Business Phone System by Grandstream: Starter Package Including Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Cell & Remote Phone Extensions, Call Recording & Free Phone Service for 1 Year (6 Phone Bundle)

Business Phone System by Grandstream: Starter Package Including

Not interested in our VoIP offer? This system works with any combination of digital lines provided by others (Comcast, Spectrum, FiOS, Time Warner, and others). Offer includes the system's 4 CO voice server, 4 Grandstream phones (Model GXP1628), and 1 year free Dialtone for 2 lines. Value of $48.45 per month! Note: Dialtone requires and is based on fast internet connection (broadband) of the server to the internet and is not included or provided as part of this purchase. Both lines are limited to 3000 minutes/month to US and Canada. The VoIP service is only available for end-users and not for re-sellers. The 8 button phones can be programmed to your exact business needs (for functions like call park, paging, direct access of another extension, etc). Additional Grandstream phones consisting of various different models (including color-display extensions) can be easily added to this system. Built-in Call Detail Records (CDR) for tracking phone usage by line, date, etc. Supports multi-language auto-attendant and call queue to efficiently handle incoming calls. System has built in features such as: encryption security, call recording, phonebooks, voicemail to email, fax to email, and system backup. Not interested in installing the system yourself? TelcoDepot offers complete, nationwi...

  • Brand: Grandstream
  • ASIN: B07LCXPG83

New Excelltel SOHO-PBX 308C (3 Phone Lines x 8 Extensions PABX) Telephone Switch System Control Exchange

New Excelltel SOHO-PBX 308C (3 Phone Lines x

Outgoing call 1. Outward dialing directly Pick up the handset and dial external number directly after hearing the C.O line tone. 2. Exterior-line Booking If exterior line is busy and calling has to be done immediately, a booking of exterior line will be done and will be clue to the current user. 3. Selecting C.O.Line You can use this operation if you want to select a C.O line to dial out. 4. Use the private password 5. Outgoing call transfer function This function let you make an outgoing cal l from one extension then divert and connect other extension to C.O. Line. 6. Call transfer Allows you to transfer an incoming call to another extension. 7. Conference(2 extensions and 1 C.O.Line) Al lows you to add a third part to a two-parts conversation and make a three-parts conference. You can have only two extensions with one C.O. Line. 8. C.O.Line Reservation The occupying exterior line can be reversed by exchanger. Then another exterior line can be transferred or talked by interphone, which can solve the problem that the incoming call waits long for answering or even no answer. Therefore the function of the exchanger is largely extended. The exterior lines for incoming or outgoing call are both reserved. 9. R Key function Use this to make a R key operation(As telephone's R ke...

  • Color: Black/white
  • Brand: Excelltel
  • UPC: 714046584041

Worldwide Mobile PBX Extension Products and Services 2009-2013 Forecast and Analysis

Worldwide Mobile PBX Extension Products and Services 2009-2013

This IDC study contains IDC's worldwide mobile PBX extensions products and services forecast for 2009-2013 and a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape. "In the near term, the mobile PBX market will be dominated by mobility providers like RIM and Nokia as well as pure-play mobile UC providers like Agito, Counterpath, DiVitas, and OnRelay," says Sean Ryan, research analyst with IDC's Mobile Enterprise Software program. "However, once enterprises engage in large-scale strategic UC deployments, they will shift toward offerings from large systems providers like Avaya and Cisco."

  • ASIN: B003C1QPQM



  • Brand: Vertex Telecom
  • ASIN: B00LEZ2Q4I

New Excelltel SOHO-PBX SP-208 (2 x 8) PABX Telephone Switch System Control Exchange

New Excelltel SOHO-PBX SP-208 (2 x 8) PABX

This SOHO-PBX SP-208 system is an ideal telephone system for small offices and home offices. Easy to install and use. Direct or Indirect Dialing Mode. Automated Attendant Mode AND Operator mode. Call hold, transfer,Caller ID (FSK/DTMF/Bellcore). Three-way conferencing. Intercom call--Make internal calls from any extension. Facsimile supported--Any extension can hook up a fax machine or a PC to send or receive facsimiles. Incoming call alert Toll restriction scheme--Long Distance or International Direct Dialing can be disabled on a per extension basis. Secretary assisted dialing Limit CO line call duration Power failure tolerant Do not disturb--Extension with 'do not disturb' turned on will not ring. No response from caller under Auto-attendant mode. CO line ports can be disabled or enabled individually. Flexible Ring delay on incoming calls. Flexible extension number plan. Recording Outgoing Greeting Message (OGM). Playback OGM--User can listen to the recorded OGM or the on-hold music. CO Line ringing assignment.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Excelltel
  • ASIN: B015MIQ12A
  • UPC: 714046584034

Worldwide Mobile PBX Extensions Products and Services 2008-2012 Forecast

Worldwide Mobile PBX Extensions Products and Services 2008-2012

This IDC study contains our worldwide mobile PBX extensions products and services forecast for 2008-2012. "Enterprise users are now expecting ubiquitous connectivity to business applications and communications solutions, regardless of the device or location where they are working," states Nora Freedman, senior analyst, Enterprise Networks. "At the very least, their organizations' IT departments are struggling to gain control over mobile voice and data costs; but the other more savvy and mobile-oriented IT departments are overwhelmed by the number of mobile PBX extension solutions from IP telephony vendors, mobile middleware players, and mobile operators. This study is our attempt to provide a market overview of the key providers, as well as provide a market forecast on the adoption of mobile PBX extensions products and services."

  • ASIN: B001F291XO

VTech CM18445 Main Console - DECT 6.0 4-Line Expandable Small Business Office Phone with Answering System

VTech CM18445 Main Console - DECT 6.0 4-Line

"The VTech CM18445 - Main Console DECT 6.0 4-Line Expandable Small Business Phone with Answering System is a new small business system that makes it easier than ever to connect your office. Installation is simple. Only the main console needs to be connected to analog phone lines. The handsets and desksets wirelessly connect to the system with one touch using DECT 6.0 technology, so you can install an entire office system in minutes. No professional assistance required. Plus, the VTech CM18445 - Main Console DECT 6.0 4-Line Expandable Small Business Phone with Answering System allows you to grow into a fully featured telephone system with up to 10 stations. The main console digitally records up to 180 shared minutes of incoming messages, outgoing announcements and memos. The auto attendant for each line can answer outside calls, provide callers with a company directory and route calls to the appropriate extension. Customizable music on hold includes a 2.5mm jack for connecting music devices like MP3 players, boom boxes, tablets or smart phones

  • Brand: VTech
  • ASIN: B012XYTYV6
  • UPC: 735078034960

GOWOS (5 Pack) 6Ft Power Cord C14 to C19 Black/SJT 14/3

GOWOS (5 Pack) 6Ft Power Cord C14 to

GOWOS 6Ft Power Cord C14 to C19 Black/ SJT 14/3

  • Color: black
  • Brand: GOWOS
  • UPC: 602054068359

Excelltel SOHO-PBX SP-416CS+ (4 Phone Lines x 16 Extensions PABX) Telephone Switch System Control Exchange

Excelltel SOHO-PBX SP-416CS+ (4 Phone Lines x 16

Function: Operator /Auto-attendant Auto-Attendant(DISA:20s three paragraphs) Auto-Attendant(DISA-12s one paragraph) Operator setting External line caller ID Transfer Caller ID Intercom Caller ID Call transfer Outgoing call transfer C.O. Line Transfer to C.O. Line Call pickup Call forwarding Call all extensions Three way conference Auto IP Dialing Specific CO line dialing CO line booking CO line reservation Ringing assignment Do not disturb Multiple dial-out modes Other feature: Exts. Groups External Line Group Door Phone Interface (optional for) Door opener (optional for) Internal music on holding External Music Input on Holding 11 Chord Melody Music Selectable Call duration control Call restriction Ring identify Outgoing Message Recording C.O. Line & Exts Monitor Flexible coding (change ext.No.) Automatic Ext. reporting System CRBT Day/Night Mode (Auto/Manual) Multiple communication lines Flash time choice Remote programming System Password Power failure transfer Memory protect while power off Lightning Protection Backup Battery Interface (optional) Normal transform power Switch Power (optional) Packing Details: Weight: 2~2.4KGS/PC Gift box size: 41×29×8cm Carton size: 43.5×42×31.5cm Package included: 1x SOHO-PBX 416CS+ P...

  • Color: Black/white
  • Brand: Excelltel
  • ASIN: B015MW4NK8
  • UPC: 714046584058

Tripp Lite 12 Outlet Bench & Cabinet Power Strip, 36 in. Length, 15ft Cord with 5-15P Plug (PS3612)

Tripp Lite 12 Outlet Bench & Cabinet Power

Tripp Lite's PS3612 power strip offers 15 amp, 120V multi-outlet AC power distribution in a convenient 36 inch mountable housing. Ideal for horizontal or vertical raceway style power distribution in office, workbench, industrial, networking and telecom applications. Includes 12 NEMA 5-15R output receptacles with 2.638 inch center-to-center spacing, 15 ft AC line cord and lighted power switch with locking transparent cover to prevent accidental shutoff. Sturdy all-metal extruded aluminum housing stands up to demanding network, laboratory or factory environments.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Tripp Lite
  • ASIN: B00005115S
  • UPC: 809302192907

Excelltel SOHO-PBX MS108-GSM (1 Phone Lines x 8 Extensions PABX) Telephone Switch System GSM Control Exchange

Excelltel SOHO-PBX MS108-GSM (1 Phone Lines x 8

Capacity: 1 GSM + 1 PSTN + 8 analog phones Features: GSM wireless Truck Call transfer Call forwarding Call pickup (External call) Operator/ auto-attendant mode Auto CO to CO transfer 7 Communication Path DND (Do not disturb) Call Restriction C. O. Line Reservation (Call waiting) C. O. Line booking External music on hold Caller ID Flexible coding (change Ext.No) OGM (20s DISA for 3 levels) Outgoing call transfer Three way conference LCR (least cost routing) Application Scene: SOHO / Office / Villa Etc... Operation: 1. Insert the SIM card as above indication. It will work after turn on the PBX and wait for 1 minute. (Note: insert/pull the SIM card, it should be cut off the power) 2. GSM that means the CO Line 2. If you want to use SIM card, please in Ext.601, input *#*0000, 0610# to enable it. More detailed program please refer to our user manual. 3. If the SIM can't work after operate above step, it may be the SIM card signal interference the communication to the system. You can take apart the antenna and expand it. Then turn off it for 1 minute to check.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Excelltel
  • ASIN: B01KVLP5C0
  • UPC: 744960798842

Cisco SPA112 2 Port Phone Adapter

Cisco SPA112 2 Port Phone

  • Color: 1
  • Brand: Cisco
  • ASIN: B00684PN54
  • UPC: 079532090186

Polycom VVX 600 IP Phone PoE New (2200-44600-025)

Polycom VVX 600 IP Phone PoE New

EThe Polycom VVX 600 phone is a premium business media phone designed to enhance collaboration and personal productivity.

  • Brand: Polycom
  • ASIN: B00A8C4XEE
  • UPC: 611104720574

Ring-U Hello Hub Small Business PBX Phone System and VOIP Service

Ring-U Hello Hub Small Business PBX Phone System

Save hundreds and increase your office's productivity with the Ring-u Hello Hub. Designed especially for small offices and businesses, the Hello Hub is easier to set up than most wireless routers. A Virtual Receptionist can professionally answer calls and route them to the person or department needed. Other features include an open/closed/holiday receptionist, as well as ring groups, and voicemail to email. While traditional systems require multiple "base stations" for more than five lines or extensions, just one Hello Hub unit offers up to 20 lines (calls) and 50 extensions. The Hello Hub offers plug-n-play auto configuration for Atcom A68W/A48W/A20W and Grandstream GXP 1620/1625/1630/2130/2135/2160/2170 + DP720/750 and WP820 phones. Fully operational in minutes, all Atcom phones are also Wifi enabled for ethernet-cable-free connection. Mobile phone integration is simple. Simply use cell phones as extensions with or without iOS and Android apps. Texting directly from your system (web interface) using your primary business number is quick and easy. For even more utility, set up offsite land line phones as remote extensions. The integrated no contract VoIP service starts at $59.95 for 2 lines/calls and $24.95 per additional lines/calls. The service is charged by the line, not by t...

  • Brand: ring-u
  • UPC: 863276000415

Valcom Page Control - 3 Zone 1Way

Valcom Page Control - 3 Zone

3 Zone one-way page control. Provides tandem all call. Background music input, automatically mutes in zonebeing paged. Page override for special priority announcements. Features are programmable per zone. Built-in tone generator for night ringing, time clock tone, doorbell. Accepts pulse and tone dial. Battery back-up input. UL listed. To interface with analog extension or Centrexline add the VC-V-9970. Access: page port on selected telephone systems, PBx loop start or ground-start trunk port, electronic or 1A2 line key (line card required), or dedicated single line phoneset. Input impedance: 600 ohm. Music sourceimpedance: 4 to 600 ohm. Music input level: -10dBm nominal. DC output: -24 Vdc @ 500 mA. Power requirements: 230 Vac/.5A or 120 Vac/1A. Weight: 6.25lbs. Dimensions: 7.1"H x 10"W x 3"D. VALCOM POWER UNITS (+20). VCV2003A.

  • Brand: Valcom
  • ASIN: B00J2DHFH2

Panasonic Small Office Business Phone System Bundle Brand New includiing KX-T7730 7 Phones Black and KX-TA824 PBX Advanced Phone System

Panasonic Small Office Business Phone System Bundle Brand

PANASONIC KX-TA824 SMALL BUSINESS PBX ADVANCED PHONE SYSTEM Package included: Panasonic KX-TA824 Panasonic KX-T7730 (7pc) Black 1 Year Warranty Panasonic KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid Phone System Max CO Lines: 8  Max Analog CO's: 8 Max VoIP (H.323) Trunks: Not Supported  Max VoIP (SIP) Trunks: Not Supported Max Total Extensions: 24 Max Analog Proprietary Extensions: 24 Max Single Line Telephones: 24 Max Digital Proprietary extensions: Not Supported  Max IP Proprietary Phone Extensions: Not Supported Maximum Portable Handsets: Not Available Maximum Doorphones: 4 Built-in Voice Mail: Yes, built-in (BV) type  Centralized Voicemail: Not Compatible Direct Station Select (DSS) Consoles: 2 Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.2'' x 14.5'' x 4'' Weight: 7.7 Panasonic KX-T7730 Black The Panasonic KX-T7730 is a 12 key telephone system which is compatible with the KXT 206 and KXTA 624 systems and the new KX-TES308 and KX-TA824 phone systems. It incorporates every key-phone functionality, including a LCD display providing the user with useful information such as the number dialed, day, date, time and the duration of each call made. The LCD display also gives the user easy access to advanced system programming.

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • UPC: 682318884116

PCI 32bit Riser Extender Extension Cable for 1U 2U Small Case,PCI Extension Ribbon Flex Flexible Cable

PCI 32bit Riser Extender Extension Cable for 1U

100% brand new and high quality. PCI male to female riser ribbon,PCI extender..This riser cable can be used to mount a card in a wide variety of situations. It is especially suitable for custom enclosures and low-profile rackmount chassis. Connect more devices easily and quickly to your computer. No Driver necessary and jump-less. Perfect for small computer & server case, like 1U 2U & 4U. PCI Riser Extender Extension Cable for 1U 2U Small computer,PCI Extension Ribbon Flex Flexible Cable

  • Brand: AsteriskStore
  • ASIN: B07KJX7V4M
  • UPC: 699915430479

Panasonic KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid Analog Telephone System Control Unit

Panasonic KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid Analog Telephone System Control

- Panasonic advanced hybrid telephone system with 3 CO's and 8 stations- Expandable to 8 CO's 24 stations- Built-in DISA voice message card- CO-Based voice mailpatible- Voicemail integration (APITS and DPITS)- Telephone patibility: KX-T7700 KX-T7300 KX-308XX KX-T7000 series KX-T7885 KX-TD7895 and KX-TD7896 as well as single line telephones - PC Programming onsite and remote - Message waiting (proprietary phones) - Dualport usage (parallel SLT station)- Capacity 3-8 CO Lines 8-24 Extensions - Inter path (4 paths)- Dialing method: external: tone/pulse (10 pps 20 pps); internal: tone/pulse (10 pps 20 pps) - Dialing conversion: tone to pulse or pulse to tone - Space division CMOS crosspoint switch - Power failure transfer: 2 CO lines to pre-assigned extensions - CO lines connections: modular jack (RJ-11) - Door inter 4 pin modular connector - Paging phono jack - External music: 2-conductor jack - SMDR RS-232C interface port (D-Sub 9 Pin) - Programming: USB RS232 modem - Power source: AC 120V 60 Hz- Absent message capability: up to 6 - Account code entry- Automated attendant (with DISA/OGM)- Automatic CO hunting- B.G.M. (background music) jack - Call back busy- Call forwarding- Call hunting (terminal or circular)- Call log- Call parking zones (10)- Callpark retrieve - Call pick up- Ca...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • ASIN: B000AYWAR2
  • UPC: 037988851355

DataLabsUSA 4 Line Office PBX - Phone System 16 extensions + Voice Mail / Auto Attendant - Music On Hold

DataLabsUSA 4 Line Office PBX - Phone System

The newest SOHO Telecom Solution From Data Labs is the DataLabsUSA DL-416-2+ Combo telephone System. It features our rugged 4 line PBX with 16 extensions upgradable and the EVM-2xv ver. 3 Professional Voice Mail / Auto Attendant / Audiotex System. This system allows calls to be answered by a live operator or by the Auto Attendant. Calls can be transferred to internal or remote extensions (using the telco 3 way calling transfer features). Remote extensions can be cell phones. Calls may be held with music. There are 5 different main greetings in 4 languages that can be recorded by the user. The audiotex menu system allows single digit key presses in 4 layers for the Fortune 500 effect. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for billing, 4 for company directory, etc. These keypresses can play messages for the callers and / or send them to desired extensions. Callers may also dial direct extension numbers anytime. Voice Quality is outstanding. All Voice Mail settings may be accessed from the pbx or remotely. All touch tone single or multi line phones - even cordless may be used. - No need for pricey proprietary phones. Optional Key phones are available. DL-416-2+ will give your office the efficiency it needs and project a professional image to your callers. It is compatible with all mus...

  • Brand: DataLabsUSA
  • ASIN: B0006GD8NY
  • UPC: 410000078587

XBLUE QB System Bundle with 6 IP7g IP Phones Including Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Cell & Remote Phone Extensions & Call Recording

XBLUE QB System Bundle with 6 IP7g IP

XBLUE QB IP Phone Systems are a series of advanced communications platforms designed for companies with 4 to 500 employees. Every QB system includes popular business features like Automated Attendant, Voice Mail with individual boxes for every user, Call Announce Intercom / Paging, Conferencing & fully integrated Cell Phone system extensions. In addition, a full suite of advanced features are included to enhance business efficiency and productivity. Voicemail message delivery to Email, Call Queues / Call Center functions, Detailed Call / Usage Reporting and Call Recording are among the advanced capabilities included with every QB. There are no licensing fees required to turn on advanced features.

  • Brand: Xblue
  • ASIN: B07D28RMV8
  • UPC: 853019007085
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PBX Configuration Basic Level - Session 2 Extensions

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Session 2: Extension Settings and Features In this video, you will learn how to: - Assign extension to users - Configure specific settings for extensions - Change extension range - Configure SIP forking, voicemail, call forwarding, etc. - Configure Mobility Extension, Call Monitor, etc. - Add b...

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