iSpring WGB22B-PB 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System w/ 20-Inch Carbon Block and Iron & Lead Reducing Filter

iSpring WGB22B-PB 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

The WGB22B-PB whole house filtration system is a great "point of entry" filtration system for cleaning up well water. Unlike "point of use" systems (like reverse osmosis systems) that are installed to supply water to a specific faucet, the WGB22B-PB filters your water from the source. This means water from every output in your home will have passed through the two filtration stages of the WGB22B-PB. So what exactly do these two stages of filtration offer?The first stage of the WGB22B-PB houses a 5-micron CTO coconut shell carbon block filter. Block carbon is more effective than other forms of carbon in that it is finely ground up carbon packed into a solidified block. This means they have a higher density than other types of carbon filters, and are therefore more effective in removing their targeted contaminants. The carbon block filter knocks out bad tastes and odors, removes over 90% of chlorine from the water, and is highly effective on organic chemicals (VOCs) like pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals. The second stage of the WGB22B-PB houses an iron and lead reducing filter. The FCRC25B iron and lead reducing filter is only included with the WGB22B-PB (and the WGB32B-PB), as it is not needed for most municipal water supplies that the WGB22B targets. If you are o...

  • Color: red
  • Brand: iSpring
  • UPC: 662425080298

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher + Three Replacement Filters, Water Filtration System Removes Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Chromium 6, Fluoride, Arsenic

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher + Three Replacement

The best tap water pitcher you can buy. With the Clearly Filtered Clean Water Pitcher there is no need to worry about the quality of your drinking water. Fill from any tap water source and enjoy removing up to 98% of Fluoride, 99% of Lead, 99.9% of Chromium 6 from your supplied drinking water. The ClearlyFiltered Clean Water Pitcher with Gen 2 filter removes Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Chromium 6, Fluoride, Arsenic, Pesticides & Insecticides, Harmful Chemicals and More! Filters should be changed on average every 100 gallons (but depending on your water and the contaminants within it this can vary)

  • Brand: Clearly Filtered
  • ASIN: B079X4ZZM8
  • UPC: 855930007069

3M Filters, Lead Paint Removal Respirator

3M Filters, Lead Paint Removal

3M Replacement Filters are used for sanding and scraping of lead-based paint in certain projects. For use with 3M 6000 or 7500 series face piece respirators. Easy to use, the 3M Replacement Filters are a great choice in respiratory protection for the professional.

  • Brand: 3M
  • ASIN: B002MAXH9M
  • UPC: 051141905211

Omnipure L5515 2.5 x 10 L-Series GAC with Lead Removal Filter Cartridge

Omnipure L5515 2.5 x 10 L-Series GAC with

The Omnipure L5515 should be replaces every 1 year/1250 gallons.The Omnipure L5515 2.5" x 10" L-Series GAC with Lead Removal Filter Cartridge reduces cyct, lead, and chlorine to give you better tasting and smelling water. The Omnipure L5515 is great for use with ice makers, refrigerators, RO systems, and beverage systems. THIS FILTER MAY TAKE 2 - 4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

  • Color: WHITE
  • Brand: Omnipure
  • UPC: 092145755938

Filtrete Maximum Under Sink Water Filtration System, Easy to Install, Reduces 99% Lead + Much More (3US-MAX-S01)

Filtrete Maximum Under Sink Water Filtration System, Easy

Filtrete™ maximum under sink water filtration system is an easy to install and maintain, under sink water filtration system that connects to your kitchen or bath faucet. System reduces lead, microbial cysts, chlorine taste & odor and sand, sediment, rust, & soil. Easy push-fitting connections and 1/4 turn filter change replacements with high water flow rates of 1.5 gallons per minute.

  • Color: Maximum
  • Brand: Filtrete
  • ASIN: B01L0ADH3K
  • UPC: 076308875916

3M Mold and Lead Paint Removal Respirator, Medium

3M Mold and Lead Paint Removal Respirator,

3M Mold and Lead Paint Removal Respirator is used for the professional remediation of mold. In accordance with US-EPA Guidelines and for sanding and scraping lead-based paint, 3M Mold and Lead Paint Removal Respirator helps reduce exposure to mold spores and odors. 3M Mold and Lead Paint Removal Respirator is a great choice in mold and lead paint respiratory protection for the professional.

  • Color: multy
  • Brand: 3M
  • ASIN: B00063Y25U
  • UPC: 051131919594

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter - 50K Ultra High Capacity - Made in USA

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter - 50K

The CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter works beneath any home or office sink to filter up to 50,000 gallons of cold water on demand. Replace the UC-200 every 50,000 gallons or 5 years, whichever comes first. In addition to Micro Sediment Membranes, the UC-200 utilizes a patented combination of KDF-55 Filtration Media and Virgin Acid Washed Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon Filtration Media that have been tested to NSF standard 42 and 61. The UC-200 will reduce a wide variety of organic and inorganic contaminants including but not limited to: chlorine, water soluble cation heavy metals (lead, mercury, chromium VI, cadmium, etc.), herbicides, pesticides, sediment, algae, molds, bad taste, odors and other undesirable contaminants that may effect the quality of your water supply. The UC-200 DOES NOT REDUCE TDS, a TDS or PPM meter is not effective for this type of filter. Use DPD#1 Chlorine Test Strips & replace when chlorine breakthrough is detected. Want TDS Removal? Search ASIN#B019N7VG1W to view CuZn's RO System. The UC-200 purifies the water selectively, allowing beneficial mineral content to remain. Hardness Minerals (calcium & magnesium) will pass through the UC-200, the UC-200's KDF-55 Media stage may reduce hard scale formation on heating elements like coffee makers but not ...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: CuZn
  • ASIN: B000923524
  • UPC: 804087020247

Shower Filter for Hard Water - Removes Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead - Improves the Condition of Your Hair and Skin - Water Softener - for any Shower Head and Handheld - 2 Cartridges Included

Shower Filter for Hard Water - Removes Chlorine,

The Easy Way to Enjoy Shower Head Filtered Water Every DayTired of dealing with dry skin and a flaky scalp? Wish there was an easy way to erase the side effects of your hard water?Our 10-Stage Shower Filter can help! Designed with an intelligent filtration system that softens your water while eliminating toxins, metals, bacteria, fluoride and more, our shower head water filter ensures that when you want to get clean you actually do! Our unique shower head water filter cartridge takes your water through ten steps before it ever reaches your hair or skin: 1. Activated Carbon 2. Negative Ion Ceramic Balls 3. KDF 55 4. Calcium Sulfite (CAS03) 5. Polypropylene Cotton 6. Medical Stone 7. Maifan Ceramic Balls 8. Activated Carbon 9. Polypropylene Cotton 10. High Density Steel Mesh By filtering your shower water you will improve the feel and appearance of your hair, skin and nails. Advanced water filters like ours can protect you from things like: - asthma flare-ups - bronchitis - dry skin - itchy skin - dandruff - eczemaCompatible with overhead shower heads, handheld shower heads and rainfall shower heads, our water filter can take your showers to a whole new level of clean.Buy today on Amazon and receive a complete shower head filter kit with 1 shower hose, 2 cartridges, tefl...

  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: Ej-Home
  • ASIN: B07D78TSFM
  • UPC: 601557639608

PureSpa High Output 13 Stage Shower Filter - Filters and Helps with the Removal of Chlorine, Fluoride, Nickel and Lead - Fits Any Showerhead - Water Softener with Vitamin C - 2 Replacement Cartridges

PureSpa High Output 13 Stage Shower Filter -

New Level of Hygiene- The luxury Inline Shower Filter features a 13 Stage Filtration System guaranteed to purify your shower water at any temperature. It removes chlorine and other harmful impurities, traps heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and inhibits the growth of organic substances such as bacteria and fungi. - Will immediately notice that the water feels softer, soap and shampoo lather up better, your skin and hair feel rejuvenated and tangle free, and the chlorine odor is gone! Reduces Chlorine Levels - Utility companies add chlorine to your water supply to kill bacteria. But this chlorine-treated water is bad news as it causes dryness and flaky skin, brittle, damaged hair, and inexplicable fatigue. Especially when unfiltered hot water turns to steam, and vast amounts of chlorine enter the body via skin pores and inhalation. - Exposure to chlorinated water could then lead to respiratory illness, skin disorders, such as acne, and other serious health risks. 13 Stage Combination Filter System for both Hot and Cold Showers - PureSpa uses a mix of KDF-55, Active Carbon and Calcium Sulfite to filter the water. - KDF-55 works particularly well in purifying the water at higher temperatures. - Activated Carbon charcoal removes chlorine and other impurities i...

  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: J&B Home Goods
  • ASIN: B07C6GYX27
  • UPC: 766567999958

Shower Filter for Bathroom Shower Head - 2 Cartridge Included Remove Hard Water Chlorine, Flouride and Rust High Output(12 stage)

Shower Filter for Bathroom Shower Head - 2

Shower filters to remove chlorine and flouride and lead, it solved the problems of dry skin, itching and dry hair after bathing, and care the health of whole family. --What's including in the filter-- PP cotton, high density stainless steel mesh, alkaline ceramic balls, maifan stones, KDF-55, microporous ceramic balls, coconut activated carbon, germanium balls, dechlorination ball calcium sulfite, magnetic energy ceramic balls. KDF-55: is a high purity copper alloy, which can perfectly remove heavy metals and acid ions in the water, improve the activation degree of water, more conducive to the absorption of water by human body. Dechlorination Ball Calcium Sulfite: has strong permeability, water molecules are free to pass through; High adsorption can purify and kill all kinds of pathogens in water, inhibit the reproduction and growth of bacteria and microorganisms, effectively filter residual chlorine in water, purify water quality and regulate PH value. Maifan Stone: is rich in a variety of trace elements which human body needed, not only good for water purification and sewage treatment, but also powerful adsorption for bacteria. --Specification-- Cover material: ABS Suitable temperature: 0-80℃ Suitable crowd: broad --Packing: 1 x shower water filter 2 x cartridge 2 x rubber s...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Elzoneta
  • ASIN: B079JTZX2W
  • UPC: 689771236285
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