Red Shift: Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides #2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency): Intergalactic Dating Agency

Red Shift: Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides

Banishing his own needs, he followed his prince into battle and—more terrifying yet—into courtship but got lost in the backwater wilds of Earth. Now this space-faring drakling dragon-shifter has forgotten everything, including his name, his beast, and the freedom of space. But even espresso-induced amnesia can’t erase the relentless urge to mate growing stronger with every night under the pale light of this one solitary moon. Who will help him find his ship…and himself?Intergalactic Dating AgencyThey're looking for love in all the wrong galaxies...Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides#1 ~ Alpha Star#2 ~ Red Shift#3 ~ Dark Matter#4 ~ AfterburnBlack Hole Brides#5 ~ The Intergalactic Duke's Inconvenient Engagement#6 ~ The Interstellar Rake's Irresistible Kiss#7 ~ The Interdimensional Lord's Earthly DelightAstral Adventures#8 ~ Freefall (The Great Space Race)


Hearts West: True Stories Of Mail-Order Brides On The Frontier

Hearts West: True Stories Of Mail-Order Brides On

Complete with actual advertisements from both women seeking husbands and males seeking brides, New York Times bestselling book Hearts West includes twelve stories of courageous mail order brides and their exploits. Some were fortunate enough to marry good men and live happily ever after; still others found themselves in desperate situations that robbed them of their youth and sometimes their lives. Desperate to strike it rich during the Gold Rush, men sacrificed many creature comforts. Only after they arrived did some of them realize how much they missed female companionship. One way for men living on the frontier to meet women was through subscriptions to heart-and-hand clubs. The men received newspapers with information, and sometimes photographs, about women, with whom they corresponded. Eventually, a man might convince a woman to join him in the West, and in matrimony. Social status, political connections, money, companionship, or security were often considered more than love in these arrangements.

  • Brand: Chartier, Joann/ Enss, Chris
  • ASIN: 076272756X

A Mail-Order Haven (Miners to Millionaires Book 9)

A Mail-Order Haven (Miners to Millionaires Book

She's always lived on the right side of the law...An outcast, Juliette Davenport fled to Promise Creek after being accused of robbing banks. Instead of marrying the man she'd written to, she received his house and mine, along with eight other women he tricked into traveling to him before he died. They've become her family, but now they've struck the mother lode, and Juliette needs a bodyguard.He's spent most of his life on the wrong side of the law...Devon MacAllister has lived a hard life. After getting caught stealing, he was offered a deal: go to jail or clean-up his act and use his skills to catch criminals. He changed his ways and now protects innocents. But when his latest client turns out to be the sister of a notorious bank robber, a man Devon once worked with, things get complicated.Juliette is firm in her plans for self-reliance, and Devon agrees to help her however he can. He's determined to guard her, but as her intelligence and fiery spirit break through his shields, his job of protecting her turns into a need. When news of the mine spreads, bringing danger neither is prepared for, Devon and Juliette realize love is the greatest risk of all.


Mail Order Prairie Bride (Dodge City Brides - A Western Historical Romance Trilogy) (Volume 1)

Mail Order Prairie Bride (Dodge City Brides -

Dodge City Brides: USA Today bestselling author Julianne MacLean delivers three breathtaking and passionate full-length novels featuring rugged, alpha-male heroes of the West, all sworn to protect the women they love...  A loveless marriage of convenience on the Kansas prairie turns out to be far more than she bargained for...HE'S PART OF THE WEST Brigs Brigman has been burned once before, and the last thing he needs is a beautiful wife who will spend hours in front of the mirror, primping herself. He knows how hard the prairie can be on a woman, and all he wants is a stalwart bride who won't complain about hauling water from the creek....SHE'S A CITY GIRL WITH NO IDEA WHAT SHE'S IN FOR... All Sarah MacFarland wants is to escape her fearful life in Boston and start fresh with a new identity. Answering an advertisement for a mail order bride on an isolated Kansas farm seems like the perfect solution, until she meets her soon-to-be husband--a ruggedly handsome, strapping farmer who is inexplicably guarded...yet fiercely protective, and so incredibly virile, he leaves her breathless on their wedding night. But is it possible that two tormented souls can find happiness, when all they know is betrayal, and when trust is the only way out of a tumultuous past that simply won't stay...

  • ASIN: 1927675391

The Shop Around the Corner

The Shop Around the


Akihoo Womens Casual Sleeveless V Neck Pleated Blouse Hi-Low Hem Shirts

Akihoo Womens Casual Sleeveless V Neck Pleated Blouse

Attention 1:The Floral Print is random,we couldn't guarantee the position of floral print on each dress,but they are definitely made of same pattern fabric. Attention 2:Because the neckline is hot pressed, it has a little color difference with the body. As long as it is washed by cold water, it will return to the same color. Women Summer Sleeveless Casual Tops Tank Tops Beach Cover Up Camis ShirtFeatures: V neck,plain t shirt,stretchy tee,basic t-shirt,a rounded hi-low hem line Sleeve:sleevelessAge Group: Womens, Ladies, Juniors, TeensStyle: Cute, SexyOccasion: Office, Party, Casual Outdoor, BeachWashing Instructions:Machine Wash In Cold, Spin-Dry or Hang Dry.Please feel free to contact with us if you have any questions.Size ChartS=(US 4-6): Bust: 34.65", Length:29.13",;M=(US 8-10): Bust: 36.22", Length:29.52";L=(US 12-14): Bust: 38.58", Length:29.92";XL=(US 16-18): Bust: 40.94", Length:30.31";2XL(US 20-22): Bust: 44.09", Length:30.7".3XL(US 22-24): Bust: 45.67", Length:31.1"

  • Color: 3-flower Dark Blue
  • Brand: Akihoo

Mail Order Massacres

Mail Order

Sea monkeys. 3-D specs. Hypno-coins. Ant farms. Kryptonite rocks. Miniature submarines made from cardboard. All available for a buck or less from the back page of comic books. And we blew our weekly allowance on these rip-offs, only to be disappointed when they turned out to be total crap. But what if these bogus products had side effects not advertised? In horror master Hunter Shea’s MAIL ORDER MASSACRE, sometimes you do get more than you paid for . . .JUST ADD WATERIt’s been years since David and Patrick flushed away the dead Sea Serpents they got in the mail. After thriving in the toxic stew of pollution, strange, slimy creatures now rise from the sewers. Once the screaming starts, David and Patrick realize that their childhood pets really did come to life. With a vengeance. They’re massive monsters. . . and ravenous for human flesh! OPTICAL DELUSIONMartin punishes his son for wasting his allowance on a pair of cardboard X-ray specs. But when Martin tries them on, he’s stunned to see through walls and clothes. But the novelty becomes a waking nightmare when the glasses burn into his face and he starts seeing horrifying apocalyptic visions no mortal man was ever meant to see. Images that turn him from a husband and father to a bloodthirsty homicidal maniac . . .   M...

  • ASIN: B07832YPPL

Touched By Time (Time Travel/Mail-Order Brides Romance, Book 1): A Sweet Time Travel Western Romance (Time Travel/Mail-Order Brides Romance Series)

Touched By Time (Time Travel/Mail-Order Brides Romance, Book

What if answering a strange-looking ad in the newspaper made it so you traveled back in time to 1892? Kimberly loves her work, but hates her job. She is a nurse and enjoys helping people; however, her boss has it out for her, and makes Kimberly’s life miserable.While flipping through the classifieds, an old-fashioned mail-order bride ad catches her eye. She has no way of knowing how much this ad will change her life. Victoria is a widow, looking for ways to keep herself busy and help other people at the same time. She decided to start a mail-order bride business, but she also has a secret she needs to be careful to hide; she lives in 1892. Patrick lives on a ranch and loves his life. The only problem is he lives too far from town to properly court a woman and is looking for a woman's love to help brighten his life. He enlists in Victoria’s help to find him a woman who will be compatible with his life. Little does he know, Victoria is thinking of sending someone from the future. Can Kimberly and Patrick soon learn to accept each other's differences, and will it be enough to start a family of their own? If you enjoy sweet time travel and western romances, this series is for you! 100% Recommended. Enjoyed very much. Fantastic. Kindle Customer I made the mistake of starting t...


You've Got Mail

You've Got

The stars (Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan) and director (Nora Ephron) of Sleepless in Seattle reteamed for this charming audience favorite. Greg Kinnear, Parker Posey, Jean Stapleton and more great co-stars add note-perfect support to this cinematic love letter in which superstore book chain magnate Hanks and cozy children’s bookshop owner Ryan are anonymous e-mail cyberpals who fall head-over-laptops in love, unaware they are combative business rivals. You’ve got rare Hollywood magic when You’ve Got Mail.

  • Color: color
  • Brand: Warner Manufacturing
  • ASIN: B0046BHC6E
  • UPC: 883929156757

Deliveries Package Tracker

Deliveries Package

  • Brand: oRRs
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Hey, kids, it’s dad, and for today’s Tommy log I want to talk to you about a secret shopper scam that I want to expose. So I got a message from an acquaintance on LinkedIn. She asked me to be a part of a secret shopper program. It seems legitimate so I filled out the form she linked to. Little di...

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