Matisse's Sculpture: The Pinup and the Primitive

Matisse's Sculpture: The Pinup and the

Long perceived as a side pursuit to his celebrated painting career, Henri Matisse’s sculpture receives an overdue critical examination in this book. Beginning in 1906, soon after the artist acquired his first African sculpture, Matisse found inspiration in erotic and ethnographic photography, which had become inexpensively mass-produced thanks to advances in halftone technology. Working with these two radically different depictions of the body—one hand carved, the other mechanically made—was a foundational method for Matisse and crucial to the development of his pre-World War I abstraction.Far from a simple narrative of the artist “discovering” Africa, the highly original readings of Matisse’s Sculpture plot new coordinates of study for early 20th-century primitivism. It examines the larger constructs of thought at the time, with a penetrating analysis of anthropology, popular erotica, and the visual culture of French colonialism. In addition, the book repositions Matisse’s sculptural practice, particularly in regard to its investigations of race and sexuality, as a cornerstone of his prolific career.

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Matisse: Painter as Sculptor

Matisse: Painter as

Widely known for his vibrant and innovative modernist paintings and works on paper, Henri Matisse (1869–1954) also produced a large number of sculptures that were equally groundbreaking. This original and lavishly illustrated book examines more than forty of Matisse’s sculptures and joins them with his paintings, drawings, prints, and collages to investigate the relationship between his two-dimensional and three-dimensional work.Essays present an overview of Matisse’s creative invention in sculpture and address his sculptural process from beginning to end. The volume presents the results of exciting new technical studies on Matisse’s working and casting methods. A selection of works on paper, paintings, and photographs unveils the evolution of his sculptural ideas––highlighting the importance of drawings to his process––and explores the fascinating issue of why he often painted images of his sculptures into many of his major works. Archival and installation photographs reveal how Matisse originally intended his works to be viewed.Matisse: Painter as Sculptor also examines the artist's work in the context of late-19th- and early-20th-century sculpture. Works by Constantin Brancusi, Paul Cézanne, Alberto Giacometti, Jacques Lipschitz, and Auguste Rodin address im...

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Henri Matisse: Drawings and Sculpture (Art & Design)

Henri Matisse: Drawings and Sculpture (Art &

Hard to Find book

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This sumptuously illustrated book brings together the work of Henri Matisse and Richard Diebenkorn as never before, illuminating unexpected resonances that connect the two artists across time and space. Featuring stunning pairings of more than 80 paintings and drawings, this book charts the evolution of Matisse’s impact on Diebenkorn over the course of Diebenkorn’s career. Though they never met, Matisse was an enduring source of inspiration for the Californian artist, and their works share surprising similarities in subject, composition, palette, and technique. Essays by Janet Bishop and Katherine Rothkopf explore how this influence evolved over time, connecting the work of the two painters and highlighting the ways Diebenkorn drew from Matisse’s example to forge a style entirely his own. The volume is rounded out by an introduction by John Elderfield, who knew Diebenkorn personally and has curated exhibitions of both artists’ work; an essay by Jodi Roberts on parallels between the artists’ drawings; and a bibliography documenting Diebenkorn’s collection of books about the French artist. The first in-depth examination of the relationship between the work of Diebenkorn and Matisse, this publication offers new ways of understanding both artists.

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Henri Matisse: Rooms with a View

Henri Matisse: Rooms with a

The colorful, painterly, uplifting, and often joyous works of Henri Matisse are critical in the history of modern art. Throughout his many years as a painter, the celebrated artist kept returning to one particular subject—the windowed interior. Henri Matisse: Rooms with a View explores in depth, for the first time, the full significance of the window in Matisse’s thinking about interior and exterior space.Matisse studied and rearranged his rooms constantly; when he lived in hotels and small apartments his living quarters usually doubled as his studio. In a continuous engagement with these spaces he produced not only singular masterpieces but also developed a theme as rich as the traditional landscape or portrait. In each new phase of his art and with every change of residence, Matisse reinvented the theme of the window. Distinguished art historian Shirley Neilsen Blum analyzes more than fifty paintings, starting with the early Studio Under the Eves (1903), a traditional darkened room with a small brilliant window, through Harmony in Red (1908), with its startling use of color, pattern, and line, to the more abstract work created during World War I such as The Piano Lesson (1916). After the war Matisse moved to Nice. Tall French windows that open upon a balcony and overlook th...

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The Unknown Matisse: A Life of Henri Matisse: The Early Years, 1869-1908

The Unknown Matisse: A Life of Henri Matisse:

Henri Matisse is one of the masters of twentieth-century art and a household word to millions of people who find joy and meaning in his light-filled, colorful images--yet, despite all the books devoted to his work, the man himself has remained a mystery. Now, in the hands of the superb biographer Hilary Spurling, the unknown Matisse becomes visible at last.Matisse was born into a family of shopkeepers in 1869, in a gloomy textile town in the north of France. His environment was brightened only by the sumptuous fabrics produced by the local weavers--magnificent brocades and silks that offered Matisse his first vision of light and color, and which later became a familiar motif in his paintings. He did not find his artistic vocation until after leaving school, when he struggled for years with his father, who wanted him to take over the family seed-store. Escaping to Paris, where he was scorned by the French art establishment, Matisse lived for fifteen years in great poverty--an ordeal he shared with other young artists and with Camille Joblaud, the mother of his daughter, Marguerite. But Matisse never gave up. Painting by painting, he struggled toward the revelation that beckoned to him, learning about color, light, and form from such mentors as Signac, Pissarro, and the Australian ...

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Matisse - Bonnard: Long Live Painting!

Matisse - Bonnard: Long Live

In this beautifully illustrated book, the forty year friendship between Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard becomes a platform for new perspectives on the development of the European avant-garde. "Long live painting!" With this rallying cry, Henri Matisse, greeted his colleague Pierre Bonnard on a 1925 postcard from Amsterdam. Widely considered two of the greatest painters of French modernism, they were united by a forty-year-long friendship and a keen appreciation of each other’s work. This catalogue offers fascinating insights into their artistic dialogue. Focusing throughout on their creative exchanges, it highlights their respective contributions to the development of modern art, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the end of the Second World War. Comprising over 100 paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints, the book makes palpable the many intersections between their artistic visions, and investigates their shared interest in subjects such as interiors, still life, landscape, and the nude. Scholarly essays and thematic introductions to their oeuvres provide a wealth of information on the two colleagues and friends gained from their writings and correspondence as well as archival material. Another highlight is a series of iconic photographs taken by Henri Cartier...

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Henri Matisse: A Retrospective

Henri Matisse: A

Bound in publisher's original black cloth with the spine stamped in gilt.

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Matisse the Master: A Life of Henri Matisse: The Conquest of Colour, 1909-1954

Matisse the Master: A Life of Henri Matisse:

“If my story were ever to be written down truthfully from start to finish, it would amaze everyone,” wrote Henri Matisse. It is hard to believe today that Matisse, whose exhibitions draw huge crowds worldwide, was once almost universally reviled and ridiculed. His response was neither to protest nor to retreat; he simply pushed on from one innovation to the next, and left the world to draw its own conclusions. Unfortunately, these were generally false and often damaging. Throughout his life and afterward people fantasized about his models and circulated baseless fabrications about his private life. Fifty years after his death, Matisse the Master (the second half of the biography that began with the acclaimed The Unknown Matisse) shows us the painter as he saw himself. With unprecedented and unrestricted access to his voluminous family correspondence, and other new material in private archives, Hilary Spurling documents a lifetime of desperation and self-doubt exacerbated by Matisse’s attempts to counteract the violence and disruption of the twentieth century in paintings that now seem effortlessly serene, radiant, and stable.Here for the first time is the truth about Matisse’s models, especially two Russians: his pupil Olga Meerson and the extraordinary Lydia Delectorskay...

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Matisse and Picasso: The Story of Their Rivalry and Friendship (Icon Editions)

Matisse and Picasso: The Story of Their Rivalry

Matisse and Picasso achieved extraordinary prominence during their lifetimes. They have become cultural icons, standing not only for different kinds of art but also for different ways of living. Matisse, known for his restraint and intense sense of privacy, for his decorum and discretion, created an art that transcended daily life and conveyed a sensuality that inhabited an abstract and ethereal realm of being. In contrast, Picasso became the exemplar of intense emotionality, of theatricality, of art as a kind of autobiographical confession that was often charged with violence and explosive eroticism. In Matisse and Picasso, Jack Flam explores the compelling, competitive, parallel lives of these two artists and their very different attitudes toward the idea of artistic greatness, toward the women they loved, and ultimately toward their confrontations with death.

  • ASIN: 081339046X

Art: The Definitive Visual Guide

Art: The Definitive Visual

Discover the history of art movements from classical Greek art to the Italian Renaissance, the pre-raphaelites, and the masters of impressionism with this bestselling DK visual guide.Truly comprehensive in scope, this bestselling book explores masterpieces by more than 700 artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, and Van Gogh. An invaluable art lover's reference book, it showcases everything from Italian baroque painting and African Art to contemporary art history. Each artistic movement is clearly explained, with descriptions of origins and influences, characteristic styles and techniques, and typical subjects. A visual timeline of key works gives an overview of the scope of each major movement. Bold graphics, overlays, and detailed closeups show you how to "read" composition and subject matter, and explain the techniques and methods the artists used to create their masterpieces. Created in collaboration with Bridgeman, the largest art library in the world, Art: The Definitive Visual Guide is a must-have for your bookshelf.

  • ASIN: 1465474757

30,000 Years of Art : The Story of Human Creativity across Time and Space (mini format - includes 600 of the world's greatest works)

30,000 Years of Art : The Story of

An accessible, comprehensive, freshly-updated celebration of the vast range of human artistry from 28,000 BC to today In this new edition of Phaidon's groundbreaking book in a compact, mini-format, 30,000 Years of Art reveals the huge diversity – or in many cases, the similarity – of artistic achievements around the globe. Images of more than 600 works from all periods and regions are arranged in chronological order, each with a short text that puts the work in critical context and explains its contribution to the development of art history.  

  • ASIN: 0714877298

Matisse: In 50 Works

Matisse: In 50

This enthralling and comprehensive new book on Henri Matisse provides a fresh perspective for all students and art lovers interested in early twentieth-century art. Taking fifty of Matisse's most iconic works of art, expert John Cauman presents an accessible narrative about the man and his work, deciphering the themes, methods, and intentions of this truly great artist.Each painting, drawing, and mural is described and analyzed in specific detail, within the context of the period, so that the reader can truly understand what the artist was hoping to achieve with each work. Chronologically spanning from the late nineteenth century to the mid-1950s, the paintings are prefaced by an informative introduction that presents the milieu and key characters that featured in Matisse's life.Among his most famous works, this book includes Luxe, calme et volupté, Le Bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life), Self-Portrait in a Striped Shirt, Blue Nude (Memory of Biskra), Bathers by a River, Harmony in Red, Dance I, Entrance to the Casbah, Pianist and Checker Players, Still Life with a Magnolia, Memory of Oceania, and The Snail.

  • ASIN: 191159513X

The Swimmers: Paper Cut-Outs with Matisse

The Swimmers: Paper Cut-Outs with

In the later part of his life, wheelchair-bound and unable to fully take care of himself, Henri Matisse began to experiment with collage and paper cutouts as a way of continuing to make art. Sometimes representational and sometimes abstract, his bold, simple shapes became iconic of his style, and his collages remain some of his best-loved work. In Ana Bianchi’s latest children’s book – part biographical vignette, part activity guide – kids will read first of Matisse’s life and the circumstances that led to his paper cut-outs, then get a step-by-step guide to creating their own Matisse-style collages. Bianchi’s versatile illustrations capture the fierce color and compositional nuances of Matisse’s work, and her simple, engaging text teaches useful art terms like composition, palette, crop and sketch while outlining the artist’s methods in a way that’s sure to inspire young artists to create their own collage masterpieces.

  • ASIN: 1584237163

Henri Matisse: Paintings and sculptures in Soviet museums

Henri Matisse: Paintings and sculptures in Soviet

Physical description; 199 pages : ill. (some color) ; 34 cm. Notes; Catalogue of works in the Hermitage and the Puskin Museum of Fine Arts. Includes bibliographical references (p. 194-195). Translated from the Russian. Contents; Includes bibliographical references. Subjects; Matisse, Henri (1869-1954) - Catalogs. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Permanent collections. Art museums - Russia (Federation) - Catalogs. Painters - France - Biography. French Painting. Paintings. Sculptures. France. French paintings - Matisse, Henri - (1869-1954). Genres; Biography. Illustrated.

  • ASIN: 5730002971

Goya to Matisse : Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings From the Wadsworth Atheneum of Hartford, Connecticut

Goya to Matisse : Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings

Catalogue printed for 4 exhibitions in Japan, 1991 & 1992. Bi-lingual: ENGLISH & JAPANESE

  • ASIN: B003IE0OKQ

Henri Matisse


In two volumes bound in the publisher's original white cloth over boards, spines and covers stamped in red. Minor sunning to spines of dust jackets, otherwise fine. Illustrated throughout with over 540 illustrations in black & white and over 150 illustrations in full color. Housed in a red cloth covered slipcase.

  • ASIN: 0151399956

Henri Matisse: Erotic Sketchbook (Erotic Sketchbook / Erotisches Skizzenbuch)

Henri Matisse: Erotic Sketchbook (Erotic Sketchbook / Erotisches

Now available in a new edition, this compact and beautifully designed volume opens the doors of Henri Matisse’s atelier to reveal the artist’s most intimate work. For Henri Matisse, drawing was an exercise as personal as it was essential to his art. These black and white and gently colored sketches allow the viewer to appreciate the quality of Matisse’s lines, their confidence and ease, as well as the intense relationship between artist and model. Matisse’s joie de vivre, his love of beauty, and his fascination with the human body are fully in evidence in this lovely volume.

  • ASIN: 3791383922

The Sculpture of Matisse - Tate Gallery Vintage Poster (artist: Matisse) France c. 1953 (71x74 Polyester Shower Curtain)

The Sculpture of Matisse - Tate Gallery Vintage

Shower curtain measures 74x74 inches Image size of 45 3/8 x 68 inches 100% polyester for durability and quality 12 button holes for hook placement Hemmed edges and superior craftsmanship Image is printed on one side (white on back) 100% Made in the USA! Lantern Press is a dynamic art company that specializes in the world's leading imagery. Our collection includes original works created by our in-house art team, modern photography, home & office decor trends, antique maps, vintage posters, and everything in between. With an ever growing collection of world-renowned imagery, Lantern Press is a trendsetter known to decorate homes and major resorts - as well as the sets of commercials, films, and television shows. If you're seeking the perfect art to frame for your home or office, we're certain we have a piece you will connect with. Peruse our collection here featuring over 50,000 images available in multiple sizes and mediums. We'd also like to take this time to thank you if you've purchased from us before, or plan to today. You are supporting artists who care deeply about their art form, and a company that is proud to print these amazing images in America. Your support allows us to continue doing what we love - creating beautiful art.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Lantern Press
  • ASIN: B076PRCK34

Art and How it Works: An Introduction to Art for Children

Art and How it Works: An Introduction to

This engaging introduction to art appreciation for kids explores art history, themes in art, and art techniques, from cave paintings to modern art.Art and How It Works takes children on a journey through the history of art, from prehistoric paintings, Impressionism, and abstract art, through to the art of today. This bright and colorful book includes biographies of major artists, such as Fra Angelico and David Hockney, and cuts through the jargon that surrounds the art world to offer a fresh and accessible approach for children.Young readers will begin to notice and explore shapes, colors, patterns, styles, themes, and techniques. By taking a close look at famous paintings and answering the open-ended question prompts dotted throughout the book, kids will discover a new way to see and appreciate the art all around them.

  • ASIN: 1465468021
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For more info... Matisses Aurora sculpture was laser scanned to create a 3D model. This model was prepared for real-time playback utilizing normal maps that create the illusion of a high-density model. A real-time shader that mimics Matisses contour line drawing styl...

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France: Art & Sculpture of Matisse & Rodin

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The methods used by Henri Matisse to create his drawings, paintings and little-known sculptures are revealed in this visit to the town of Le Cateau-Cambrésis in Nord-Pas de Calais, France. where the great artist was born. The works are displayed in the Palais Fénelon once the castle of the Bisho...

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Presented March 17, 2007 at Nasher Sculpture Center Technical Issues and Working Methods in Matisse’s Sculpture Moderator: Steve Nash, Director, Nasher Sculpture Center Panelists: Ann Boulton, Objects Conservator, Baltimore Museum of Art Valerie J. Fletcher, Senior Curator of Sculpture, Hirshh...

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