Intec Controller Cradles For PS3

Intec Controller Cradles For

Features a folding kick-stand with non-slip rubber tipsIncludes 2 cradles

  • Brand: Intec
  • UPC: 804926077449

PS3 Remote Control

PS3 Remote

Your PS3 is more than just a gaming machine, it's a complete entertainment center. Control the functions of your Blu-ray, DVD or music with this compact, custom-designed remote. Remote runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included). Simply plug in the receiver to your PS3's USB connection, and it's ready to use.

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B000TG72XI
  • UPC: 804926077210

Intec PS3 Arcade Stick

Intec PS3 Arcade

PS3 Arcade Stick

  • Brand: Intec
  • UPC: 804926077807

PS3 Rechargeable Battery Pack

PS3 Rechargeable Battery

This custom-designed rechargeable battery pack provides up to eight (8) additional hours of power for continued wireless gaming. Simply snap into place, charge using your charge cable and switch it on when your controller is out of juice. The LED light tells you when it's charging.

  • Brand: Infinite Power
  • ASIN: B000Q7IONC
  • UPC: 804926077708

PS3 Move Sports Pack

PS3 Move Sports

Get the complete motion-activated experience of your PS3 Move sports with these accessories that are built to last! Pack includes attachments for your tennis match, golf and baseball games. No cables to connect, simply secure your Motion controller into the base grip (2 included), screw on the appropriate sports attachment and start swinging! Pack also includes 2 safety wrist straps. Made of shock absorbent child safe material. Unleash your game spirit with confidence!

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B0046B2Q9C
  • UPC: 804926060779

PS3 Controller Charging Station

PS3 Controller Charging

This charge station is custom-crafted to match your PS3's bold finish. Simply dock your controllers onto this hub, plug the USB cable into your PS3 and your controllers will begin charging and synching immediately. No more dead batteries! Keep your wireless controllers charged at all times!

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B000N4MSBC
  • UPC: 804926077395

PS3 Dual Controller Charger

PS3 Dual Controller

This simple charging solution allows you to change two (2) PS3 wireless controllers simultaneously. Charger is UL-approved to ensure maximum charging safety and includes two USB charging cables. Simply plug into an outlet and connect each controller for instant charging!

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B000TU6AB4
  • UPC: 804926077920

PS3 Move Quad Charge Dock

PS3 Move Quad Charge

This station will deliver a safe home charge dock to display your controllers while they wait for the action to begin! Simply plug in the supplied AC adaptor and you are ready to charge 2 Navigation and 2 Motion Controllers in a snap.

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B0044UHTMY
  • UPC: 804926060380

Intec Champs Sports Pack - PlayStation Move - G6078

Intec Champs Sports Pack - PlayStation Move -

The greatest feature of your PS3 Move is the motion-activated realism. Intec's Champs Sports Pack contains 5 remote attachments to play with your favorite PS3 Move Sports Champions games. This Champs Sports Pack Includes: one Bow attachment to play Archery, one Ping Pong Paddle attachment to play Table Tennis, a Sword & Shield attachments to play Gladiator Duel and a Disc attachment to play Disc Golf. Simply secure your remote into the grips and start playing. And what's also great about this pack is that it is childproof, made of shock absorbing material.

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B004IYE8PM
  • UPC: 804926060786

Intec Racing Wheel - PlayStation 3 - G7895

Intec Racing Wheel - PlayStation 3 -

The days of fishtailing your way through a racing game are over. This Racing Wheel is PS3 compatible with digital and analog modes. Features four LED controller port indicators for multiplayer identification. Incorporates left and right shift paddles for quick shifting. Ergonomic grip wheel gives you maximum control. The Spring loaded retracting wheel column provides a realistic racing experience. Easily mounts to table or counter with suction cups. The anti-skid bracket provides additional stability. So, go ahead and show them how a car is driven at light speed.

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B004IYCCQ4
  • UPC: 804926078958

Intec Wireless Racing Wheel - PlayStation 3 - G7896

Intec Wireless Racing Wheel - PlayStation 3 -

This Wireless Racing Wheel is PS3 compatible with digital and analog modes. The 2.4 GHz wireless technology allows you to play up to 40-feet from your console. Feel the bumps, crashes and more with vibration feedback. Features rubberized grip wheel for maximum control, three levels of steering sensitivity adjustments, and for LED controller port indicators for multiplayer identification. So, go ahead and put the pedal to the metal and show your opponents how a car is driven at light speed.

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B004IY7AG6
  • UPC: 804926078965

Wired Controller with Turbo and Vibration Functio

Wired Controller with Turbo and Vibration

Wired Controller with Turbo and Vibration Function for PS3liCombines gamer design and state-of-the-art technology for a superior gaming experienceliDual action (analog and digital) gives unmatched controlliTurbo function gives instant auto-fire or repeat capabilitiesliBuit in motors offer the most realistic vibration feedback

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B003YQ0EU8
  • UPC: 962327229499

Intec G7740 Charging Station for PS3

Intec G7740 Charging Station for

Intec G7740 Playstation 3 Dual Charging Station

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B0036VSDEA
  • UPC: 804926077401

PS3 Move Ultimate Dual Charge Dock

PS3 Move Ultimate Dual Charge

Deliver a safe home to dock and display your controllers and charge as they wait for action! Simply plug in the supplied AC adaptor and you are ready to charge your Navigation and Motion Controllers plus 2 PS3 Controllers in a snap.

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B0046AWWP6
  • UPC: 999993367255

PS3 Keyboard/Charger/Dock


4 in 1 Wireless Gaming Solution.Wireless Controller/Remote and Keyboard with Charging DockThis PS3 Wireless gaming solution features: PS3 Controller a Remote Control & Keyboard in a single device.Controller:The 2.4 GHz wireless technology allows you to play up to 20 feet away from your console with no interruptions. The dual action analog and digital give you unmatched control. It delivers the power you need for up to 40 hours of game time with a built in rechargeable battery pack.Remote Control: Easily control the functions of your Blu-ray DVD and music.Full Keyboard:Ideal for online gaming chats in-game messaging. Browse the web with your PS3!Charging Dock:Keeps your PS3 Controller/Remote & Keyboard secure while it charges. Connect the USB Cable (included) to a USB port and the charging LED will illuminate when charging. Dock also acts as a receiver module. The Link button LED will illuminate when connected. Now you can get back to just gaming!Format: VIDEO GAME ACCESSORIES Genre: REMOTES Age: 804926077203 UPC: 804926077203 Manufacturer No: G7720

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B004BYANZ8
  • UPC: 804926077203

Intec G5257 Charging Mat (Universal)

Intec G5257 Charging Mat

Get the most out of your video game controllers and play better and longer with the Intec Universal Charging Mat. This base station allows you to charge your PS3, Wii or Xbox 360 controllers using advanced conduction technology. In less than 3 hours your game controllers will be powered up and ready to go. To charge your controllers, simply clip them onto the charging modules (sold separately) and place them anywhere on the charging mat. Once the controllers are fully charged the LED status indicator light will illuminate. The package also includes an AC adaptor. Burst Transfer Rate (RAID0 max. drive speed) - SuperSpeed USB 3.0 - 2TB and 4TB - Read/Write - 260MB/s / 190MB/s, 6TB - Read/Write - 306MB/s / 220MB/s SuperSpeed USB 3.0 - 2TB and 4TB - Mac - Read/Write - Up to 220MB/s / 160MB/s USB 2.0 - Read/Write - 33MB/s / 27MB/s RAID Modes - Easy switch-button RAID selection - RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD Triple Power Management - Auto mode for energy efficiency (default setting); On for instant access; Off for data protection Cooling System - advanced heat sink design for greater heat dissipation Fanless for low noise and energy savings Dimensions (WxHxD) - 93 x 200 x 183 mm / 3.7 x 7.9 x 7.2 in. Weight - 3.6 kg / 7.9 lbs.System Requireme...

  • Brand: Intec
  • ASIN: B004KVGLL2
  • UPC: 804926052576
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