Bonsai Jack 1/4 inch Pine Bark Fines, 3.5 Gallons

Bonsai Jack 1/4 inch Pine Bark Fines, 3.5

One 3.5 gallon bag of bonsai soil amendment. Ready to use! Bonsai Jack products are crushed, screened, rinsed, dried, accurately measured, bagged and shipped to your door. Components are tested for pathogens, PH, CEC(cation exchange capacity), bulk density, moisture retention, evaporation and nematodes. Bonsai Jack aggregates are used for many soil applications including bonsai, succulent, orchids and cacti. Mix with other ingredients to create a bonsai soil specific to your needs. This is not a ready to use complete soil mix. You are purchasing one ingredient only. Did you know? Up to 50 percent of Bonsai Jack raw mine material is not suitable for bonsai and is discarded during production. This ensures you receive a ready to use consistently sized aggregate. Bonsai Jack products are not simply repackaged raw mine material with a guestimated volume. An average of 18 minutes is spent processing each bag of aggregate before it reaches your door. Some aggregates require 20 minutes per gallon. A perfect tree in the perfect soil can still suffer. Factors such as water PH and fertilizer are additional variables to consider. We provide products backed by real science. Its important to apply this science to your local environment. What works in one city may not work the best in anothe...

  • Brand: Bonsai Jack
  • UPC: 799600830345

Hapi-Gro 3 Cu. Ft. Pine Bark Organic Mulch

Hapi-Gro 3 Cu. Ft. Pine Bark Organic

The Hapi - Gro Organic Pine Bark Mulch is an all natural material that is used for plants. It can effectively hold moisture and act as a temperature barrier for both cold and hot conditions. While this mulch helps the ground and nearby plants, it also keeps the weeds at bay. This Organic Pine Bark Mulch features large pine barks, this type of mulch can last for years. It's also great for weed control, soil retention and erosion control and can also be a colorful decoration to any garden or any landscape setting. Using pine bark mulch as decor is purely based on aesthetics. Product comes in 3 cu. ft. bag. For use in: Prevent erosion, provide weed control and hold moisture on any garden, lawn and other landscape. Application: For effective weed control around plants, pine bark mulch can be layered 2-3 inches deep in the garden For other applications, it can be scattered around trees and plants

  • UPC: 023077001053

FibreDust CoCo Mulch, 11- Pounds

FibreDust CoCo Mulch, 11-

FD Coco Mulch is a 5 kg(11lbs), compressed mulch block. Manufactured by crushing coconut husks, coco mulch has many benefits over bark mulch. Unlike bark, coco mulch does not float and thus can be used on slopped surfaces. Because of coconuts high lignin content, FD Coco Mulch will outlast bark mulch, giving you up to 3 years of mulching benefits without refreshing. After hydrated with 4 gallons of water, each block expands to about 2 cubic feet of mulching medium. With a "rust" like look, FD Coco Mulch will bring color into your landscape and is perfect for any mulching job. Does not attract insects and is not harmful to pets. WARNING: NOT FOR CONSUMPTION.

  • Brand: FibreDust
  • ASIN: B00DQ4P6YW
  • UPC: 850529005037

2CUFT Pine Bark Mulch

2CUFT Pine Bark

"OHIO MULCH" PINE BARK MULCH Size : 2 cu.ft. Trophy decorative pine bark mulch. Pine bark mulch has a chipped texture, is brownish in color and good for acid-loving plants. It doesn't compact, allowing water and oxygen to penetrate more easily.

  • Brand: Ohio Mulch
  • ASIN: B0030SZQ8U
  • UPC: 083302115504

Mulch Lock 16000, Ready-to-Use, Pack of 1

Mulch Lock 16000, Ready-to-Use, Pack of

Having a beautifully landscaped yard is a source of pride and satisfaction, so you want to keep it looking its best! Mulch-Lock Ready-To-Use Spray helps maintain a neat, tidy landscaped look by keeping landscape mulch and other groundcovers in place. Mulch-Lock Ready-To-Use spray is a patented formula of bonding agents that helps lock mulch in place. Just spray it directly onto mulch or other groundcover, including pine straw, pebbles, gravel, sand and dirt, to lock in place for up to 12 months. Covers up to 1,500 square feet. Use Mulch-Lock Ready-To-Use Spray around trees, planting beds, slopes, pathways, borders, edging and driveways. It starts bonding immediately, with maximum bond after 24 to 48 hours. Although this formula locks mulch in place, it allows water and nutrients to flow through to plants and shrubs. Mulch-Lock Ready-To-Use sprays on milky white and dries completely clear. Spray Mulch-Lock when groundcover and air temperature is consistently 55 to 60 degrees or warmer and when the air is calm with no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours. Results are best when applied in warm weather and direct sunlight. Do not spray if ground may freeze overnight.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: MulchLock
  • ASIN: B00G8R71H4
  • UPC: 858297160002

Ohio Mulch Supply 00201 Pine Bark Potting Mulch

Ohio Mulch Supply 00201 Pine Bark Potting

This potting mulch is the bark from Southern Pines. Pine bark has been widely used as a decorative mulch and potting medium for over 50 years. Its fine texture allows water to pass easily while providing a decorative and protective covering for your plants. It decomposes easily, provides nutrients and doesn't compact. Allows water to pass easily. Its color and texture offers a decorative rustic appearance. Widely used as a potting medium for orchids. Ideal for acid loving plants. 100% Organic. Availability - 4 quart resealable bag with a carrying handle. Coverage- approximately 575 square inches at a1/2''thick.

  • Brand: Ohio Mulch Supply Inc
  • ASIN: B005JCZU5Y
  • UPC: 859641002016

Pine Straw Mulch - 14 " Premium Long Needle - 240 Sqft - New Bigger Box

Pine Straw Mulch - 14 " Premium Long

USA Premium Long Needle Pinestraw is the highest quality pine needle mulch on the market. This box covers up to 240 Sqft. ALL USA PINESTRAW BOX SIZES ARE CAREFULLY WEIGHED AND FIELD TESTED FOR ACCURACY. (100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. If you are dissatisfied for any reason please contact USA Pinestraw. We will work with you to resolve any issues. Our goal is to earn your future business and to exceed your expectations. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority at USA Pinestraw.)

  • ASIN: B07529M9BR

USA Pine Straw - Premium Pine Needle Mulch - Covers 130 Sqft

USA Pine Straw - Premium Pine Needle Mulch

Premium Pine Straw Mulch - USA Pine Straw specializes in the highest quality pine needle mulch on the market. | Box Size: 24x24x18 | Weight: 40 pounds | Coverage : 130 Sqft (2-3 Inch Depth) |

  • Brand: USA Pine Straw

Orchiata New Zealand Pinus Radiata Bark - Medium Chips (1/2") 1 Gallon Bag

Orchiata New Zealand Pinus Radiata Bark - Medium

Orchiata is a standalone orchid growing substrate that can be used directly from the bag for potting and re-potting orchids, produced from the finest quality, 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark. Pinus radiata is sourced from renewable, man made forests ensuring availability into the future. New Zealand Pinus radiata is a hard and stable bark compared to other pine species; however, it needs to be processed from its raw state. Our unique natural process creates a high quality, stable, long lasting, toxin free, consistent growing substrate available in different sizes for your specific growing needs. Our process allows Orchiata to hold water and nutrients on the outside layer of each chip, as well as creating a slightly rough surface for roots to anchor to. Pathogens do not survive this process, however beneficial micro-organisms remain. Growers' have reported that frequent re-potting is not necessary, as potted plants have been known to remain in excellent condition in excess of 10 years. It is available in five convenient sizes: Ex Small (1/8" 4-6mm), Small (3/8" 6-9mm), Medium (1/2" 9-12mm), Large ¾" 12-18mm) and Ex Large (1" 18-25mm).

  • Brand: besgrow
  • ASIN: B008DC13P8



  • Brand: ACE
  • ASIN: B0031LE4QQ
  • UPC: 082901722410
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