Cookies and Scream (Baker Street Cozy Mysteries Book 2)

Cookies and Scream (Baker Street Cozy Mysteries Book

Murder and free recipes! What could go wrong?Book 2 of 6 in the Baker Street Mysteries- well reviewed for being clean, funny, sweet mysteries. Tour guide Georgie Tanner has always encouraged her clients to enjoy the realism of an American Revolutionary War reenactment - but today things got a little too real. When one of the actors doesn't get back up after the battle, the crowd is horrified to find out he's really been shot. Patrick Armstrong, local high school teacher, is dead.Georgie's old high school friend, Terry Brooks, is arrested for the murder. A man with a young wife and a baby, he seems the least likely suspect. But, with hundreds of people as witnesses, there's no denying he was the one who pulled the trigger.He begs Georgie for help, and she's determined to do her best. After all, he'd never do something like that, would he?Her sleuthing skills slowly uncover other possible suspects, but, try as she might, she can't shake the sight of the smoking gun gripped in Terry's hand. And then she uncovers something that terrifies her. Suddenly, Georgie is afraid that she may have just sealed the case against her old friend.

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Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Fortune Cookie

Crack, crack, crack! The cookies snap open and the family’s fortunes are revealed. Mei Mei wants to know how hers will come true. Jie Jie scoffs—they never come true. But Pacy isn’t so sure. As she waits and watches, she notices magical things happening in her family. Could the fortunes really be right? And what about Pacy’s fortune: “You will see the world in a new way”? Well, yes, it’s true! Pacy has been seeing the world through fortune cookies!This exhuberantly illustrated story about every kid’s favorite part of a Chinese meal also includes a brief history of the fortune cookie.What will your fortune be? Crack! Open up a cookie and find out.

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A Dead Market (A Flamingo Realty Mystery Book 2)

A Dead Market (A Flamingo Realty Mystery Book

Stella O’Neil finally has her first listing! A cute cabin with a gorgeous lake on eighty acres of breathtaking land. There's just one tiny problem: the body floating in the lake.If that weren’t unsettling enough, her phone rings off the hook with hundreds of potential buyers. In fact, the property is overrun with them! Stella digs out the truth that the lake is the obscure clue in an old legend that has been solved on the Internet. But if only her troubles stopped there. She runs into one buyer who won’t take no for an answer. He seems to have way too much personal information about Stella herself, but the police refuse to take the threat seriously. As mishaps continue to develop, she is certain that she being hunted by someone with some sort of grudge against her.Stella has to solve the murder and figure out the riddle so she can untangle herself from this legal and personal mess… before things go too far.

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Home Strange Home (A Flamingo Realty Mystery Book 3)

Home Strange Home (A Flamingo Realty Mystery Book

You're not going to believe where this story is going to take you!When Stella's uncle drags her to a surprise party for Ian Stuber, no one is more surprised than the man of the hour--who promptly drops dead. But when it's determined something more sinister is at play, Stella is dragged into the investigation as one of the witnesses, and the search is on to discover not only WHO committed the murder, but HOW... after all, the room was packed with party goers. Sniffing out a killer is a hard enough task by itself, but when you add to the fact Stella's own family keeps stonewalling her every move to search for her missing mother, it's no wonder Stella is about to lose her mind. She’s soon learning that if she wants answers, she's going to have to find them herself.Can Stella capture Ian's killer before he strikes again?Or will the next bullet be for her?

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Mind Your Manors (A Flamingo Realty Mystery Book 1)

Mind Your Manors (A Flamingo Realty Mystery Book

Meet Stella O'Neil, retired FBI agent Oscar O'Neil's granddaughter. She's got a lot on her plate, trying to figure out her crazy, stubborn family, the hidden secrets that caused her grandfather's estrangement from her dad, and starting out as a realtor. Throw in a dead body found in what used to be the town's "royalty" family's manor, and she’s neck deep in a mystery. She may be sweet, but she's pretty stubborn herself. As Stella's curiosity leads her from one town resident to the next, a dramatic tale of family secrets starts to appear, but is she getting too close to the truth? A scary car chase in the dark has her nerves on edge, but she won't give up until she finds out who the skeleton once was. She's so close... but someone... maybe more than one person... will do anything to stop her.

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Cherry Pie Or Die (Baker Street Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

Cherry Pie Or Die (Baker Street Cozy Mysteries

Murder and free recipes! After a traumatic life event, Georgie Tanner returns to her hometown to start her life over... at 31 years old and a certified hot mess. Luckily, a new job opportunity as a historical tour guide opens up with Aunt Cecelia. Gainesville, Pennsylvania's is a place is as American as apple pie, steeped in rich Revolutionary history, Amish settlements, ghost stories, and colonial manors. Georgie knew it was a safe place to regroup and heal.After all, what could go wrong in a sleepy town like this?Until she leads a group of tourists through the Three Maidens’ Manor, a battle site converted into a museum. When the power goes out during the tour, Georgie thinks it’s a crazy fluke. But when it returns, she has six panicked guests, and a dead man in her midst. Which one of them was the murderer? And more importantly, why were they now coming after her?

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Knock Knock A Year of Fortunes (Without the Cookies): Love and Romance

Knock Knock A Year of Fortunes (Without the

Enjoy fortunes all year long - minus the crumbs and calories. A Year of Fortunes: Love & Romance contains 365 romantic and lusty paper prophecies printed on perforated, authentically sized slips - perfect for tearing, sharing, or posting on your fridge.As unique gift ideas go, this one takes the cookieWorks for significant others and crushes alikeHardcover; satin cover with gold foil stamping; 4.25 x 3 inches; 152 pages with perforations on every page

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Chinese Fortune Cookie Rubber Stamp

Chinese Fortune Cookie Rubber

This is a deeply etched, finely detailed rubber stamp mounted on high quality white maple wood block with hourglass sides. All of our stamps are new stamps and ship directly from our workshop in Ohio. ruler may be shown to indicate the relative size of this/these stamp(s) and is not included.

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Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Chinese New Year: With Fireworks, Dragons, and Lanterns

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Chinese New Year:

Children have never had so many reasons to learn how Chinese people everywhere ring in the new and ring out the old. As China takes its new place on the global stage, understanding Chinese culture and values becomes ever more essential to our next generation.For two joyous weeks red is all around. The color represents luck and happiness. Children receive money wrapped in red paper, and friends and loved ones exchange poems written on red paper. The Chinese New Year is also an opportunity to remember ancestors, and to wish peace and happiness to friends and family. The holiday ends with the Festival of Lanterns, as many large communities stage the famous Dragon Dance. Fireworks, parades, lanterns, presents, and feasts: these are some of the joys experienced by all who observe Chinese New Year.Celebrate Chinese New Year is the latest, timely addition to National Geographic’s popular Holidays Around the World series. With 25 colorful images and a simple, educational text, the book is a lively invitation to revel in this child-friendly, national and international holiday. Carolyn Otto brings the historical and cultural aspects of the Chinese New Year into focus, and young readers experience the full flavor of an event celebrated by over a billion people in China, and countless othe...

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How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times

How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast

America's most influential writing teacher offers an engaging and practical guide to effective short-form writing.In HOW TO WRITE SHORT, Roy Peter Clark turns his attention to the art of painting a thousand pictures with just a few words. Short forms of writing have always existed-from ship logs and telegrams to prayers and haikus. But in this ever-changing Internet age, short-form writing has become an essential skill. Clark covers how to write effective and powerful titles, headlines, essays, sales pitches, Tweets, letters, and even self-descriptions for online dating services. With examples from the long tradition of short-form writing in Western culture, HOW TO WRITE SHORT guides writers to crafting brilliant prose, even in 140 characters.

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No Matter the Wreckage

No Matter the

Following the success of her breakout poem, Sarah Kay releases her debut collection of poetry featuring work from the first decade of her career. No Matter the Wreckage presents readers with new and beloved work that showcases Kay's knack for celebrating family, love, travel, history, and unlikely love affairs between inanimate objects ("Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tire"), among other curious topics. Both fresh and wise, Kay's poetry allows readers to join in on her journey of discovering herself and the world around her. It's an honest and powerful collection.


I Am Fortunate To Have You: Kawaii Fortune Cookie Notebook

I Am Fortunate To Have You: Kawaii Fortune

This cute, kawaii-styled ''I Am Fortunate To Have You'' notebook would make a great gift idea for a partner, friend or loved one.. It could be bought for a number of occasions such as a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's, Christmas or thank you gift. The notebook is 6'' x 9'' in size with a matte finish front cover and contains 108 pages of lined paper for adaptable use at work or home. Just a few ideas for how the notebook could be used would include:To-do listsPhoto bookAppointment remindersCreative writingShopping listsStoring info e.g. passwordsPersonal daily journalWe would like to extend our thanks to you for your interest in the notebook and hope you are happy with it.

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Gifts from the Kitchen: 100 irresistible homemade presents for every occasion

Gifts from the Kitchen: 100 irresistible homemade presents

Accompanied by creative packaging ideas and with a huge variety of recipes and ideas for every season and occasion - from candied almonds and Chinese fortune cookies to slow-roasted tomatoes and macaroons - there is sure to be something for everyone in this book, whether you want to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, or just say thank you.What could be more wonderful than receiving a box of homemade cookies, a tray of gooey brownies, or a bottle of fresh strawberry cordial? With the current trend for all things thrifty and creative, now is the perfect time to explore the tradition of making and giving something homemade.Accompanied by creative packaging ideas and with a huge variety of recipes and ideas for every season and occasion - from madeleines and Chinese fortune cookies to slow-roasted tomatoes and macaroons - there is sure to be something for everyone here, whether you want to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, the arrival of a new baby, welcome someone into their new home or just say thank you.

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The Boardwalk Bunch of Dolls (The Fortune Cookie Doll Factory)

The Boardwalk Bunch of Dolls (The Fortune Cookie

The toy store owner on the Boardwalk is angry. It seems the dolls don't want to leave. They are having too much fun. Baby Terri from the Doll Factory goes to see what the problem is, but then a hurricane sweeps in the Boardwalk area threatening the summer fun. This is the third book in the Fortune Cookie Doll Factory Series. New Characters include Tunafish, Pretzel, Jenny and Funnelcake and Baby Terri of the Fortune Cookie Doll Factory.

  • ASIN: B00PVA3D62

Fortune Cookie Journal: 150 page lined notebook/diary

Fortune Cookie Journal: 150 page lined

A life worth living is worth recording, and what better place than this journal? These lined pages crave your scribbled notes, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and notions. Fill the lines, remember your life, don't lose your ideas, and keep reaching higher to live the best life you can. It all starts here, folks, but you'll need your own pen or pencil. Write on!

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Fortune Cookie Fiasco (Krystal Ball)

Fortune Cookie Fiasco (Krystal

It's the annual school bake-off, and Krystal Ball is making fortune cookies, of course! Will the cookies lead to a sweet victory, or will the competition leave Krystal sour? Find out in this adventure of Krystal Ball, fourth-grade fortune-teller.

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The Simple Cookie Recipe Cookbook: Super-Simple Cookie Recipes for Quick and Easy Sweet Treats - Channel Your Inner Baker and Perfect the Art of Cookie Making!

The Simple Cookie Recipe Cookbook: Super-Simple Cookie Recipes

If you have a sweet tooth and not a whole lot of time, then this is the book for you! I understand all too well the struggle of wanting to be a domestic whizz in the kitchen, but not having the time or expertise to re-create some of those decadent recipes that we see in the classic baking books. Well, have no fear, because here are 30 super-simple, quick and easy cookie recipes for all manner of sweet treats. ==> Buy this book today and get a big bonus cookbook collection inside!!!

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Easy Cookie Recipes: Delicious and Easy Cookies Recipes to Make at Home for Your Family Members!

Easy Cookie Recipes: Delicious and Easy Cookies Recipes

Are you tired of bakery cookies and want to make something healthy for you? There is no need to worry because you can make delicious and healthy cookies at home with the help of Easy Cookie Recipes. This book is designed with 25 delicious recipes so that you can make different cookies as per the preferences of your family. You will learn how to make your own cookies at home. These recipes will help you to make gifts for the special day of your friends and family members. If you have any questions about preparation of cookies, download:Easy Cookie Recipes: Delicious and Cookies Easy Recipes to Make at Home for Your Family Members!This book can answer all your questions and enable you to make crispy and healthy cookies. All recipes are given with complete details, images and step by step instructions. This book offers:· Delicious Bar Cookies· Chocolate Chip Cookies· Delicious Fruit Cookies· Amazing Drop Cookies· Special Cut-out Cookie and FrostingsGrab this cookbook and learn how to make delicious and healthy cookies for your family members.Let's Get Cooking! Scroll Back Up and Grab Your Copy Today!Click the Download with 1-Click Button at the top right of the screen or "Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited" now!Then, you can immediately begin reading Easy Cookie Recipes: Delicious...

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Fortune Cookie Note Cards

Fortune Cookie Note

Each of our vibrant Fortune Cookie note cards features two detachable fortunes, one a classic bit of Chinese restaurant wisdom, the other a slightly more subversive version. Choose one to insert into the die-cut cookie before sending to a very fortunate friend.16 cards, 4 designs, with 17 envelopes, 4 3/8 x 5 7/8 inches

  • ASIN: 0307352315

Fantastic Fortune Cookie Kit

Fantastic Fortune Cookie

This new discovery kit teaches kids how to make their own fortune cookies! An instruction book includes a fun history of fortune cookies plus step-by-step cookie recipes. Kit comes with three fortune-cookie molds, plus 64 pre-made fortunes and misfortunes!

  • ASIN: 0816769923
  • UPC: 051487069929
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Step by step photos here - - Get ready for Chinese New Year, with these super cute and easy to make Paper Fortune Cookies. They are simple and fun to make and you can fill them with any sort of message. We have some traditional quotes for you download on the blog, or alterna...

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How to fold an origami fortune cookie WITHOUT GLUE! Free template here:

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Paper FORTUNE COOKIES Very Easy Paper Crafts How to Make paper Chinese fortune cookies you will need White paper Thicker colorful paper Scissors Hot glue Pen

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