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Music as a Mirror of History

Music as a Mirror of

In the worlds of painting and literature, it's easy to see where history and art intersect. In Picasso's Guernica or Tolstoy's War and Peace, it's evident how works of art mirror and participate in the life of their times, sometimes even playing roles in historical events. But what about music? In Music as a Mirror of History, Great Courses favorite Professor Greenberg of San Francisco Performances returns with a fascinating and provocative premise: Despite the abstractness and the universality of music - and our habit of listening to it divorced from any historical context - music is a mirror of the historical setting in which it was created. Music carries a rich spectrum of social, cultural, historical, and philosophical information, all grounded in the life and experience of the composer - if you're aware of what you're listening to. In these 24 lectures, you'll explore how composers convey such explicit information, evoking specific states of mind and giving voice to communal emotions, all colored by their own personal experiences. Music lovers and history enthusiasts alike will be enthralled by this exploration of how momentous compositions have responded to - and inspired - pivotal events. Ranging widely across the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, you witness historical ...


What to Ask the Person in the Mirror: Critical Questions for Becoming a More Effective Leader and Reaching Your Potential

What to Ask the Person in the Mirror:

Successful leaders know that leadership is less often about having all the answers—and more often about asking the right questions. The challenge lies in being able to step back, reflect, and ask the key questions that are critical to your performance and your organization’s effectiveness.In What to Ask the Person in the Mirror, leadership expert Robert Kaplan presents a process for asking the big questions that will enable you to diagnose problems, change course if necessary, and advance your career. He lays out areas of inquiry, including questions such as:Do I clearly articulate my vision and top priorities to my employees and key constituencies?Does the way I spend my time enable me to achieve my top priorities?Do I give subordinates timely and direct feedback they can act on? Do I actively seek feedback myself?Have I developed a succession roadmap?Is my organization’s design aligned with the achievement of its objectives?Is my leadership style still effective, and does it reflect who I truly am?Packed with real-life situations, this highly readable and practical guide helps you learn to ask the right questions—and work through the answers in ways that are right for you. By asking these questions, you can tackle the inevitable challenges of leadership as you craft new...

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Mirror Mirror


After a beloved King vanishes, his ruthless wife seizes control of the kingdom and keeps her beautiful 18-year-old stepdaughter, Snow White, hidden away in the palace. But when the princess attracts the attention of a charming and wealthy visiting prince, the jealous Queen banishes the girl to a nearby forest. Taken in by a band of rebellious but kindhearted dwarfs, Snow White blossoms into a brave young woman determined to save her country from the Queen. With the support of her new friends, she roars into action to reclaim her birthright and win back her Prince in this magical adventure comedy that will capture the hearts and imaginations of audiences the world over.

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Free Mirror App with Zoom and Effects

Free Mirror App with Zoom and

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Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and

2107. Newburgh, New York. Winter is coming, more brutal than ever. The American people are starving and freezing to death. Meanwhile, the Jun police force continues to exert their power over everyone. They hoard food for themselves, get drunk on Elixir, and kill without mercy. The financial capital, New York City, ruled by the Chang Council, is the only refuge - but it would be suicide to make the sixty mile trek on foot during the winter. Miriam needs to escape her past, and the walls of New York City are all that will keep it at bay. Christina is very sick and requires the warmth and medicine New York City provides. Penn wants the easy-going, protected life that comes with freedom from the Jun. Calvin lost his parents to the same sickness that now grips his sister, and he can’t afford to lose someone else. Rhianna just wants to have fun with the only family she’s ever known and is excited to go outside and experience the world. Deric wants to save the ragtag group of orphans he calls his family, but he fears the price of the journey will be too high. But when a tragic event happens to one of his family members, Deric decides to risk the journey to New York City in hopes that his family will finally have the safety and protection they deserve. It will be dangerous, but the g...

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The Mirror Has Two Faces/ The Prince of Tides/ The Way We Were

The Mirror Has Two Faces/ The Prince of

The Mirror Has Two Faces A shy, middle-aged professor enters into a romantic but non-physical relationship with an unlucky-in-love colleague. The Prince of Tides A troubled man talks to his suicidal sister's psychiatrist about their family history and falls in love with her in the process. The Way We Were Two desperate people have a wonderful romance, but their political views and convictions drive them apart.

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The Universe in a Mirror: The Saga of the Hubble Space Telescope and the Visionaries Who Built It

The Universe in a Mirror: The Saga of

The Hubble Space Telescope has produced the most stunning images of the cosmos humanity has ever seen. It has transformed our understanding of the universe around us, revealing new information about its age and evolution, the life cycle of stars, and the very existence of black holes, among other startling discoveries. But it took an amazing amount of work and perseverance to get the first space telescope up and running. The Universe in a Mirror tells the story of this telescope and the visionaries responsible for its extraordinary accomplishments. Robert Zimmerman takes readers behind the scenes of one of the most ambitious scientific instruments ever sent into space. After World War II, astronomer Lyman Spitzer and a handful of scientists waged a fifty-year struggle to build the first space telescope capable of seeing beyond Earth's atmospheric veil. Zimmerman shows how many of the telescope's advocates sacrificed careers and family to get it launched, and how others devoted their lives to Hubble only to have their hopes and reputations shattered when its mirror was found to be flawed. This is the story of an idea that would not die--and of the dauntless human spirit. Illustrated with striking color images, The Universe in a Mirror describes the heated battles between scientis...


Elliott Carter: Three Poems Of Robert Frost/Mirror In Which To Dwell/Syringa/In Sleep, In Thunder

Elliott Carter: Three Poems Of Robert Frost/Mirror In

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Robert Graham Men's GRAHALL of Mirrors Long Sleeve Classic FIT Shirt, Multi, Large

Robert Graham Men's GRAHALL of Mirrors Long Sleeve

Have you ever seen the northern lights the hall of mirrors gives off the same presence with its emerald overtones and color splashes that will have you looking towards the sky.

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