WE Games Medieval Chessmen - Brown & Ivory with 2.5 in. King

WE Games Medieval Chessmen - Brown & Ivory

Relive the chivalry of Medieval times with this gorgeous chess set! Richard the Lionheart, the great Crusades, and the legend of Excalibur are brought to life with the vibrantly brown and ivory polystone chessmen. Play out the epic battles, and grandeur of the Middle Ages across your favorite chessboard. This is a timeless set that is to be enjoyed for generations.

  • Brand: Wood Expressions
  • ASIN: B000B1P7AQ
  • UPC: 658956154256

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Harry Potter Wizard Chess

Officially authorized by Warner Brothers. Manufactured by The Noble Collection.

  • Brand: The Noble Collection
  • UPC: 849421002459

USAOPOLY The Legend of Zelda Chess Set | 32 Custom Sculpt Chesspiece | Link vs. Ganon | Themed Chess Game from The Nintendo Zelda Video Games

USAOPOLY The Legend of Zelda Chess Set |

The legend of Zelda chess set features prominent hero and villain characters from the ocarina of time and pits them against each other in a battle of wits and good vs. Evil!

  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: USAOPOLY
  • ASIN: B01FO7K4YA
  • UPC: 700304047533

Agirlgle International Chess Set with Folding Wooden Chess Board and Classic Handmade Standard Pieces

Agirlgle International Chess Set with Folding Wooden Chess

The best gift for children because it's an educational game and sharpens the intelligence. When not being played, it makes for an excellent decor piece and will match just about any kind of decor. It makes horse sense to own one and it's a great gift for anyone on any occasion! Everyone will just love this family board game

  • Color: Bronze
  • Brand: Agirlgle
  • UPC: 736950358020

17" Fantasy Good Vs. Evil 3D Chess Set, Bronze & Silver Tone

17" Fantasy Good Vs. Evil 3D Chess Set,

The Age of Man has ended and now the dragons, long thought to be legend, rise. The 3D Fantasy Pewter Chess Set is a war waged on the smoldering ruin of a fallen kingdom. This heavy base, crafted from metal and carefully hand-painted in rich detail is divided between the white halls of a once vibrant land on one side while the other half stands the charred wreckage and abandoned citadels of dead men. It is a landscape that tells an epic story of swords and sorcery but it is a tale that is far from over. High above this realm of fantasy is the checkered glass of a new conflict. Here among the heavens, castles, ghosts, and dragons fight for territory in the new world order. These chess pieces are also forged from the same metal that built the land, each one heavy and intricately detailed to show a unique dragon folding the crumbling castle walls within their mighty wings. Highly detailed fantasy chess set with floating glass board. Heavy pewter pieces in antiqued gold and bronze. Board dimensions: 13.5L x 13.5W inches. Square size: 1.5 inches. King height: 3 inches, Base width: 1.125 inches.

  • Color: Bronze, Silver
  • Brand: CHH
  • UPC: 607052444280

Koehler 35301 17 Inch Medieval Knights Chess Game Set

Koehler 35301 17 Inch Medieval Knights Chess Game

Medieval knights chess game set. Knights and dragons play on a medievally crafted board that adds mystical appeal to the timeless battle of chess. All 32 finely detailed chessmen fit inside the elaborately carved chessboard case.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Sunshine Megastore
  • ASIN: B000NU2ZDW
  • UPC: 812951013561

aGreatLife Wooden Chess Set: Universal Standard Board Game for All Ages

aGreatLife Wooden Chess Set: Universal Standard Board Game

Learning the Basics of the Game of Kings Chess will not be known as the "game of kings" for nothing. Rulers of empires and kingdoms from ancient years had high regard for the game of chess as they saw how the game was fitting practice on their strategy and forecasting skills. They had to be on top of the game on these areas as they always had to deal with relevant challenges and with other monarchs and leaders of other empires. Universal Standard Chess Set Perfect for Beginners Because chess has long been the game of geniuses, gentleman, and other gifted people, it's no surprises many parents would love to get their kids to love it as well. While they generally say that starting them young make greater impact, there's no optimal age for children to learn to play chess The key to making the chess game more fun to learn is on the process of how you teach them; and making it a wonderful bonding activity for the entire family does magic.

  • Brand: aGreatLife
  • ASIN: B071RL7NCY
  • UPC: 706098038009

Marvel X-Men Emma Frost White Queen Chess Piece with Collector Magazine

Marvel X-Men Emma Frost White Queen Chess Piece

The Marvel Chess Collection is offers the comic fan and chess lover alike the chance to collect a unique chess set featuring some of the greatest and most loved Marvel characters. The Marvel Chess Collection consists of the greatest heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe. Will Spider-Man survive against Venom? Can Captain America overcome the villainous Red Skull? Or will the forces of evil defeat the assembled heroes? With the Marvel Chess Collection the battle is in your hands!

  • Brand: Marvel
  • ASIN: B01010CDWG
  • UPC: 745559226685

Crusade Knights Theme Chess Set by The Chess Store

Crusade Knights Theme Chess Set by The Chess

This unique and color theme chess set is based on the Knights Templar. The Templars were a military order of the Catholic Church and were recognized by their white mantles with a large red cross in the front. The Templar knights were the most skilled fighters in Europe and were heavily involved in the crusades. These beautiful pieces are made from solid polystone, an extremely hard material made from crushed stone and resin. The level of detail and the precise hand painting is remarkable. The king is 3.25" tall and we recommend a chess board with 1.75" squares. Material: Polystone (stone-like material, very hard and durable but will break if dropped on a hard surface) King Height: 3.25" King Base: 1.125" Hand Painted Felt Bottom Packaged in decorative cardboard box with formed tray for individual piece storage. Recommended Chess Board Size: 1.75" - 2" squares

  • Brand: The Chess Store
  • ASIN: B01M2XJ205
  • UPC: 812949024098

DC Superhero Desaad Black Pawn Chess Piece with Collector Magazine

DC Superhero Desaad Black Pawn Chess Piece with

The DC Chess Collection continues with the Forever Evil chess set which offers the comic fan and chess enthusiast alike the chance to collect fantastic and unique chess pieces, vivid representations of some of DC's greatest characters. Each character is superbly rendered, cast from a specially formulated metallised resin and painted by expert model-makers. The DC Superhero Desaad Black Pawn Chess Piece with Collector Magazine is accompanied by a fascinating 16-page magazine featuring superb DC Comic artwork plus vital chess tips for players of all levels. This piece is perfect for any DC comic fan or Chess enthusiast!

  • Brand: DC Comics
  • UPC: 849805041159
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