O Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask with French Green Clay 100% Natural Vegan Cleansing Face & Body Mask. Exfoliating, Absorbing Excess Oils, Reducing Acne, Promoting Circulation & Tightening Pores. 8.45 oz.

O Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask with French

O Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask made with French Green Clay has been formulated to refine and repair your skin with natural ingredients. Allowing you to experience the majesty, wonder and therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea, in the comfort of your own home. This mud mask packs the perfect combination of high-quality, natural ingredients to promote skin health and vitality: Dead Sea Mud is rich in essential minerals, offering your skin a luxurious and natural treat. With a high concentration of Calcium, Bromide, Magnesium, Zinc and more your skin will be nurtured and repaired. Dead Sea Mud will maintain moisture whilst deeply cleansing and tightening each pore, evening out skin and improving the appearance of large pores. French Green Clay is incredibly absorbent, soaking up excess oils and impurities from the surface of the skin. It is especially effective in combatting the occasional blemish or break out. While opening blocked pores, it simultaneously tightens them, leading to smoother and more refined skin. This clay also promotes circulation and tones the skin leaving your complexion with a healthy glow. Several other components have been added, each one enriching this mud mask with its own unique power: Jojoba Oil is guaranteed to add elasticity, as it protects and pampers the...

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: O Naturals
  • ASIN: B07C25ZSYG

2.2lb Illite Green Clay Super Fine Powder for Face Facial Body Mask Skin Natural Regenerator

2.2lb Illite Green Clay Super Fine Powder for

Green clay, also known as illite, is an organic material comprised of a host of essential minerals, iron oxides, and decomposed plant material such as kelp and seaweed. Illite was called green clay for centuries, named after the rock quarries in the south of France that yielded most of the world's illite deposits. Green clay is used in alternative medicine, both externally and internally, for many reasons, but mostly for cleaning and detox because of its vast absorbent properties

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: PróVida
  • ASIN: B006Y8F75A
  • UPC: 885122731786

My Konjac Sponge All Natural Fiber French Green Clay Facial Sponge

My Konjac Sponge All Natural Fiber French Green

100% Natural Luxurious Konjac Fiber Sponge ~ Chemical Free, pH Balanced, With added French Green Clay. Our French Green Clay Konjac Facial Sponge is excellent for normal to combination skin. This sponge is made from 100% pure Konjac plant root with added Natural French Green Clay, which contains micro molecules that absorb dirt, oil and bacteria while gently cleansing the pores. Your skin will feel fresh, smooth, radiant and soft. Since My Konjac Sponge is all natural, it can be used with your favorite cleanser, if desired. Link on how to use and properly care for the sponge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RSVG_1RR-o This product is Handmade in South Korea

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: My Konjac Sponge
  • UPC: 700175367112

NEW! VEDA French Green Illite Clay | 100% Pure | From Natural French Clay Deposits | 16 oz. (454 grams)

NEW! VEDA French Green Illite Clay | 100%

The best clay experience is the one most customized to your unique needs. If this is your first time with clay-based healing and repair, we recommend combining 1 heaping tbsp. VEDA French Green Clay and 1.5 - 2.0 tbsp. purified water using a non-metallic bowl and utensil and mixing to a thick paste. Use more or less clay and water as needed. Apply to the face and neck, leaving on as directed below, then remove with warm water and a clean, dark towel. NORMAL SKIN: Leave on for 10 minutes or until clay first begins to dry. OILY/COMBINATION-TYPE SKIN: Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes.

  • Brand: VEDA Health and Nutrition
  • ASIN: B07FTCTL74
  • UPC: 865421000066

Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay - 2 lb. | Deep Pore Cleansing Facial & Body Mask | The Original 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay - New! Version 2

Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay - 2

How Aztec secret works Indian healing clay clays have been used for centuries to beautify and refresh when used as a facial mask.

  • Brand: Aztec Secret
  • ASIN: B00N528HIC
  • UPC: 850003572130

Cattier Super Fine Green Clay 1Kg

Cattier Super Fine Green Clay

Cattier Super Fine Green Clay 1Kg

  • Brand: Cattier
  • ASIN: B004YZP1TW
  • UPC: 730158567802

Bentonite (Indian Healing), Moroccan (Red), French (Green), Kaolin (White), Activated Charcoal/Bentonite Clay Powders - 5 multi pak/set for making mud masks for skin, hair, face/facial and body

Bentonite (Indian Healing), Moroccan (Red), French (Green), Kaolin

Save time and moneyOne face mask treatment at a spa could be $60! Each 8 oz clay pouch can make over 40 face masks (follow directions on package)! Use any of the clay powders alone or blend them to make your own spa-quality mud mask/face mask treatment.Get soft, youthful clear skin with our premium clay powdersConsistent use of clay face masks even out skin complexion, purifies and brightens skin, and fights acne. Mud masks also firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Slight redness is normal after use as the mask increase blood flow to the face. Discontinue use if redness or irritation persists.These clay powders are 100% pure, no additives, no colors, and no preservatives.Bentonite Clay is super rich in organically assimilated minerals and trace elements. It has a very strong absorbing capability that helps to clean and detoxify the skin which helps to shrink pores and erase fine wrinkles.French Green Clay is a powerhouse. It has an extraordinary mineral content, including but not limited to calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, silicon, selenium, iron, copper, and cobalt. It will help draw out impurities from the pores and remove debris from under the skin, decrease pore size and improve skin tone.Rhassoul/Ghassoul (Red) Clay is an excellent moisturizing a...

  • Brand: Bare Essentials Living

Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder | Food Grade Clay For Internal and External Use | 1 lb (16 oz) | Pharmaceutical Grade Montmorillonite | Detox and Healing | Colon Cleans | by Earth's Natural Clay

Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder | Food Grade Clay

16 Oz. Calcium Bentonite Clay. Calcium Bentonite Clay is An Amazing Gift From Nature. This clay was created millions of years ago in the Mojave Desert in our home state of California. It is quite simply volcanic ash that blanketed the area during periods of volcanic eruptions. The ash was covered by successive lava flows, resulting in today’s subsurface mines of what is known as calcium clay. It has been protected from leaching and exposure to the environment. In addition, this particular clay deposit was sealed away and isolated from the natural elements by a cap of zeolite minerals for forty-three million years. As a result, its absorptive properties have NOT been compromised by air or ground water contaminants. Calcium Bentonite clay is a compound of trace minerals in their original, natural form. The clay has a powerful negative ionic charge, which makes it a powerful detoxifier. This highly charged, all natural calcium clay has a drawing power of 32 times its molecular weight. It’s extremely strong absorptive and absorptive properties make it ideal for use in deep cleansing of the skin and hair. It is milled to a 325 screen mesh to provide a smooth, creamy, less gritty texture. This clay has a 9.7pH and has Montmorillonite properties from the smectite family of clays....

  • Brand: Earth's Living
  • UPC: 857037003197

O Naturals 3Pc Acne Treatment Deep-Cleansing Bar Soap. For Oily Face, Scalp, Hair & Body. Dead Sea Mud & Green Clay Pore Cleanser, Eczema Psoriasis Blackhead Skin Detox Exfoliating Dead Skin Cells 4Oz

O Naturals 3Pc Acne Treatment Deep-Cleansing Bar Soap.

Is your skin looking tired and dull? If so, look no further than O Naturals Green Clay & Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar. This vegan, 3-piece French triple milled soap bar set was designed with French Green Clay and Dead Sea Mud to deeply exfoliate and detoxify your skin. Pamper your skin with an at-home rejuvenating detox. French Green Clay is the ultimate skin detox. Its porous structure will attract and absorb impurities from the skin surface, leaving you with clean and purified pores. People who suffer from acne and breakouts will benefits from Green Clay's ability to exfoliate and scrub away dead skin cells whilst deep cleaning each pore and ridding the skin of excess oils and dirt. Green Clay also promotes circulation and tones the skin, leaving it looking vibrant and bright. Dead Sea Mud will give you the ultimate exfoliating experience. It's able to remove dead skin cells from the surface, leaving your skin feeling new. It does this with a plethora of essential minerals. These minerals nurture and repair your skin. Dead Sea Mud is gentle enough to maintain your skin's natural moisture while deeply cleansing and tightening each pore, evening out your skin tone. With the detoxifying, exfoliating and rejuvenating combination of Green Clay and Dead Sea Mud, your skin will feel renew...

  • Brand: O Naturals

VEGAN Dead Sea Mud Mask with Superfoods - Marine Clay Face Mask - Blackhead Remover - Cleanse and Detoxify the Skin - Clay Mask for Face - Natural Face Mask - Face Mask for Acne

VEGAN Dead Sea Mud Mask with Superfoods -

RECOVER, REPLENISH AND RESTORE YOUR SKIN! Most women will know first-hand how the stresses of modern day living, combined with today's harsh environmental factors can wreak havoc with their skin. So TODAY why not take action, and begin counteracting these ill-effects before it's too late. Pure Marine Clays combined with our powerful Superfood mix, deliver age defying antioxidants, phytonutrients, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. CLEANSE, TIGHTEN AND TONE: Superfood mud mask for face is formulated to cleanse & tighten skin with highly absorbent green clay to help remove unsightly impurities for a noticeable difference. All in one simple rinse-off clay mask. REAL INGREDIENT MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Plantfique products are special both for what is in them and what's not. They're formulated with high performance ingredients Aqua, Maris Limus, Sea Salt, Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract, Avocado Extract, Brassica Oleracea (Kale) Leaf Extract, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, and Spirulina. KEY BENEFITS: Restore: Reduce free radical damage and slows the ageing Brighten: Revitalizes dull, tired Skin and lightens dark spots Refine: Reduce oil and minimizes the appearances of pores Moisturize and stimulate circulation: Increase blood flow to your skin cells to help you achieve na...

  • Color: Pas8
  • Brand: Plantifique
  • ASIN: B00DCE26AI
  • UPC: 796168443185

French Green Clay Powder, 3 oz - 100% Pure & Natural by GreenHealth

French Green Clay Powder, 3 oz - 100%

Description: French Green Clay comes from the sedimentation of Silico-aluminum, its coloring the result of the oxides contained in these rocks. Its unique composition includes Iron, Silica, Aluminum, Magnesium, Calcium, Titanium, Sodium and Potassium. French Green Clay is prepared for the commercial market by a process of sun-drying and crushing. After the clay has been mined, it is spread in the sun to remove excess water. It is then ground by large hydraulic crushers and micronized, or finely pulverized. The last stage in the process is a final period of sun-drying to remove the last traces of water. Appearance: Light green colored powder. Benefits: French Green Clay absorbs and removes impurities from the skin, stimulating blood flow to create healthy and glowing skin. When prepared as a mask, the clay dries on the skin causing pores to tighten and the skin to feel firm, toned and refreshed. French Green Clay can be used as a ready-to-use pastes to alleviate cuts, bruises, insect bites, stings, and minor burns; and mineral baths for stress relief. It is suitable for all skin types. Application: French Green Clay can be used in detoxifying body wraps, soap making, face masks, mineral based or cream based cleansers, face or body scrubs, cosmetics and facial powders. Caution: Cau...

  • Brand: GreenHealth
  • UPC: 616320120733

NOW Solutions, European Clay Powder, Pure Powder for a Detox Facial Cleansing Mask, 6-Ounce

NOW Solutions, European Clay Powder, Pure Powder for

European clay powder is a natural mineral silicate that can be combined with water to create a natural, skin-toning clay mask. Ideal for most skin types, European clay powder helps draw out impurities and unwanted debris from the skin, making pores less noticeable and improving overall skin tone.

  • Brand: NOW Foods
  • ASIN: B0014UCJPO
  • UPC: 733739081506

French Green Clay Face Mask Powder - Organic from France - 100% Pure Facial treatment for Acne, Oily skin, Eczema, Psoriasis Spa Grade Natural Mud Hair Mask Made In England

French Green Clay Face Mask Powder - Organic

Harnessing the active properties of Green Clay to soak up excess oil, dirt and impurities from the skin, this powerful cleansing mask energises the skin and stimulates cell regeneration, leaving you with a glowing, balanced complexion.

  • Brand: Laila London Ltd
  • ASIN: B078RN7T4B

Clay Sampler - 5oz (Five 1 oz packages) Soap Making Supplies. French green clay, French yellow clay,Fullers earth, Morocco red clay French red clay,

Clay Sampler - 5oz (Five 1 oz packages)

Sampler pack of five, one ounce packs of clay. Great for use in soaps. -------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- French green, Red clay (Morocco), Fullers Earth, French Red, French yellow,---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clay is a wonderful natural colorant to use when making soap. You also get the benefit of the clay in your soap.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clay is drawing and detoxifying. Clay is also a gentle exfoliant, ------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: The statements presented on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease Always consult a physician before using botanicals.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Traverse Bay Bath And Body
  • ASIN: B06XP2J646
  • UPC: 689860000568

Bentonite Clay Food Grade Powder - 2 LB Pure Natural Powder for Internal and External Use - Great For Detox,Toothpaste, In Smoothies and More - Heal Damaged Skin - DIY Clay Face Mask

Bentonite Clay Food Grade Powder - 2 LB

Best face mask beauty Indian healing clay bentonite clay aztec clay mask hair mask facial mask hair clay aztec secret detox organics bentonite clay food grade anti aging products organic face mask hair powder organic skin care white clay mask for face bentonite clay powder sodium bentonite clay calcium powder natural detox mask redmond

  • Brand: Fossil Power
  • ASIN: B01G2IFKE4
  • UPC: 703610140035

KAOLIN CLAY White Cosmetic NATURAL POWDER 1 LB Facial Mask Spot Treatments (1 -16 oz Bag)


Kaolin clay is an all-natural white, porous clay in powder form. Kaolin is a common mineral clay that is found in warm, humid regions throughout the world, including the southeastern United States. It is used in a wide variety of industries because of its fine particle size, chemical inertness and absorption properties. Kaolin clay is also known as China Clay.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Monterey Bay Spice Company
  • ASIN: B01N4KGV1C
  • UPC: 650327567993

Nearly Natural Agave Artificial Plant in Glazed Clay Pot, Green

Nearly Natural Agave Artificial Plant in Glazed Clay

Enjoy the style of the Southwest year-round with lifelike Agave succulent leaves. Oversized, real-touch leaves crown together to form the 14 inch tall faux arrangement. Pair with Aztec style throws, woven baskets and ceramic pottery for a modern desert look. Includes glazed clay pot with stone filling.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Nearly Natural
  • ASIN: B073QNPW5W
  • UPC: 840703134394

Campanelli's Cleaning Paste [One 12oz Tub] Professional Formula Multi-Surface Cleaner - Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, & Non-Fuming! NO Bleach or Solvents, NO residue, & Environmentally Safe! (1)

Campanelli's Cleaning Paste [One 12oz Tub] Professional Formula

Sometimes, you really need a little help getting that burnt-on, baked on mess off your glass stove top or oven. And how about those stains that emerge in your sink or on your Formica countertops? How do you clean up those messes without the use of harsh chemicals? Well, we have developed a revolutionary product that will do that and much more. Our NEW lemon scented Professional Formula Cleaning Paste® is a hard surface cleaning paste that cleans like those white abrasive powders (i.e. Comet, Ajax, etc.). The difference is, our Professional Formula Cleaning Paste® is non-hazardous, non-poisonous, non-toxic, non-fuming, contains no bleach or solvents, leaves no residue, is environmentally safe and meets or exceeds child safe guidelines. We have taken "Cleaning Green" to a new level. It can safely clean stubborn stains and marks from stainless steel, copper cookware, aluminum cookware, Formica, tile, chrome, linoleum, porcelain, glass, patio furniture, cement, and more. What even makes our Professional Formula Cleaning Paste® unique is that it is safe to use on virtually every surface. That's because in this exclusive formula is a natural, non-abrasive mineral that cleans and scrubs without scratching. So, when it comes to "Green" products that actually work, we have got you cove...

  • Brand: Campanelli Products
  • ASIN: B00ZZ635EC
  • UPC: 853966005219

Green Tea Matcha + Cucumber Detox Mud Mask - Natural, Organic & Vegan Face Mask - Anti-Aging, Antioxidant Defense Against Acne, Blackheads & Wrinkles for a Lush, Soft & Glowing Complexion

Green Tea Matcha + Cucumber Detox Mud Mask

🍃🥒 SEE OUR MULTI-PRODUCT DISCOUNTS! BUY 2, GET 15% OFF. BUY 3, GET 18% OFF. 🍃🥒 Regular exfoliation is key to the removal of daily toxins, grime & buildup that clog and pollute your pores. Our TEA + C Green Tea and Cucumber Detox Mud Mask for Women and Men provides luxurious exfoliation to clear away the daily toxins and grime buildup that pollute your pores. You'll love the result! A face that feels revitalized, refreshed, and reinvigorated! Our organic green tea matcha mask contains: 🌳 GREEN TEA has, BY FAR, the highest levels of antioxidants to prevent damage caused by free radicals and limit the signs of premature aging. Its potent antioxidant, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties improve skin elasticity and reduce inflammation, acne, and blemishes. 🌳 CUCUMBER is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, caffeic acid, and water-fueled hydration. It helps to tighten pores; reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and under-eye dark circles; and combat inflammation, scars, and irritated skin. 🌳 VITAMIN C boosts the immune system and fights free radicals as they attack damaged skin cells. It also improves hydration and boosts collagen levels to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, while brightening and evening skin tone. ...

  • Brand: LILY SADO
  • ASIN: B07DD5MBN4
  • UPC: 032748313463

Clay Face Mask Multi Pack | 100% Natural |Bentonite, Rhassoul, Kaolin & French Green Clay| Makes up to 25 masks | Bonus: Facial Mask Brush

Clay Face Mask Multi Pack | 100% Natural

Clay's are a 100 percent natural way to detoxify the skin, cleanse deep into your pores. Just some of the benefits of clay masks are: Best mask for Acne Fight acne and blemishes Acne scars Skin elasticity Shrink the appearance of pores Improve overall complexion Detoxify your skin Deeply cleanse your skin, makes your skin feel so smooth Promote blood circulation 100 percent NATURAL skincare. No preservatives, no chemicals, no fragrance, no additives. Get back to nature, THAT WORKS. Each of the clay all have excellent absorption capabilities but differ in mineral content, giving each clay a different benefit. The clay included in our assortment pack are: Indian Healing Clay (Bentonite Clay) French Green Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Kaolin Clay BONUS, Facial Mask Brush included When applying facial clay masks, do not use metals, use the facial mask brush to apply to your skin. Mix clay mask with equal parts water, apply to your face for approx 20 minutes (5 minutes for sensitive skin).

  • Brand: Facial Clay Masks
  • ASIN: B07K3QB13M
  • UPC: 627987138764
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