Primos Buck Roar Call

Primos Buck Roar

The Buck ROAR reproduces a deep, resonating aggressive grunt that is made by bucks during the rut. Bucks make this aggressive grunt when they are trying to get an Estrus doe to stop or to warn other bucks to get away from the hot doe they are trailing. Now you can reproduce that aggressive grunt sound bucks make when their testosterone levels are through the roof.

  • Brand: Primos Hunting
  • ASIN: B000ITA0QM
  • UPC: 022141990286

Flextone Headhunter Extractor

Flextone Headhunter

The flextone Headhunter's Extractor Deer Call imitates mature buck grunts, young buck grunts, doe grunts, doe bleats, and fawn bawls; and a snort-wheeze chamber gives hunters a chance to pull a dominate buck within range. The Extractor offers an added bonus with flextone Technology-a molded throat tube is flexible enough to offer realistic tones with added inflection by squeezing the corrugated hose to change the tone. An X-Glide button slide adjustment allows user to quickly change from buck grunts, to doe bleats and even fawn bawls. The X-Glide design also eliminates the reed from freezing by sliding the button back and forth to remove any ice build-ups. The flextone Headhunter's Extractor Deer Call is an extremely versatile tool for hard core deer hunting.

  • Color: Antler Color
  • Brand: Flextone
  • UPC: 815097004233

Knight & Hale Death Chamber Deer Grunt Call

Knight & Hale Death Chamber Deer Grunt

When you're in pursuit of the biggest Buck of your life, you need every advantage. The death chamber gives you the unmatched ability to mimic all kinds of deer in all kinds of situations using a simple lever that varies pitch. Instantly switch from fawn to doe to Buck, or go from docile to downright mean and aggressive using a special snort-wheeze chamber. The ultimate all-purpose, all-season, all-in-one deer call for serious trophy rack addicts.

  • Brand: Knight & Hale
  • ASIN: B01M0HXYY5
  • UPC: 049443947619

Flextone Buck Collector Plus Call

Flextone Buck Collector Plus

Flextone put the Whole Herd in One Call. The Buck Collector produces all known vocalizations as well as wheeze sounds through one killer deer call. Its soft and flexible body allows for easy sound manipulation and changes in tone. The soft body also allows it to fold in your pack and the deer won't spook when the call hits your gun. The True- Touch buttons allow for doe and fawn sounds if the situation calls for bleat or a fawn bawl. The Buck Collector Plus is the only call you need this season.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Flextone
  • UPC: 815097009832

Cass Creek Ergo Deer Call, Handheld Electronic Game Call, CC983, Compact Design, 5 Calls In 1, Expert Calls for Everyone

Cass Creek Ergo Deer Call, Handheld Electronic Game

The Cass Creek Ergo Deer call is the only handheld electronic call on the market and focuses entirely on functionality a hunter needs. The Ergo calls are extremely affordable, easy to operate durable and provides big sound from a compact call. Perfect for the beginner and experienced hunter, you will be calling game in like a professional with ease. As your adrenaline spikes when game enters your hunting area you won’t have to worry about fumbling around to use your call; the Ergo has your back with the ergonomic one hand use design and easy to push buttons. With the Ergo call, you can keep you’re your sight on your game and use the call. Operates on 3 standard AAA batteries (Not Included) for hours of use. The Ergo call has raised edges on the top and bottom to increase grip in the worst conditions. Comes with a 90-day electronic manufacturer’s warranty. Each of the 5 calls are the basic calls every hunter needs to bring the game in closer: Buck Grunt - The communication and mating call of a buck. Snort/Wheeze - Highly aggressive call made by a dominant buck just prior to fighting. Tending Grunt - A low volume vocalization made by an eager buck prior to mating a doe. Lost Fawn - A stressed, drawn-out call of a young deer separated from its mother. Rattling Antler - The so...

  • Color: Deer
  • Brand: Cass Creek
  • ASIN: B001V3037A
  • UPC: 890834000983

Flambeau Outdoor MD-515H Deer Call, Hyper Growl

Flambeau Outdoor MD-515H Deer Call, Hyper

The hyper Growl makes the next new step in deer call innovation by emulating the actual way that deer produce sound. The addition of a "hyper ventilator tube" to the air passage-way, simulating a deer's nasal passage or nostrils, creates the most realistic deer sounds ever recorded and a reed system that cannot be locked up with as much air flow as you can give it. The integrated system even allows the Hunter to place his hand over the end of the main air flow to create perfect snort wheezes through the hyper ventilator tube without removing air supply from the call. This deadly combination allows the Hunter to reach out and grab that monster Buck with the loudest, most realistic calling sequences ever achieved. By studying the anatomy of whitetail deer, Mad engineers incorporated the nasal/vocal equivalency of the deer in to this patent pending call. The actual nasal chamber whitetails use to create their snort and Wheeze vocalizations is assimilated, as well as deep guttural grunts and growls. Not only are the grunt and snort Wheeze components connected externally, they also internally share the same air flow. Either or both passages of the hyper growl's hyper ventilator tube (nasal cavity) can be plugged with the callers hand to add tone inflections by altering the air flow, p...

  • Brand: Flambeau
  • ASIN: B005CW4YVW
  • UPC: 071617017439

Quaker Boy Swashbuckler Deer Grunt Call

Quaker Boy Swashbuckler Deer Grunt

The swashbuckler offers the multiplicity of sound, every deer Hunter needs. The double mouth piece design is ready to grunt and snort Wheeze right out of the Gate. That's just the beginning. A quick detach of the snort Wheeze piece and you get a totally different snort Wheeze sound. Grunt and the sound is allowed to reverberate back through the open end offering yet another tone variation. Compress the silent adjust rubber tube ads inflection and personality to your calling. All this is powered by our freeze proof internal Reed system that will not freeze or stick when the critical moment arrives.

  • Brand: Quaker Boy
  • ASIN: B071VD9H6Q
  • UPC: 040191926277

Flextone Buck Rage Plus Call

Flextone Buck Rage Plus

Finally, one incredible call system to make ALL KNOWN WHITETAIL DEER VOCALIZATIONS. The flextone BUCK RAGE Plus includes the Buck Rage and Killer Wheeze. All vocalizations can be made instantly, by simply squeezing the labeled buttons on the soft flexible barrel while blowing on the Buck Rage.

  • Brand: Flextone
  • ASIN: B001CM298G
  • UPC: 815097001805

Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call System, Pink Camo

Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call System, Pink

The Extinguisher deer calling system changes from Fawn to Doe to Buck in an instant and comes with a free instructional DVD that teaches the deer language.

  • Color: Pink Camo
  • Brand: Illusion Systems
  • ASIN: B00I3KU5ZO
  • UPC: 755050147433

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls - Pro Series Wired Whitetail Call- EDPS210 - Wired Electronic Remote Whitetail Call - Up to 126 db

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls - Pro Series Wired

The Phantom Pro-Series Wired call has an ABS, all Weather Speaker 15 Watt Speaker and a 60ft Section of Wire, Detachable Belt Clip, comes with one Sound Module which contains 12 sounds. 2 Sounds can be Played at the same time.

  • Brand: Extreme Dimension Wildlife
  • ASIN: B003FYF4Y0
  • UPC: 814543002106

Knight & Hale Death Chamber(TM) Deer Grunt Call

Knight & Hale Death Chamber(TM) Deer Grunt

The Knight & Hale Death Chamber gives you the advantage when you're after the biggest buck of your life. The Death Chamber's variable pitch call produces all common deer vocalizations in one unique package. Simply shift the lever and this call goes from a mature buck to a fawn instantly. It also includes a Snort Wheezer chamber that allows you to sound like the meanest maddest buck on the property. This Knight & Hale Game Call is the one for you to get the big buck.

  • Brand: Knight & Hale
  • ASIN: B004YZ8D42
  • UPC: 049443945189

Hunters Specialties Slam Talker with Rattle Bag Combo

Hunters Specialties Slam Talker with Rattle Bag

Features a built-in snort wheeze so you can produce the full range of authentic deer sounds with one call, ridges on the tube allow for finger tip control in preselecting different calls or sounds, use the mouthpiece port to make a snort wheeze, includes lanyard, rattling bag has tuned hardwood elements in a durable bag to produce authentic sounds of battling bucks, lanyard for easy carrying and one hand operation, with silencer strap for quiet transport.

  • Brand: Hunters Specialties
  • ASIN: B00DB81J8A
  • UPC: 021291001491

Primos Buck Roar Deer Call

Primos Buck Roar Deer

The Primos Buck Roar™ deer call sounds like the deep, resonating growl that is made by aggressive bucks during the rut. It's crafted from rubber so that it makes no sound if you happen to bump it on something while you're in your deer stand. In addition to making the "Roaring" sound bucks make during the rut, this call also make perfect grunts and the snort-wheeze. It comes with a 30-minute instructional mini DVD.

  • Brand: Primos Hunting
  • ASIN: B004UE2T7E
  • UPC: 010135007508

Flextone WTF Grunter Call

Flextone WTF Grunter

After years of research and development, Flextone has designed Inflection Chamber Technology to accurately reproduce the natural inflection in sounds made by in mature rutting bucks. After air is blown over the reed, the sound waves enter an expanded chamber the hunter can compress, expand, or bend to instantly change the way the sounds come out.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Flextone
  • UPC: 815097009856

Cass Creek ED-MSS-701 Mini PhantomSound Stick Deer

Cass Creek ED-MSS-701 Mini PhantomSound Stick

Phantom Mini Stick-White-Tail has 5 sounds, Mute button.

  • Color: Deer - Phantom
  • Brand: Cass Creek
  • ASIN: B000HZCY84
  • UPC: 814543007019
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