OPTP PFR36B Pro-Roller Standard Density Foam Roller, Blue

OPTP PFR36B Pro-Roller Standard Density Foam Roller,

The OPTP Pro-Roller is the preferred choice for those looking for a comfortable, high-quality, long-lasting foam roller.

  • Color: Blue Marble
  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B002C9EX14
  • UPC: 033586421389

OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Foam Roller - Blue 36" x 6" PSFR36B

OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Foam Roller - Blue 36"

The OPTP PRO-ROLLERTM Soft is a professional quality foam roller featuring a softer, comfortable compression. Its durable, closed-cell EVA foam technology is designed for heavy, repeated use.The roller provides comfortable relief on gentle or tight areas during self-massage rolling. It also provides support for lying supine and performing a variety of exercises.The rollers are easily cleaned using a disinfecting wipe, or a wet cloth with dishwashing or laundry detergent.Color: Blue Marble

  • Color: 36" Blue Round
  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B00E9B87FG
  • UPC: 796433825838



Support your body's efficient, optimal position during exercise with the OPTP PRO-ROLLER ArchTM.Use the versatile Arch to improve posture on a foam roller, to enhance Pilates routines, to increase the instability of a foam roller, as a positioning tool, block or cushion, and so much more.When placed across the top of a PRO-ROLLERTM (or any 6" diameter foam roller), the Arch helps prevent hyperextension of the cervical spine. When multiple Arches are placed under a foam roller, it raises the center of gravity, making it less stable.Its shape is also ideal for a spacer between the knees or a cushion under them.Constructed from soft, durable EVA foam.Measures 5.5" H x 11.5" W x 4.75" diameter; raises head 2.25" when placed on a foam roller.Includes instructional poster.

  • Color: Blue Marble
  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B00IB00H7W
  • UPC: 040232505942

OPTP Pro Foam Roller - Green Marble Half Round 36" x 3"

OPTP Pro Foam Roller - Green Marble Half

Created for the demands of physical therapy and sports medicine clinics, or busy fitness, Pilates and yoga studios, the OPTP PRO-ROLLERTM is built to outperform and outlast store model foam rollers thanks to its closed-cell, heat-molded EVA foam technology.The roller's standard density provides comfortable massage for rolling out trigger points, knots and areas of increased muscle density.Its half-round shape offers improved stability and progression for balance training, early rehabilitation and beginning Pilates. Using the rounder side down increases dynamic challenge, while the flatter side down provides more stability.Can be easily cleaned with a disinfecting wipe or a wet cloth with mild detergent.

  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B002C9GP4M
  • UPC: 040232385735

OPTP PRO-ROLLER 36” x 4” Foam Roller - For Massage, Stretching, Fitness, Yoga and Pilates Exercise - Soft Density

OPTP PRO-ROLLER 36” x 4” Foam Roller -

OPTP PRO-ROLLERS are built to outperform and outlast store model foam rollers. Their durable EVA foam withstands repeated use in the gym, studio, clinic or at home. Choose between standard or soft density for a wide variety of uses and benefits. Smaller Diameter. The 4" diameter of these foam rollers (smaller than the traditional 6") makes them lower to the ground for a safer, more stable feeling. Uniquely sized 36" length x 4" diameter Easier to control during massage and exercise Ideal for the elderly or those with compromised balance Effective Massage. Choose from two comfortable densities. Standard density offers a medium firmness, while soft density features more cushion for a gentler massage. Massage and soothe sore muscles to lessen pain and improve function Release tension in tight, constricted fascia or sensitive trigger points Roll out IT Bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, the back and other areas for recovery Endless Versatility. Go beyond massage with the versatility of the PRO-ROLLER. Use the roller to perform many different movements and exercise variations. Build core strength and stability with Pilates and yoga movements Increase mobility, flexibility and range of motion with stretching exercises Safely rehab after an injury with physical therapy exercise Enha...

  • Color: Purple, Blue
  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B07D5M5WDP
  • UPC: 854465007605

OPTP AXIS Foam Roller - Firm Density, Black, 36" x 6" Round (AXR366)

OPTP AXIS Foam Roller - Firm Density, Black,

The OPTP Black AXISTM is a firm foam roller that handles the high-use demands of sports training, Pilates, fitness and physical therapy.Relieve tight or injured muscles, perform self-myofascial release on trigger points and knots, self-massage soft tissue and roll away soreness. Use the high-density roller to roll out tough muscle adhesions in the heavier lower extremities including the iliotibial band (IT band), piriformis, hamstrings or quads. The heat-molded roller will not break down or lose shape after moderate to heavy use.Available in regular 36" length or shorter lengths for portable convenience. Also available in half-round versions with flat side for stability, balance, and core exercise.Easily cleaned with soap and water or antibacterial wipes.

  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B001MPU106
  • UPC: 040232134494

321 STRONG Foam Massage Roller - Deep Tissue Massager For Your Muscles & Back, Pink

321 STRONG Foam Massage Roller - Deep Tissue

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  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: 321 STRONG
  • UPC: 854806008025

Yes4All USA Foam Roller/High Density Foam Roller – Best for Back, IT Bands and Hamstrings – Exercise Foam Roller 24 inch (Purple) – Made in USA

Yes4All USA Foam Roller/High Density Foam Roller –

MADE-IN-USA FOAM ROLLERHeard a lot about Roller Foam and still wonder why they are so hot? Ask any foam roller enthusiasts and they will tell you how great these little rollers are.BETTER LIFE WITH YES4ALL FOAM ROLLER• Effective tool for Self-myofascial release (SMR)• Release all your muscle tightness or trigger points,• Soothe your tight and fatigued muscles.• Perfect for Dynamic warm-up and Stretching• Stabilize core muscles, prevent injury, rehab and enhance balance, flexibility and range of motion.• Benefit anyone from professional athletes, coaches to people at all levels of fitness.BETTER QUALITY AND BETTER PRICE• Use USA made Rollers with confident! Treated by special process so the material is toxic free (unlike other non-US made rollers).• Made of premium high-density PE foam, our foam roller is 30% heavier & firmer than the ones from the same class.• One-piece constructions always remains its firmness after multiple uses.• Available 12-18-24-36 inch long with 6-inch diameter.WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Let's roll out all your soreness and roll in all the relaxation and strength you need with Yes4All Roam Roller for a new day full of energy!!!

  • Color: Purple - 24"
  • Brand: Yes4All
  • ASIN: B013OZ5NM2
  • UPC: 616320917333

OPTP LoRox Aligned Travel-Size Foam Roller by Lauren Roxburgh

OPTP LoRox Aligned Travel-Size Foam Roller by Lauren

Developed by fascia and alignment expert Lauren Roxburgh, the Aligned Roller is designed to elongate muscles, tone the body and provide regenerative massage.It features a moderate density made from durable EVA foam; perfect for improving blood circulation throughout fascia, skin, muscles and joints. The roller's most unique feature is its raised, circular bumps aid that in lymphatic drainage and decreasing inflammation.The Travel Roller is ideal for taking to the gym or using on the go thanks to its convenient, portable 12" L x 4" diameter size.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B01B6KUL2O
  • UPC: 040232231698

OPTP Galaxy AXIS Foam Roller - Standard Density 36 x 6 Inches SAXR366

OPTP Galaxy AXIS Foam Roller - Standard Density

The OPTP Galaxy AXIS Foam Roller offers a moderately firm density and exceptional durability. Its standard density makes it comfortable for performing self-myofascial release that helps relieve tension and promote muscle recovery. Those who are new to foam rolling will find a great starting point with this roller, although it's also a popular choice for seasoned users and athletes. Fitness instructors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors will also appreciate the roller's effectiveness for their clients and patients. Benefits: Roll out areas of tension, helping to lessen soreness Stretch out tight areas, promoting increased flexibility Help restore range of motion and improve functionality Increase blood flow and promote fascia hydration Improve balance and core strength with exercise movements Features: Smooth surface Comfortable standard density Closed-cell EPP foam bead construction Durable heat-molded foam technology Available in multiple sizes and shapes Easily cleaned with soap and water or antibacterial wipes The Galaxy AXIS Foam Roller is available in multiple sizes for a variety of users and applications. The traditional 36" length x 6" diameter size is perfect for rolling out larger areas such as hamstrings, quads, and the back. Smaller size...

  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B001UI0C36
  • UPC: 040232134500

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, 2.0 (26-inch), Orange

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional

TriggerPoint GRID foam rollers feature a patented design that offers a superior, multi-density exterior constructed over a rigid, hollow core that withstands repeated use while maintaining shape and integrity. The proven durability of the GRID has helped make it a trusted tool of physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers and professional athletes. The GRID can be used to roll through tight muscles, knots and kinks to reduce soreness and improve mobility. Regular use of the GRID can provide benefits such as recovery from (or preventing) injuries, decreased muscle and joint pain, increased circulation and flexibility, improved balance and mobility and preparing the body for peak performance. The distinctive, multi-dimensional surfaces of the GRID replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands - wide and flat like the palm, long and tubular like the fingers, and small and firm like the finger tips. The textured surface of the GRID helps to maximize the flow of blood and oxygen to heal tissue. TriggerPoint GRID foam rollers are available in three sizes and two densities. Regular density models include the original 13-inch GRID, the 26-inch GRID 2.0, and the 4-inch travel-friendly GRID Mini. The 13-inch GRID X features extra dense foam for working the tightest...

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Trigger Point Performance
  • UPC: 858787002362

13 Inch Length x 6 Inch Round - The Foam Roller - Best Firm High Density Eco-Friendly EVA Foam Rollers For Physical Therapy, Great Back Roller for Muscle Therapy, Mobility & Flexibility

13 Inch Length x 6 Inch Round -

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  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Rolling With It
  • ASIN: B00X87C898
  • UPC: 753896692018

PERformance Roller - EPE Black High Density Foam Roller, 6"x36", 1.9 lbs per cubic foot density

PERformance Roller - EPE Black High Density Foam

This PERformance Roller Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) foam roller is excellent for relieving aching muscles before, during, or after workouts. Use your own body weight to help increase blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. Target multiple trigger points to perform self-myofascial release to improve springiness and range of motion, and shrink pain and soreness. EPE foam is a high quality material with 1.9lb per cubic foot density and made in the U.S.A. It will not breakdown or lose its shape after moderate to heavy use.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Foam Roller Products
  • ASIN: B0040NJOA0
  • UPC: 714905022103

MELT Hand & Foot Treatment Kit

MELT Hand & Foot Treatment

The MELT Hand & Foot Treatment Kit includes everything you need to start feeling better now: 8 MELT Treatment balls (2 of each size), 1 Bunion Reducer Band, and 2 illustrated instruction guides, all in a convenient travel case. This Kit does NOT include DVDs. The balls and band are latex free. By stimulating the hands and feet, this easy-to-learn treatment can help reduce these common painful symptoms in just minutes a day: • hand, foot, back, and neck pain • plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas • arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger • even headaches, gut issues, and insomnia! These quick self-treatments can be done anywhere - home, work, or travel.

  • Brand: MELT Method
  • ASIN: B071RH22SN
  • UPC: 855458006063

TriggerPoint CORE Multi-Density Solid Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos (36-inch)

TriggerPoint CORE Multi-Density Solid Foam Roller with Free

TriggerPoint CORE Foam Rollers offer a solid-core design and durable EVA foam construction to withstand years of repeated use. Unlike standard polypropylene foam rollers that are rock hard when new and can quickly break down and become soft, the CORE is made from EVA foam that has greater resilience after compression. The CORE consistency provides moderate pressure and delivers a premium massage with minimal discomfort. Its Grid pattern technology makes it the only solid foam roller on the market to channel blood and oxygen while you roll. The multi-density surface is designed to massage tight muscles, knots, and kinks to reduce soreness, improve flexibility, and increase recovery. The 36-inch TriggerPoint CORE supports the entire spine during yoga, Pilates, and recovery exercises and provides stability to roll large muscle areas. The 18-inch CORE's versatile size can be easily repositioned during exercise to support a variety of massages and routines. The 12-inch offers an ideal travel companion on the road, at the gym, or on business trips. The CORE is part of a complete family of TriggerPoint foam rollers, including the TriggerPoint GRID and GRID X, which offer even more durability and firmer self-massage. The purchase of any TriggerPoint foam roller includes free access to an...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Trigger Point Performance
  • UPC: 096506033086

j/fit 36" Basic White Foam Roller

j/fit 36" Basic White Foam

These 6" diameter foam rollers enhance balance, body awareness, muscle re-education, flexibility, myofacial release and dynamic strength. Single foam construction provides a soft, comfortable surface and support for all body types. Round Foam Roller 6" x 36". Color: White.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: j/fit
  • ASIN: B000WG0L74
  • UPC: 818020006366

Merrithew Soft Density Foam Roller, 18", Blue

Merrithew Soft Density Foam Roller, 18",

Designed with portability in mind, our 18 inch soft density Foam Roller provides the benefits of rolling with a softer touch and works over time as a great prop for your workouts. This smaller version is perfect for rolling out limbs and isolated areas, providing a gentle message for those looking for lighter pressure over our standard 18" Foam Roller. Rolling rehydrates connective tissue, calming the nervous systems while relieving trigger points for improved circulation and reduced soreness. Great for warming up muscle groups before a lengthy run or workout, or for reducing muscle tightness after exercise. Use as a prop in your fitness routines by creating instability and proprioceptive challenge in standing or sitting work or use to stabilize the shoulders in arm work to improve your form. Lightweight and easy to clean, our soft density Foam Roller features rounded edges for comfort and a texturized non-slip surface for added stability and traction.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Merrithew
  • UPC: 690650062031

TheraBand Foam Roller, 12" Long High Density Pro Foam Roller Tool for Post-Workout Recovery & Pre-Workout Warm-Up, Roll Out Muscle Soreness, 6" Diameter, White

TheraBand Foam Roller, 12" Long High Density Pro

The TheraBand Pro Foam Rollers are made of a highly durable closed-cell foam technology intended for use with TheraBand Foam Roller Wraps+ or as a standalone device. The Foam Rollers are available in the standard 6" diameter, in both 36" and 12" lengths and a 6" half round diameter in the 36" length. They can be used in-clinic, as part of a home exercise program or patient/client self-initiated wellness routine. All Foam Rollers are individually packaged with detailed color exercise instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercises divided by muscle region.

  • Brand: TheraBand
  • UPC: 087453117448

STOTT PILATES Foam Roller Soft - (Blue), 36 Inch/92 cm

STOTT PILATES Foam Roller Soft - (Blue), 36

If you've found foam rolling to be too aggressive in the past, we've designed the soft density version with you in mind. Enjoy the benefits of foam rolling with a gentler touch that enables you to apply more or less pressure on the targeted area as needed. Foam rolling allows you to rehydrate your connective tissue and can provide an all-over massage to calm the nervous system.

  • Color: Blue
  • ASIN: B00KU5NTU8
  • UPC: 751738407288

MELT Soft Body Roller

MELT Soft Body

The MELT Method Soft Roller is the only roller developed for the techniques of the MELT Method. MELT gently rehydrates connective tissue, rebalances the nervous system, promotes healing, reduces inflammation, decompresses the neck and low back, improves core stability, mobilizes joints, stimulates organ function, increases flexibility, and much more. The latex-free roller is 36 inches long and 5 inches across.

  • Brand: MELT Method
  • ASIN: B0713MC2JF
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