Easy Dollar Bill Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft)

Easy Dollar Bill Origami (Dover Origami

Popular as party favors and presents, origami figures folded from paper money offer clever possibilities for folders at all levels of skill. This easy-to-follow guide features thirty-two simple models, both traditional and original. Figures include a heart, a house, and an array of animals, from a bird and a butterfly to a whale and a rhinoceros. There's even a model of George Washington himself! Numerous diagrams illustrate each model, rendered in dark and light green to indicate the two sides of a bill. The finished models are shown in full color.

  • Color: Easy Dollar Bill Origami
  • Brand: Dover
  • ASIN: 0486470091
  • UPC: 999994928158

The Dollar Bill Origami Book: 30 Designs That Turn Money into Art

The Dollar Bill Origami Book: 30 Designs That

Transform everyday money into gorgeous art with these original origami designs. Take your regular origami hobby to the next level with dollar bill origami—the art of folding beautiful designs with the humble dollar bill. The unique size, shape, texture, and pattern of dollar bills provide a world of possibilities to create bigger and better models you’ve never seen before! Origami artist Janessa Munt provides 30 of her very own dollar bill origami designs, each of them intricate, highly unique, and full of personality. Learn how to fold a single uncut dollar bill into a rose or create a model of a shark complete with eyes and teeth from the patterns on the dollar bill. Master your money and put together other models such as a curious bulldog, a tyrannosaurs rex mid-roar, a Thanksgiving turkey, a mermaid, Capricorn the goat, and many more! Each model is accompanied by clear and concise step-by-step diagrams as well as full color photographs of particular steps. With models categorized according to difficulty, there is something for readers of every skill level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced folder. Throw yourself into a new hobby, impress your friends, and turn that spare dollar bill in your pocket into a whimsical, stunning work of art.

  • Color: blue
  • Brand: Munt Janessa
  • ASIN: 1510709495

Extreme Origami: Transforming Dollar Bills into Priceless Works of Art

Extreme Origami: Transforming Dollar Bills into Priceless Works

Won Park has taken the ancient art of origami to a whole new level. Using American currency, Park transforms dollar bills into creative works of art. He relies on the fibrous quality of the paper to fold, bend and twist hundreds of times per model without tearing. With no cutting and no pasting, Park is able to incorporate the details on the bills into his model designs. His signature koi fish is folded in such a way that the patterns on the dollar bill become the scales on the fish, and even the facial features fall in exactly the right place. His designs include a wide array of vehicles, animals, and mythical creatures. In this book, step-by-step instructions are provided for 20 distinct models that are bound to challenge even the most proficient folders. The challenge includes a Formula 1 race car, a toilet, a butterfly, a koi fish, a scorpion, a sea turtle, a fox, an ox, a marlin, a car, a praying mantis, a dragon, a spider, a stag beetle, a stegosaurus, a bat, Pegasus, a fighter jet, a battle tank, and a pig. All models can be made with either one or two dollar bills. Why worry about the declining value of the U.S. dollar? Follow the instructions in this book, and you can transform your dollars into works of art!

  • Brand: Quayside Publishing
  • ASIN: 1937994023
  • UPC: 499991613311

Dollar Origami (mass market) (Mass Market Origami Books)

Dollar Origami (mass market) (Mass Market Origami

Make your money into something more!It's fairly rare these days to be able to turn just one dollar into anything, but with this kit for experienced paper artists from Won Park you can turn a dollar into a camera, a shark, a frog, a scorpion, and more! Dollar Origami teaches you how to create 10 different animals and objects with just a few folds. Inside you'll find an instruction book with step-by-step directions and 100 sheets of paper to practice on before you use your own money. You'll be crafting beautiful butterflies, adorable penguins, and more on your own in no time!

  • Color: green
  • ASIN: 1626868034

Dollar bill origami: Creative paper folding

Dollar bill origami: Creative paper

  • ASIN: 0816771588

Dollar Bill Animals in Origami: Second Revised Edition

Dollar Bill Animals in Origami: Second Revised

John Montroll has consistently expanded the limits of the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. Now in this exciting new volume of more than 30 original models, the world-renowned origami master departs from the traditional square form and crafts each eye-catching creation from an ordinary dollar bill. Using the familiar rectangular shape as a base, Dollar Bill Animals in Origami offers more than 800 clear, easy-to-follow diagrams for every level of folder, from beginner to expert. You may use either actual dollar bills or any paper cut to the same proportions to create a stunning display of animals of land, air, and sea: giraffe, unicorn, apatosaurus, parrot, owl, shark, and many more. Also included are pictures of each completed project and guided instructions for basic folds. With this innovative book, an exciting journey in origami art is as close as the nearest dollar bill.

  • ASIN: 1536868795

Money Folding 2: A Wealth of Ideas for Folding Dollar Bills

Money Folding 2: A Wealth of Ideas for

Fold cash into memorable shapes and use it to embellish cards, envelopes and gift boxes.

  • Brand: Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1574215965

The Joy of Origami

The Joy of

The origami book, reinvented. From Margaret van Sicklen, author of the Origami Page-A-Day® Calendar and a tireless proselytizer for her craft, The Joy of Origami brings a delightfully fresh twist to the ancient art of paper folding. Traditional in spirit—she reaches back to origami’s original aim, as a way to share unique gifts with friends and family—yet contemporary in look and feel, with 100 sheets of paper featuring bold, often whimsical patterns specially designed to complement the models, it’s a jazzy, essential book for every origami hobbyist, whether an old hand at folding or new to the craft. The 57 models range in difficulty from a simple Elephant in Pajamas to a more challenging Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are models for special occasions (Stars and Stripes Pinwheel), action models (the Foxy Puppet), models for kids (One-Trick Pony) and models for friends (the Kissing Cranes). The Everyday Paper section includes models using found paper: four cool ways to fold a dollar bill, an awesome newspaper baseball mitt, and fun ways to turn unwanted business cards into origami creatures.

  • ASIN: 0761139885
  • UPC: 019628139887

Dollar Bill Folding Fun! Money Plant (Cashius monetarius)

Dollar Bill Folding Fun! Money Plant (Cashius

Chris Dunmire's creative 'Cashius monetarius' Origami Money Plant has delighted and amused recipients for nearly two decades. This instructional book will show you how to make this one-of-a-kind gift plant made from dollar bills or similar rectangular paper currency, creating a beautiful craft centerpiece for any occasion and an unforgettable treasure when cash is the best gift of all, including birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, weddings, fund raisers, and retirements.


Money Flowers And More: Origami with Money

Money Flowers And More: Origami with

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions for turning bills of any denomination into unique gifts such as flowers: roses, daffodils, daisies and poinsettias; shirts and blouses, and birds with flapping wings.

  • ASIN: B06XK3443H

Folding Money Fooling: How to Make Entertaining Novelties from Dollar Bills

Folding Money Fooling: How to Make Entertaining Novelties

Robert Neale has been creating origami figures seemingly forever and has been a key figure in origami for just about as long, but did you know he was also a highly regarded magician? In this book, Neale delves into the art of origami with dollar bills, and is it cool stuff! From Robert E. Neale's Preface: "This book contains twenty new and novel models that perform in these amusingly unexpected ways; all are folded from dollar bills. They are created for adults, but many will entertain children-especially the finger puppets in Puppet Poetry and the tale illustrated with many different shapes in A Boy's Modest Adventure. A rabbit pops out of a top hat in Bunny Bill, a model popular among magicians." Chapter Listing: * Actions An Economic Comment Fluttering Butterfly Puppet Poetry Billfrog Pearching Parrot Heart Homily Crane in Flight A Boy's Modest Adventure * Puzzles Crossed Doubly Seven Clever Bills Hyperflex Baffling Bill Braid * Tricks Stretch A Bill Presidential Portrait Wormo The Contrary Ones Snake Basket Pyramid of Immortality * Rabbit Redux Bunny Bill Oakes' Standing Bunny Harris' Bunnies Lauded by magicians, storytellers, and paper folders alike, this is a wonder book! Buy Now!


The Magic of Folding Money

The Magic of Folding

A classic book on folding currency into interesting figures that friends won't forget! Step by step instructions show how to fold dollar bills into pistols, rifles. a shrunken bill, ace of diamonds, dice, crap table, dollar bill ring, ace of spades, rocket ship, Texas longhorn, Playboy Bunny, and more. Book is 8 1/2" by 11". Large step by step illustrations help with folds. Origami at its best. Buy now and you'll be the talk of the gathering!

  • ASIN: B00071WE5G

Money Folding 2 Dollar Bill Origami Folding Book by Karen Thomas

Money Folding 2 Dollar Bill Origami Folding Book

  • ASIN: B001B24FHA

The Art of Money: How to make amazing dollar bill sculptures

The Art of Money: How to make amazing

How to fold 15 all original models, diagrammed by origamist Marc Sky. The models are: Eastern Dragon, Box, Swan, Owls in Love, Butterfly, Bikini, Bird and Baby in Nest, Frog on a Lily Pad, Hound Dog, Card Display Stand, Froggy Tongue Bookmark, Owl Baby, Penguin Baby Chirping, Pterodactyl, and Starlight Starbright. As a special bonus, included are Marc's secrets and tips for folding from dollar bills.


Dollar Bill Origami Kit, by Won Park

Dollar Bill Origami Kit, by Won

By folding and sculpting dollar bills, expert origami artist Won Park creates ten challenging models inspired by animals and everyday objects. Detailed instructions with step-by-step diagrams are provided. Use the practice currency that comes with this kit to hone your craft before you move on to using real dollar bills.

  • Color: Mixed
  • Brand: Sterling Shelf Liners
  • ASIN: 1435152522

Origami Instruction DVD by Lisa Shea

Origami Instruction DVD by Lisa

Have you always wanted to learn how to fold origami? Would you like to make a bouquet of lily or iris for your loved one? How about crane ornaments for a Christmas tree? Decorate your walls with cat origami, or fill your windows with colorful butterflies. Origami is an inexpensive way to beautify every room of your home with color-matching works of art.With my instructional DVD, you can watch on your TV or computer as I lead you step by step through a collection of 27 different traditional origami shapes. If you have struggled with book instructions, take heart. It is MUCH easier to watch the folds being done, and to hear spoken instructions for each step.My DVD provides complete instructions for:* origami cranes* origami lily and iris flowers* origami long stemmed roses* origami balloons* origami fish* origami cats* origami doves* origami dragons* origami swans* origami cards* origami love knots* origami helmets* origami cups* origami butterflies* origami tortoises* origami catamarans* origami stars* origami empresses* origami hanging ornaments* origami mobilesIn addition, learn how to fold money origami! These designs are perfect for providing beautiful wedding or graduation presents, birthday and holiday presents, and of course tips for waiters and servers! I help you learn ho...

  • ASIN: B0011ACRPY
  • UPC: 634479991912

Dollar Origami 3D

Dollar Origami

  • Brand: LEARN2MAKE
  • ASIN: B00HSW7X08

Origami Paper - Washi Chiyogami Style, 100 Sheets, 10 Designs - 6" Square Daiyo Shiko S-y31 × 2 Pack Value Set !

Origami Paper - Washi Chiyogami Style, 100 Sheets,

(1)Printed, machine-made Japanese paper. (2)The paper's surface is smooth, and has chiyogami patterns. (3)The back of the paper is white, and has a Japanese-paper feel to it.

  • Color: Various
  • Brand: daiyo

T.S. Shure Origami & Other Fun Fold Ups Book

T.S. Shure Origami & Other Fun Fold Ups

Have fun creating incredible and fantastic fold-ups, from Japanese paper cranes (an early origami classic) to American paper-engineered planes (a modern schoolroom classic). You'll learn how to make secret notes, dollar bill rings, Cootie Catchers, leaping frogs and more! Along the way, you’ll learn about the fascinating origins of paper and key moments in paper folding history. This fully illustrated, colorful book includes entertaining, step-by-step instructions for making 13 different paper folding projects, and 90 colorful origami sheets. We promise, you will never look at paper the same way once you read this book and master the lessons of paper folding FUN!

  • Brand: T.S. Shure
  • ASIN: B0018ABWG2
  • UPC: 740984008448
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Dollar Origami Shirt & Tie Tutorial - How to fold a dollar bill in to a shirt and tie

Origami Dollar Bill Folding

This video shows you how to fold a shirt and Tie out of a single dollar in the easiest way I know. Click here for Revised Version: https://youtu.be/Kw8IHaiit9s

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Dollar Bill Origami DOG, EASY instructions on how to fold a dog out of MONEY

Origami Dollar Bill Folding

Dollar bill origami dog, easy instructions on how to fold a dog out of paper money. Folding simple animals out of Dollar Bills is a great money present and gift idea for weddings, birthdays and christmas! - Deutsche Version/German version of this money folding tutorial: https://youtu.be/-SXidM...

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Dollar Bill Origami Fish Tutorial - How to make an Easy Angelfish from Money - $1 Dollar Moneygami

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Quickest Money Fish Instructions on Youtube. Please view my t-shirt and shirt with tie dollar bill origami. I also have a turtle origami that is very popular.

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