InFocus Navigator Remote Control

InFocus Navigator Remote

The InFocus HW-NAVIGATOR-GE Remote Control provides projector menu settings control, volume and mute options. Allows user to easily switch between computer and video sources. Includes two presentation-specific features: display blank slide and special effects such as freeze, zoom and change aspect ratio. The InFocus HW-NAVIGATOR remote is compatible with the following projectors: InFocus/Screenplay: LP70+, LP120, LP240, LP250, LP540, LP600, LP640, LP650, LP815, LP820, LP840, LP850,860, X1, X1A, X2, SP-4800, SP-4805, SP-5700, SP-7200, SP-7205, SP-7210 Proxima: DP1000x, DP1200x, DP2000s, DP2000x, DP6500x, DP8200x, DP8400x, DP8500x ASK-Proxima: C40, C50, C109, C110, C160, C170, C180, C200, C410, C420, C440, C450, M1, M2, M2+ InFocus: X3, all INxx models (except IN12/IN15), SP5000, Proxima: C130, C175, C185, C250, C250W, C315, C350, A1100, A1200, A1300,

  • Brand: InFocus
  • UPC: 797212705617

InFocus Proxima MindPath FX , F/X 2000 Wireless Projector Remote Control

InFocus Proxima MindPath FX , F/X 2000 Wireless

InFocus Proxima MindPath F/X 2000 Wireless Remote Control Mind Path's new F/X 2000 remote control offers freedom of movement to professional presenters in the multimedia world, including computer based presentations, demonstrations, training, and education. The F/X 2000 combines a 50 foot (16 m) range of wireless computer-remote capability with a powerful trigger-actuated laser pointer. The distinct ergonomically designed remote features six user-programmable keypad buttons, complete wireless mouse control and dual IR modes. Mind Path's F/X 2000 also includes a back-light function panel and MousePoint control. This remote comes with Presentation f/x, MindPath's special effects software that easily configures compatible projectors to the user's computer and allows for simultaneous use of any Mind Path accessory without need to reformat the presentation

  • Brand: InFocus

Remote Control-infrared for Proxima 6850

Remote Control-infrared for Proxima

Remote Control-infrared for Proxima 6850

  • Brand: InFocus
  • UPC: 797212333360

HCDZ DLP Projector Replacement Lamp Bulb Module With Housing For Infocus ASK PROXIMA SP-LAMP-067B SP-LAMP-IN55B SP-LAMP-IN67B Dual Lamp

HCDZ DLP Projector Replacement Lamp Bulb Module With

Packaging: Neutral Packing Minimum Order: 1 unit bulb with housingOur company mainly wholesale all kinds of projector lamp bulbs, Lamp Modules/ Original Bare Lamp/ Original Lamp with Housing/ Replacement Lamp projector remote control, TV/AV/DVD remote control, bluetooth player remote control, air conditioner remote control

  • Brand: HCDZ
  • UPC: 520329236329
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