Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Dodge Hellcat

Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Dodge

For the pure enjoyment of R/C car driving, the combination of a beautifully reproduced Dodge Demon in the legacy color of Plum Crazy Purple body with the FAZER series chassis can’t be beaten. Kyosho has taken its most popular touring car car and given it a full model makeover that has evolved performance to a new level. A simplified design by world-renowned designer, Akira Kogawa, has fewer parts, improved maintenance, efficiency and reduced weight while core strength and rigidity has been increased through new materials and ribbing and stiffeners on front and rear. In addition, the symmetrical chassis design synergizes excellent front-rear balance through the suspension with responsive control, irrespective of power source. Featuring slipper clutch, front & rear gear differentials, oil shocks and full ball bearing specs, the high durability and impact resistance allows drivers to unleash the full potential of the chassis. Brake disc wheel hubs with two different offsets (0mm, +5mm) provide compatibility with 190mm and 200mm width body styles and allows the wheelbase to be adjusted to 260mm by replacing some parts (sold separately) for compatibility with other 1/10 scale body styles, in addition the body included. The Readyset package comes fully assembled and includes everythi...

  • Color: Plum Crazy Purple
  • Brand: Kyosho
  • ASIN: B07HP8Q7YQ

Mad Crusher 1:8-Scale Nitro Monster Truck

Mad Crusher 1:8-Scale Nitro Monster

The foundation of the new “Mad Crusher” solid axle truck dates back to early 2002, when it was first introduced as the “Mad Force.” this popular series of trucks is getting its most significant revision to date, and it’s packed with much more horsepower and advanced suspension that’s more realistic, and able to dominate the toughest off-road terrain. The most significant upgrade on the Mad Crusher is the suspension. The Mad Crusher is just the second Kyosho truck (the rock force high-performance crawler was the first) to feature five-link suspension. It delivers far superior and more realistic performance for a truck using solid axles. In the Mad Crusher, four conventional links connect the axle to the chassis, and the fifth link is a Panhard rod that laterally locates the axles. Combined, the five links allow much more freedom of movement, which improves traction over uneven terrain. The nitro-powered Mad Crusher features a proven, powerful Kyosho KE25SP engine that starts easily and runs like a fine watch when it’s properly tuned. The KE25SP engine features a large milled-aluminum cylinder head keeps the engine cool. The basic design of the chassis has always been its strength, and the twin vertical plates (TVP) form the chassis sides while a horizontal base plate...

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Kyosho
  • ASIN: B07HP6ST67

Kyosho 1: 10-Scale Rc Off-Road Buggy Kit Vehicle

Kyosho 1: 10-Scale Rc Off-Road Buggy Kit

The Javelin's original design concept was to create a machine that redefines what it meant to be the "best." More than 30 years since its release in 1986, This electric off-road competition model has been recreated as the sixth model in the Kyosho vintage series. Incorporating a more realistic tube-frame style body, The new Javelin features the proven performance of double wishbone suspension with a ladder-style aluminum frame that delivers the same performance that made it a superior race car back in the 80S. The Javelin's sealed chain-drive system produces excellent performance and durability. A drive belt and pulleys are also included to build the car with either the chain drive that was included in the original car, or a belt drive, which was optional when the car was originally released. The drive system includes other upgrades like fine 48-pitch gears and an adjustable slipper clutch to better protect the drive system, especially with more powerful motors. The two-piece compound gear features a molded composite spur gear that keeps the drivetrain running smooth and quiet. All the other gears are 48-pitch metal right down to the diff gear, which makes the drivetrain run more smoothly, efficiently, and more durable. The upper shaft features a slipper clutch to protect the dri...

  • Brand: Kyosho
  • ASIN: B07589RS2W

Kyosho Radio Control Mini-Z RWD Series Ready Set Audi Sport R8 LMS - 32323AS-B

Kyosho Radio Control Mini-Z RWD Series Ready Set

With just 8 x AAA-size batteries, the MINI-Z Racer allows anyone to enjoy the beautiful style and advanced performance of R/C cars. First launched in 2013, Kyosho has renewed the MINI-Z Racer Sports MR-03 concept to be even more user-friendly and appealing to more drivers with the MINI-Z RWD series! Widely popular body styles in highly detailed body sets create the incredibly realistic model lineup. Including the latest Syncro KT-531P transmitter with steering trim, throttle trim, dual rate, LED control function, the sponge grip of the steering wheel provides comfortable fit for precision control feel. The set also includes a car body finished to display-model standard that matches stunning style with the performance, reliability and durability of the MR-03 chassis. The new control program on the newly designed circuit board delivers linear handling characteristics. This series represents the perfect package for a deep dive into the amazing world of R/C cars!

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Kyosho
  • ASIN: B07CR3KQ68

Kyosho Mini-Z Monster EX Mad Force 1:27-Scale RC Monster Truck

Kyosho Mini-Z Monster EX Mad Force 1:27-Scale RC

Kyosho makes it easy for anybody to enjoy the benefits of advanced design technology and components with the realistic control and great value of the mini-z monster EX. This compact and realistic machine is specifically designed for R/C beginners and features large rubber tires that power over just about anything that gets in its way. The advanced control system includes the ASF 2.4GHz R/C unit so the need to manage frequency bands is no longer required and also allows up to 40 models to be operated simultaneously. In addition, the power of the x-speed mini-z motor V works in perfect combination with the high power speed controller. There is more than enough power output to execute awesome wheelies!.

  • Brand: Kyosho

Kyosho RTR RC Racing Buggy Vehicle, Blue/White/Black

Kyosho RTR RC Racing Buggy Vehicle,

The legendary Kyosho Ultima series has competed at the highest level in major 2WD racing buggy classes around the world since 1987, winning its first IFMAR World Championship in its first attempt. Continually evolving to be at the forefront of racing trends, the ULTIMA RB 6.6 is the most advanced competition model in the series to date, and it's the base for this Readyset version. While the kit version of the RB 6.6 features four transmission setups (rear motor, 3-gear mid-motor, 4-gear mid-motor, and lay-down mid-motor), the Readyset version represents a great value and includes the 4-gear mid-motor transmission that after exhaustive testing on numerous surfaces by the designer and others, proved to deliver the best handling balance of all the transmission configurations available for the RB6.6. As the basic configuration of the chassis and components are the same as in the kit version, the same wide setting options allow the chassis to be competitive on the race track straight out of the box. The car is equipped with a powerful G15 brushed motor that delivers even greater power characteristics than the sensorless brushless motor included in the previous ULTIMA RB6 Readyset (No.30858). As the Readyset includes nearly all items needed, simply charge your own battery for the chass...

  • Color: Blue/White/Black
  • Brand: Kyosho
  • ASIN: B073PBT2NQ

Kyosho 1/8 Scale Radio Control GP WD re-singubagi- Lady Set infa-no Neo 3.0 Color Type 1 Blue KT - 231P + with 33012t1

Kyosho 1/8 Scale Radio Control GP WD re-singubagi-

The Inferno NEO 3.0 is the premiere ready-to-run RC 1:8 scale off-road buggy for thrill-seeking enthusiasts that literally want a machine that's going to hit the ground running. The ready-to-run (ReadySet) NEO 3.0 is the latest version in the iron-horse Inferno line of legendary nitro off-road machines. Based on the unique DNA of an eight-time IFMAR World Champion, the new NEO 3.0 brings a level of experience and refinement that no other buggy can claim; kit or factory assembled. With the best pedigree in the market, the NEO 3.0 is nearly race-ready, and it's also runs through nearly any rough terrain like a boss, bringing the Inferno's incredible performance potential within the reach of any enthusiast. The NEO 3.0 features an anodized aluminum chassis as its foundation. The powerful and yet easy-to-start KE21SP engine with a recoil starter features low-profile engine mounts and a compact flywheel/clutch assembly. Three differentials (front, center and rear) get more power to the ground while still maintaining an extraordinary level of control. The molded composite bulkheads, suspension arms and other miscellaneous components have the benefit of materials and production methods that have been refined over DECADES. It's knowledge that takes many years and even decades to develop,...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Kyosho

Kyosho 1: 8-Scale Nitro RC Car Vehicle

Kyosho 1: 8-Scale Nitro RC Car

The new Kyosho dodge demon GT2 is not only a replica of one the most exciting new street performance cars in decades, it's also based on a world championship-winning design, which features very durable suspension components, adjustable four-wheel independent suspension with oil-filled shocks, a rugged and low-maintenance shaft drive system with an adjustable automatic two-speed transmission, front and rear gear differentials for superior traction, and solid steel driveshaft's with front universals. Getting power to the ground are large diameter wheels fitted with low-profile rubber tires that are factory-mounted. This nitro-powered car features a.25 C.I. Nitro engine (4.1cc) features a high-performance rear exhaust port coupled to a polished aluminum tuned pipe, combined with five performance-enhancing transfer ports for outstanding power. An automatic centrifugal clutch with replaceable Springs and shoes gets power through the drive system and down the track. Fast.

  • Brand: Kyosho
  • ASIN: B07B2K9NTB

Kyosho Dirt Hog Ready-to-Run RC 4WD Buggy Car with Team Orion Battery & Charger, Red

Kyosho Dirt Hog Ready-to-Run RC 4WD Buggy Car

Designed and built to deliver real off-road performance, the EP Fazer Dirt hog is an electric buggy that is ready for action straight out of the box. With its low center of gravity design, the center shaft 4WD provides total control and agility. In addition, the slipper clutch, metal diff gears, sealed transmission and left/right one-piece structure of the suspension arm and pivot pin provide the durability and impact resistance for the Dirt hog to take on the roughest tracks anywhere without hesitation. Fitted with a 45A continuous current ESC and waterproof KS4081-04W servo, the set also features easy setting of suspension, tie-rods and the KT-231P transmitter (included). The Dirt hog can be toughened up even further with a wide range of optional parts as your skill level improves. Everything needed to get going is included except batteries for the transmitter. Just charge up the included battery for the chassis and switch the 2.4GHz R/C system ON, and get dirty! The EP Fazer Dirt hog provides real buggy setup and linear control for the ideal entry into the world of R/C motor sports. < Readyset Contents > Factory assembled chassis with R/C unit installed Pre-colored printed body (with large wing) Synchro KT-231P transmitter Vortex WP Brush 45A (waterproof, heatsink, forward/bra...

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Kyosho

Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Vintage Series Kit 1:10-scale

Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Vintage Series Kit

The Turbo Scorpion is BACK! Kyosho is proud to reintroduce the car that many vintage experts regard as the first “real” racing car in the 1/10 off-road racing category. There were Kyosho cars classified as being “off-road” before the Scorpion, but it wasn’t until the release of the Turbo Scorpion that a car that had all of the features considered necessary, were in included in one kit. This kit is faithful to most features of the original car, but there are some components that have been upgraded due to improved materials, more sophisticated manufacturing processes or just a desire to improve the breed. The car features 6061T6 aluminum frame rails with front and rear trailing arm suspension that features cast arms also cast with 6061T6 aluminum. At the rear is the transmission that is factory assembled, and it features steel 48-pitch gears with a slipper clutch. The “tub” under the lightweight lexan body and upper cage is home to the radio electronics and electronic speed controller (purchased separately). La

  • Color: White / Blue
  • Brand: Kyosho
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