TURF RENU Tr10132 Bio-Enzymatic Cleaning Solution for Synthetic/Artificial Turf and Pet Odor Control with Sprayer, 32-Ounce

TURF RENU Tr10132 Bio-Enzymatic Cleaning Solution for Synthetic/Artificial

When degrading organic waste is the task at hand, pet odor is a big problem; Turf Renu is your solution. Our specially formulated blend of enzyme-producing bacterial cultures, combined with biodegradable surfactants and odor-neutralizing fragrances, breaks down waste naturally, effectively. Turf Renu contains several Bacillus strains making it extremely effective in general odor control and pet odor control and since Turf Renu is a complete product, you simply dilute with water and spray. It is that easy. Turf Renu is non-corrosive, USDA authorized, environmentally safe and non-pathogenic. It contains over 250 billion Bacilli per gallon, which make cleaning organic waste easy. The success of Turf Renu is well documented in a variety of organic wastes application including: Odor Control: from tough odor control in pet odors. Turf Renu gets to the root of the problem, destroying the source of malodors. Because of its effectiveness, Turf Renu enables you to do away with costly and ineffective masking agents. Turf Renu is an ALL Natural Formula, labeled safe for kids and pets by the CDC, Recommended by the USDA, NSF, AOAC and Free of solvents, chlorine bleach and heavy metals. Applications not limited to-Sports Fields, Residential and Commercial Turf, Golf Courses and putting Greens,...

  • Brand: TURF RENU
  • UPC: 002018101328
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