Kids' Paper Airplane Book (Paper Airplanes)

Kids' Paper Airplane Book (Paper

Distilling the innovation, science, and enthusiasm of their first book-The World Record Paper Airplane Book-world record holder Ken Blackburn and mechanical engineer Jeff Lammers present The Kids' Paper Airplane Book.Written and designed for younger paper pilots, it has simpler planes with brighter, bolder graphics; games, activities, and fun aviation facts (the "A=Alpha, B=Bravo" pilots' alphabet, for example); and everything kids need to fold and fly. They will learn how to design their own planes, do stunts, and build a 3-D airport with stuff found around the house, and they'll discover that the largest aircraft ever flown wasn't a plane at all. There are 16 models and 76 full-color planes in all, a full-color poster of an airport, a pilot's license and flight log, and a field guide to common aircraft.But the irresistible attraction, as in the grown-up version, are the planes themselves: The Count, The Dragon, The Manta Ray, The Slice, The Aerobat, the Saturn Rocket. Plus the chance to be the next world record holder. Selection of the Doubleday Kids' Club. Suitable for ages 5 and up. 360,000 copies in print.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Workman Publishing Company
  • ASIN: 076110478X
  • UPC: 019628104786

Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit

Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft

Making paper airplanes doesn't feel like science. And it's not quite art. Near as we can figure, launching a regular old piece of paper into the sky so that it soars is pure magic. We present step-by-step instructions for folding aerobatic amazement's. The ten airplanes in this book are the best we've ever seen. This big (10" x 12") book comes complete with 40 sheets of flight-tested, ready-to-fold paper, printed on both sides in a variety of 20 colorful patterns, including leopard print, wood grain, hot rod flames and lose-it-on-the-lawn grass. It's everything you need to rule the skies.If you already have The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes, try to beat our time and distance records and join the Klutz Captain's Club!Comes With: 40 sheets of custom-designed paper Have fun

  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: Klutz
  • ASIN: 1570548307
  • UPC: 730767483074

Paper Airplane Kit

Paper Airplane

Learn the basics of how things fly, then go fly some paper airplanes! Use the simple-to-assemble launcher for high-speed, long-distance launches.Boxed kit includes colorful sheets with cool designs to make 100 paper airplanes, a cardboard launcher, rubber bands, sticker sheets, and a 36-page booklet.Paper airplane models start with simple designs and progress to distance gliders, stunt planes, clever aerodynamic shapes, and even a space shuttle!Booklet includes the basics of aerodynamics and aviation as well as folding instructions for each airplane design.

  • Brand: Publications International, Ltd
  • ASIN: 1680225391

Whoosh! Easy Paper Airplanes for Kids: Color, Fold and Fly!

Whoosh! Easy Paper Airplanes for Kids: Color, Fold

Designed for young pilots, ages 3 to 7, this lively book combines the fun of coloring with the thrill of folding and flying paper airplanes. Models include a space shuttle, air rescue unit, princess plane, jungle jet, monster machine, and other playful motifs. Each of the dozen different kid-friendly themes is printed twice on perforated pages for a total of 24 planes. Includes simple folding instructions.

  • ASIN: 0486492311
  • UPC: 800759492312

The Ultimate Guide to Paper Airplanes: 35 Amazing Step-By-Step Designs!

The Ultimate Guide to Paper Airplanes: 35 Amazing

Step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow photos of every crease, tuck and fold make these paper airplane books like no other. The clever organization starts with straightforward designs for beginning paper pilots as they enter flight school and progresses through the ranks to the advanced creations of a paper airplane captain!

  • Brand: Capstone
  • ASIN: 1429656484

The World Record Paper Airplane Book (Paper Airplanes)

The World Record Paper Airplane Book (Paper

It’s the classic, world’s bestselling paper airplane book, grounded in the aerodynamics of paper and abounding with fun. The World Record Paper Airplane Book raises paper airplane making to a unique, unexpected art. This new edition boasts four brand-new models: Stiletto, Spitfire, Galactica, and Sting Ray. Added to its hangar of proven fliers—including Valkyrie, Hammerhead, Vortex, Condor, Pterodactyl, and, of course, the famous World Record Paper Airplane—that makes twenty airworthy designs. Each is swathed in all-new, attention-grabbing graphics and is ready to tear out, fold, and fly. There are at least five models for each design and all-important instructions for how to adjust and throw each plane for best flight. But the planes are just the beginning. The book features tons of cool information on aerodynamics, competitions, and designing your own high-performing models. Readers will learn why paper airplanes fly (and why they crash), the history of Ken Blackburn’s world record, and how to organize and win contests. Also included is a flight log and pull-out runway for practicing accuracy.

  • Brand: Workman Publishing Company
  • ASIN: 0761143831
  • UPC: 019628143839

Ultimate Paper Airplanes for Kids: The Best Guide to Paper Airplanes!: Includes Instruction Book with 12 Innovative Designs & 48 Tear-Out Paper Planes

Ultimate Paper Airplanes for Kids: The Best Guide

**Winner of the 2016 Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year Award** Kids will love to fold and fly these sturdy, aerodynamic paper airplanes! In this clever origami book with folding papers, paper airplane expert Andrew Dewar presents his ultimate collection of easy-to-fold, high-performance planes for kids who are fascinated by aviation, technology, or origami. These planes are brightly colored and designed to fly beautifully every time. Some of the exciting designs include:The intimidating HammerheadThe futuristic Space CruiserThe hilariously named Belly ButtonAnd many more!The book opens with a fascinating introduction to the engineering principles of flight, so kids can learn about the forces that enable a plane to fly and affect the performance of their airplane designs. They'll have fun putting the paper planes through their paces: doing loops, barrel rolls, glides and dives. The sky is the limit once they understand how planes interact with the atmosphere! This paper airplane book contains: 12 innovative designs 48 pre-cut paper airplane models Detailed instructions for each paper plane Special, durable lightweight cardstock Printed folding lines for perfect folds Colorful and realistic designs A pull-out airport runway for landing maneuversBecome a tried-and-true av...

  • Brand: Andrew Dewar
  • ASIN: 4805313633

The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book: Featuring the World Record-Breaking Design, with Tear-Out Planes to Fold and Fly

The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book: Featuring

A current world record holder. John Collins has appeared on Conan, Discovery, ESPN, Nat Geo, Science Channel, and the cover of the Wall Street Journal.  In addition to the world record plane, this book features the coolest looking paper airplane from the movie, "Paper Planes".  The Star Fighter, in the lower right corner of the cover, plays a starring role in the movie.  It's the wind tunnel tested, super plane that wins contest after contest for the villain.  It's easily the most dangerous looking plane in the movie.  A collection of easy-to-fold paper airplane designs and innovative theories of flight, including the author's Guinness World Record-breaking airplane. Features 16 tear-out model planes.This is the book you saw on Conan.  Will YOU be the next to break the WORLD RECORD?  The first person to officially break the world record with John's plane will get $1,000.  Anything is possible with The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book, the newest collection of designs and theories of flight from John M. Collins, the man behind the Guinness World Record-breaking distance plane. Featuring twenty-two unique airplane designs with step-by-step instructional photos, plus tear-out models printed on regulation-weight paper stock, this entertaining and informative guide promi...

  • Brand: John M Collins
  • ASIN: 1607743884

Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron - Create and Customize 20 Paper Planes

Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron - Create

Create, decorate and watch your airplanes soar with this complete paper plane craft! This mini craft kit includes enough materials to create 20 paper airplanes - perfect for a small group activity such as a birthday party or sleep over. Use the included stickers to decorate your paper airplanes and make them entirely unique to you! Paper Airplane Squadron mini kit takes the classic craft of paper airplane making and modernizes it. Kids can create and customize 20 paper airplanes. The kits includes stickers, printed paper and detailed instructions. Recommended for ages 6+

  • Brand: Creativity for Kids
  • ASIN: B00A3H81LK
  • UPC: 092633199404

Make 24 Paper Planes: Includes Awesome Launcher Kit!

Make 24 Paper Planes: Includes Awesome Launcher

Paper plane lovers of all ages are in for a treat! This kit contains folding and flying instructions for 24 fantastic paper airplanes, from the simple dart to the high-precision shark to exciting varieties that deliver on acrobatics and speed! For the best paper planes, the secret is in the fold, and this book features easy-to-follow diagrams that show exactly how it's done. Thick, durable pages are already printed with 24 full-color planes, ready to make and fly. Readers simply follow the folding instructions, use the elastic bands and clips for support and weight, and ready their creations for take-off! The best part? A bonus launcher that can power planes to over 15 mph! Everything is housed in a convenient case for modeling on the go. (Ages 7+)

  • Brand: Barron s Educational Series
  • ASIN: 1438006403

Go Fun! Paper Airplanes

Go Fun! Paper

Go Fun! activities are the perfect way to beat backseat blahs. With Paper Airplanes, kids can assemble thirteen boldly illustrated, easy-to-fold planes. Each Go Fun! activity book features a different paper-folding activity. Perfect for packing along, these little books will keep kids engaged and entertained for hours – making the backseat blahs a thing of the past. With Go Fun! Paper Airplanes, kids will follow crystal-clear instructions to create their very own fleets of fantastic flying machines. 180 colorful stickers are included so that kids can add the their own creative finishing touches to every airplane.

  • ASIN: 1449431755
  • UPC: 050837308701

Michael LaFosse's Origami Airplanes: 28 Easy-to-Fold Paper Airplanes from America's Top Origami Designer!: Includes Paper Airplane Book, 28 Projects and DVD

Michael LaFosse's Origami Airplanes: 28 Easy-to-Fold Paper Airplanes

**2017 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award Winner** Make the best paper airplanes around with this easy-to-follow origami book. No scissors, tape or glue required!Enthralled with origami from a young age, world-renowned origami and paper crafter Michael LaFosse has used those skills to design and perfect paper planes for decades. In Michael Lafosse's Origami Airplanes, LaFosse presents 28 original paper origami models that incorporate innovative functional and aesthetic details like faceted flaps, ailerons, canards and spoilers that really work. The sense of proportion and balance, and an ingenious nose and fuselage locking system, define these signature models—which are instant classics. Readers accustomed to folding simple darts and wings will be thrilled and challenged by the folding maneuvers in these pages. Michael Lafosse's Origami Airplanes comes with great value—included are: 28 fun and challenging projects Step-by-step instructions Expert tips on techniques and folds Easy-to-follow DVD video tutorials Videos are also streamable or downloadable online Great for paper airplane enthusiasts, fans of unique origami works, and parents with kids. In addition to teaching the skills to create the planes, this unique paper craft book provides expert advice on:How to...

  • ASIN: 4805313609

Advanced Paper Airplanes For Kids and Adults: Full Color Edition

Advanced Paper Airplanes For Kids and Adults: Full

*** THE BEST PAPER AIRPLANES YOU WILL EVER MAKE AND FLY! ***This exciting new twist on paper airplanes features simple to advanced designs. These are not your standard origami paper airplanes. They look and fly like real airplanes. Several designs are capable of reaching well over 150 feet. Tough enough to be launched on a rocket or with a catapult and capable of flying the distance afterward launch. Detailed pictures guide you through step-by-step construction of the 35 baseline designs and standard variants. Templates are included for 35 paper airplanes ranging from business jets, fighters, bombers, spy planes, and paper airplanes with variable sweep and forward swept wings. Test your skills at building and flying various models and even learn to design your own using detailed tips, while experimenting with the wonders of flight. All of these paper airplanes are constructed using standard black & white or color 8.5 x 11 computer paper. Check out and for pictures and videos. The initial concept for these paper airplanes was developed 20 years ago by a middle school kid. That kid was me. This book is recommended for kids and adults 8 years or older. Kids younger than 10 years old may require ...

  • ASIN: 1542576938

Pocket Flyers Paper Airplane Book: 69 Mini Planes to Fold and Fly (Paper Airplanes)

Pocket Flyers Paper Airplane Book: 69 Mini Planes

Welcome to the world of miniature aviation. It’s entertainment on the fly for the office, backyard, classroom (don’t get caught!), or anywhere there might be a party, featuring 12 Lilliputian-size models that create 69 planes altogether. From the Skyhawk to the Saber, Phoenix to the B-2 Buzz Bomber, these inimitable flyers are vibrantly colored and gorgeously designed. Fold up the Gargoyle, which excels at loops and dives, and the Concorde 500, modeled after the fastest passenger plane ever built. Includes step-by-step folding instructions and tips on how to send each plane soaring at its full aerodynamic potential.    

  • Brand: Workman Publishing Company
  • ASIN: 1523502045

High-Performance Paper Airplanes Kit: 10 Pre-cut, Easy-to-Assemble Models: Kit with Pop-Out Cards, Paper Airplanes Book, & Catapult Launcher: Great for Kids and Parents!

High-Performance Paper Airplanes Kit: 10 Pre-cut, Easy-to-Assemble Models:

Fold and fire aerodynamic paper airplanes dozens of feet into the air with this easy origami kit.High-Performance Paper Airplanes presents a collection of realistic origami paper airplanes from well-known author and paper aviation expert Andrew Dewar. Dewar has spent decades perfecting the art of folding easy paper airplanes that both look great and fly well. This new series takes paper airplanes to new heights—literally! The planes can be fired high into the air with a rubber band launcher and are designed to circle down for a long time. The airplane designs are also printed in full-color on both sides and precut, so you just need to push them out and assemble them using a bit of glue. Although fun for folders of any age, these paper plane designs are so uncomplicated that they can be considered "origami-for-kids" projects and are a great way to learn origami. The origami airplanes range from simple designs that can be construct in under a minute to detailed scale replicas that look and fly like the real thing. The included instructional origami book not only explains how to assemble each plane, but how to fine-tune it to coax the best performance. Helpful tips for hosting competitions with your friends and suggestions for designing your own origami airplane models are also in...

  • ASIN: 0804843074

Easy Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft)over 30 simple projects

Easy Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft)over 30 simple

Here is a collection of 32 simple projects for novice origami hobbyists — clearly illustrated and with easy-to-follow instructions that even beginning papercrafters can follow with success. Subjects range from an ultra-simple hat, cup, and pinwheel to the more challenging (but still unintimidating) penguin, pelican, and piano.Also included are the figures of a swan, lantern, cicada, pigeon, fox, rabbit, and other popular origami subjects. With the successful completion of these projects, origami hobbyists will be well on their way to mastering a fascinating art that's as old as the invention of paper itself.

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486272982
  • UPC: 800759272983

Next Generation Paper Airplanes Kit: Engineered for Extreme Performance, These Paper Airplanes are Guaranteed to Impress: Kit with Book, 32 origami papers & DVD

Next Generation Paper Airplanes Kit: Engineered for Extreme

These paper airplanes are engineered for extreme performance and are guaranteed to impress. Noted paper engineer Sam Ita has deconstructed and re-engineered a collection of paper airplane projects to create a series of innovative, never-before-seen folding patterns. Sam kept the step-by-step folding instructions straightforward enough for even beginners to get in on the fun. With the included instructional DVD and enough custom-designed folding paper to make 56 planes, this kit has everything you need to get these fresh flyers soaring in no time at all. This paper airplanes kit contains: Full-color 48 page booklet Clear, step-by-step diagrams and instructions 12 airplane models 56 pre-printed, high-quality origami paper sheets Instructional DVD

  • Brand: Tuttle Publishing US
  • ASIN: 080484609X

Klutz Star Wars Folded Flyers: Make 30 Paper Starfighters Craft Kit

Klutz Star Wars Folded Flyers: Make 30 Paper

For the first time ever, you can fold Star Wars flyers that fly with the force. Star Wars Folded Flyers will speed through the living room as well as they do in outer space. That's because each of the six-starfighter designs has been rigorously tested by the Klutz Aerodynamics Team. And they look as great as they fly, because they're made from full-color, custom-designed papers - representing galactic vehicle exteriors, authentic to the last bolt. With five copies of each design, kids can have a fleet of Y-wings and X-wings at their command.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Klutz
  • ASIN: 0545396344
  • UPC: 730767396343

Paper Airplane Book For Kids: An Easy Step-By-Step Paper Airplane Instruction Bo (Volume 1)

Paper Airplane Book For Kids: An Easy Step-By-Step

If you’ve always wanted to know how to create amazing-looking Paper Airplanes that actually fly, then keep reading…★★★If you Buy the Paperback version of PAPER AIRPLANE BOOK FOR KIDS you will receive the kindle ebook version too, completely FREE!★★★Paper Airplane Book For Kids is a great purchase for anyone looking to learn and master the art of building Paper Airplanes. Not only is it suitable for kids, but adult beginners will also find this book fun to learn and build the 27 different designs in this book!In this book, you will get to build 27 amazing-looking paper airplane designs that actually fly and will keep you entertained for days on end. The paper airplane designs begin with very easy ones and progress to slightly harder ones, so you can build your confidence as you go.Each design will take you by the hand through a simple step-by-step process. Each step features a clear and easy-to-understand instruction of what to do, backed up by an illustration to ensure you do not get stuck.Not only will you learn how to create these awesome Paper Airplanes, but you will also learn the basic principles of flight, so you will get to learn about aerodynamics and the forces that make flying possible while you’re having fun.Paper Airplane Book For Kids includes...

  • ASIN: 1723293032

The World's Greatest Paper Airplane and Toy Book

The World's Greatest Paper Airplane and Toy

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.This amazing book has every possible airplane design from stunt plane to glider, from the normal dart, to the X-Wing. You don't need fancy paper to execute and you can also learn to make ninja stars and frogs, helicopters, and a pac-man head. If you love paper planes, get this book!

  • Brand: McGraw-Hill Professional
  • ASIN: 0830628460
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