Olbas Therapeutic Herbal Bath - 8 fl oz

Olbas Therapeutic Herbal Bath - 8 fl

Size: 8 ozSwiss MadeA refreshing and naturally fragrant Therapeutic Herbal Bath from Switzerland. Soothing and relaxing to aching and painful muscles. Acts as a natural deodorant while it tingles, stimulates and invigorates - a truly exciting experience. Excellent as a bath for tired, aching feet. Add to tub or whirlpool or use it as a liquid soap when you shower or shampoo. A favorite in European sports and health spas. Contains no SLS or SLES.Cruelty Free.Please Recycle.

  • Brand: Olbas
  • ASIN: B00011FTPY
  • UPC: 885786057314

Secrets of Tea - Cold Be Gone Herbal Tea - USDA/FDA Approved - Relieves Coughing, Sneezing, Fever, Sour Throat, and Promotes Better Sleep - 20 Tea Bags

Secrets of Tea - Cold Be Gone Herbal

Your grandmother would approve of our Cold Be Gone tea. It combines the soothing and healing qualities of lemon balm, licorice root, peppermint and black berry leaves into a potent cold-busting brew. Helps boost your natural immunity and alleviates cold symptoms. Very sweet and smooth taste.

  • Brand: Secrets Of Tea
  • UPC: 850302006145

California Baby Eucalyptus Ease Bubble Bath - 13 oz

California Baby Eucalyptus Ease Bubble Bath - 13

California Baby Bubble Baths are great for those with sensitive skin! No drying cleansers that can irritate the skin here - California Baby only uses ultra-gentle, natural cleansing ingredients such as organic soapbark and wild harvested yucca. And the bubbles aren’t created by harsh bubbling chemicals like SLS (or other sulfates) like many popular bubble baths on the market. Instead California Baby uses gentle glucosides which create a lot of bubbles and are from sustainable vegan sources. California Baby Bubble Baths are Sulfate-free, DEA-free, Paraben-free and have no carcinogenic by-products like 1,4 dioxane. No synthetic fragrances either – scents come from pure essential oils. This Eucalyptus Ease’s refreshing and restorative eucalyptus aroma will soothe the spirits of all ages. These bubble baths don’t promote yeast or bladder infections and are safe for use in hot tubs. And did we mention it includes a bubble wand for extra bath fun!? California Baby products are blended, manufactured & packaged in their very own certified organic, FDA registered, and solar powered facility located in California. Because we do not use harsh bubbling agents, you must help the bubbling process along by shaking?agitating bubbles under vigorously running water at the start of tub fi...

  • Brand: California Baby
  • ASIN: B000GZJJ38
  • UPC: 792692000511

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Bath Oil, Relaxing Soak, 3.38 fl. oz.

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Bath Oil, Relaxing Soak, 3.38

Hectic lifestyle? Feeling overworked? Mentally drained? Soak for 15-20 minutes in the ultimate “relax time” bath with Lavender essential oil. Lavender is known for its balancing effects on body and mind and balance is the key to healthy body. Bring your being back to a state of equilibrium and your hectic life will seem much more manageable. Out of balance & over tired?? Combine 1capful of Lavender Balancing Bath with 1capful of Valerian & Hops Sweet Dreams Bath to completely calm the body and mind, while sending you into a restful sleep. Make Kneipp bath time a healthy ritual and soak in nature’s benefits. Transform your bath with the healing powers of water combined with plant and herbal essential oils blended to promote better overall health.

  • Brand: Kneipp
  • ASIN: B00021DY0U
  • UPC: 729613060415

Herbal Remedies Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Using Plants, Herbs, and Flowers for Health and Well-Being

Herbal Remedies Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to

Herbal Remedies Made Simple is a unique guide to natural healing items you can make yourself, with each herbal remedy showcased in a full-color, split-page design. Natural alternatives to traditional medicines are everywhere, even right outside your door! Herbal Remedies Made Simple is an easy and fun way to learn about the many different healing herbs that grow all around us but we seldom see. The best part: once you're familiar with the natural healing herbs around you, Herbal Remedies Made Simple provides you with instructions on creating your own DIY herbal remedies at home. This unique guide book splits its pages in half. The top halves of the pages detail different remedies and recipes for health, personal care, and home care. The bottom pages provide reference material on the herbs used in the project above; detailing the plant's healing properties and how best to work with that herb. Some of the healing recipes within:Lavender cleanserRose water tonerChamomile facial exfoliantComfrey joint and bruise salveNerve tonic tinctureTeas for headaches, stress, sleep, and coldsJoint and muscle soakFully photographed and illustrated, this is the perfect guide for the beginning herbal practitioner.

  • ASIN: 1592338569

Organic Herbal Bath Soaks

Organic Herbal Bath

The Organic Herbal Bath Soaks enhance a regular bath turning it into an at-home spa experience with multiple therapeutic benefits. Bathing or hydrotherapy is an ancient therapeutic practice with the earliest record being 1500 B.C.E. Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Hebrews widely applied this practice for hygienic and medicinal purposes. Hippocrates known as the Father of Medicine learned about the healing properties of aromatic baths from the ancient Egyptians. Hydrotherapy improves circulation, reduces stress, promotes relaxation and a restful nights sleep, and eases inflammatory conditions, aches & pains, anxiety & depression, and cold & flu. The bath is enhanced and transformed into a healing therapy through the addition of herbs and dead sea salt. These bath soak blends would be a perfect gift for anyone! Choose from three different blends! Size: 16oz Formulated Without Sulfates SLS and SLES, dioxane, parabens, propylene glycol, diethanolamine or DEA, formaldehyde, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban, and synthetic fragrances. Just pure goodness straight from nature!

  • Brand: Blue Stone Apothecary
  • ASIN: B07L5TTK71

Lavender: Uncover The Incredible Health And Beauty Uses You Are Missing From This Easy To Grow Relaxing Flower (Lavender, Relaxation, Natural Remedies, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils)

Lavender: Uncover The Incredible Health And Beauty Uses

Lavender - Learn The Incredible Healing Properties Of This Extremely Versatile Herb Most herbs have a range of beneficial medicinal qualities that have been recognized within traditional medicine for thousands of years, and lavender is no exception. Unlike modern pills and potions, many herbal remedies contain natural, organic produce and for this reason alone a widespread interest in their use has developed in the last forty or so years.Lavender, in particular, is known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant qualities. Used topically on the skin it has been shown to ease small burns, bites, cuts and grazes and is also believed to be useful as an acne treatment. Lavender oil can also be used to treat indigestion and heartburn, while both the oil and flowers can help to reduce nausea and headaches. Lavender also has been regarded for many years as a relaxing herb which aids healthy sleep. In recent years some small academic studies have been undertaken which appear to support this fact.Both anxiety and insomnia seem to be positively affected by the use of Lavender and using a Lavender pillow (or scent) seems to reduce insomnia and promote deeper, healthier sleep. Studies have also been conducted on the effects of Lavender on eczema and alopecia (hair loss caused b...


Z Lux Beauty Bath Tea & Bomb Soak Set | The Ultimate Relaxation Experience, with 7 different Oils & Various Variations of Dried Flowers (Winter is here)

Z Lux Beauty Bath Tea & Bomb Soak

  • Brand: Z Lux Beauty, Health and Fitness
  • UPC: 712038785674

Absorbine UltraShield Green Natural Fly Repellent

Absorbine UltraShield Green Natural Fly

New UltraShield green from Absorbine proves that "going green" can be both highly effective and eco-safe. UltraShield green is a natural fly repellent that repels and controls biting flies, mosquitoes and gnats for up to 8-hours as demonstrated in an independent university study. 100% guaranteed. Consumer feedback: smells great, shiny coat, long-lasting the only natural fly repellent from Absorbine guaranteed to work for up to 8 hours eco-safe for the entire family and the environment contains seven essential oils known to have repellency properties for horses, ponies, foals and dog.

  • Color: -
  • Brand: Absorbine
  • ASIN: B0042L5EUO
  • UPC: 011444220015

Huggaroo Plush Ice Pack | Velcro Patch and Included Extension Piece Allow Use as Head Wrap, Face Mask, Eye Mask, Sleep Mask, or Jaw Strap

Huggaroo Plush Ice Pack | Velcro Patch and

❤️ The Huggaroo Cooling Gel Wrap is incredibly comfortable. It is very light, comfortable, and made of ultra-plush minky fabric. ❤️ Our wrap provides gentle compression and can help relieve migraines, tension headaches, sinus discomfort, fever, puffy eyes, strained eyes, TMJ discomfort, and dental/jaw pain. ❤️ Designed by a physician in Nashville, TN. ❤️ PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Size and weight: 28 x 6 inches + 6 x 6 inches (extension). Materials: Minky fabric (100% polyester). 9 gel packs with 100% non-toxic gel (water, CMC, glycerol). Color: Royal blue ❤️ Please note: The plush fabric of this wrap cuts down on the cold sensation. This is intentional. It makes the cooling therapy safer and more pleasant. If you are looking for a wrap which feels like a snowball or a frozen bag of peas against your skin, this is not it. This wrap provides cold therapy only. If you are looking for a hot therapy wrap, we recommend the Huggaroo Headache Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy. ❤️ DIRECTIONS: Keep in freezer in a large ziplock bag for at least 4 hours prior to use. ❤️ CARE: Machine wash fabric cold on a gentle setting. Remove all gel packs prior to washing. Air dry or air fluff in dryer for best results. No bleach. No iron.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Huggaroo
  • ASIN: B07J47G83B
  • UPC: 855448007193
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Taken at the first sign of symptoms, echinacea can reduce a cold's intensity and duration Goldenseal helps clear mucus from the throat which can help prevent bacterial infections that often follow colds.good cold tea, combine equal parts of elder Sambucus nigra, peppermint ,and yarrow steep 1 to...

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