no more dust or sand accidentally falling in anymore. The Beverage Barricade has both you AND your drink covered. Is it easy to use? Absolutely! It's extremely intuitive to use - even children quickly get it. Just slip it onto the tab until it locks, lift up to open the can, then swivel it to cover the mouth opening - the whole thing takes less than 2 seconds! Whenever you're ready to take a sip, just swivel the Beverage Barricade to the other side and enjoy your insect-free drink! Super easy, right? Does it contain fizziness? Great question! It definitely improves things over a completely open soda, but since it is not an airtight seal, the fizziness will still leak out over time. For the job of protecting your drink from insects and dirt, though, we've got you 100% covered. What size cans does this fit? The Beverage Barricade will fit any standard aluminium can - 6oz, 8oz, 12oz or 16oz. Can I reuse them or put them in the dishwasher? Definitely! While they are held securely onto the drink's tab, they can also be pulled off when you're finished. They are made of a tough polymer blend, so they'll hold up for the long-haul. We do recommend keeping them top rack only to be on the safe side, t...

  • Color: Rainbow
  • Brand: Avant Grub
  • ASIN: B01M07PZ8X
  • UPC: 817244021544

Piddle Pad Car Seat Protector by Silverflye- Crash Test Safety Certified- Waterproof Liner- Potty Training Seat Saver Pads for Infants Baby and Toddlers- Leak Free Technology- Machine Wash and Dry

Piddle Pad Car Seat Protector by Silverflye- Crash

Silverflye Piddle Pad- 100% Guaranteed to Protect Your Child's Car Seat and Car Seats Instantly PROBLEM Have you ever been on the road and had a diaper blow out just as you're on the freeway with no exit in sight? Just imagine- Your child is having a tantrum, you have to take the car seat cover off and clean or find something to put it in until you could clean it. AND you have to wait a whole day until it dries! SOLUTION Silverflye's Piddle Pad is made of Waterproof Tested Material to enhance and encourage Potty Training and Child Independence. Establishes Stress Free Environment in Car and Tantrum Free Road Trips with your Child. Newly designed Piddle Pad and its innovative absorbent technology design WILL Protect Your Child's Car Seat and Car Seats Instantly. Waterproof design captures liquids from diaper leaks and Potty Training Accidents. BENEFITS: ● Perfectly designed to fit most vehicles ● Textured anti-skid leather bottom to prevent from slipping out of position ● Very easy to buckle the seat belt in the car seat around your child ● Wicks moisture away from your child's bum and keeps the surface completely dry ● Composed of an inner layer of Breathable absorbent sponge that allows liquids to pass through to a layer of cotton, and an outer waterproof PVC anti...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Silverflye
  • ASIN: B00LMN93NY
  • UPC: 820103145008

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Blue

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon,

Easily haul your gear with the MAC Sports Folding Utility Wagon. It opens in SECONDS! The lightweight durable design has a 150 lb. capacity and is a must have to transport heavy bulky loads. Great for trips to the park, camping, outdoor sporting events, gardening and much more! The accordion style floor makes set up and break down a breeze. It folds easily into its own carry bag for compact storage. MAC Sports is a trusted brand since 1993!

  • Color: solid blue
  • Brand: Mac Sports
  • UPC: 886237010865

FrogLog Animal Saving Escape Ramp for Pool

FrogLog Animal Saving Escape Ramp for

Swimline 70200 Froglog Tm

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Swimline
  • ASIN: B004UHY2TY
  • UPC: 885427568728
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