Rocky Mountain Mammoth Moose Call

Rocky Mountain Mammoth Moose

The Mammoth Moose Call can be used with your own voice or the included external reed type mouthpiece. Includes lanyard, camo cover and protective cap for mouthpiece.

  • Brand: Rocky Mountain
  • ASIN: B0090SK37I
  • UPC: 181018000609

Quaker Boy Moose Mate Call

Quaker Boy Moose Mate

Designed to make the mating bawl of the cow Moose and the lost call of the calf. • Dual function cap allows calling when on or off • Compact with comfort grip for easy handling • Enhanced volume & control • Complete with lanyard and instructional CD

  • Brand: Quaker Boy
  • ASIN: B004PN9XOW
  • UPC: 040191736012

Hunters Specialties Carlton's Calls Boss Cow Elk Call

Hunters Specialties Carlton's Calls Boss Cow Elk

Open Reed call makes loud mature cow moos and bleats. Features new adjustable notched frame for setting desired sound without accidental movement. Made from custom Walnut and maple wood. Includes lanyard.

  • Brand: Carlton's Calls
  • ASIN: B011758DLE
  • UPC: 021291701667

Tink's Power Moose Synthetic Cow-in-Estrous (4-Ounce)

Tink's Power Moose Synthetic Cow-in-Estrous

Tink’s Power Moose is designed to be used during the breeding season. It is most effective during the pre-rut and rut seasons when bulls are looking for hot cows which are ready to breed. Formulated to smell like fresh cow urine at the peak of their breeding cycle. Great to use in and around a real or mock wallow or rut pit. Very effective when used in conjunction with calling. Synthetic

  • Brand: TINK'S
  • ASIN: B003RXQ8OO
  • UPC: 049818210584

Quaker Boy Momma Moose Call

Quaker Boy Momma Moose

The Mama Moose open reed Cow & Calf Moose call will bring Bull, Cow & Calf Moose into effective shooting range. This call, with practice will reproduce mating bawls of a cow Moose or lost calls of a calf Moose. The open reed design allows you to add many variations to your calling!

  • Brand: Quaker Boy
  • ASIN: B002Q4ZNX2
  • UPC: 040191736029

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls - iHunt XSB Moose Game Call Bluetooth App & Speaker - 50+ calls - Electronic Moose Calls - Moose Hunting - iHunt

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls - iHunt XSB Moose

The iHunt XSB Moose Bluetooth speaker is the only speaker optimized to work with the iHunt Moose Game Call app (which is free with the speaker). Choose from over 50 great Moose calls that are sure to bring in those Bulls close. The iHunt Moose app provided free with purchase. Turn your iPhone or Smartphone into the ultimate electronic Moose call.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Extreme Dimension
  • ASIN: B01GUXD75A
  • UPC: 751710506008

Quaker Boy Bulldozer Moose Call

Quaker Boy Bulldozer Moose

The Bulldozer is the most versatile Moose call on the market today! The Bulldozer will reproduce the mating bawl of the Cow, lost call of the Calf and guttural grunts of the Bull Moose, with very little practice! The Bulldozer also has a water resistant calling surface that will work in most weather conditions. This call can also be used as an air operated Cow, Calf and Bull call by simply using your vocal cords. Placing the smaller end to your lips as if you were using a Birch Bark Horn!

  • Brand: Quaker Boy
  • ASIN: B004PN9XPG
  • UPC: 751738247884

Buck Expert X-Treme Moose Call 5 in 1

Buck Expert X-Treme Moose Call 5 in

Tuning holes New flexible rubber dual function cap New pre angled screwed nozzle New oval megaphone Hand tuned Made in Canada Includes CD of Calling Techniques

  • ASIN: B00LM8YJ2Y
  • UPC: 621355003142

2-in-1 Moose Call

2-in-1 Moose

The design team and veteran moose hunters at Duel Game Calls have introduced the most authentic and easiest to use Moose Call, the 2 in 1 Moose Call. The 2 in 1 Moose call is aptly named because not only does it produce the full range of bull grunts and cow calls, it also can be used as a reed call or a voice call. By combining Duel Game Calls Patented Dual Chamber Technology, and a soft stretch-tone tube, hunters can impart emotion and inflection into their calling like no other call can. Adding volume is a cinch with the bottom tube being a horn, and adding realism to your call is mastered with the top tube being used for control by cupping your hand over the end and varying your calling sequences. The reed body and sound board work in concert with each other offering three O-ring positions for deep bull grunts in the low position, cow broadcast calls and bawls in the middle position, and cow estrous whines in the high position. With so many ways to use Duel's new 2 in 1 Moose Call, you can produce any volume of any moose vocalization.

  • Color: camo
  • Brand: Duel
  • UPC: 613103053516

Carlton's Calls by Hunters Specialties Lil Heifer Cow Call

Carlton's Calls by Hunters Specialties Lil Heifer Cow

Wayne Carlton's Lil' heifer cow call attracts Bull Elk in your area by projecting high-pitched young cow Elk vocals and bleats. Features a pinch Reed design that is easy to use for both the amateur and expert Elk caller. Simply change the tone of the call by biting down on the black mouth piece or changing the amount of air pressure you blow through the call. The unique wood barrel features custom made Walnut and maple wood with a textured Elk antler shed design. Includes lanyard to keep the call ready and available while hunting. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Brand: Carlton's Calls
  • ASIN: B013DWLG54
  • UPC: 021291701674
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