Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Iron-On Neoprene Repair Patch for Stretch Fabric and Wetsuits, Black, 6 x 10

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Iron-On Neoprene Repair Patch

With Tenacious Tape Neoprene Patch, you can fix rips, holes and tears on anything made of neoprene. Just cut the neoprene patch to fit and use your home iron to create a permanent repair. This iron-on patch is also useful for reinforcing high-wear areas including elbows, knees and under arms. Its special lining also gives watersports gear that extra abrasion resistance. Use Tenacious Tape Neoprene patch to extend the life of your wetsuits, drysuits, waders, gloves, boots and accessories.

  • Color: 21563161106
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • ASIN: B000GT471S
  • UPC: 021563161106

M Essentials Seal Cement Neoprene Contact Adhesive - Black -2 oz tube

M Essentials Seal Cement Neoprene Contact Adhesive -

Seal Cement by M Essentials waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion for longer life. You can use Seal Cement to add pockets to your wetsuit, seal gaskets or repair tears on fishing waders, rubber boots and gloves.Seal Cement is more elastic than other neoprene cements, so your wetsuit or drysuit repair flexes like new. Save money—and save a dive—by making long-lasting neoprene repairs in minutes. Part of the McNett family of brands, M Essentials features trusted repair and maintenance products for outdoor gear. For over three decades McNett has been providing you with the Essentials for Adventure. For more information, please visit:

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • ASIN: B000MMI7X8
  • UPC: 021563141146

Gear Aid Aquaseal FD Flexible Repair Adhesive for Outdoor Gear and Vinyl, Clear Glue, 0.75 oz

Gear Aid Aquaseal FD Flexible Repair Adhesive for

Repair all types of gear failures with Aquaseal FD, a flexible adhesive that’s waterproof and bonds to outdoor fabrics. Previously known as Aquaseal, this clear, rubber glue is ideal for watersports and fishing gear including waders, wetsuits, inflatables, and all your outdoor gear. It offers excellent abrasion resistance keeping your gear protected from scrapes and scratches. When you rip your waders on the river or tear your wetsuit while diving through prickly corals, don’t throw it away. Fix it with Aquaseal FD and don’t let tears and holes stop you from enjoying the outdoors.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • UPC: 021563101102

Gear Aid, Revivex, Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo, 10 OZ

Gear Aid, Revivex, Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo, 10

Refresh and maintain neoprene gear with Revivex Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo. Expensive suits are prone to chlorine and salt damage after years of use. This shampoo cleans and conditions suits by removing organic residues like algae and bacteria as well as chlorine and salt deposits. The result is neoprene gear that smells fresh, stays supple and lasts much longer. It’s also safe to use on booties, gloves, fishing waders and GORE-TEX fabric. With Revivex Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo it has never been easier to extend the life of costly suits.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • ASIN: B077T32WDH
  • UPC: 021563301403

Jaws Slosh Wetsuit Shampoo, 4 oz.

Jaws Slosh Wetsuit Shampoo, 4

Slosh Wetsuit Shampoo (cleaner/conditioner) is the most unique wetsuit shampoo ever made. Why?.. Because it's so much more than a typical wetsuit cleaner. Slosh contains NO harmful chemicals. It removes salt, chlorine, odors & organic residue while special disinfectant & conditioning agents preserve & extend your equipment's life. Slosh's natural "2 in 1 formula" allows you to clean your equipment & yourself. So go ahead.. wash your water sports wear with it.. wash yourself with it.. shampoo your hair with it.. no we're not kidding.. try it you'll love it. Use on wet & dry suits, scuba equipment, swim & water ski wear, hiking & marine wear, snow ski wear & more. Don't wash it..slosh it.

  • Brand: JAWS
  • ASIN: B000GHZMK0
  • UPC: 804879113867

Mcnett Wetsuit Neoprene Shampoo, Wet Suit and Drysuit Cleaner Conditioner 1/2 fl. oz (15ml)

Mcnett Wetsuit Neoprene Shampoo, Wet Suit and Drysuit

Complete, scientifically balanced maintenance system for all neoprene and watersports gear. Ideal for wet suits, dry suits, boots and gloves, fishing waders, orthopedic supports, lycra body suits and more. Leaves neoprene articles free of organic residue, chlorine and salt deposits. Chlorine-removing agents and conditioners help prevent premature aging and oxidation.

  • Brand: McNett
  • ASIN: B003UT0GK2

Gear Aid Aquaseal NEO Contact Cement for Neoprene and Wetsuit Repair, 4 fl oz (Packaging color may vary)

Gear Aid Aquaseal NEO Contact Cement for Neoprene

Wetsuit repair is simple and quick with Aquaseal NEO, a black contact cement formulated to permanently bond with neoprene and other coated materials. With this contact cement, repairing neoprene gear can be done within half an hour. Apply to waders, gloves, booties, and spray skirts for a neoprene adhesive that flexes with your high-performance gear and protects it against abrasion. Before venturing out to your favorite fishing hole, bring Aquaseal NEO in your pack for those unexpected waterside repairs.

  • Color: Black/Grey
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • UPC: 021563144147

Gear Aid Aquaseal FD Flexible Durable Repair Adhesive and Cure Accelerator, Clear Glue, 0.75 oz

Gear Aid Aquaseal FD Flexible Durable Repair Adhesive

Need a speedy fix for the most common gear repairs? Use Aquaseal FD and Cure Accelerator to quickly tackle rips and tears in waders, wetsuits and muck boots. Aquaseal FD is a clear, flexible and waterproof urethane adhesive. It offers excellent abrasion resistance and can withstand constant pulling and movement. With the Cure Accelerator, you can be back in the water within two hours. This formula also improves gear repairs by cleaning the surface and shortening tack time to 15 minutes. So, when you tear your favorite waders during an adventure, fix it fast with Aquaseal FD and Cure Accelerator.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • UPC: 021563111101

McNett Black Witch Neoprene Adhesive Wetsuit Repair - New/Neoprene Adhesive

McNett Black Witch Neoprene Adhesive Wetsuit Repair -

McNett Black Witch is the most popular Neoprene Adhesive glue on the planet. The new toluene free Black Witch is suitable for quick (up to one hour) repairs of Neoprene rips and tears, especially where rubber is directly bonded together. Black Witch is also suitable for use on latex wrist and neck seals, etc. 28 Gram tube. Black Witch is a black coloured, brushable, general purpose contact adhesive. It exhibits excellent adhesion to most surfaces and has good heat resistance. Bonds may be made over a wide range of open times because of its fast flash off and long open time. Product description Black Witch is a ready to use solvent - based adhesive. The good adhesion to neoprene, rubber and various types of flexible plastics makes it perfect for fast repair of diving and other watersports equipment. The fast-curing time is advantageous for quick field repair on the boot or at the seaside. The consistency of the uncured material allows good processability and application by brush. After curing, the material shows full flexibility and exhibits very good resistance to weathering, ageing, moisture and UV light. Surface condition Before use make sure that surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from dust and grease. Instructions for use Application. Apply using a short, stiff bru...

  • Color: Neoprene Adhesive
  • Brand: McNett
  • ASIN: B00KTB2AX0
  • UPC: 700161543261

Gear Aid, Revivex, Odor Eliminator, 10 OZ

Gear Aid, Revivex, Odor Eliminator, 10

Mildew smell, body odor, and other unpleasant scents can ruin expensive gear. Use Revivex Odor Eliminator to get rid of bad smells, not just mask it. Previously known as Mirazyme, this concentrated blend of water-activated microbes removes the bacteria causing the odor. Apply as spray or soak to treat hard to wash items like tents and wetsuits. Or add it to a machine wash to keep gear fresh each season. This gentle formula can be used on a variety of fabrics including neoprene, fleece, spandex, Lycra and cotton. Remove bad odors from all types of outdoor fabrics naturally with Revivex Odor Eliminator.

  • Color: Standard
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • UPC: 021563361353
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