Tripp Lite DVI Extender Equalizer, Dual Link Video Repeater 2560x1600 at 60Hz (DVI F/F)(B120-000)

Tripp Lite DVI Extender Equalizer, Dual Link Video

Tripp Lites Dual Link DVI Extender increases the length of your DVI cables beyond the recommended 5-meter distance limitation. Ideal for use with Tripp Lite 50ft and 100ft DVI cables. Works with Single or Dual Link DVI cables. Just plug the longer DVI cable into the video source, and the B120-000 into the other end ( requires nearby power outlet ). Attach a short DVI cable from the adapter to the monitor. Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200, and is HDCP compliant. One Year warranty. 3-year limited warranty

  • Brand: Tripp Lite
  • ASIN: B000N5WNJI
  • UPC: 999992531367

J-Tech Digital ProAV Premium Quality DVI Extender/DVI Amplifier/DVI Splitter Over CAT 5 / CAT 5E / CAT 6 Ethernet Cable

J-Tech Digital ProAV Premium Quality DVI Extender/DVI Amplifier/DVI

J-Tech Digital is focused on providing high-quality products that integrate and distribute home entertainment for the residential and commercial markets. J-Tech Digital has played a major role in transforming whole-house audio/video and home theater. Product Description: Used for a pair extension of this DVI CAT 6 cable to extend HD signal up to 196ft and can achieve1080P,which not only broke the DVI cable transmission length limitation, but also more convenient and flexible. The majority of customers are more cost savings. The production equipment company providing solutions for the following applications: such as noise reduce, limited transmission distance and safety of the place, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentations and teaching environment and corporate training sites, conference room presentation. Features: HDCP 1.2 protocol compliant Support EDID learning Cable line with IEEE-568B standard Support video input and output: 24/50/60fs/1080p/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480p/480i Signal transmission: Single cat-6e or cat-6(recommended) cable up to 60meters/196ft Support up to 5meters/16.4ft AWG26 cable length between extender and source and sink device No loss of quality DC over voltage protection Easy ins...

  • Brand: J-Tech Digital
  • ASIN: B00WL3MYX0
  • UPC: 766150276657

Pyle HDMI to DVI (PT265BT)

Pyle HDMI to DVI

The Pyle PT265BT receiver features Bluetooth to stream wireless audio from your device. Play your entire MP3 digital music library from your cell phone, PC or Tablet. This amplifier receiver system features AM/FM radio with 50 station memory presets, digital LCD display, two microphone inputs with separate volume, bass, treble and echo controls -- to create a unique mixing experience. Create an instant karaoke party when you mix the two microphones over any audio that plays through the system -- sing along with your favorite radio station or Bluetooth wireless streaming audio from your device. You can also connect additional external devices like a CD player or another receiver through the AUX inputs. Upgrade your home entertainment system with the ability to turn any time into Karaoke time with the PT265BT Amplifier Receiver.

  • Brand: Pyle
  • ASIN: B00LI4L1XC
  • UPC: 780320067210

GEFEN EXT-DVI-142DLN Dual Link 1:2 DVI DL Distribution Amplifier Black

GEFEN EXT-DVI-142DLN Dual Link 1:2 DVI DL Distribution

The GEFEN EXT-DVI-142DLN dual-link 1: 2 DVI DL distribution amplifier splits video using a dual link DVI source such as a computer to two DVI dual link outputs such as monitors, without losing picture quality or the high resolution. Multiple1: 2 DVI DL units can be cascaded from one to the next to create a flexible dual link DVI distribution system that can connect to multiple displays

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Gefen
  • UPC: 898029639451

Tripp Lite 2-Port DVI Splitter with Audio and Signal Booster, Single Link 1920x1200 at 60Hz / 1080p (DVI F/2xF)(B116-002A)

Tripp Lite 2-Port DVI Splitter with Audio and

With Tripp Lite's 2-Port DVI-D Video/Audio Splitter, you can display the same image from one computer on two DVI enabled monitors and speakers. Cascadable up to three levels of splitters, for multiple monitors. Includes a built-in signal booster to expand the distance between the splitter and connected monitors past the recommended 5 meter distance limitation. Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz, and is HDCP compatible. Plug and software or drivers required. 3-year limited warranty

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Tripp Lite
  • ASIN: B003SG9IOC
  • UPC: 132017618180 4 Port DVI Video Splitter with Audio 4 Port DVI Video Splitter with

The ST124DVIA DVI splitter lets you share one DVI video and audio source on four displays and acts as a signal amplifier that allows you to locate your DVI monitors up to 33ft (10 m) away from your computer or DVI signal source. With support for high definition resolutions up to 1080p (HDTV)/1920x1200 (PC), the DVI splitter delivers a simple and convenient DVI video solution that suits virtually any application or operating environment (classroom, healthcare, professional A/V, control centres, retail POS environments). The DVI video splitter/distribution amplifier is easy to install, providing you with flawless digital video that will help you get the most from your DVI-enabled monitors, projectors, or plasma screens. This product is TAA compliant and backed by’s 2-year warranty with FREE lifetime tech support.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: StarTech
  • ASIN: B003WV5DPQ
  • UPC: 012302519982

DTECH 4 Way DVI Video Splitter Box Distribution Amplifier 1 in 4 out Splits 1 Video Signal into Multi Monitors Supports Cascade Connection

DTECH 4 Way DVI Video Splitter Box Distribution

When you are looking to split a digital DVI video signal you should always go with a powered DVI splitter solution. Because DVI video signal is a high bandwidth digital video signal and DVI Y cables or DVI adapters will not work in most cases. Our active 4 port DVI splitter (1 in 4 out)will enable you to increase your productivity since you have such a wider workspace. Function 1: COPY 1x4 DVI monitor splitter copies the DVI-D signal from computers to multiple monitors / TVs / projectors. Setting up dual monitor or 1 PC to 4 monitors is easy. Function 2: CASCADE Allows for cascading up to three levels of units for up to 64 additional connected displays. Widescreen HD Resolution It is a PC video distribution splitter with 225 MHz bandwidth supported that enables you to enjoy smooth, widescreen HD video at resolutions 1080p and up to 1920 x 1200. Extends Your Operating Distance The DVI video distribution amplifier box extends your operating distance to 66 feet (20m) away that helps your setting up the far side monitors/ projectors and then push video to the public, monitors your work location or offers video to students in classroom. Specific Video Input Port: DVI-I Conenctor ( Support DVI-D signal only ) Video Output Port: DVI-I Conenctor (Support DVI-D signal only) DVI Band...

  • Brand: DTech
  • UPC: 600649504633

VeLLBox DVI Splitter 1x4, 4-Port Splitter, 1in 4 Out DVI Splitter, Support Resolution up to 1080p, 5V/3A Universal Power Adapter, Grey

VeLLBox DVI Splitter 1x4, 4-Port Splitter, 1in 4

VeLLBox DVI Splitter 1x4 Support resolution up to 1080p This is a DVI splitter with one input and four outputs Splits one DVI to four DVI output signals identical to the original input And the four outputs can be displayed on four devices simultaneously The splitter is small in size 155x70x23mm, and along with one 5V/3A Universal Power Adapter Feature Supports HDCP Supports resolution up to HD 1080p This product has the ability of buffering and amplifying Supports 12bit per channel (36bit all channel) deep color Supports 225MHz/2.25Gbps per channel (6.75Gbps all channel) bandwidth Splits one DVI to four DVI output signals identical to the original input, and the four outputs can be displayed on four devices simultaneously Each amplifier splitter¡¯s output can achieve long distance transmission of DVI signal of 10 meters Operation Plug the DVI input port of the splitter into DVI source device Connect output device to the output ports of DVI Splitter with DVI cable Insert the DC side of 5V power supply into it and then connect it into the wall outlet Free Warranty VeLLBox provides 1 year free warranty with high quality after-sales service

  • Color: 4-port
  • Brand: VeLLBox
  • ASIN: B01CZAL4U2
  • UPC: 714602980775

HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out - Techole 4K Aluminum Ver1.4 HDCP, Powered HDMI Splitter Supports 3D [email protected] Full HD1080P for Xbox PS4 PS3 Fire Stick Roku Blu-Ray Player Apple TV HDTV - Cable Included

HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out - Techole

HDMI Splitter 1 Input 2 outputTechole HDMI splitter will duplicate or "mirror" a single HDMI source on two HDMI displays. Both displays will show the same video and audio simultaneously. Powered HDMI splitters will act as a repeater to boost the digital HDMI signal and allow you to surpass the normal 100ft length limitations of the format. HDCP 1.4 Compatible This HDMI splitter could strip hdcp, enable you can record with avermedia game portable. Compatibility Supported Audio: LPCM, Dolby-AC3, DTS7.1, DSD/Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD master audio. Video Format: Deep Color, 480i/ 576i/ 480p/ 576p/ 720p/ 1080i/ 1080p/ 1440i/ 1440p / 4K, 3D Support at [email protected], 1080p/60Hz, [email protected] max. Works with all devices fitted with an HDMI port, such as PCs, laptops, gaming consoles ,XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PS4 pro, Blu-Ray DVD player, Satellite Receiver, Route Roku, projectors, TV receivers , HD-Ready, Full HsD TVs, Apple TV, Samsung TV, monitors etc. 24-Month Warranty All Techole products are backed by our 24-Month Product Warranty and you will always get friendly support. Package Contents: 1x HDMI Splitter 1 input 2 output 1x Micro USB charging cable 1x User Manual 1x Warranty Card Note: 1.This active splitter amplifies and equalizes the input signal in order to perform at maximum spec wi...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Techole
  • UPC: 652054818508

Tanbin DVI VGA Adapter DVI-I 24+1 Male to VGA HD15 Female Adapter with Signal Amplifier Gold Plated Supports 1080P Full HD for Computer, PC Host, Laptop, LG HP Dell Monitor and Projector

Tanbin DVI VGA Adapter DVI-I 24+1 Male to

1080p DVI-D Link 24+1 to VGA Video Adaptern DVI-D to VGA Active Converter connects DVI compatible systems with a DVI-D output to VGA equipped monitors and displays. It is ideal for your office, home entertainment display, conference rooms, and more. Adapter Connectors: 25-pin(24+1) DVI-D Link, Male, Input ,Gold-Plated 15-pin VGA HD D-Sub, Female, Output Specifications: PC resolution supported: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x768, 1280x800, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050 @60Hz, 1920x1080 @60Hz, 1920x1200 @60Hz. HDTV resolution supported: 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 1080i and 1080p @60Hz. Dual Link, support Dual screen display technology. Automatic detect the display by plugging and unplugging it. FCC, C E, and RoHS compliant. Wide Compatibility: Compatible system:Windows XP/7/8/10/Vista,MAC OS8.6/9 and above. Compatible devices: Desktops, laptops and source devices with an available DVI output. Important Notes: 1.Can only convert signal from DVI to VGA. This is not a bi-directional adapter. 2. Display must support a compatible refresh rate and resolution as the source. 3. Audio must be transmitted separately due to the limitation of VGA standard. 4. No HDCP support, Viewing content protected video is not supported. 5. An extra VGA cable is required to connect the adapter ...

  • Brand: Tanbin
  • ASIN: B07CK88ZB6
  • UPC: 689771766911
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