Fresh Linen | Luxury Scented Soy Candles | Hand Poured in The USA | Highly Scented & Long Lasting | 170 g

Fresh Linen | Luxury Scented Soy Candles |

Our Mission: To create a scented candle that you can actually smell. One that burns clean and is made free of harmful toxins. A great candle that is not only beautiful but affordable! Our candles are made with the highest quality of premium soy wax, infused with essential oil based fragrances. These candles are known for its pure sophistication, and its long-lasting fragrances can fill any room. Lulu Candles burn clean with one of the longest burn times on the market!

  • Color: Fresh Linen
  • Brand: Lulu Candles
  • ASIN: B07CKPSH95
  • UPC: 689178996546

Benevolence LA Soy Candle Scented Candle - Premium Strong Scented Aromatherapy Candles Soy Wax Scented Candles Deodorizing Clean Scents Matte Coral Glass (Hibiscus Palmwood)

Benevolence LA Soy Candle Scented Candle - Premium

As with all of our products, Benevolence LA scented candles are made with a mission and a purpose. Each aromatherapy candle helps to shine a light on the darkness of sex trafficking. We donate to Zoe International; an organization that seeks to bring life to others by offering them hope and providing children who've been victimized by human trafficking true healing and restoration. Our candles are made with natural soy wax, the best choice for the health of your home. Soy wax candles are made from soybean oil, while paraffin candles are made using petroleum. Soy wax candles don't increase carbon dioxide levels in your house-or in the atmosphere. Soy wax candles burn 50 percent longer than other candles, and are much cleaner burning as well. Our candles leave no excess wax on the side of the jar. No soot is produced to stain curtains or walls. The candles are non-toxic, and the aroma is much more powerful, pleasant, and longer-lasting. You'll notice right away that our candles are made with enough natural fragrance to fill your room. No faint smelling candles here!

  • Color: Hibiscus Palmwood
  • Brand: Benevolence LA
  • ASIN: B07DH9KH9G
  • UPC: 705833250249

LA JOLIE MUSE Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Scented Candle Gift,10Oz 100% Soy Wax 65 Hours Burn, Gifts for her

LA JOLIE MUSE Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Scented Candle

Why choose Soy candles?  1. Compared to paraffin wax, soy wax is naturally biodegradable and eco-friendly.   2. Soy wax candles do not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere like paraffin candles do.   3. Soy not only burns cleaner, but slower too. A soy candle can burn up to twice as long as regular candles, meaning luxury can be value for money!   4. Furthermore, soy candles burn evenly, leaving almost no excess wax on the sides of the jar. It's also easier to remove wax from materials and other surfaces than paraffin wax.

  • Color: Rose Gold
  • Brand: LA JOLIE MUSE
  • ASIN: B074C9525V
  • UPC: 619775273344

Bare Kollections - Soy Candles, 11 oz. (Serenity) Hand Poured in USA | Long Lasting Candle | Luxury Candle | Birthday Gift Ideas | Women Gifts

Bare Kollections - Soy Candles, 11 oz. (Serenity)

It is All About Being Bare Bare Kollections brand Owner and Designer Sanja Hadrovic has always believed in minimalism. She has always looked up to L. Mies Van Der Rohe, and the 'Less is More' movement which lead her to design products that are pure, honest and simple yet stylish.  Can be used to clean air after harsh cooking smells, to set a mood for any occasion or to meditate and relax.  The BARE Kollections candles will transform your room in minutes, giving it life, setting the mood and leaving a long-lasting impression on your guests. Currently featuring a variety of 3 scents Serenity: Top notes of Lavender and Lilac to create a rich, powerful scent – inviting a Botanical garden into your home (floral) Boldness: A bold mix of tobacco and vanilla, to create a confident atmosphere (spicy) Clarity: A refreshing cocktail of sweet mint, basil and lime - brightens any mood (fresh)

  • Color: Serenity
  • Brand: Bare Kollections
  • ASIN: B07G2FSG9Q
  • UPC: 857081008094

Archipelago Black Forest Soy Candle

Archipelago Black Forest Soy

Black Forest is hand-blended in small batches. Layers of woody essential oils and leafy citrus notes are carefully poured to give you an even and well-dispersed synthesis of aromatic flavors. The oils then lie in wait, aging in barrels as they blend, mature and intensify. The process is intricate and time-consuming, but quite worth it. The final product is complex, intense, and sure to transport you to the hidden depths of the forest.

  • Color: White Box, Black Glass
  • Brand: Archipelago Botanicals
  • UPC: 755167060557

Archipelago Havana Excursion Candle Jars

Archipelago Havana Excursion Candle

Our classic apothecary jars with lids are the perfect way to enjoy and protect our candles. Each candle is carefully hand crafted with premium candle waxes, our essential oil fragrance blend and safe, lead-free wicks. Havana, inspired by the sights and sounds of Cuba is our best-selling home fragrance. We blend the oils used to make Havana in small batch barrels, and then allow them to age and mature. The results are an olfactory experience that immediately envelops and greets anybody who steps into the room. For most, it’s love at first light!

  • Color: red
  • Brand: Archipelago Botanicals
  • ASIN: B0002PFDYQ
  • UPC: 755167053672

Aromatherapy Candle and Reed Diffuser Set Dream by Calm Earth | Candle Gift Set | Soy Scented Candle and Reed Diffuser Oil With Wood Sticks | Natural Elegant Reed Diffusers For Your Home

Aromatherapy Candle and Reed Diffuser Set Dream by

Balance Is The Key To Happiness This is true in every aspect of our lives. From the basic cells in our body that continually try to find homeostasis to the broader concept of finding equilibrium in our everyday lives, we are a species that is always seeking balance. It's why we feng shui our homes and meditate --it's an attempt to seek a sense of grounding and stability in an otherwise chaotic world. But did you know that we are very influenced by smell? We usually aren't cognizant of this, but smell can affect our mood, how we sleep, how we concentrate, and our level of happiness. By utilizing our diffuser oil air freshener and candle, you can find calm and relief from stress in a society that expects a lot from us. At Calm Earth, we encourage you to take time out of your busy schedule and relax, center yourself, and appreciate all of the senses you take for granted and the simple things life has to offer.Satisfaction Guarantee Your contentment is paramount to us, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, please return for a 100% money back guarantee. What You Receive: (1) 100mL of Pink Cashmere fragrant oil - 6 months continuous diffuser scent (1) Candle that has multi layers of different scents starts sweet at the top and slowly melts into woodsy scent at the bottom, 160 gra...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Calm Earth Co

PHLUR Annica Luxury Scented Candle in Glass or Ceramic Vessel - Long Lasting, 100% Natural Wax Candle with Notes of Sandalwood, Hazlenut, Fig & White Floral

PHLUR Annica Luxury Scented Candle in Glass or

With its reverent subtlety and warm embrace, Annica is designed to induce tranquility in those moments where calm is required. An interpretation of our Hanami fragrance, Annica shares Hanami's minimalist sensibility. They also share notes of fig, white florals, hazelnut and sandalwood.

  • Brand: PHLUR
  • UPC: 854145008007

Sea Salt Water & Lavender | Luxury Scented Candles | Hand Poured in The USA | Highly Scented & Long Lasting | Soy Candles | Small - 6 Oz.

Sea Salt Water & Lavender | Luxury Scented

Our Mission: To create a scented candle that you can actually smell. One that burns cleanly and is slow burning. A great candle that is not only beautiful but affordable! Our candles are made with the highest quality of premium soy wax. These candles are known for its pure sophistication, and its long-lasting fragrances can fill any room. Lulu Candles burn clean with one of the longest burn times on the market!

  • Brand: Lulu Candles
  • ASIN: B07C29DLL4
  • UPC: 689178996591

Malicious Women Candle Co - Please Don't Do Meth in Our Bathroom, Spa Day (White Tea & Ginger) Infused with A Sense of Judgment, All-Natural Organic Soy Candle, 9 oz

Malicious Women Candle Co - Please Don't Do

Each Malicious Women Candle Co. candle is hand poured and scented with a custom fragrance blended by the original Malicious Woman herself. There is nothing off-the-shelf about these fragrances. Each label has a story and an experience that have made me and my besties laugh our asses off over cocktails. Nothing says "You're my best bitch" like a Malicious Women Candle. Whatever the occasion, these rustic-chic candles are guaranteed to create an experience of laughter. We hope you are able to see yourself in one or two of our humorous labels and support a greater cause.  Our mission is to provide a light for women who find themselves in a dark place through supporting and donating a portion of the proceeds from each sale to empowering women.Malicious Women Candle Co. handcrafted soy candles are natural and burn cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. The scented, creamy soy wax is hand poured into a vintage apothecary style recyclable jar. We hope you will enjoy our beautifully scented soy candles as much as we enjoyed making them for you!Candle Use Instructions: Ensure 3 to 4 hours for the first burn allowing your candle to burn across to the edge of the container before putting it out, keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch and always remove debris and wick trimmings. Burn time ap...

  • UPC: 662225992456

Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle, Balance + Harmony (Water Lily Pear) Large

Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle, Balance + Harmony

The Chesapeake Bay Candle mind & body collection large glass jar candle with lid is a fragrance filled journey into wellness for the mind & body. The combination of juicy tropical fruits, ripened peach, and delicious pear rises through the soul of this harmonious fragrance. Fresh petals of rose, Violet, waterlily, and cyclamen dance around Watery greens and creamy coconut. Add a sense of balance to your interior and bring the outdoors in as sandalwood fuses with the green foliage and subtle rosewood. Includes Essential oils of: orange oil. When finding time has become a luxury, one needs to Pause and look inward to redefine inner Peace and inspire others. Allow moments of Stillness and the simple pleasures of fragrance to take you on a journey for the mind and body. Just as ripples expand across the water of a pond, our flow of emotions fluctuates from core energy to absolute Stillness. Let Chesapeake Bay Candle take you on a sensory journey. . .

  • Brand: Chesapeake Bay Candle
  • UPC: 754870319211

T&H Stress Relief Aromatherapy Candles 3 Wick Pure Soy Wax Scented Candle 80 Hour Burn Long Lasting 16 Ounce Handmade Glass (Lime Basil Mandarin)

T&H Stress Relief Aromatherapy Candles 3 Wick Pure

The Ultimate Home Accessory. This Luxury candle is so beautiful, so complex, so intriguing and truly will confound and inspire you all at the same time . This is a mild scent, enhancing stress relief and relaxation. It is not dominant or overpowering, but rather....beautifully subtle. The exotic fragrances infuse the compelling scent of Lime, Basil & Mandarin throughout your rooms to soothe your mind. The Base note of sandalwood and vetiver oil provide an air of luxury, transforming the atmosphere with feelings of warmth and opulence. This Luxurious perfumed candle fills your home with an uplifting scent of peppery basil & zesty mandarin. The scent will evoke a sensation of a warm sea breeze on a white sandy beach. The scent burns cleanly and soot-free. You will feel alive again, invigorated and renewed. T&H candles are made with non-toxic soy based wax Our wicks are natural lead-free cotton wicks Our fragrances are triple scented Vegan friendly Not tested on animals Hand poured by T&H Candle Craftsmen with Love. Burns for up to 80 hours. Beautifully packaged in an Artisan designed box in a GIANT 17oz Decorative Glass Jar..... The Perfect Gift for Weddings, Birthdays, Mothers Day or to just say, "Thank you". Top note: Grapefruit, Fresh Ginger, Blue Tangerine, Li...

  • Color: Lime Basil Mandarin
  • Brand: T&H

Aubert & Amandine Aromatherapy PEACE Bergamot Cedar Scented Luxury Soy Candle w 3 Wick Stress Relief Candles Velas Aromaticas

Aubert & Amandine Aromatherapy PEACE Bergamot Cedar Scented

Indulge yourself or someone special with our luxuriously scented 3 wick candles. With a range of essential oil scents and the flickering light of the candle, you can create the perfect ambience. Aubert & Amandine aromatherapy candles contain a generous amount of essential oils and a sophisticated design; they are a perfect choice to fragrance a larger room in the most discerning home. We only use soy wax; Aubert & Amandine candles are free from all petroleum-based paraffin products and additives. With a trio of natural cotton fiber wicks they burn evenly filling your space with the luxurious fragrance. Use them in any room where you want style and the best smelling candles. Your bath room, kitchen, bedroom, office - really anywhere. The large size, made with the finest essential oils ensures the scent will fill your room to the very end. PEACE Ocean Breeze (Bergamot Cedar) Top: bergamot, lime, grapefruit, violet leaves Mid: muguet, melon, rose Base: amber, cedar wood Let your cares melt away, like an ocean breeze. The refreshing clean fragrance of Bergamot has been shown to have a lifting effect, so it can stimulate uplifting thoughts and feelings and improve energy levels. Cool, light, aquatic scent Tangy, citrusy green top note Softened with an earthy woodsiness

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Aubert & Amandine
  • UPC: 858150007239

Paddywax Candles Statement Collection Scented Candle 7-Ounce Salt + Sage

Paddywax Candles Statement Collection Scented Candle 7-Ounce Salt

Make a statement with this playful yet sophisticated glass candle (available in two sizes). A striking opaque colored glass hand-poured at the Paddywax factory in Nashville, where their signature soy wax blend is combined with natural fragrances. Paddywax is an artisan candle company and industry leader in hand-poured, fragrance-infused, soy wax blended candles. Dedicated to creating something lovely for every home, Paddywax combines innovative fragrances and creative designs for every gift-giving or home-use occasion. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Paddywax is proud to boast all products are made right here in the USA. Each custom recipe aroma is made to deliver the best experience through the use of natural ingredients and Paddywax takes pride in the fact they never use synthetic fragrance. Believing that beauty lies in the details, they know you too, will fall in love with Paddywax.

  • Color: Salt + Sage
  • Brand: Paddywax Candles
  • UPC: 647658014166

Urban Apothecary Smoked Leather Little Luxury Scented Candle 70 g

Urban Apothecary Smoked Leather Little Luxury Scented Candle

Drift into this comforting memory of feeling as if you're at home sweet home. Smoked Leather can change your mood to one more settled, providing an instant happy-place. While nature's botanicals are the heart of our sensorial apothecary, we love imaginative ingredients. To us, the smell of fine leather is reassuring and relaxing, making this fragrance great to inhale when rest is best. This meditative and calming Smoked Leather scented candle is redolent of lounging in a chesterfield leather armchair with the scent of wood smoke drifting from the fireplace. Aromas of antique smoked leather, soft suede and saffron combine in the softest of whispers, encouraging olibanum's resinous pitches to climb in smoky incense spirals. Notes of verdant vetiver layered with cedarwood provide a bright and embracing concluding flicker.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Urban Apothecary London

Paddywax Library Collection Ralph Waldo Emerson Scented Soy Wax Candle, 6.5-Ounce, Cedar & Wild Fern

Paddywax Library Collection Ralph Waldo Emerson Scented Soy

For all of the bibliophiles in our lives Paddywax presents the Library Collection. Pairing favorite quotes with exquisite fragrances, we pay homage to the literary greats. Impeccably packaged in a gift box adorned with author photo, bio and copper foil stamped labels, this is the ideal gift for lovers of fine literature. Every candle fragrance is a blend of custom notes designed to evoke the spirit of author for which it is named. Quote reads: Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. The process of making Paddywax candles is artisan in every sense, closely resembling techniques used to make candles hundreds of years ago. From fragrance throw to burn time, each custom recipe is made to deliver the best experience. Our fragrance blends are developed to distribute the most natural aroma through the use of all natural ingredients. We take pride in never offering a synthetic fragrance; instead we constantly push ourselves to create something natural and unique. It begins when every candle is hand poured and ends when each product is packaged with precision. Each bow and label are applied by hand to give every product that human touch that is worthy of gift giving. We take pride in our work and know that every detail counts. Here at Paddywax we believe what is...

  • Color: Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Brand: Paddywax Candles
  • ASIN: B00NUE1KJ8
  • UPC: 647658002101

Way Out West Aromatherapy Candles Stress Relief 2 Pack with Natural Essential Oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus Spearmint and Rosemary (2) 8 Ounce Jar Candles- Spa Quality Gift and Made in America

Way Out West Aromatherapy Candles Stress Relief

Find Your Happy Place! Way Out West Aromatherapy Candles Smell Great, are High Quality & Long Lasting! You will receive 2 - 8 ounce jar candles that will last 40+ hours (80 hours total) + a wick extinguisher all in a cute sturdy box. Fields of Lavender & Eucalyptus Mint with Rosemary will transport you to a place of relaxation. Lavender has a beneficial relaxing nature, and Eucalyptus Mint is great for stress relief. Both of the candles are made with spa quality high end natural essential oils. Way Out West candles are the perfect choice to fragrance your home, office, or personal space! Indulge yourself and let the wonderful fragrances transport you to another world! Enjoy Scented Candles that Smell Great, are High Quality & Long Lasting! The variety pack will arrive in a cute and sturdy box for safe arrival & gift giving. The awesome eco friendly jar candles will make a terrific gift for a special friend, wife or husband. Every Day is a Good Day for Candles! Our candles make wonderful gifts for- Wedding and Bridal Showers       Teachers and Coaches       Housewarming and Engagements       Birthdays and Anniversaries       Mother's Day & Father's Day       Bosses or Administrative Professionals Day OUR STORY Ocotillo Southwest is a small, f...

  • Color: Purple/Fields of Lavender & White/Eucalyptus Mint
  • Brand: Way Out West
  • UPC: 636156983357

Rose Sauvage Luxury Scented 7.5 oz Soy Wax Candle Wood Wick in Glass Vessel Gold Sandblasted finish to repurpose after enjoying burn. Gold embossed box with gold printed satin bow. Très Chic!

Rose Sauvage Luxury Scented 7.5 oz Soy Wax

All natural soy wax highly fragranced candle wood wick in a glass jar gold sandblasted bottom half to reuse & repurpose after burning. Beautiful gold embossed box with two graphic fronts: a photo front and a graphic front. Luxury gold printed satin bow. 50+ hours of clean burn time. TOP Notes: Chilled Champagne Accord, Frozen Bergamot Peel. MID Notes: Akito Rose, Jasmine Petal, Violet Leaf.DRY Notes: Crushed Clove, BlackPepper Fluid Musk.

  • Color: Natural Wax
  • Brand: Health & Beauty Botanicals
  • ASIN: B07P28VRQM

Moroccan Amber Candle by OneSoul Candles | Spiritual Natural Soy Wax Hand Poured Highly Scented Aromatherapy Luxury Candle | 9oz 80 Hour Made in The USA | Zen Relaxation Yoga Meditation Hamsa Candle

Moroccan Amber Candle by OneSoul Candles | Spiritual

Each candle is hand poured in the USA using our US grown, eco-friendly soy blend wax and the finest fragrances available. OneSoul Candles are known for their superior ability to fill a room with a wonderful aroma in minutes. The designs are symbols that unite different spiritual paths into one universal flame. Each candle is infused with different types of positive energy ranging from Reiki to Kabbalistic meditations. By lighting these candles our intention is enhance your space by connecting to more love and unity, hence OneSoul. Our commitment to the environment has lead us to develop our candles which are clean burning, long lasting, with a superior fragrance throw and reusable glass and packaging. We are family owned business and our candles are proudly made in the USA.

  • Color: Moroccan Amber
  • Brand: OneSoul Collection
  • ASIN: B06Y49LGDV
  • UPC: 045926999618

Archipelago Pomegranate Citrus Soy Candle

Archipelago Pomegranate Citrus Soy

Our Pomegranate Citrus candle features a distinctive fusion of pomegranates, currants, blood orange, grapefruit and pineapple. Each candle is carefully hand-poured in a soy-wax blend with our safe, lead-free wicks. The elegant gift box and our signature coin makes this the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

  • Color: red
  • Brand: Archipelago Botanicals
  • ASIN: B0002PFG16
  • UPC: 755167014925
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