Dining at the White House: From the President's Table to Yours

Dining at the White House: From the President's

This book provides an insider's view into the experience of dining at the White House and describes Chef Moeller's most memorable moments cooking for three First Families. It includes over 100 recipes for one-of-a-kind dishes featuring his trademark use of fresh, seasonal ingredients inspired by his classical French training with an American twist. Useful chef notes help adapt fine French cooking techniques for the home cook.

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Dinner in Camelot: The Night America's Greatest Scientists, Writers, and Scholars Partied at the Kennedy White House

Dinner in Camelot: The Night America's Greatest Scientists,

In April 1962, President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy hosted forty-nine Nobel Prize winners―along with many other prominent scientists, artists, and writers―at a famed White House dinner. Among the guests were J. Robert Oppenheimer, who was officially welcomed back to Washington after a stint in the political wilderness; Linus Pauling, who had picketed the White House that very afternoon; William and Rose Styron, who began a fifty-year friendship with the Kennedy family that night; James Baldwin, who would later discuss civil rights with Attorney General Robert Kennedy; Mary Welsh Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway’s widow, who sat next to the president and grilled him on Cuba policy; John Glenn, who had recently orbited the earth aboard Friendship 7; historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., who argued with Ava Pauling at dinner; and many others. Actor Frederic March gave a public recitation after the meal, including some unpublished work of Hemingway’s that later became part of Islands in the Stream. Held at the height of the Cold War, the dinner symbolizes a time when intellectuals were esteemed, divergent viewpoints could be respectfully discussed at the highest level, and the great minds of an age might all dine together in the rarefied glamour of “the people’s house.”

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Dinner at the White House

Dinner at the White

Roosevelt era White House Dinner story

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THE WHITE HOUSE COOK BOOK (1887) : The Whole Comprising A Comprehensive Cyclopedia Of Information For The Home, Cooking, Toilet and Household Recipes, Menus, Dinner-Giving (Illustrated)


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Floral Diplomacy: At the White House

Floral Diplomacy: At the White

Laura Dowling served as Chief Floral Designer at the White House form 2009 until 2015. In this unique position, she managed décor and flowers for thousands of White House events while using flowers as a strategic tool for communicating diplomatic, symbolic and policy messages. She is renowned for creating a new romantic style of flower arranging featuring free-flowing lines of vines and flowers emanating from a classical bouquet. This style is most evocative of nature and the garden, and balances a strong artistic vision with the wildness of nature. Under her leadership, Laura implemented floral artistry at the White House, designing bouquets of seasonal garden flowers in a style that is both modern and refined, yet casually elegant. She often presents her innovative arrangements in hand-made organic containers composed of leaves, branches and berries that are woven into patterns and motifs, creating integrated, cohesive displays that conjure both nature and the garden. Here, she describes her inspiration, provides tips and techniques on flower arranging and entertaining, and offers readers a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into both official and private White House life.

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Guest of Honor: Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and the White House Dinner That Shocked a Nation

Guest of Honor: Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt,

In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington to have dinner at the executive mansion with the First Family. The next morning, news that the president had dined with a black man - and former slave - sent shock waves through the nation. Although African Americans had helped build the White House and had worked for most of the presidents, not a single one had ever been invited to dine there. Fueled by inflammatory newspaper articles, political cartoons, and even vulgar songs, the scandal escalated and threatened to topple two of America's greatest men. In this smart, accessible narrative, one seemingly ordinary dinner becomes a window onto post-Civil War American history and politics, and onto the lives of two dynamic men whose experiences and philosophies connect in unexpected ways. Deborah Davis also introduces dozens of other fascinating figures who have previously occupied the margins and footnotes of history, creating a lively and vastly entertaining book that reconfirms her place as one of our most talented popular historians.

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Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years

Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERAn Esquire Best Book of 2017Remember when presidents spoke in complete sentences instead of in unhinged tweets? Former Obama speechwriter David Litt does. In his comic, coming-of-age memoir, he takes us back to the Obama years – and charts a path forward in the age of Trump. More than any other presidency, Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House were defined by young people – twenty-somethings who didn’t have much experience in politics (or anything else, for that matter), yet suddenly found themselves in the most high-stakes office building on earth. David Litt was one of those twenty-somethings. After graduating from college in 2008, he went straight to the Obama campaign. In 2011, he became one of the youngest White House speechwriters in history. Until leaving the White House in 2016, he wrote on topics from healthcare to climate change to criminal justice reform. As President Obama’s go-to comedy writer, he also took the lead on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the so-called “State of the Union of jokes.”Now, in this refreshingly honest memoir, Litt brings us inside Obamaworld. With a humorists’ eye for detail, he describes what it’s like to accidentally trigger an international incident or nearly set a president...


In the Kennedy Style

In the Kennedy

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The Lament of Pandora as Performed Before a State Dinner at the White House Under the Direction of Melania: A Drama in Seven Scenes

The Lament of Pandora as Performed Before a

SPRING 2018— Fear has seized the White House. First Lady Melania has vanished. The President returns home to learn of her mysterious disappearance and the sinister whispers that are beginning to circulate. Soon he discovers the reason behind her sudden withdrawal: she has written a play.“It will explain what has only been surmised, and it will abolish the lies that have been force-fed to the public by the great machine.”Melania’s creation tells the Greek tragedy of Pandora: the first woman as seen through the eyes of the First Lady. By projecting her own loneliness and anxieties onto her titular character, Melania creates a martyr of Pandora. Together, both author and subject embark on a journey of empowerment and a revolution of the mind. As a universe of lies is uncovered, only one thing can be certain: Melania has found her voice, and she screams in despair.

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Guest of Honor: Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and the White House Dinner That Shocked a Nation by Deborah Davis (2013-02-05)

Guest of Honor: Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt,

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Eat a Little Better: Great Flavor, Good Health, Better World

Eat a Little Better: Great Flavor, Good Health,

Sam Kass, former chef to the Obamas and White House food policy advisor, makes it easier to do a little better for your diet--and the environment--every day, through smart ways to think about shopping, setting up your kitchen so the healthy stuff comes to hand most naturally, and through 90 delicious, simple recipes.This book lays out Kass's plan to eat a little better. Knowing that sustainability and healthfulness come most, well, sustainably when new habits and choices seem appealing rather than drastic and punitive, Kass shares his philosophy and methods to help make it easy to choose, cook, and eat delicious foods without depriving yourself of agency or pleasure. He knows that going organic, local, and so forth all the time is just not realistic for most people, and that's ok--it's all about choosing and doing a little better, and how those choices add up to big change. It's the philosophy he helped the Obamas instill in their home, both in Chicago and that big white one in Washington.

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Five-Star Favorites: Recipes From Friends of Mamie and Ike

Five-Star Favorites: Recipes From Friends of Mamie and

Over 400 food and drink recipes from many, many famous people including: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Bob Hope, Mrs. Bing Crosby, Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, Mrs. Ronald Reagan, Norman Rockwell, Diana Shore....

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Best Ever Three and Four Ingredient Cookbook : 400 Fuss-Free and Fast Recipes - Breakfasts, Appetize

Best Ever Three and Four Ingredient Cookbook :

Rare Book

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Official White House China

Official White House

Evoking distinguished gatherings of royalty, diplomats, politicians, and celebrities at the nation's First Table, Official White House China documents more than 200 years of porcelains purchased for presidential entertaining. From George Washington's personally selected French and Chinese porcelains to the gold-encrusted American china used for state dinners throughout the years, this book reveals trends in taste and culture that reflect both personal and national aspirations.This Second Edition has added essays by White House curators that enrich the original text and offer new information on porcelain acquired for the White House since 1975.

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Magic: A Novel

Magic: A

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERIt starts on a summer evening, with the kind of magic found only in Paris. Once a year in the City of Light, a lavish dinner takes place outside a spectacular landmark—the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame . . . a new setting each time. Selected by secret invitation, the guests arrive dressed in white, with tables and chairs, white linens, flowers, fine china, sparkling crystal, and an elegant dinner. As the sun sets, thousands of candles are lit. And when the night is over, hundreds of white paper lanterns, each with a flame within, bearing everyone’s fervent wishes, are released into the sky. Amid this wondrous White Dinner, a group of close friends stands at the cusp of change.   Jean-Philippe and Valerie Dumas are devoted to each other and their young children. He is a rising star in the financial world, she, an editor at French Vogue. But a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in China may lead to separation—and temptation.   The epitome of a stylish power couple from Milan, Benedetta and Gregorio Mariani run a venerable Italian clothing empire. Gregorio projects strength, but has a weakness that will ignite a crisis in their company and their marriage.   Chantal Giverny, an award-winning screenwriter, and Dharam Singh, one of India’s most...

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The President's Table: Two Hundred Years of Dining and Diplomacy

The President's Table: Two Hundred Years of Dining

The President's Table offers a sweeping visual history of the American Presidency as seen through Presidential entertaining from George Washington to George W. Bush.In this lavishly illustrated history of Presidential dining, historian Barry Landau brings the backstory of the American Presidency to life. Interweaving stories of dining and diplomacy, he creates a spellbinding narrative from the early days of provincial entertaining in the capital, through the golden era of sumptuous state banquets, to the modern White House dinners of today. With more than 300 never before seen illustrations, The President's Table provides an insightful and entertaining look at our dining habits as the nation grew through social and economic change. The book reveals the parallel growth of the United States and its Chief Executives, and the diplomatic and political interests served along with Presidential meals. The President's Table will fascinate anyone with an interest in American history and Presidential politics.

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A Study Guide for Stephen Colbert's "White House Correspondents' Association Dinner 2006 Speech" (Literary Themes for Students: The American Dream)

A Study Guide for Stephen Colbert's "White House

A Study Guide for Stephen Colbert's "White House Correspondents' Association Dinner 2006 Speech," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Literary Themes for Students: The American Dream. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Literary Themes for Students: The American Dream for all of your research needs.

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The White House Cookbook: Cooking, Toilet and Household Recipes, Menus, Dinner-Giving, Table Etiquette, Care of the Sick, Health Suggestions, Facts

The White House Cookbook: Cooking, Toilet and Household

historical reference

  • ASIN: 0831794275

Food Fight!: A Mouthwatering History of Who Ate What and Why Through the Ages

Food Fight!: A Mouthwatering History of Who Ate

★ An Amazon Best Children's Book of the Year selection Grab your knife and fork and get ready to dig in to human history through the lens of food and the struggle to acquire it with award-winning celebrity food editor and author Tanya Steel. This book includes 30 kid-tested and approved recipes inside! Did you know that Christopher Columbus set out on his most famous voyage in search not of the new world, but cinnamon? Or that rich people in the Middle Ages served flaming peacocks and spun sugar castles to their lucky dinner party guests? Did you ever wonder why M&Ms were invented? (Hint: That candy coating isn't just for decoration!) The quest for food has inspired all kinds of adventures and misadventures around the world, and this book explores the wildest and wackiest of them all, from prehistoric times through modern day. Hungry readers can go on a finger-licking romp through the ages to discover the origins of today's common foods, yucky habits of yore, marvelous inventions that changed the way we ate and cooked, and the weirdest menus on record. Amazing stats and fast food facts are featured throughout, along with 30 original recipes, each specific to a particular time and place. So, if you are curious about how food shaped global history and culture, put this book ...

  • ASIN: 1426331622

Dinner with the Blakemores (The Blakemores FIles) (Volume 5)

Dinner with the Blakemores (The Blakemores FIles) (Volume

In this episode, the Blakemores have a great deal to be thankful for and Saxton is ready for both sides of the family to sit and break bread. In every family there are ugly secrets and the Blakemores are no different. Everything floats to the top of the punch bowl as well as Big Sarge trying a large serving of Grandma Patsy's chili. Get the answers you need, the danger you crave, the love that is made, and all the laughs you enjoy in one hearty serving in this episode of the Blakemore Files. Are you ready to have dinner with the Blakemores?

  • ASIN: 069247935X
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