Wagner's 62034 Greatest Variety Blend, 6-Pound Bag

Wagner's 62034 Greatest Variety Blend, 6-Pound

Wagner's Greatest Variety is our ultimate food for the greatest variety of birds. Just like people, different birds have different food preferences which is why we have included the greatest variety of bird food ingredients in this product. With these 11 carefully selected bird food ingredients, we guarantee that Wagner’s Greatest Variety will attract all your favorite songbirds to your feeder. The black oil sunflower, striped sunflower and sunflower chips, which together represent over 40% of the blend are the top food choice for the greatest number of wild bird species. By offering sunflower seeds in different sizes, both hulled and unhulled, birds of various sizes can find their favorite food. White millet, red millet, cracked corn, and red milo will attract a variety of ground feeders such as Tree Sparrows, Song Sparrows, House Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos, and Mourning Doves to your backyard. Nyjer, peanut kernels, canary seed and safflower, will attract specific species of preferred birds ranging from Cardinals, Chickadees and Titmice to Jays, Finches and Woodpeckers. Trust your backyard birds to the experts at Wagner’s.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Wagner's
  • ASIN: B000KL6T18
  • UPC: 070805620345

Wagner's 52004 Classic Wild Bird Food, 20-Pound Bag

Wagner's 52004 Classic Wild Bird Food, 20-Pound

Wagner's Classic Wild Bird Food is blended for year round feeding and is formulated to attract a wide variety of birds.  This blend of sunflower seed, millet, cracked corn, and milo will attract your favorite birds year round - in the winter when natural seeds are scarce, spring and summer for hatchlings, and autumn to give energy to the migrating birds. Wagner’s Classic Wild Bird Food is a great value and you are sure to keep them coming to your backyard for more. Trust your backyard birds to the experts at Wagner’s. The product Expiry date will be printed on the product in mmddyyyy format.

  • Brand: Wagner's
  • ASIN: B004477AO4
  • UPC: 827165710052

Perky-Pet Window Mounted 14-Ounce Glass Hummingbird Feeder - 455-3

Perky-Pet Window Mounted 14-Ounce Glass Hummingbird Feeder -

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Perky-Pet
  • ASIN: B00004ZAW4
  • UPC: 077625455065

Best Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups & Seed Tray, Outdoor Birdfeeders for Wild Birds, Finch, Cardinal, Bluebird, Large Outside Hanging Birdhouse Kits, Drain Holes + 3 Extra Suction Cups

Best Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups

Bring nature to your own window and see details of your favorite bird species that you've never been able to see before! This large see-through bird feeder mounts on your window so that you can watch your favorite neighborhood birds up close! Secures to a clean window with three extra strong suction cups that hold their suction even in extreme weather. New design now includes a removable tray so there is no need to remove the whole feeder from the window to clean and refill. Both the removable tray and main feeder now have drain holes so the seed can dry in the event of rain or snow. You can be proud to give this bird feeder as a gift. The unique artwork on the box this feeder comes in will instantly impress your friends and family. Install and cleaning instructions are also located on the back of the box for the recipient's convenience.

  • Color: window bird feeder promo save bogos
  • Brand: Nature's Hangout
  • ASIN: B00YSU3WG2
  • UPC: 712324582345

Audubon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird and Critter Food, 15-Pounds

Audubon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird and

Audubon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird and Critter Food, 15-Pounds. At Audubon Park, we love birds and care for them like no one else. Our family has been making the safest, highest quality food for backyard wildlife since 1982. We make it easy for you to attract and feed the birds you love. You can count on Audubon Park for safe, natural and nutritious wild bird and critter food that keeps backyard wildlife coming back for more.

  • Brand: Audubon Park
  • ASIN: B006GK4P0Y
  • UPC: 070187841963

Shafer Seed 50 lb Safflower Seed Wild Bird Food

Shafer Seed 50 lb Safflower Seed Wild Bird

Shafer Seed's 50 LB Safflower is perfect alternative to feed your favorite wild birds. Safflower seed is loved by colorful songbirds such as Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice and Grossbeaks. Use straight Safflower or mix with other seeds to experience a wider variety of birds to your feeders. Enjoy your "feathered friends" with Shafer Safflower Seeds.

  • Color: -
  • Brand: Shafer Seed
  • ASIN: B000I1O7QO
  • UPC: 070805840798

College Flags and Banners Co. Nebraska Cornhuskers Fight Song Garden Flag

College Flags and Banners Co. Nebraska Cornhuskers Fight

Perfect for your garden or home entrance is our Nebraska Cornhuskers No Place Like Nebraska Song Garden Flag! This double sided NCAA Garden Flag measures a large 13" x 18", has a Double Stitched border, a 1 inch top sleeve, and is made of 2 ply Polyester so the logos are Viewable and Readable Correctly on Both Sides. The Screen Printed Nebraska Huskers logos are Officially Licensed and Approved by the NCAA and University of Nebraska. (Flag Only, Garden Stand and Accessories Sold Separately)

  • Color: red
  • Brand: College Flags and Banners Co.
  • ASIN: B07G8YF5XZ
  • UPC: 848267071957

NAVAdeal Silver Reflective Mylar Film- 82 x 47 Inch Set of 2- Garden Greenhouse Covering Foil Sheets, Highly Reflective, Effectively Increase Plants Growth, 100% Environmentally Safe

NAVAdeal Silver Reflective Mylar Film- 82 x 47

Has your garden begun to stall? Have your once vibrantly colored flowers began to grow dull? The answer to these problems can be found in our NAVAdeal Silver Reflective Mylar Film. Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than aluminum, our product is made of high-quality VMPET and both sides are metallized for optimum reflectivity. Our film is also PET coated to resist corrosion and wear. Our product is used in indoor gardens to reflect the light back to the plants and to increase the growth of the plants without adding extra lighting. Additionally, the film reduces 'hot spots' by spreading the light evenly. This is important because the plants that are not directly under the light will now get an even distribution of light. More than 95% of the light particles are reflected by our film. The film is incredibly strong, tearproof and easy to use and can be taped or tacked directly to a flat surface or wall. How to adhere the film to the wall? Easily use any tape or 3m adhesive spray to adhere the mylar film to the wall. PACKAGE includes: 2 Sheets in a gift package. Each sheet dimensions: 82" x 47"

  • Color: silver
  • Brand: NAVADEAL
  • UPC: 519094156314

Large Premium Window Bird Feeder, Sliding Drawer Seed/Water Tray With Drain Holes & Rubber Covered METAL Perch. Includes All Weather Suction Cups For Easy Install. LIFE TIME WARRANTY. IN GIFT BOX

Large Premium Window Bird Feeder, Sliding Drawer Seed/Water

TURN YOUR WINDOW INTO LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! Like to watch birds but can't get close enough? - Only watched birds through binoculars? - Want to learn about birds and see their feathers up close? - Looking for healthy entertainment for your kids(or cats)? AvianBay's Premium Window Bird Feeder is what you're looking for! Designed to allow you to see wild birds up close from the warmth & comfort of your home, providing your family wild entertainment! It's exciting to see wild birds closer than most people have ever seen them! Kids and adults alike will enjoy watching wild song birds eating and drinking, sometimes they even jump off the perch right into the seed! You can offer a variety of seeds to attract different species as well as water or juice. Attaches quickly with 3 powerful, storm-proof, removable, slide-on suction cups allowing you to periodically remove the entire unit from the window quickly and easily without removing the suction cups themselves and then put it right back onto the suction cups making it easy to clean your window and the feeder. Premium Quality And Features Make It The Best Value - Round Perch -adds strength and Birds LOVE IT! - Made of scratch resistant Acrylic and guaranteed not to yellow in the sun. - Drawer style, 3 compartment tray with drains to keep ...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: AvianBay
  • ASIN: B01KD09N72

Woodstock Chimes PCCB Pachelbel Cannon Chime, Bronze

Woodstock Chimes PCCB Pachelbel Cannon Chime,

Recalls the soft melody of Johann Pachelbel's celebrated Canon in D . Your wind chime is tuned to the beloved sounds of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D . A prolific composer and an accomplished organist, Pachelbel wrote for the organ, harpsichord and voice his Canon in D is one of his few chamber works known today. With its graceful melody and stately tempo, it is a popular choice as a wedding processional, for within its measures we hear the sounds of hope, joy, love and promise. The clever design incorporates 4 small rods that harmonize beautifully with the 6 chime tubes. This windchime is the perfect gift for virtually any occasion. In 1979, Grammy Award-winning musician and instrument designer Garry Kvistad created the first Woodstock Chime from an aluminum lawn chair he found in a landfill. Fascinated by the Scale of Olympos, a 7th century pentatonic scale that can’t be played on a modern piano, Garry cut and tuned the lawn chair tubes to the exact frequency of the ancient scale. The resulting Chimes of Olympos was the first Woodstock Chime and is still one of our best selling, musically-tuned windchimes. Garry and his wife Diane still develop the chimes today as part of their family-owned business in New York’s Hudson Valley. Woodstock Chimes - The World's Favorite Windch...

  • Color: Bronze
  • Brand: Woodstock Chimes
  • ASIN: B003XLASY6
  • UPC: 028375204311

Lyric 2647445 Sunflower Kernels - 5 lb.

Lyric 2647445 Sunflower Kernels - 5

Lyric Sunflower Kernels are a good source of fat and protein for buntings, grosbeaks, flickers, redpolls, towhees, finches, nuthatches, titmice, chickadees, woodpeckers and cardinals. Contains no shells and only the highest quality ingredients, so you don't have the dust or the mess, and kernels are all 100% edible. Can be used alone or combined with any other bird seed mixes as most birds enjoy sunflower kernels. You will attract more birds, and you'll keep them coming back!

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Lyric
  • UPC: 604945375850

Lyric 2647413 Fruit & Nut High Energy Wild Bird Mix - 5 lb.

Lyric 2647413 Fruit & Nut High Energy Wild

Lyric Fruit and Nut Wild Bird Food contains no fillers and provides high energy. Attracts chickadees, robins, orioles, Blue Jays, titmice, buntings, cardinals, grosbeaks, towhees, nuthatches and Cedar Waxwings. Contains nuts, roasted and shelled peanuts, valencia peanuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, pistachios, cranberries, raisins, sunflower kernels, shelled pumpkin seeds, crimped corn.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Lyric
  • ASIN: B002VDV84G
  • UPC: 088685473432

Ashman Window Home Shape Bird Feeder, Refillable Sliding Tray - Weather Proof - Snow and Squirrel Resistant - Drains Rain Water - Enjoy Songbirds from Comfort of Your Home!

Ashman Window Home Shape Bird Feeder, Refillable Sliding

Enjoy Nature From the Comfort of Your Home! With this Classic Tube Feeder - Feed and watch wild birds in your own backyard! - Ashman Home shape Feeder is great for attracting smaller birds like finches, chickadees, titmice, sparrows and more! - A great gift idea for parents, nature lovers and children. - Maintaining the feeder by ensuring it is well stocked becomes an enjoyable activity that's great for keeping elderly busy or teaching young ones responsibility. - The feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes from feeding hungry animals is priceless. Ashman Quality - Premium grade hard plastic will keep your seeds safe and secure. - Four well-spaced feeding ports allows for multiple birds to feed simultaneously. - Enclosed seed housing keeps seeds fresh and dry preventing moldy buildup which is harmful for birds. - Clear housing lets you see when it's time to refill seeds. Simply raise up the top lid to refill. - Designed by the brightest minds, utilizing only the highest quality materials and expert manufacturing methodologies, Ashman offers premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care. "No Worries" Guarantee If you'd like your money back within 30 days of your purchase, no worries. Just as...

  • Color: Home Shaped Window Feeder
  • Brand: AshmanOnline

Amia Oval Suncatcher with Songbird and Cardinal Design, Hand Painted Glass, 6-1/2-Inch by 9-Inch

Amia Oval Suncatcher with Songbird and Cardinal Design,

Amia glass is a top selling line of handpainted glass decor. Known for tying in rich colors and excellent designs, Amia has a full line of handpainted glass pieces to satisfy your decor needs. Items in the line range from suncatchers, window decor panels, vases, votives and much more.

  • Brand: Amia
  • ASIN: B004QQE776
  • UPC: 682591083473

3-Hole Coco Bird Hut - Perfect for Hiding Millet and Nesting Material - Birdhouse Makes for Mini condo - Charming Natural Home Decor - Hang Food Dispenser in a Tree in Front Yard or Patio

3-Hole Coco Bird Hut - Perfect for Hiding

What are the Consequences if Birds Get to do No Physical Activity? In the wild, birds fly hundreds of miles per day, find their food, and indulge in several other survival-related activities which give them an intense physical workout. However, the pet bird in a cage has very limited opportunities. Hence, bird owners should do whatever they can to maximize their pets' opportunities to move around and to exercise. The Bird House by SunGrow gives them this opportunity by keeping treats inside it. It makes your birds active by providing physical exercise to them in order to get the treat. Why should you purchase the SunGrow Coco Bird Hut? Made from hand-picked, hardy coconuts, SunGrow Coco Bird Hut is the perfect addition to the bird lover's home. Even the rope that comes with it for attaching to a favorable spot, is safe for all animals and pets. If you are an avid bird watcher, this home for birds will help make your own home welcoming to all beautiful creatures. Observe them from the comfort of your home. They may even break into song just for you! Which pets the Coco Bird Hut is suitable for? Just pick a spot near a window and attach your Bird House and watch as your new winged friends drop by for a visit for treats and for resting. Smaller birds like finches, bluethroats, sparr...

  • Brand: SunGrow
  • ASIN: B01G7AQU7I
  • UPC: 791043303943

Amia Songbird Large Oval Suncatcher

Amia Songbird Large Oval

Amia handcrafted glass product is created by using advanced computerized design application that creates sophisticated colorations with detailed blending and shadings. This incredible breakthrough technology allows our designers to translate Amia world-recognized skills in beautiful hand-painted products into handcrafted products that are close, if not exact, in appearance when compared to to our original work. Items in the line range from suncatchers, window decor panels, vases, votives and much more. Entire collection available on Amazon.

  • Color: Multi-color
  • Brand: Amia
  • UPC: 682591425068

Sunnydaze Outdoor Hanging Wild Bird Feeder, Squirrel Proof Metal Wire Cage, 4 Peg, 10 Inch

Sunnydaze Outdoor Hanging Wild Bird Feeder, Squirrel Proof

- Anti-squirrel outdoor wild bird feeder- Green powder-coated steel wire cage with clear plastic feeder tube- 1 bird feeder with 4 feeding ports- Can be used with a variety of seed blends- Accomodates most smaller songbirdsA wild bird feeder just for the smaller songbirds like wrens, chickadees and finches. This wild bird feeder features a plastic tube with 4 pegs for the birds to perch on as well as a steel wire cage surrounding the tube that has enough spaces to let small birds in. The steel hanging handle on the top makes it easy to securely hang it up in any outdoor space. This feeder accommodates a variety of seeds including: smaller birdseed blends, sunflower, safflower, cracked corn, thistle, and millet.Sunnydaze Decor is a manufacturer of high-quality home and garden products. They travel the globe to find the most innovative and beautiful products for your interior and exterior living space. The goal is to provide you with products that truly calm, relax, and bring peacefulness into your life and home. Their talented designers create high end products using a manufacturing process and materials that leave you, the valued customer, with a beautiful addition to your home. They pride themselves on providing customers with a vast selection of products available in a variety ...

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Sunnydaze Decor
  • UPC: 815008025579

WIND CHIMES FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE THEIR NEIGHBORS, Soothing Melodic Tones & Solidly Constructed Bamboo/Aluminum Chime, Great as a Quality Gift or to keep for Your own Patio, Porch, Garden, or Backyard.


BEAUTIFUL OUTDOOR HOME DÉCOR ADDING THE FINISHING TOUCHES * Are you striving to enhance your backyard? * Would music be that final touch? * Are you looking for outdoor décor that will stand the test of time? INTRODUCING THE WAILUA CHIME FROM UPBLEND OUTDOORS Block out the distractions in your day with the beautiful harmony of the UpBlend Outdoors Wailua Chime. Carefully hand-tuned and tested to perfection, the Wailua chime evokes a sense of inspiration, calm, and relaxation with the rich yet soft melodies. THE SEARCH FOR EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE ✔ Rich and long lasting notes generated by each tube. ✔ Tuned in a variation on the G# major Pentatonic Scale. ✔ Sand blasted, corrosion-resistant, recycled, aluminum tubes. ✔ Unique, hexagonal shaped suspension platform, striker, and wind catcher each made from renewable bamboo. ✔ High-strength suspension cord. ✔ Perfect for almost any location. ✔ Careful representation of chime size reflected in images at top of page. Try Risk Free All products from UpBlend Outdoors are backed with a NO EXCEPTION - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Click "Add To Cart" and UpBlend your Outdoors Today!

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: UpBlend Outdoors
  • UPC: 636276883537

Large Suncatcher Rainbow Maker Clear Window Sun Catcher - Great for Feng Shui 100% Real Crystal 40mm Round

Large Suncatcher Rainbow Maker Clear Window Sun Catcher

Dazziling Sun Catcher Designed and assembled in USA by CrystalPlace. Packed complete with the Soction Cup in a box.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: CrystalPlace
  • ASIN: B00CSA906U
  • UPC: 728795212490

LE iLUX Smart LED Flood Lights, Outdoor Plug in, 10W RGB, IP65 Waterproof, Bluetooth Remote Control for iOS and Android, Color Changing with Music, Floodlights for Home, Garden, Balcony, Pack of 3

LE iLUX Smart LED Flood Lights, Outdoor Plug

iLUX Mesh APP or Remote Control: no need additional purchase for Gateway or Hub, no need complicated connections and settings. Just scan the QR code or download the App in Google Play or APP Store and connect with the lights via Bluetooth. All controls can be realized by some easy finger touches on your phone. Kindly note that the light can support Bluetooth 5.0 Android phones now. Remote Control: With the remote controller developed for LE Smart, you can easily change light colors, brightness or modes with a press of the button. The light can help to improve the atmosphere of all kinds of parties, celebrations, activities, etc. It can be widely used for offering lighting for some open areas, such as yard, garden, garage, warehouse, gateway, etc. Specifications: Input Voltage: 100-240V AC | Output Voltage: 10V DC | Output Current: 700mA | Wattage: 10W | Color Light: 16 million Beam Angle: 120 Degree | Frequency: 50/60Hz | Mercury Content: No | Life Expectancy: 50000 hrs.

  • Brand: Lighting EVER
  • ASIN: B07517WSQ5
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What is it Song | Door Window and House | Music for Children | English For Kids | super simple songs

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A super simple song What is it? from Steve about a house. Kids and rhymes songs from Steve and Maggie are funny and the music for children is very popular. Learn English with a part of a song from 'Wow! The Yellow Book.' Sing with Steve in this fun and simple clip! Lyrics for Children: What is i...

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Garden Song® Window Mounted Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Garden Song Window

Why not enjoy the sight of hummers feeding from inside of your house? The Garden Song® Window Mounted Glass Hummingbird Feeder provides you with the ability to admire tiny hummingbirds as they feast on 14 ounces of nectar from either of the two sculpted flower feeding stations. Equipped with two...


Garden Song® Window Mounted Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Garden Song Window

Shop Now: http://bit.ly/1S6aRFd Garden Song® Window Mounted Glass Hummingbird Feeder Enjoy having hummingbirds right outside your window with this Garden Song® 14 Ounce Window-Mount Glass Hummingbird Feeder. By attaching this feeder to the outside of any window, you can enjoy closer and more fr...

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