Mousse of Duck Foie Gras with 2% Truffle by Rougie (11.28 ounce)

Mousse of Duck Foie Gras with 2% Truffle

This delicious mousse from Rougie is made of duck foie gras, duck fat with Armagnac and Port and 2% truffle. To serve this mousse, warm-up the blade of knife with hot water. Cut the foie gras into 1/3-inch slices. Add fleur de sel and ground pepper to taste or even a confit of onions, fig jam or balsamic glaze. Serve chilled but not ice cold. Serve with French bread or brioche, but do not spread or mash on the bread to fully enjoy the rich texture and taste. Serve with late harvest ice wine, port, or sauternes. Ideal for a party of 6 to 8. Refrigerate after opening.Product of Canada.

  • Brand: Rougie

Rougie France (Round Tin) Mousse Of Fully-cooked Liver Foie Gras, 11.2000-Ounce Cans

Rougie France (Round Tin) Mousse Of Fully-cooked Liver

Mousse of Goose Liver Fully-cooked - ready to eat conserved - 11.2 oz/320 gr by Rougie.

  • Brand: Rougie
  • ASIN: B0031EUZTI
  • UPC: 079343168456

Himalayan Pink Salt Grass-Fed Ghee Butter by 4th & Heart, 9 Ounce, Pasture Raised, Non-GMO, Lactose Free, Certified Paleo, Keto-Friendly

Himalayan Pink Salt Grass-Fed Ghee Butter by 4th

Fourth and Heart's grass-fed ghee is very lightly salted and gently whipped to add flavor to just about anything. Ghee is a type of clarified butter that is heated, reduced & triple-filtered out and what you’re left with is the pure healthy fat, which is lactose free & dairy free, good for digestion and metabolism. It is an iconic ingredient and food staple with a history as rich as its taste. It originates in India and is used extensively in cooking and to promote health. Ghee alone is an excellent alternative to butter for those who are lactose intolerant and who want the taste of butter, without the disadvantages of processed margarines. Unlike other oils it is rich in butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid that is great for your overall health and digestion. Ghee’s buttery taste and high smoke point (485 degrees) makes it an excellent addition to your everyday cooking oils, is extremely easy to cook with and delicious simply spread on a piece of toast. Fourth & Heart grass-fed ghee uses the highest quality grass-fed butter sourced from a cooperative of farms in New Zealand. Grass is naturally high in Vitamin A, D, E, K and CLA. When the cow’s milk is rich with these vitamins it goes directly to the butter and therefor the ghee. Replace your everyday butter & oil with 1...

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: 4th & Heart
  • UPC: 861555000125

Fresh Duck Foie Gras - Sliced, Flash-frozen - 2 Pieces

Fresh Duck Foie Gras - Sliced, Flash-frozen -

Express your feelings to dear person: tell how you love him during a romantic candlelit dinner with gourmet Foie Gras. Tender vivid taste of Moulard duck liver perfectly accentuates the uniqueness of the moment and helps to create an atmosphere of luxury and joy. Concisely as love: Rougie presents Duck Foie Gras in a special premium package of 2 pieces. Only highest quality lobes of duck liver with a minimum amount of membranes, vessels and fat are selected for further processing and flash-freezing in a vacuum environment. The innovative technology allows to obtain a product fully retained its original taste and flavor after thawing. Ordering a perfect pair from Rougie, you will get two smooth portioned foie escallops, easy to prepare. It is enough to unfreeze the delicacy and sear it until cooked. You can also cook it frozen: brown the slices on both sides in a frying pan before baking in the oven. Do not forget that the best companion of Foie Gras is deservedly considered chilled White Dessert Wine. Pay only 7 minutes for cooking treats and let nothing distract you from the precious communication!

  • Brand: Gourmet Food World
  • ASIN: B00QKVV84U
  • UPC: 079343005652

Rougie Foie Gras with Truffles Fully Cooked, 3.17 oz

Rougie Foie Gras with Truffles Fully Cooked, 3.17

Duck foie gras with truffles by Rougie, 3.17oz. Description: duck foie gras with truffles by Rougie, shelf-stable, 3.17oz./90gr. This recipe with duck foie gras is a great ready-to-serve preparation. In a small format, plain or without truffles, this product is ideal for serving on toasts or as a center-of-the-plate appetizer. Ingredients: duck foie gras, water, truffles, Armagnac (Armagnac, salt, pepper), salt, sugar, sodium erythorbate, white pepper, sodium nitrite and gelatin. Allergens: free. Serving Rougie foie gras: refrigerate before serving. Open both ends with a can opener and push on one end to remove content from tin. Cut into ¼inch slices and serve cold.

  • Brand: Rougie
  • ASIN: B018OEBX54
  • UPC: 079343006048

Whole Lobe of Fresh Duck Foie Gras - Deveined - Flash Frozen- Grade A

Whole Lobe of Fresh Duck Foie Gras -

From Rougie, one of the world's most renowned foie gras manufacturers comes this luxurious whole lobe of duck foie gras. No veins means that you can just get on to cooking with this smooth and flawless liver. Once you receive this product, pop it in the freezer or defrost in the fridge (one defrosted do not refreeze). sink full of cold water, leaving the water open. It will take about 2 hours to be fully thawed. Use as fresh. Once thawed, use within 2 days. Do not refreeze.

  • Brand: Rougie

Foie Gras, Flash Frozen, Sliced, 10 Individually Packaged, 2 oz Per Slice

Foie Gras, Flash Frozen, Sliced, 10 Individually Packaged,

Pre-sliced and individually packed for easy use and preperation.

  • Brand: La Belle Farm

Hudson Valley Foie Gras Grade A, fresh, raw, 1.5 to 1.7 lb

Hudson Valley Foie Gras Grade A, fresh, raw,

The ultimate in foie gras perfection! Hudson Valley's corn fed Moulard ducks produce large, silky foie gras. Weight of product will not be less than 1.5 lbs and may be up to 15% larger. Ideal for roasting, braising, searing or preparing terrines. Poach it whole and serve sliced with braised fennel and cracked black pepper caramel sauce.

  • Brand: Mirepoix USA
  • ASIN: B004XE0EHI

Marky's Caviar Duck Foie Gras Terrine - 1.1 lbs. - Duck Liver Pate Foie Gras

Marky's Caviar Duck Foie Gras Terrine - 1.1

Marky’s Caviar Duck Foie Gras Terrine – 1.1 lbs. – Duck Liver Pate Foie GrasNoble, gentle and exquisite Foie Gras undoubtedly intended for exceptional cases. This delicacy has many vivid ways of preparation and serving. The traditional and most popular form is Terrine of Duck Foie Gras by Marky's Caviar.Whole pieces of duck liver with plum notes of Armagnac and fragrant pepper formed into an elegant bloc are a delicacy out of competition. Serve it traditionally as gourmet cold snacks with crispy fresh bread in combination with an exquisite bouquet of sweet cold wine.This dish is perfectly suited for a snack during polite conversation and as a starter for a dinner party. Terrine of Duck Foie Gras is a royal France delicacy, dish it up to guests as whole slices but not spread. According to your wishes garnish it with sweet berry or spicy herbal sauce and enjoy.

  • Brand: Marky's Caviar
  • ASIN: B07NJ7BC26
  • UPC: 709932070074

French-Style Torchon of Foie Gras with Black Truffles, 1.3 lb

French-Style Torchon of Foie Gras with Black Truffles,

Made with creamy foie gras and 3.5% chopped real Perigord black truffles, integrated into the foie gras torchon style. This French-style product has the perfect mild seasoning of sauternes wine and sea salt. Hudson Valley is the only USDA certified cage-free foie gras farm in the United States. These ducks produce a large and buttery foie gras which pairs wonderfully with earthy pungent black truffles. Slice the torchon straight out of the refrigerator and serve on fancy crackers, fresh French baguette, or toasted baguette or brioche bread. 1.3 pound size is large enough to serve 20 people as an appetizer course or up to 50 at a cocktail party. Unopened, the foie gras torchon lasts at least 30 days. Once opened, consume within 7 days for best flavor, or seal with a vacuum seal device to reduce oxidation and prolong refrigerated shelf life beyond 7 days.

  • ASIN: B01MS2QB54
  • UPC: 721867502970
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