Special Sale - 1 Pack of 10 - BARDIA Closed System Drain Bag BRD802001 BARD M...

Special Sale - 1 Pack of 10 -

Sterile. Features anti-reflux chamber and sample port.

  • Brand: MedC
  • ASIN: B003C150EA
  • UPC: 767644395946

Teleflex Medical Inc Teleflex Easy-Tap Leg Bag, Medium, 19 oz, 500 ml, 18 Tubing, Anti-Reflux Valve, Cloth Straps, Easy Flip Drain (Pack of 5), White

Teleflex Medical Inc Teleflex Easy-Tap Leg Bag, Medium,

Premium Leg Bag with Flip Valve and Straps, 19 oz.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Teleflex Medical Inc
  • ASIN: B012JJ8TIY
  • UPC: 772195358883

Bardia Special Pack of 5 Drain Bag Anti-reflux Urine Standard 2000ml - Bard 802001

Bardia Special Pack of 5 Drain Bag Anti-reflux

Drainage bag with swivel hanger and flexible hook which facilitates placement on bed frame. Easy-to-drain outlet tube with clamp and tube holder. Plastic bag, single-use, sterile fluid path.

  • Brand: cathtr
  • ASIN: B0064Q2KGG
  • UPC: 796433923824

Bard Home Health Div 57154102 Urinary Drainage Bag With Anti-Reflux Chamber 2,000 Ml,Bard Home Health Div - Each 1

Bard Home Health Div 57154102 Urinary Drainage Bag

Bard® Infection Control Urine Drainage Bag has a rounded, teardrop shape that ensures more efficient drainage. The Bard EZ-LOK® sampling port eliminates the risk of needle stick injuries and allows for needle-free aspiration. Comes with single hook hanger, anti-reflux valve, vented drip chamber and urine sample port on catheter connector tubing.Unique dome design of the Anti-Reflux Chamber prevents urine reflux from the urine drain bag back into the drainage tube. Bard Microbicidal Outlet Tube protects the drain bag from contamination resulting from retrograde bacterial migration.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Bard Medical Division
  • ASIN: B00Q0RO7I8

BodyHealt Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber, 2000 mL Vinyl with 48" Drainage (5 Pack)

BodyHealt Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber, 2000

For those who are non-ambulatory, hospitalized, or require incontinence care while sleeping, the BodyHealt Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber is a must-have. The handle/hanger allows you to securely attach onto a bedrail or wheelchair, while the bag features a 2000-ml volume so you can leave it unattended for hours before needing to drain. The drainage bag is expertly constructed using vinyl material for strength and durability, while also offering odor containment and leak resistance. It’s also made without natural rubber latex to eliminate the risk of injuries and allergic reactions. Specially designed to facilitate even filling and complete draining, the BodyHealt boasts a 48-inch drainage tube to provide quick drainage and eliminate a standing column of urine. Furthermore, there is a vented, anti-reflux chamber to reduce gross reflux and backflow. There is a clothing clamp on the tube so the caregiver can conveniently attach to patient’s clothing, making sure that the tube doesn’t get twisted or dragged on the floor, as well as a convenient, carrying handle for ambulatory patients. The drainage bag also features an easily accessible sample port along with measurement markings to allow for easy urinary output determination. To make it complete, this drainage b...

  • Color: Pack of 5
  • Brand: BodyHealt
  • ASIN: B077335F7L

Teleflex Medical Inc Easy-Tap Leg Bag with Extra 18 Inch PVC Extension Tubing 32 Ounce, Sterile, Latex-Free (Pack of 5)

Teleflex Medical Inc Easy-Tap Leg Bag with Extra

Anti-Reflux valve. Flip valve. High grade vinyl material (PVC) is recommended for single use. Leg bag is secured with two cloth straps with buttons. They have a twist drainage outlet for easy emptying.

  • Brand: Teleflex Medical Inc
  • UPC: 796433852537

Fabric Catheters Sleeve Urine Leg Bag Holder- Stay in Place Drainage Straps and Holders for Incontinence Wheelchairs Supporting, 2 Pack (L)

Fabric Catheters Sleeve Urine Leg Bag Holder- Stay

Catheter Bag Material: Polyester + Elastane The Leg Urine Bag Holder is designed for use with leg bag catheters, help comfortably secure your leg bag. It features a lightweight stretch support garment with inner pockets that securely and discretely hold your leg bag in place. The Urine Leg Bag Holders comes in a variety of sizes to suit different patients. Washable and very easy to use. Features: 1. The leg urine bag holder provides secure and reliable to prevent disconnection of the link drainage, reducing infection risk. 2. You can use the sleeve urine bag holder to support urine bag with catheters. 3. User-friendly interface, washable, comfortable, latex-free. 4. Attached to foley catheters or sheaths -worn on the thigh or calf. 5. Secured in place with adjustable straps. 6. Providing strength and durable, and external seam to prevent skin damage and provide comfort. 7. Contours to leg shape, ensuring even distribution of urine and reduce noice, maintains dignity of catheterized residents. 8. Graduated lines of elastane-for support and controlled expansion when urine bag is filling. 9. Available in a range of sizes to suit any patients. Using Steps: 1. Pull the fix sleeve over your foot and position on your thigh or calf. Ensure the coloured strip is at the top and facing out...

  • Brand: HANSILK
  • ASIN: B07CPX43P6
  • UPC: 753610271222

AxeSaurè Catheter Bag Cover, Blue

AxeSaurè Catheter Bag Cover,

This catheter bag cover can be used with the urine collection bag almost everywhere, without the worry of exposing the urine inside the catheter bag. Urine from the bag can easily be emptied and checked by lifting the bottom of the cover.  Sorry...Clear plastic tube cover no longer included. It is sold separately. Plastic hanger, tubing, and catheter bag are not included.

  • Brand: Axesaure
  • ASIN: B0108GVEJQ
  • UPC: 869158000009

3 Pack -Easy-Tap Leg Bag, Large, 32 Oz, 18" Tubing, Anti-Reflux Valve, Cloth Straps

3 Pack -Easy-Tap Leg Bag, Large, 32 Oz,

3 Pack -Easy-Tap Leg Bag, Large, 32 Oz, 18" Tubing, Anti-Reflux Valve, Cloth Straps from Teleflex Medical Inc

  • Brand: Teleflex Medical Inc
  • ASIN: B011WDV12Y

Medline 71876 DYND15205 - Urinary Drain Bags, 2000ML

Medline 71876 DYND15205 - Urinary Drain Bags,

DYND15205 - Urinary Drain Bags

  • Color: 2000.00 ML
  • Brand: Medline
  • ASIN: B004UG8V9M
  • UPC: 066510458908
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