Time Delayed Exit Door Press Bar Alarm Will Sound Wait Push Door Open Label Decal, 5x3.5 in. 4-Pack Vinyl for Enter/Exit by ComplianceSigns

Time Delayed Exit Door Press Bar Alarm Will

This pack of 4 easy-to-read alarm will sound labels is self-adhesive for easy, permanent installation - just peel and stick. The green background clearly displays English text, printed in color. Use these vinyl labels to make your enter / exit message clear. A clear protective laminate layer is applied to these labels. This item is UV, chemical, abrasion and moisture resistant and is suitable for use at temperatures from -40 to +176 F. ComplianceSigns products are made in the USA and commonly used in industrial, commercial, public and private settings. Full text: TIME DELAYED EXIT DOOR PRESS BAR ALARM WILL SOUND WAIT PUSH DOOR OPEN

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: ComplianceSigns
  • ASIN: B01N9SQO3P

Schlage Electronics M490DEP Delayed Egress Maximum-Security Electromagnetic Lock, For Access Control System, Single Door, 1,500-lb. Holding Force

Schlage Electronics M490DEP Delayed Egress Maximum-Security Electromagnetic Lock,

The Schlage M490DEP maximum-security electromagnetic lock with delayed-egress feature meets or exceeds Builders Hardware Manufacturer Association (BHMA) 1,500-lb. hold force requirements, can connect to an access control system, and works with a door access system such as a push bar, request-to-exit device, or credential reader to create a secure locking system for a single inswing or outswing door. Triggered by a request-to-exit device or other switch, the lock prevents egress for 15 seconds while an audible alarm sounds, conforming to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code. The electromagnet mounts to below the top of the doorframe using the included bayonet mounting bracket that enables hands-free installation of the magnet. The armature attaches flush against the door and pivots to compensate for slight irregularities. The magnet portion is active when connected to a power source, and it loses its magnetic hold and unlocks the door when power is removed either with a door access system such as a push-to-exit button or by power outage (also called a fail-safe design). The automatic voltage selection feature distinguishes between either a 12- or 24-VDC electrical connection and adjusts the lock automatically, eliminating the need for field adjustme...

  • Brand: SCHLAGE

SDC 1581S Mini Exit Check EMLock Single Aluminum Delayed Egress Electromagnetic Lock with Door Position Sensor, 12/24 VDC, 650 lbs Holding Force, 8-3/4" Length x 2-1/8" Height x 1-1/4" Depth (Pack of 1)

SDC 1581S Mini Exit Check EMLock Single Aluminum

SDC 1581S mini exit check EMLock single electromagnetic delayed egress lock with tone/Led annunciator fixed Tone and Led annunciation includes two distinct tones indicating unauthorized egress in progress and unlocked. A tri-color Led mode status indicator indicating secure, unauthorized egress in progress. Emergency release input. Activation by door movement or exit bar. Locked and egress mode status outputs. Adjustable timed bypass 1 to 30 seconds. Key reset, sustained bypass and timed bypass. Auto sensing 12/24VDC voltage input. BHMA certified holding force. UL, CSFM, MEA listed. UBC and California compliant manual power up. Measures 8-3/4-inches length by 2-1/8-inches height by 1-1/4-inches depth.

  • Brand: SDC
  • UPC: 712905123905

Seco-Larm SK-1011-SDQ ENFORCER Access Control Keypad, Up to 1,000 possible user codes (4-8 digits), Output can be programmed to activate for up to 99,999 seconds (nearly 28 hours)

Seco-Larm SK-1011-SDQ ENFORCER Access Control Keypad, Up to

Seco-Larm SK-1011-SDQ ENFORCER Access Control Keypad, Up to 1,000 possible user codes (4-8 digits), Output can be programmed to activate for up to 99,999 seconds (nearly 28 hours) SECO-LARM SK-1011-SDQ ENFORCER Access Control Keypad, Up to 1,000 possible user codes (4-8 digits), Output can be programmed to activate for up to 99,999 seconds (nearly 28 hours) Key Features Up to 1,000 possible user codes (4-8 digits) Output can be programmed to activate for up to 99,999 seconds (nearly 28 hours) Up to 50 (01~50) possible temporary visitor codes, which can be programmed for onetime or limited-time use (1~99 hours) Durable and attractive stainless-steel faceplate Programmable delayed egress input lets users exit the premises without keying in the code EEPROM Memory protects programmed information in case of power loss 12~24 VDC/VAC Auto-adjusting operation Mounts to a standard single-gang back box (surface-mount back box included) Programmable wrong-code lockout Real-time clock to auto-disable access at specific times All features are programmed directly from the keypad: No need for an external programmer Specifications Operating Voltage: 12~24 VDC/VAC Current Draw-Standby: [email protected] Current Draw-Keypress: [email protected] Current Draw-1 Relay Active: [email protected] Current Draw-Total Max: 90m...

  • Brand: Seco-Larm
  • ASIN: B016JAV6WK
  • UPC: 676544015932

Delayed Egress Mag

Delayed Egress

Delayed Egress Mag

  • Brand: Rutherford
  • UPC: 791836716745

Electronic Access Control

Electronic Access

Electronic Access Control, Second Edition provides the latest advice on how to interface systems from multiple Electronic Access Control (EAC) manufacturers into a single cohesive system. The book shows how to provide integration, while also allowing building security managers to protect, control and manage their own users’ card data. This second edition details advanced card data management and advanced system access level management. Readers will be better able to manage their systems to protect the privacy of their cardholders’ private information, while providing much improved control over the security of their buildings. Like its highly regarded first edition, the book offers the complete picture on EAC for readers at any level of expertise. It provides comprehensive material on how to select, and interface to, the appropriate locking hardware, typically the most difficult responsibility for access control system designers, installers and end users.Provides a comprehensive understanding of Electronic Access Control (EAC) Systems to readers at any level, novices and experts alikeHelps readers understand concepts for securing a facility, while providing transparent access to those who frequently, and legitimately, enter the facilityIncludes expanded information on system c...

  • ASIN: B076FQN4PW

#egress - Stainless Steel Hashtag 20oz Road Ready Water Bottle, Silver

#egress - Stainless Steel Hashtag 20oz Road Ready

When you are feeling saucy and you need something to say it without saying it, grab this water bottle and fill it with your favorite liquid. It should be alcohol but if that is not your fancy, do as you please.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Molandra Products



The 3101B-ES and 3101B-R Delayed Egress Controllers are the "electronics only" portion of the 3101B maglock. Common applications include outdoor gate locks or inswing doors which require delay egress functionality. Controllers require other components (not included) for a fully functional delay egress opening to function.

  • Brand: DynaLock
  • ASIN: B00IPR156S
  • UPC: 609010383006

BEA 10MAGDE1 Delayed Egress Maglock Kit

BEA 10MAGDE1 Delayed Egress Maglock

Dry contact relay switching (SPDT and DPDT) provided for local and / or remote alarm monitoring. Built-in "sensor" detects when pressure is applied to outward swinging doors No need to replace existing door hardware Field selectable to meet a variety of building codes Auto sensing voltage from 1224 VDC and up to 1200lbs holding force Includes keyswitch for reset / override and an external sounder Unique highly visible Red/Green light panel indicates status of door Built-in Security Condition Sensor (SCS) feature indicates that the door is closed and bonded For single outswinging perimeter doors Brushed Anodized Aluminum finish (Maglock and Keyswitch) Includes Maglock On / Off Keyswitch External Sounder Alarm Signage

  • Brand: BEA Incorporated

Happiness Prosperity Longevity Beaded Curtain 125 Strands (+hanging hardware)

Happiness Prosperity Longevity Beaded Curtain 125 Strands (+hanging

Handmade and hand painted: Each of our beaded curtains begins with approximately 4000 beads cut into 2.5" sections from natural bamboo stalks. The bamboo beads are then strung together by hand using wire to create a strand. 125 strands are then attached to a wooden hanging bar to create a bamboo beaded curtain. Finally, each bead and strand is individually hand painted producing the art you see on each beaded curtain. Since each bead is entirely painted the image is viewable on both sides of the curtain from any angle. Highest quality with 125 strands: Our hand painted bamboo beaded curtains are the highest quality beaded curtains currently being manufactured. Each bamboo curtain is truly in a class of its own. We have been making beaded curtains since 2001 and have learned by trial, error, and customer feedback. From our experience we have found 125 strands to be the ideal number of strands per curtain. This strand count provides curtain density, durability, and vivid image detail. With less than 125 strands, you lose density and detail in the painting. With greater than 125 strands, the bead diameter becomes too small making the beads fragile and prone to breaking.

  • Color: Black Characters on Natural Color Bamboo
  • Brand: ABeadedCurtain
  • ASIN: B003EP5XD2
  • UPC: 797734792638
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