Beginner's Guide to Bobbin Lace (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)

Beginner's Guide to Bobbin Lace (Beginner's Guide to

Explore the world of Bobbin Lace with this book, which takes you through simple Torchon ground pieces to scarves, purse and bags. 'Bobbin lace may look complicated when you see a pillow set up with dozens of bobbins, but it will seem far less daunting when you realise that only four bobbins (two pairs) are in use at any one time, and there are only two moves twist and cross that you can do.' 'While the basic lace stitches are common to all types of bobbin lace, different lacemaking traditions developed different ways of putting these stitches together. Bruges lace, for example, uses less than a dozen pairs of bobbins and a relatively coarse thread to create curved braids and flower-like motifs which are linked to form the fabric; on the other hand point ground laces, such as Chantilly or Bucks Point, are worked from one end to the other in fine silk or cotton and may need a hundred pairs or more.' An extensive techniques section makes lacemaking clear, simple and enjoyable. Five full step-by-step projects with pricking patterns. Gives advice on adding decorative features, beads and tassels. Suitable for both beginners and more experienced lacemakers. A clearly illustrated step-by-step guide to all the stitches and techniques needed to create beautiful bobbin lace. Includes pric...

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Bobbin Lace: An Illustrated Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques (Dover Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Lace)

Bobbin Lace: An Illustrated Guide to Traditional and

After over a century of relative obscurity, lacemaking is enjoying a revival as more and more needlecraft artists are intrigued by its creative possibilities. Dating from the 15th century, bobbin lace is prized everywhere for its intricacy, delicacy, and decorative richness — and couldn't be easier to do!In this modern, step-by-step approach to the craft, noted lacemaker Brigita Fuhrmann shows you how to create every kind of bobbin lace — from the simplest stitch to the most challenging pattern. In addition, she traces the history of bobbin lacemaking in Western and Eastern Europe (including Russia) and relates these two distinct types to contemporary trends.For all its intricate, elegant appearance, bobbin lace is based on only two different movements of bobbins — the cross and the twist. Essentially, it is the technique of winding threads on bobbins around pins attached to a firm pillow. The pins hold the lace in place while you cross and twist the bobbins over each other in varying sequences to form a wide range of stitches. The richness of the lace depends on how you combine the stitches into a pattern.Ms. Fuhrmann provides expert advice on the tools you'll need — pillows, bobbins, pins, and thread — and easy-to-follow instructions for a variety of exquisite stitche...

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Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking (Dover Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Lace)

Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking (Dover Knitting, Crochet, Tatting,

Bobbin lace is one of the oldest crafts, dating back to at least the sixteenth century and possibly earlier. During the eighteenth century, bobbin lace design and execution attained the ultimate in beauty and richness. The linen threads were incredibly fine and the consummate skill of the lacemaker wove them into unmatched works of art.Modern lacemakers — even beginners — can learn this age-old technique with this easy-to-follow book. An accomplished bobbin lacemaker demonstrates step-by-step the techniques for creating beautiful lace edgings, doilies, collars, belts, bookmarks, and more. With Ms. Southard's expert advice and helpful hints, you'll find it easy to add the elegance of lace to pillows, handkerchiefs, bolsters, fans — almost any apparel or household item.After outlining a history of bobbin lace and introducing readers to the materials and recommended supplies, the author gets down to specifics. These include how to make a simple braid, an edging, how to turn a corner, how to begin without directions, how to make laces on a flat pillow, and much more. In addition, special sections explore projects to make, how to wash bobbin lace, and how to create bobbin lace designs.With this book at your side, you'll soon discover the immense rewards and satisfactions to be h...

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The Art of Modern Lace Making

The Art of Modern Lace

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Torchon Lacemaking: A Step-by-Step Guide

Torchon Lacemaking: A Step-by-Step

Essential materials, equipment, and techniques to this beautiful skill are explained step-by-step in an indispensable guide for all lacemakers, textile artists, and designers Torchon lacemaking is a textile art steeped in tradition—the skills required are often perceived by beginners to be well out of their reach. This practical book describes those skills step-by-step, making them accessible to all. It explains traditional techniques through a series of specially designed samplers. Although color is not traditional in bobbin lace, it has been used here to great effect so the path of each thread can be clearly followed through the sampler. Essential equipment and materials are described in detail. This book also offers instructions for a super-beaded sampler, advice on adapting and designing patterns, a guide to joining and mounting lace, troubleshooting hints, and information on suppliers and museums with lace collections.

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Let's Begin Making Bobbin Lace: A Teacher's Companion

Let's Begin Making Bobbin Lace: A Teacher's

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How to make Bobbin Lace

How to make Bobbin

How to make Bobbin Lace tells you what to need to know to learn this fascinating hobby. It explains the necessary equipment you must have. It provides 22 patterns to work, with step by step explanations and diagrams of the various stitches and techniques. The patterns start at a very simple level, and move on to cover Torchon, English Midland and Bucks Point, as well as different shapes, such as a mat, a triangle and a cross. While the patterns cover a wide collection of techniques, they are all simple, requiring no more than 24 bobbins to work. (This is simple, for bobbin lace!)This is a new edition (2017). The diagrams and photos are now in colour, suitable for a tablet (such as the Fire Kindle) or computer, However the pictures can also be seen in black and white on the original Kindles.

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The Lace Samples from Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1789-1790: History, Patterns, and Working Diagrams for 22 Lace Samples Preserved at the Library of Congress

The Lace Samples from Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1789-1790: History,

Tucked among Alexander Hamilton’s papers at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, is a rare collection of twenty-one samples of black silk lace handmade by lace makers in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in 1789 and 1790. Karen Thompson has reconstructed these important lace samples and makes them accessible to lace makers and historians in this book. A short introductory chapter on the Ipswich lace industry gives a glimpse into post-Revolutionary War life in the small town of Ipswich, where 600 lace makers made 42,000 yards of beautiful lace for sale in one year alone. The town relied on the substantial income generated by these fragile embellishments for fashionable clothing as they were exchanged for household necessities and luxury goods. The only documented commercial handmade lace industry in the United States in the late 1700s was in Ipswich, and its history provides important information with its uniquely well documented survival of women's entrepreneurial enterprise in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It is extremely rare to have actual samples of 18th century lace with exact provenance of where and when they were made. However, through this book lace makers now have access to 22 patterns for making historic Ipswich lace. Photographs of the original samples side by ...

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Bobbin Lace Stitches and Techniques - a reference book of the basics

Bobbin Lace Stitches and Techniques - a reference

Bobbin Lace Stitches and Techniques has diagrams and descriptions of the common bobbin lace stitches, grounds, headsides and footsides, how to work picots, gimps and tallies, and different shapes of lace, such as edge, mat, triangle or cross.There are tips to working lace, information about equipment and a brief description of the different types of English lace. This is a new edition (2017). The diagrams and photos are now in colour, suitable for a tablet (such as the Fire Kindle) or computer, However the pictures can also be seen in black and white on the original Kindles.

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Self Instruction in Modern Lace-Making (Illustrated)

Self Instruction in Modern Lace-Making

This 1916 book is a no nonsense instruction of lace making intended for women who want to be self taught. The book includes more than 80 illustrations of lace stitches such as Point Grecque Bars, Sorrento wheel, Russian stitch, Point D’Anvers, etc. There are also 18 pictures of beautiful lace pieces such as doily, centre-piece, handkerchief, collar and yoke.This book is not a scanned book. You can adjust font size, search and highlight.

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