HOT SEAL Rescue (HOT SEAL Team - Book 3)

HOT SEAL Rescue (HOT SEAL Team - Book

Abducted at gunpoint by a gorgeous woman… Navy SEAL Cody “Cowboy” McCormick is in Las Vegas for a little R & R before his friend’s wedding when a beautiful blonde jams a gun in his side and abducts him from a casino in broad daylight. He could stop her, but he plays along because he’s intrigued—plus he’s convinced she’s in danger.CIA agent Miranda Lockwood’s life is on the line when an undercover operation goes wrong. Little does she know when she sashays up to the biggest, baddest looking dude in the casino lobby that she’s kidnapping a Navy SEAL—or that she’ll be unable to resist his charm when he turns up the heat. When the CIA labels her a rogue agent, Miranda’s faith in everything she believes in is shaken to the core. Cody’s the only one she can trust to help her find the traitor in the agency. But even though she’s forced to betray him, she can’t get over the SEAL who made her feel safe in his arms. Miranda will have to fight harder than she’s ever fought for anything if she wants his forgiveness—but Cody’s not in a forgiving mood in spite of the sparks that still fly when he’s forced to team up with her again. When disaster strikes and they’re caught in the line of fire, Cody will do everything in his power to keep them both alive...

  • ASIN: B01ICBUX50

HOT SEAL Hero (HOT SEAL Team - Book 7)

HOT SEAL Hero (HOT SEAL Team - Book

She fears for her life.He’ll risk his to protect her.Falling in love? Not part of the plan…Chloe Cooper is on the run from an abusive ex. Living in a new state, with a new name, she’s ready to focus on rebuilding her life. She’s got a job she loves, a new home—and a sexy Navy SEAL neighbor who makes her pulse flutter in spite of her determination not to get involved. But when a threatening message arrives, her dread about what her ex will do if he finds her forces her to make a choice.Ryan “Dirty Harry” Callahan is protective by nature. When he meets Chloe, it’s clear she’s skittish about something. When he learns why she ran from her old life, his first objective is to keep her safe. His second is to make sure she knows she can trust him—and that she’ll have a posse of Navy SEALs at her back if she ever needs them. When the attraction between Ryan and Chloe explodes, they’re helpless to resist its seductive heat. Everything is finally going right for Chloe—until her worst fears come true. With Chloe missing and her life on the line, Ryan will stop at nothing to get her back. Before he loses the woman he loves forever.“Lynn Raye Harris is the undisputed Queen of Military Romance because her Hostile Operations Team series just keeps getting better and b...

  • ASIN: B07JQ292MM

Hot SEAL, Savannah Nights

Hot SEAL, Savannah

Rio North wasn't ready to leave the SEALs and his brothers in arms, but his destiny called him to Savannah. Born into wealth, he used his family's fortune to help his teammates. While his friends in the military teased him about being a babe magnet, it took a little help from fate in the form of mistaken identity to connect him with the woman he wanted permanently in his life. If only she’d quit running from him.Meghan Williams finally has her life under control and has sworn this was the last time she’d let her sister “fix her up” with a blind date… until she walked into the restaurant and saw him. Black slacks and blue shirt… yep. Fit the description. She’d never say a bad word about her sister again.This charming, handsome man couldn't be her date. In this case, it sucked to be right. Mistaken identity much? But even after realizing her error, he still wanted to see her again. Nope, nope, nope. He was gorgeous. He drove an expensive import; his family ran the biggest company in Georgia, and she was... everything he wasn't. Even though her instincts said he was trustworthy, her life experience screamed run.What's a girl to do when a gorgeous former SEAL pursues her with the same degree of intensity he brought to his former profession?

  • ASIN: B07QH38BR1

HOT SEAL Bride (HOT SEAL Team - Book 4)

HOT SEAL Bride (HOT SEAL Team - Book

Sold to the highest bidder…For the past fourteen years, Princess Antonella Rossi has been a virtual prisoner. She has no friends, no fun, and she’s not allowed to leave her aunt and uncle’s Virginia compound without an escort. But today is her wedding day. A rich sheikh has bought her virginity, and with it her freedom. Any hope of independence Ella’s ever cherished will disappear the instant she faces him across the altar. With time running out and the wedding party gathering, Ella seizes the opportunity to run as far and fast as she can.Navy SEAL Cash “Money” McQuaid isn’t looking for trouble, but trouble always seems to find him. This time trouble is five foot four and wearing a wedding dress. Rescuing a runaway princess has consequences though, and with his face plastered on the evening news and his career on the line, he realizes there’s only one way out of this mess—he has to marry her!It’s a marriage in name only, just until he can clear his name and win Ella the freedom she seeks. But shacking up with a gorgeous virgin isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when the sparks snapping between them are hotter and more dangerous than anything Cash has ever experienced. By the time he realizes it’s too late to resist his virgin bride, an unseen enemy is i...

  • ASIN: B076J79VWY

The Hot SEAL Complete Series Box Set

The Hot SEAL Complete Series Box

For a limited time get the 3 book Hot SEAL box set for under dollar or free on KU.Billionaire SEALCowboy SEALSEAL’s Small Town GirlEach novel has never been released and has an HEA.

  • ASIN: B07SFL8PW1

HOT SEAL Redemption (HOT SEAL Team - Book 5)

HOT SEAL Redemption (HOT SEAL Team - Book

Bailey Jones doesn't know jack about babies, but she knows how much it sucks to have a deadbeat father. So when her sister drops off her newborn baby and then disappears, Bailey is ready and willing to confront anyone, including a six-foot-two, sexier-than-sin Navy SEAL sniper, and make him do his duty.Alexei "Camel" Kamarov is not the sort of man to carelessly father a kid, but as the oldest of six, he does know a thing or two about babies. The firebrand on his doorstep might have mistakenly tagged him as the baby daddy, but Bailey is cute, and Alexei is more than willing to give her a hands-on class in Baby 101.When a ruthless criminal comes looking for the missing sister--putting Bailey and the baby in danger--the situation escalates. Bringing them under his roof and enlisting his HOT teammates to help find Bailey's sister are easy. But as Alexei and Bailey draw closer, passions erupt and feelings tangle.That's nothing compared to the danger lurking in the shadows--and the test that awaits them both. Bailey will need to give everything she's got to redeem Alexei's faith in love. And he'll have to move heaven and earth to save her--before someone takes her away from him for good...

  • ASIN: B078TM735H

HOT SEAL Waterproof Durable Colorful Ukulele Cotton Case Bag with Storage (21in, light blue)

HOT SEAL Waterproof Durable Colorful Ukulele Cotton Case

Size 21in = Approx. 57cm in length, suitable for 21-inch ukulele.(Soprano)Size 23 / 24in = Approx. 65cm in length, suitable for 23/24 inch ukulele.(Concert)Size 26in = Approx. 69cm in length, suitable for the 26-inch ukulele.(Tenor)If you are unsure of the size of your ukulele, we recommend that you measure your ukulele first. The ukulele bag must be longer than your ukulele. Please note this! . .*About Shipment* If the goods are not by "Fulfilled by Amazon" all the parcels are shipped by USPS or Canada post or the local country postal service internationally. Normally it takes 5~12business days(except weekends) to arrive with tracking number,you can track it from the website of or or the local country postal service internationally in detail.The estimated shipping time is not guaranteed because the real shipping time is depends on Delivery of local postal courier and customs processing progress. Feel free to contact us if necessary. Thanks.WHAT YOU GET - Professional Packaging Transport Cost-effective Goods and Friendly Customer Service. Great Choice For Every Days.

  • Color: light blue
  • Brand: HOT SEAL



Navy SEAL Adam “Blade” Garrison’s assignment to infiltrate a tech billionaire’s criminal operations just got complicated. His cover: bodyguard for the man’s wife. His problem: Blade knows Quinn Halliday far too well. A sophisticated version of the chubby, shy girl Blade once knew, Quinn brings out all his protective instincts—as well as a few carnal ones that surprise him. Quinn’s pride in having improved herself has turned bitter. She’s trapped in a relationship with a brutal man who views her as nothing more than a possession. Blade’s unexpected arrival makes her hope for more than a barren existence in a gilded prison. Until tragedy strikes, and Quinn realizes she’s next on the hit list.Blade will do anything to shield Quinn from danger and keep her safe. But as they draw closer, an enemy works to flush them out. If he succeeds, he’ll put an end to Blade and Quinn’s budding happiness.Unless Blade and his SEAL Team strike first…**Stand Alone, No Cliffhangers, No Cheating, Happily Ever After Guaranteed!**

  • ASIN: B07CZM36CN

Night with a SEAL: A Navy SEAL Romance (Hot SEALs Book 1)

Night with a SEAL: A Navy SEAL Romance

"You want to stay for a little while?"It wasn't a hard question but he hesitated for long enough she wondered what was going on inside his head. Finally, he let out a sigh. "Yeah, I do wanna stay, which is why I'm going to go."His life was the SEALs...until she walks into it.A one-night stand shouldn't mean forever. So why is she still on his mind? That's dangerous for so many reasons. Losing his heart could cost him his life.Download the book that has readers saying, "I was hooked from page one", "OMG I am addicted!" and "After reading this book I'm ready to read everything she's ever written right NOW!".

  • ASIN: B00M6F2ONI

HOT SEAL Lover (HOT SEAL Team - Book 2)

HOT SEAL Lover (HOT SEAL Team - Book

One night is all Christina wants from Navy SEAL Remy “Cage” Marchand. But one night isn’t enough for this dirty-mouthed bad boy.Christina Girard did everything right, but she can’t escape the taint of scandal caused by the implosion of her marriage. When she meets Remy, she feels broken beyond repair. Until he shows her she’s still capable of pleasure.Remy lives his life slaying dragons for the innocent and vulnerable. He thought sweet Christina needed his strength too, but he was wrong. After a single night of bliss, she ghosts him.But then Remy’s SEALS get a new mission: infiltrate a war-torn nation and rescue Christina before the enemy finds her. With bombs exploding, blood spilling, and survival uncertain, Remy does his duty and protects Christina. But he won’t succumb to her charms again.Life in a war zone is intense, however, and vows mean nothing in the face of danger. Giving in is inevitable. Staying alive is not—especially when the greatest danger has yet to strike…

  • ASIN: B01F1JLK4Y
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