The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss

The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet

If you’ve found yourself almost inconsolable after your pet died, please know that you’re normal.If you’ve found that your family and friends don’t seem to understand the level of your grief, please know that, too, is normal.Without comparing our relationships with our pets to those with people, we know that, because of the unique emotional relationships we have with our pets, their deaths produce a level of pain that is difficult to describe. If you relate to any or all of these sentences, this book is for you.We have been there and most probably will be there again. We will be with you on this journey to help your heart deal with the absence of your cherished companion.—Russell, Cole, and JohnYour relationship with your pet is special—it’s a bond that is very different than those that human beings share with each other. When a beloved pet passes away, people often resort to incorrect mechanisms to deal with the grief, such as trying to move too quickly past the loss (dismissing the real impact), or even attempting to replace the pet immediately. However, these are merely two myths out of six that the authors discuss and dismantle in The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss. Based on the authors’ Grief Recovery Method®, this book addresses how losing a pet is di...

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Official Handbook (Feisty Pets)

Official Handbook (Feisty

This must-have handbook is full of fun facts and hilarious info about the snarky, sassy Feisty Pets! With lenticular cover!Feisty Pets may look innocent at first, but don't be fooled -- they are mischievous and irreverent to their fluffy cores! This official handbook is packed with info about each of these fun animals stuffed with attitude. Includes likes, dislikes, facts, and stats about all the latest Feisty Pets characters, from Glenda Glitterpoop the unicorn to Vicky Vicious the bunny. Find out what makes your Feisty Pet go from cute to crazy!Packed with full-color pictures of these alternately sweet, scary, and goofy plush toys, this guidebook is perfect for anyone who is a Feisty Pet fan.Includes lenticular cover showing a Feisty Pet transform!

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The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook

The Complete Pet Bird Owner's

Covers all aspects of pet bird ownership, including selection, nutrition, behavior, home physicals, emergency medical care, preventative medicine, and much more. This book provides guidance on getting started, achieving optimum health, and understanding what your bird needs for a healthy life. Includes an index of health and illness signs, general index, bibliography of additional resources, and photos and illustrations to support the detailed text.

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My Pet Chicken Handbook: Sensible Advice and Savvy Answers for Raising Backyard Chickens

My Pet Chicken Handbook: Sensible Advice and Savvy

The backyard chicken is the new "it" pet—and with good reason: These birds are personable, beautiful, and (mostly) low maintenance. But they're not without their quirks and sometimes puzzling behaviors.That's where the experts at have a beak up on the competition—they hear from chicken keepers daily and offer advice about common mistakes and pitfalls that occur when raising a flock of chickens in the backyard. And customers tell them that the advice they most appreciate is actually how not to raise chickens, what not to do, and why not to panic.My Pet Chicken Handbook helps potential chicken owners decide whether chicken keeping is right for them, how to make the best choices for their situations, how to start planning for the new pets, and—most importantly—how to head off potential trouble before the chicks arrive. Detailed care instructions for baby chicks and mature hens help to ensure a friendly and enjoyable flock. Covering both the good and the "oh no" experiences that beginners and avid backyard farmers experience, topics include choosing coops, planning a daily routine, learning about sanitation practices, and discovering signs of distress. Then the joy of chicken keeping comes full "ovoid" with 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, feat...

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The Guinea Pig Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks)

The Guinea Pig Handbook (Barron's Pet

Barron's Pet Handbooks are written, designed, and illustrated in much the same attractive style as Barron's best-selling Complete Pet Owner's Manuals. However, Handbooks have a larger page count and with it, more extensive and detailed coverage of each title's subject pet. This updated edition for guinea pig owners provides a wealth of information on the animal's anatomy and life cycle, plus advice on caging, feeding, and health care.

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A hardcover handbook with fun facts and information about Disney Palace Pets, with stickers! Here's the ultimate handbook for all Disney Palace Pets fans! Children ages 3 to 7 can find out all there is to know about the royal pets and the Disney princesses who love them. Plus there are over 50 stickers included!

  • Brand: Random House Disney
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The Conure Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks)

The Conure Handbook (Barron's Pet

Titles in Barron's popular series of Pet Handbooks present comprehensive information and helpful advice from breeders, veterinarians, and other pet experts. These full-color books instruct on housing, feeding, healthcare, and more. In The Conure Handbook, prospective and current conure owners can learn about the proper way to care and interact with this small, intelligent, and sociable member of the parrot family.

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The Biochemic Handbook: How to Get Well and Keep Fit With Biochemic Tissue Salts

The Biochemic Handbook: How to Get Well and

This venerable text has been appreciated for almost a century. Much of hte science it promotes has been clarified with greater accuracy in recent years - yet the efficacy of Schuessler's Homeopathic Cell Salts has remained consistently valued and respected. Blood is to the Human body what soil is to the plant. It is common knowledge that poor, exhausted soil will produce only weak, sickly plants. In the same way, poor blood, lacking in essential constituents, will produce weak sickly bodies, prone to disease. By enriching the soil, the ill-conditioned plant can be made to recover and flourish. The recovery of the ailing human body can best be achieved by a similar process - by restoring to the blood the constituents in which it is lacking. This is Biochemistry - The Chemistry of Living Tissues.

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The Cocker Spaniel Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks)

The Cocker Spaniel Handbook (Barron's Pet

Perhaps the most popular variety of spaniel among pet owners, the Cocker is adaptable to most human lifestyles and, when carefully acclimated, makes a wonderful companion for children. This new addition to Barron's Pet Handbooks is typical of the series, filled with detailed advice on feeding, grooming, health care, and training, as well as extensive information on traits of the breed. It's filled with color photos and line art.

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The Conure Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks) Paperback August 1, 2004

The Conure Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks) Paperback August

Excellent Book

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