Happy Jack Milkade, 2-Ounce

Happy Jack Milkade,

Happy Jack Milkade is formulated to aid female dogs in producing a healthy quantity of non acidic milk, even through their first litter to prevent the loss of puppies during the first critical days after whelping. Also assists in overcoming neuritis of pregnancy due to dietary deficiency.

  • Brand: Happy Jack
  • ASIN: B0040VANMA
  • UPC: 023851010608

Happy Jack Itch No More Dog Shampoo 12 Ounce

Happy Jack Itch No More Dog Shampoo 12

Stamp Out "Itchamacallits" with our improved Itch No More formula. Itch No More Shampoo provides relief for flea bites and other non-specific skin irritations. It deodorizes and stops itching, scratching, and gnawing with the first application. Itch No More is excellent for generalized or localized skin conditions such as moist or dry patches of skin, and in the control of scaling and odor. Also excellent in helping to reduce irritation and scratching caused by flea bites. Itch No More contains soothing refined coal tar and sulfur, with coat conditioners, is pH adjusted, and will not stain light-coated animals.

  • Color: Yellow Bottle
  • Brand: Happy Jack Inc
  • ASIN: B0002JF0HC
  • UPC: 023851013678

Happy Jack 1324 Xylecide Antifungal Shampoo 12oz

Happy Jack 1324 Xylecide Antifungal Shampoo

Xylecide Anti-Fungal Shampoo was formulated to aid in the treatment of prevention of a variety of skin ailments on dogs, horses and other animals. Xylecide works on ringworm, hot spots (moist dermatitis), seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, kennel itch and other chronic skin problems. Active ingredient: chloroxylenol 2%, purified water, sodim laureth sulfate, TEA lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauramide MEA,lauryl glucoside, etc.

  • Brand: Happy Jack
  • ASIN: B007UP17U0
  • UPC: 023851013241

Happy Jack 1045 Kennel Dip II 8oz

Happy Jack 1045 Kennel Dip II

Happy Jack Kennel Dip II is a water base, synergized, concentrate insecticide with up to 30 days residual effects. Not to be used on cats. Design for use on dogs and their premises to kill fleas, mange mites, and ticks including deer ticks. Offers a quick knockdown of pests. Shake well before use. Active ingredients: permethrin (CAS NO. 52645-53-1) 17%, piperonyl butoxide technical (CAS NO.51-03-6) 4.25%, other ingredients 78.75%. Please read the entire label before using for complete directions and safety precautions.

  • Color: White and Yellow
  • ASIN: B0002JF0G8
  • UPC: 023851010455

Happy Jack Cod Liver Oil-2 Pack 16 oz Each Total 32 oz

Happy Jack Cod Liver Oil-2 Pack 16 oz

Nutritional supplement for dogs and puppies. Contains high levels of vitamins as well as fatty acids. These nutrients are not found in sufficient levels in the normal canine diets. Cod liver oil when added to your pets diet will help promote healthy skin coat nails brain eyes muscles and joints. Also supports the cardiovascular nervous digestive and immune systems. Directions for Use: As a dietary supplement give one teaspoon daily for smaller breeds and one tablespoon daily for larger breeds. Dosage may be doubled for 5-7 days in cases of dry skin dull coat sickness pregnancy arthritis and muscle/joint pain. Ingredients: refined cod liver oil vitamin A vitamin D omega-3 fatty acids-EPA and DHA poly-unsaturated fatty acids vitamin E refined soybean oil USP iodine palmitate stearate oleate linoleate and linolenate.Size approx.: 16oz.

  • Brand: Happy Jack
  • UPC: 731698743039



Dry skin, dull coat or excessive shedding and itching could mean your dog needs more of the essential fatty acids and vitamins that promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Your dog's body can't make these key nutrients, so it's important they're included in his diet. Tonekote is a food supplement rich in Linoleic Acid, an essential fatty acid. Tonekote also provides Vitamins A, D and E, all vital ingredients for healthy skin and coat. Convenient to use - simply add to food. Give one tablespoon daily per 10 lbs. of dog's body weight. If skin is very dry and coat is very dull, dosage may be doubled for the first five days. Active ingredients: per pound of ToneKote: linoleic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, corn oil, lecithin, soybean oil and BHA.

  • Brand: Happy Jack
  • ASIN: B007OUL34Q
  • UPC: 023851010585

Happy Jack 8 Oz Paracide Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs, Puppies, Cats, and Kittens

Happy Jack 8 Oz Paracide Flea and Tick

Our improved Paracide Flea & Tick Shampoo formula contains Pyrethrins, the most effective water soluble insecticide. It can be used in conjunction with other flea and tick control measures. It's gentle, non-alkaline, hypoallergenic, and completely biodegradable.

  • Brand: RJ matthews
  • UPC: 070000003516

Happy Jack 1002 Skin Balm Aerosol 6oz

Happy Jack 1002 Skin Balm Aerosol

Skin Balm Aerosal Ideal for indoor use because of its non-staining, pleasant smelling formula, Happy Jack Skin Balm is recommended for rough, dry, scaly skin, loss of hair, and intense itching. In advanced stages, skin takes on the appearance of elephant hide. Skin balm softens the skin, relieves itching and helps return your animal's coat and skin to a healthy state. If your dog or cat is constantly itching, scratching and gnawing, Skin Balm will bring fast relief as it gently soothes and aids healing to irritated areas. For dogs, cats and horses.


Happy Jack Flea Beacon

Happy Jack Flea

Want to get rid of fleas? Just plug the Flea Beacon in and walk away. Based on the light & heat principle, attraction is generated by a light bulb underneath the top of the trap. When the fleas jump in the trap, they rebound onto the sticky catch tray below and are trapped. The product works best at night & can be moved from room to room for total indoor flea control. The trap also breaks the breeding cycle by catching adults before they have a chance to lay eggs. For indoor use only.

  • ASIN: B004Y8T1Z4
  • UPC: 023851010295

Happy Jack Sardex II Aerosol, 9.5 oz.

Happy Jack Sardex II Aerosol, 9.5

Made with a pure vegetable, cod liver oil and lanolin base, there is nothing else like Sardex II. It brings soothing relief for skin irritations, fungi, falling hair, itching eczema, hot spots, moist feet and ears, ear mites, pus pimples and severe mange. it works on stubborn cases where other products have failed. This product is also effective against a broad spectrum of skin conditions completely unrelated to mange. Our Mange Medicine the closest thing to a cure-all for skin diseases that we offer. Sardex II combines the rare qualities of a unique active ingredient (benzyl benzoate) with the convenience of odorless and stainless spray. An effective treatment for sarcoptic mange. Recommended for dogs only. Do not use on puppies younger than 12 weeks nor on pregnant or nursing females. Active ingredients: benzyl benzoate 29%. Inert ingredients contains petroleum distillates 71%. Please refer to the label on the product for directions.

  • Brand: Happy Jack
  • ASIN: B00061MTMK
  • UPC: 023851010509
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