Hard Bite


The hit-and-run driver took everything—his wife, child and legs. Now a paraplegic, Dean Drayhart unleashes payback on suspected hit-and-runners in Los Angeles with helper-monkey Sid as his deadly assistant. Dean’s gentle, doting nurse knows nothing about what he’s up to and when Sid tears out the throat of a Mexican Mafia member, Marcie is kidnapped in order to force Dean’s surrender. Armed with nothing but his wits, Sid, and a sympathetic streetwalker named Cinda, Dean manipulates drug-cartel carnales and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in a David-against-Goliath plot that twists and turns to a heart-pounding finale. HARD BITE is ideal reading for fans of Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey. Praise for HARD BITE “…outlandish in every way—a crazed noir excursion into an unprecedented heart of darkness. Violent and sometimes funny, always entertaining.” — T. Jefferson Parker, three-time Edgar Award winner “The best, most fiercely original crime novel I’ve read in a long time” —Ray Garton, World Horror Grand Master Award recipient “A carnival of nightmarish fun, HARD BITE had me gasping from one outlandishly terrifying act to the next, each scene involving The Grim Reaper in a wheelchair; a sharp-fanged, treacherous monkey; a SWAT-team posse of drugged Me...

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Bite Hard


  • Brand: Brand: Manic D Press, Inc.
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Bite Harder: A Sequel to Hard Bite

Bite Harder: A Sequel to Hard

Some say he’s a serial killer. Others say he’s a vigilante doing what police can’t or won’t do. What’s certain is that Dean Drayhart, a paraplegic, will soon sit on death row for killing hit-and-run-drivers in Los Angeles. But not if the Mexican Mafia gets hold of him and those he loves first. Dean may be broken in body but his fierce spirit is determined to protect his pet monkey named Sid and girlfriend Cinda — out there running hard and fast from the law. Hardboiled, funny, relentless, and unexpectedly tenderhearted BITE HARDER delivers riotous action all the way to a bombshell climax that could only have been written by Anonymous-9, the self-declared mad scientist of crime fiction.Praise for BITE HARDER …“Bite Harder is part screwball comedy, part killer crime story entirely unlike anything else out there. It is unique and vicious and bloody funny but what kept me turning pages deep into the night was its heart. I loved Hard Bite, and Bite Harder is even better, stronger, wilder.” —Josh Stallings, Beautiful, Naked & Dead, Anthony Award nominee“Brilliant, brutally funny, so real you can taste it. Starring the finest serial-killing helper monkey in all fiction.” —Douglas Lindsay, author of The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson, soon to be a major motion ...

  • ASIN: B01MR5NO88

Bite Me (Dev Haskell - Private Investigator, Book 3)

Bite Me (Dev Haskell - Private Investigator, Book

Bite Me is the THIRD masterfully bizarre mystery in the Dev Haskell Series."What an absolute delight. I enjoyed myself from hilarious the first chapter to the spine tingling ending ... Faricy is the next Carl Hiaasen." -Crime SceneWise-cracking, back-slapping, sideways-thinking Private Investigator Dev Haskell is in the middle of dissipating a lover's quarrel with his newest gorgeous knife-wielding female conquest when he gets a call. Members of KRAZ, a radio station that considers itself "the voice of America's future," need protection from an apparent death threat. A cursory investigation leads Dev to the conclusion he's just landed his dream job: providing security for people who don't actually need it. But alas, the dream ends the moment someone shoots at his clients in broad daylight.Things quickly fly out of control when Dev suddenly finds himself under the police microscope, literally tied up in a relationship with an unpredictable woman, and dodging a growing pile of bodies that all seem to be linked to him."Faricy is America's hottest new mystery writer." -The Dirty Lowdown"Even now I can't believe the way this guy can weave a tale. Just when things were about to get too grim there's a laugh out loud scene that kept me turning the pages. Run, don't walk, to pick up your ...

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"Snakebite" headlines this anthology of mysteries and thrillers...When a sheriff dies on the job, no one is willing to take his place in the Old West small town. To make matters worse, gold is discovered in the town creek which brings numerous fortune seekers to the area. A federal marshal named Cooper is brought in to police the town and not only is he forced to deal with rambunctious out-of-towners, a number of murders begin occurring...with a traveling serial killer sending taunting the local newspaper with his chilling depictions of how he committed the murders...Can Cooper stop the killer before he moves on to the next town?

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Bite Down Hard on This

Bite Down Hard on

Poetry is many things to many people, perhaps a glimpse into the writer’s life, soul, or heart or an inspiration to create and share our own intimate feelings, thoughts, and experiences with those around us as well as with our own selves. It is the latter desire Suzanne Carr seeks to fulfill through her words in Bite Down Hard on This. Covering a variety of themes and moods, from identity and personality to the changing nature of society and familiar relationships, Ms. Carr wishes to inspire young girls in particular to express themselves through language and to aim for lofty goals. "Although," she says, "anyone can get something they might need from my work, I think women especially will appreciate the sentiments." Having the unique ability to touch her reader with her directness, enthusiasm, and original view of life, Ms. Carr offers an expressive compilation of verse written by a woman, from a woman’s point of view, and especially for women.

  • ASIN: 0805958533

Bite Hard (The Soft Nightmare) (Volume 1) (Italian Edition)

Bite Hard (The Soft Nightmare) (Volume 1) (Italian

Prendete un vampiro millenario, ma non particolarmente intelligente e un procuratore della Repubblica con un passato decisamente biblico e fuori dal comune. Aggiungete una spolverata di M/M e di trash allo stato puro. Blasfemia quanto basta. Bite Hard non è un romanzo serio. Non è un esercizio di stile, un romanzo di formazione o un intricato intreccio narrativo. Bite Hard è un libro trash, e come tale va considerato. O crack, se siete avvezzi a terminologie di strada. Scritto per far ridere, ecco che cos'è. Un coacervo di citazioni a citazioni dentro le citazioni. C'è di tutto qua dentro, insieme al sesso gay, la blasfemia e il linguaggio volgare: c'è Tarantino, Vampiri la Masquerade, Alien, Mulan, Angel Sanctuary e soprattutto c'è Dogma, insieme a una miriade di altre cose. Il paradiso del nerd medio.

  • ASIN: 1492335568

Blue Murder: Police Procedurals With A Bite

Blue Murder: Police Procedurals With A

A sinewy anthology containing one each from FOUR top-rated cop series by best-selling authors Julie Smith, Rob Swigart, Shelley Singer, and Adrienne Barbeau.Volume 1 is AXEMAN’S JAZZ, the SECOND book in the Edgar Award-winning Skip Langdon mystery series. "Smashing . . . New Orleans Mourning was a tough act to follow. The Axeman’s Jazz is a wonderful, completely satisfying encore." -The Denver PostWHAT’S THE PERFECT KILLING FIELD FOR A MURDERER?A place where he (or maybe she) can learn your secrets from your own mouth and then make friends over coffee. A supposedly "safe" place where anonymity is the norm. The horror who calls himself The Axeman has figured it out and claimed his territory—he's cherry-picking his murder victims in the 12-Step programs of New Orleans.Tall, funny, social misfit Skip Langdon, now a homicide detective on the Axeman team, dives into the 12-Step groups to meet the suspects, giving the author a chance for gentle satire. (And it’s New Aw’lins, dawlin’ – half the town is either alcoholic or co-dependent!)Volume 2 is VECTOR, the FIRST book in Rob Swigart's Thrillers In Paradise series."An intriguing blend of jungle action... and cliffhanger suspense." -San Francisco ChronicleA TERRIFYING CONSPIRACY: A PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER, A RUTHLESS CABAL, ...


Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook: Savor 175 Must-have Recipes Made Easy in the Instant Pot

Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook: Savor 175

Instant Pots are the hottest appliances on the market today, and they are changing the way we cook.  The Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook will give you the essential recipes you want to make in your Instant Pot to feed your family and capture the flavor of the Instant Pot & electric pressure cooker craze!For fast-to-fix dinners, you can’t beat the convenience of an Instant Pot! That’s why these electric pressure and multi-cookers are the latest rage in homes across the country. Now you can make the most of this timesaving tool with Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook! Inside you’ll find a mouthwatering assortment of appetizers, entrees, sides and more—all made easy in the Instant Pot. Need a hearty weeknight dinner in a hurry? Whip up Saucy Mesquite Ribs. Looking for a meal-in-one dish that beats the clock? Consider Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice. You’ll find these recipes as well as easy breakfast dishes, finger-licking sandwiches and no-stress sides…all made quick in the Instant Pot. Dig into the comforting goodness you crave any day of the week. With the 175 recipes in Taste of Home Instant Pot Cookbook, it’s never been easier!  You will also find key recipe hacks to help make use of the quick cooking feature of the Instant Pot like hard-boiled eggs, homema...

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Quiet Dog Bites Hard

Quiet Dog Bites

It's important to know a little about the dog before you rattle his cage. Maynard Cole was content to live the rest of his life as one of the barely noticed dregs of society when those of an evil nature, ignorant of his existence, chose to threaten that which he held most precious and inadvertently became hunted by a predator without mercy. From the swamps of Central Florida to the bright lights of South Beach; there is no escaping the relentless fury of a man with nothing to lose.Maynard Cole lives off the land in the swamps of Central Florida. He is an Army veteran that has deemed himself unfit for his childhood love and even regular society due to experimental chemicals and procedures he was subjected to during his time in the military. He disconnects from his love and society for their own safety as he sees himself as a dangerous man to be around. He self medicates with cheap wine, mundane tasks, and the self imposed duty of watching over what might have been. When the daughter of his high school sweetheart, and her new husband, is abducted he takes it upon himself to retrieve her and may God have mercy on those that took her because Maynard Cole will not.


Chicagoland Vampires-5 pack: Some Girls Bite/Friday Night Bites/Hard Bitten/Twice BittenDrink Deep

Chicagoland Vampires-5 pack: Some Girls Bite/Friday Night Bites/Hard

  • ASIN: B018ZSIPK0

Bust 'Em or Bite 'Em: Erotic Stories of Ballbusting and Hard CBT (Blue Label Short Stories - Hard Female Dominant BDSM and CBT Book 9)

Bust 'Em or Bite 'Em: Erotic Stories of

They’re called the cock and balls or sometimes Mr. Happy and the family jewels. But it isn’t what you call them, but what you do to them that counts. In the world of kinky sex and BDSM, the possibilities are endless. ‘Bust ‘Em or Bite ‘Em’ features eight amazing stories of femdom, ball-busting and CBT that explore all sorts of wonderfully possibilities.‘A Ph.D. in CBT’ - Harrison enjoys rough CBT, and he’s found a way to get it for free. Lacy Everette, M.D., Ph.D. is wonderfully rough when it comes to investigating his "mysterious problem." It’s on his fifth visit – after she’s readied a wicked variety of tools and secured him to a table – that he realizes she knows about his scam. It’s right after that that he finds out that her Ph.D. is in CBT.‘Sentenced to CBT’ - They said he could confess his sins, but the gag makes it impossible. Having barely finished the last round of CBT, his heart pounds as she fingers the wicked talons of a metal claw. When her other hand close cruelly around his naked manhood and her lips curl into a wicked smile, he realizes confession was never their intent and the trial is much more about her sins than his.‘A Night at the Nutcracker Suite’ - Brett’s writing was once inspired by a bit of real life. Now, he spends...

  • ASIN: B013HIHUR2

Hechen Refillable Food Treat Pet Ball Non-Toxic Rubber Bite Resistant Tooth Cleaning Toy for Dog Training IQ Playing (Diameter: 2.8", Blue)

Hechen Refillable Food Treat Pet Ball Non-Toxic Rubber

There are many kinds of toy materials, have different characteristics, so before buying, we beed to understand the pet biting habit. 1.For pet without aggression, you can choose some soft rubber toys. 2.If the pet is not a strong attack, will not tear into pieces, then you can choose a number of canvas or plush toys, these toys are relatively soft, not easy to be broken and easy to clean. 3.If your pet has a strong attack and bite habit, choose some hard rubber or woolen material bite resistant, wear-resistant toys.Tips: Pet often take destructive actions to relieve stress, restraint, and loneliness. To reduce the damage to the sofa, shoes, books, and other things, you can give them some toys. Toys are mainly used to avoid the pet to destroy the environment, reduce the pet's loneliness. Note: Proper supervision is advised when playing with all toys to ensure no accidental swallowing. This toy should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no damage. If any damage is seen the toy should then be discarded! Specifications: Material: Non-Toxic soft safety rubber material. Size: Diameter 2.8" Features: Suitable for dogs and cats playing, fetching and training. Natural rubber, non-toxic and environmental, solid and durable. Mint flavor, fit the tooth shape of pet. It can help cleanin...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Hechen
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Love Bites: Erotic Romance Mega Bundle Over 400 pages of novellas and short stories that will thrill and tantalize your passionate side.New novellas never before published. Rewritten and enhanced erotic short stories of billionaire zombies, werebears, kinky threesomes, orgies, ladyboys, BDSM, ménage and straight couples.


Reality Bites (Dark Future)

Reality Bites (Dark

It's the day after the day after tomorrow and the civilized world fights hard to maintain its faÇade. Religious cults are growing more powerful by the day, the government is in the pocket of big business and shadowy forces control the corporations. Against this backdrop, animal rights campaigners wage a secret war on the corporations who experiment on defenseless creatures. Only one man, Baton MacKay, can stop the violence and he's bringing his robot monkey with him! It's the day after the day after tomorrow and the civilized world fights hard to maintain its faÇade. Religious cults are growing more powerful by the day, the government is in the pocket of big business and shadowy forces control the corporations. Against this backdrop, animal rights campaigners wage a secret war on the corporations who experiment on defenseless creatures. Only one man, Baton MacKay, can stop the violence and he's bringing his robot monkey with him!

  • Brand: Brand: Black Flame
  • ASIN: 184416408X

Chick O Stick Mini Bite Size ~ Bulk ~ 2 Lbs

Chick O Stick Mini Bite Size ~ Bulk

Just imagine the best fresh-roasted Texas Grade A Jumbo peanuts. Those are sprinkled with salt while they're still warm, and ground along with pure granulated sugar in a patented process. This concoction is then rolled into sticks that are the perfect mix of peanuts and crunchy candy. Then, each is dusted with lightly toasted coconut. What you're left with is the most perfect candy on earth. It's kind of flaky, kind of crunchy, kind of crispy, kind of chewy, and VERY peanutty. Now in bite sized delite!

  • Brand: Chick o stick
  • ASIN: B0041WW6EQ
  • UPC: 786173854649

Sometimes They Bite

Sometimes They

A collection of eighteen new stories by the Edgar Award-winning author offers a darkly comic vision of a world inhabited by drifters, grafters, and assassins. Reprint.

  • ASIN: 0380715759

Modern Printmaking: A Guide to Traditional and Digital Techniques

Modern Printmaking: A Guide to Traditional and Digital

A fully illustrated instructional printmaking book presenting step-by-step examples alongside representative works from thirty top contemporary printmaking artists. Printmaking is flourishing in the modern era, appealing to both traditional artists as well as those interested in graphic design and digital techniques. This all-in-one guide is both technical and inspirational, examining the history and contemporary processes of relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, mixed media, digital transfers, and post-digital graphics. Featuring step-by-step examples alongside representative works and profiles of top printmaking artists, this colorful resource provides a truly fresh look at printmaking today, in all its forms.From the Hardcover edition.


Bite Me HARD: Erotica For Adults (69+ Stories of Sexual Seduction)

Bite Me HARD: Erotica For Adults (69+ Stories

Bite Me HARD: Erotica For Adults (69+ Stories of Sexual Seduction)

  • ASIN: B076J63Q1C
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From their new, third album ''Tonight: Franz Ferdinand'' 2009 You don´t know, I sing these songs, About you, You don´t know the the Pseudonyms, I assume You don´t know the the Pseudonyms, I assume, For you. Are you happy now? That the Gods are dying. Or do you dream of Hes...

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Bite Hard

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Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Bite Hard · Franz Ferdinand / 法蘭茲‧費迪南 Tonight: Franz Ferdinand ℗ 2008 Domino Recording Co. Ltd Released on: 2009-01-23 Drums, Percussion: Paul Thompson Guitar, Vocal: Alex Kapranos Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal: Nick McCarthy Bass Guitar: Bob...

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I dont own this song. Fismoll - Let`s Play Birds

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