Summer Wedding Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 3)

Summer Wedding Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology Book

*Crown Heart* awarded book —IND’TALE MAGAZINE“What heart-fluttering romantic doesn’t love a good wedding story? . . . Every romance evolves delicately but deeply and will likely leave readers smiling.” —DESERET NEWS, Melissa DeMoux“Each story tugs at the heart strings, and readers will root for the leading ladies to fall in love in the most unexpected ways.” — IND’TALE MAGAZINE, Victoria Z. BurgLOVE BYTES by Melanie JacobsonBree is the maid-of-honor and Dallen is the best-man. While they plan and plot over email and texting, Bree realizes that the best part about the Maui wedding might be meeting Dallen. She just hopes that he’ll feel the same way.ROMEO AND JULIE-EX by Julie Wright“Romeo” turns out to be a two-timing jerk, and when Juliet Moore’s pre-ordered wedding dress arrives from UPS, Juliet curses everything male. In a stubborn streak, she decides to keep the bridal photography appointment—when Juliet shows up for the appointment and meets photographer Jack Montague, she might have to take back some of her curses on men.THE MELTDOWN MATCH by Rachael AndersonCourtney spends each summer in her hometown of Heimel, Alaska, to find inspiration for her next novel. But when she runs into former high school friend, Mitch Winters, and they both win the ...


The Second Yes: Five Wedding Dress Christian Romances (Crossroads Collection)

The Second Yes: Five Wedding Dress Christian Romances

First they said yes to their guys, but now it's time for the second yes--the dress!Five of today's Best-selling Christian Authors weave five unique, connected stories where wedding dresses come with unique adventures and touching “I do’s.”Season of Surprises by Alexa Verde:The maid-of-honor and best-man embark on a journey to recover an heirloom wedding dress that was mistakenly sold. Along the way, the former high school sweethearts unexpectedly encounter danger, surprises, and a second chance at love.Something Borrowed, Someone Blue by Chautona Havig:A borrowed dress, half-completed marriage counseling, and a last-minute theft lead up to the big day. Face it. Weddings equal stress for the families involved. Preachers, however, have it easy. Or so everyone thinks.Black Belt, White Dress by Hallee Bridgeman:Deputy Sheriff and full time tomboy Traci Winston agrees to marry Taekwondo Master Travis Seaver, provided they exchange vows at 2000 feet while skydiving over the Grand Canyon. However, Traci’s mother has more conventional plans, and she finds herself trying on dresses and planning an elaborate ceremony in their hometown church complete with butterflies and cummerbunds. Can Traci manage to smile while walking down the aisle? Or will she collapse under the weight of gi...

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Wanted: The Devil's Riders Books 1-4

Wanted: The Devil's Riders Books

I’ve waited years for her to grow up. Now it’s time. I won’t be gentle and I won’t be kind. I’m taking what is mine.KaylieWherever I went, I heard it: the sound of a purring motorcycle behind me. They never bothered me or said a word. But I knew they were there because of him. Devlin McRae, the head of the local MC.Being followed all the time like this was disconcerting. And lately, the bikes had been getting closer, less secretive, more obvious. What would I do if Devlin ever caught me?DevlinThe first time I saw her she was too young.I had to wait. I hated it, but I’d promised her mother I would wait for her to grow up. The sweet little waitress from Mae’s diner was going to be mine.She just didn’t know it yet.This special collection also features the stories of Jack and Janet, Donahue and Sally, and Whiskey and Becky. All the individual storylines continue in each and every book. There is also some cross over with my Untouchables MC series and a spin off for the Margarelli Brothers coming soon!The Devil’s Riders is the never ending series! I started it in 2014 (Wanted By The Devil was my first book ever!) and it is still going strong in 2019. Book 8 is coming soon!Thank you for reading.Xoxox,Joanna

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Weddings and Scandals: Regency Romance Collection

Weddings and Scandals: Regency Romance

Four Regency romances filled with mystery, suspense, and surprising twists. Join the lords and ladies of Regency England in this heartwarming romance collection. The Viscount’s PromiseA mystery that surrounds Julianna’s family could lead her to the man that steals her heart. The Viscount’s WifeWill a shocking mystery lead Henrietta to her one true love?The Viscount’s MysteryA Secret Identity and a Mystery Unravel to Reveal Something Sinister. The Viscount’s HeartCan Emily find the courage to save herself and give her heart to the man she truly loves?If you love clean and wholesome, Regency romances with rakish lords, strong heroines, mystery, and love, then the Weddings and Scandals Regency Romance Collection will warm your heart.

  • ASIN: B07SD6XX25

Because We Fell in Love: A Baytown Boys Male/Male Romance Series Collection

Because We Fell in Love: A Baytown Boys

He wants to put his muscular body on mine and fulfill my every fantasy.When I needed a bodyguard because of a fan that has become a stalker,I wasn’t expecting the hottest guy I’ve ever seen to walk in.We get really close, working out together and on tour together. I know I shouldn’t be tempted. I’m his boss. There are rules we should follow.Plus, how would my fans react if they knew I was gay?Can our new love last, even though my life is on the line?Or can I risk it all, come out for the man I love, and get everything I ever wanted?Because We Fell in Love contains books one through four of the Baytown Boys series, which are standalone male/male steamy romance books that can be read in any order but are best enjoyed together, and with a big glass of water nearby due to so much heat in addition to all those feels! They combine humor, heat and heart, and they have no cliffhangers and have very happily ever afters.This box set contains the following:1) Because You Came Back: A Coming Out Male/Male Romance;2) Because You Came Along: A Single Dad Male/Male Romance;3) Because You Loved Me: A Valentine’s Day Male/Male Romance; and4) Because You Protected Me: A Bodyguard Male/Male Romance.


Wedding Wagers (Timeless Regency Collection Book 11)

Wedding Wagers (Timeless Regency Collection Book

Three wagers. Three couples. Let the bets begin.A WAGER FOR LOVE by Donna Hatch:For once, Phillip would like to be seen as more than the younger brother of a duke. When he unexpectedly meets the one girl in all London who doesn’t give two figs for his rank in society, she won’t give him the time of day. Determined to gain her attention, he accidentally tips over her boat and dumps her into a river. Not the best way to convince a lady of worth that he is a gentleman of promise. Frustrated, Phillip makes a rash wager with a friend: he vows he’ll not only gain her forgiveness, but her hand in marriage by the end of the Season. The stakes are high in this romantic Regency romp!THE FINAL WAGER by Heather B. Moore:When Victor Roland, Earl of Locken, enters into a game of twenty-one with Lord Southill, the stakes get quickly out of control. Before Victor knows it, Southill is betting the dowry of his sister. While completely illegal, Victor is mostly insulted, so he does what any gentleman of the ton should do. He punches Southill out. Problem is, Southill is in so much debt that he’d been kicked out of his townhouse earlier that day. So Victor is forced to deliver Southill at his estate outside of London . . . only to meet Southill’s sister, Lady Juliet, a woman who Victor no...


Four Weddings and a Fiasco Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

Four Weddings and a Fiasco Boxed Set (Books

"I loved this book. It reminded me of Nora Roberts' wedding series." 5 star review for The Wedding Gift1,000+ 5 star reviews for Lucy Kevin's "Four Weddings and a Fiasco" series on Goodreads! Lucy Kevin is the "sweet" pen-name of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Bella Andre (who writes the #1 bestselling series about The Sullivans). Lucy Kevin books are fun, flirty and romantic--without the steamy scenes. More than 6 million books sold! This boxed set contains the first 3 books in the Four Weddings and a Fiasco series! The Wedding Gift - Book 1 After Julie Delgado’s restaurant closes, she temporarily takes over the catering position at the Rose Chalet, a full-service San Francisco wedding venue. She plans to dazzle the bride and groom, but fate has other plans for her when the bride’s brother shows up for the first food tasting. Andrew Kyle is not only the Cuisine Channel’s Edgy Eats host and chef, but his recent review of Julie’s restaurant was the final nail in its coffin. But Andrew is certain she’s playing it safe, and he wants nothing more than to be the one to break her guarded passions loose. The Wedding Dance - Book 2 Phoebe Davis, the Rose Chalet’s florist, knows nothing is permanent—not the floral arrangements she creates, not the weddings s...

  • ASIN: B008O4PDM4

Sweet Fake Relationship Romance Collection

Sweet Fake Relationship Romance

Four Clean Fake Relationship Romances In One CollectionMatched through a fake relationship app, they weren’t looking for love.But their hearts could only play along with the charade for so long.This box set of sweet, fun, and uplifting romances includes books 1-4 of Blake Andrews’s Pretendr Dating App series:The Lumberjack's MatchLumberjack Rhett Neumann is looking to buy land, but the seller says he must build a family home on the acreage, establishing roots in their small town. Rhett hasn’t devoted much thought to marriage, but he’ll do anything to acquire this property—even if it means pretending to have a bride. Shy and socially-awkward Lacey Macuzzi has given up on the idea of getting married, but wants to please her pressuring parents. She’d love to find a man willing to pose as her groom for the big day, just to get them off her back. But how? Enter Pretendr, the app that pairs people looking for fake relationships. Being matched through the app seems like the perfect solution, but once Rhett and Lacey have solved their problems, another one emerges. They both seem to have fallen for each other.The Rock Star's MatchRock star Skylar Schultz’s manager lectures him about settling down and cleaning up his reputation. Rather than taking him seriously, Skylar turns...

  • ASIN: B07RG8YH69

Go Hard: A Sports Romance Collection

Go Hard: A Sports Romance

A quarterback who risks everything because can’t keep his hands off the coach’s daughter. An obsessed baseball player who can’t get a girl out of his head. A football player who gets a second chance with the girl next door.Kyle: There's a cardinal rule in football that you never break. You don't mess around with a player's girl and you don't touch the coach's daughter.Well, I've never been good at following the rules.Cade: I think the boss’s daughter is playing hard to get because she likes me. She thinks it's because I'm a horse's rear end. Either way, she doesn't complain too much when I'm kissing her.She's used to getting what she wants. Then again, so am I. And what I want is her.James: I might have started out on the wrong side of the tracks, but my skills on the football field have brought me fame and glory. Now I’ve forgotten where I came from.Hell, I even forgot the snot nosed brat from next door. So much so that I hit on her when I come in to eat at the barbecue place she works at to pay her way through school. She’s the only girl I’ve wanted more than one night with in my life. I can’t stop thinking about her. I’m completely obsessed.But the jokes on me when she turns me down in front of all my buddies. No one has ever turned me down. There's a reason...

  • ASIN: B07TDKX57S

Curvy Delights: Billionaire Romance Box Set

Curvy Delights: Billionaire Romance Box

3 Alpha Billionaires. 3 sassy Curvy Girls. 3 steamy, unforgettable, BBW love stories. Yes, a Curvy Girl can win the heart of a hot rich boy! These outspoken Curvy Girls get their HEA. They will make you laugh out loud and cry as you turn each page. Curvy Attraction Bethany-Girl next door funny curvy girl, religious, a virgin with an unstoppable mouth!Tristan-An older rich boy with a God like complex. Chiselled and hot! Despite their differences they find themselves being pulled together. But a bomb is dropped by Tristen’s sister that might threaten their HEA…. Curvy Indulgence Blake-Tall, dark and bad! This play boy billionaire finds himself becoming intrigued by Curvy Kira. He has hired her to plan his brother’s mega wedding. Kira is a successful business woman with a mouth she can’t control-witty and funny, she can’t help it! She’s confused why an eligible bachelor like Blake would want her? Can she trust him with her heart? And will she be able to pull off this over-the-top, celebrity filled wedding in just a few weeks? Curvy Dilemma Logan-Billionaire, is back in town looking for a second chance with his Best friend’s little sister, Amber. He deserted her years ago when she needed him the most. Can she trust him again? And should she accept the ba...

  • ASIN: B07T3VYQK4

The Royal Wedding Collection: Once Upon A Prince, Princess Ever After, How to Catch a Prince (Royal Wedding Series)

The Royal Wedding Collection: Once Upon A Prince,

Now Available in One Volume - The Royal Wedding Collection by Rachel HauckOnce Upon a PrinceA royal prince. An ordinary girl. An extraordinary royal wedding.Princess Ever AfterRegina Beswick was born to be a princess. But she’s content to be a small-town girl, running a classic auto restoration shop, unaware a secret destiny awaits her.How to Catch a PrinceAn American heiress and a crown prince seem destined to be together. Will the devastation of war keep them apart forever? 

  • ASIN: B00N10ZHX6

The Token Series Boxed Set (Volumes 1-3): A Dark Billionaire Romance

The Token Series Boxed Set (Volumes 1-3): A

50 Shades meets Beautiful Disaster, in a provocative and heart-wrenching tale about a virgin stripper with a tragic secret, a dangerous past, and a complex billionaire.From the New York Times bestselling author of A Terrible Love, comes the ★★★#1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AFRICAN-AMERICAN & INTERRACIAL EROTICA series ★★★Praise for TOKEN:" ... Brilliantly dark and shockingly raw, The Token will rock your very foundation... [it] is a step beyond other masterpieces in literary fiction. Emotionally invested, heart-wrenching circumstances, you can't help but walk away changed for experiencing this story. A favorite above other favorites, The Token will leave you breathless..."- Beth, Tome Tender" ... It [THE TOKEN] has all of the hallmarks that I have come to love about her writing - a strong heroine, a tortured hero and a wickedly smart plot that seduces you from the very beginning. This book made my "Best of 2013" list and now I can't wait to get my next Marata fix..."- Autumn, Martini TimesIndividual star rating TT1: 3.9 TT2: 4.1 TT3: 4.5 Synopses:TT1:Twenty-two year old Faren Mitchell hears the two words that change her abbreviated life forever. They're so final Faren decides she has nothing to lose by seizing every remaining moment of what life has to offer.Until Fare...

  • ASIN: B00R0HCV76

To Tame A Lady (The Reluctant Bride Collection Book 2)

To Tame A Lady (The Reluctant Bride Collection

Come back to a time when manners are everything and rules are made to never be broken. Come back to a time when men are in charge and women do what they are told...Yeah, that never happened.Welcome to Megan Bryce's Regencyland, where ladies with backbone get what they want. Where a woman can thumb her nose at rules and care little for convention, and yet somehow, unexpectedly and most reluctantly, find love.To Tame A LadyLady Amelia Delaney is known for her sharp tongue, no-nonsense attitude, and sizable fortune. Numerous suitors have tried to win her hand for the money, for the challenge, and for a rather unfortunate bet. She knows the unflattering reasons behind her numerous proposals– can she ever accept that a man would want to marry her just for herself?Jameson Pendrake is a devil-may-care dandy who cares for naught but fun and fashion. But behind his laughing green eyes lies a dark history, and he calls off his wedding because of his fear of repeating the past. He can not simply give up on the idea of marriage– a wife is the best defense against the yearly crop of scheming mothers and their frilly daughters. But to allay his fears he needs a woman strong enough to laugh in the face of his past. A woman unflappable, unwavering, and unbroken. He knows just the woman. The ...

  • ASIN: B009Y13QXE

Honeymoon Cottage (A Pajaro Bay Mystery Book 1)

Honeymoon Cottage (A Pajaro Bay Mystery Book

  • ASIN: B0190LLDKA

The Alpha Billionaire Club Trilogy: The Wedding Rescue, The Courtship Maneuver, & The Temptation Trap

The Alpha Billionaire Club Trilogy: The Wedding Rescue,

Over 1,300 pages of steamy, sexy, action-packed billionaire romance! Together in one volume, all three books in the Amazon Bestselling Alpha Billionaire Club SeriesTHE WEDDING RESCUEShe thinks she's not his type. He's determined to prove her wrong. Leigha Carmichael is used to the quiet life. A junior accountant by day, she knows girls like her don't have exciting lives. She's smart, shy and her curvy body doesn't fit in among the beauty queens of Las Vegas. Still reeling from her ex-boyfriend's betrayal, Leigha's sworn off all men. Except she has a huge problem, and only the right man can solve it. The moment he sees her across a crowded bar, Dylan Kane knows he wants her. And Dylan Kane always gets what he wants. Especially when the object of his desire is sitting in his own casino. She's nothing like the skinny, overly made up women he's used to. From her clear gray eyes to her luscious curves, Leigha is the real thing. Exactly the change of pace he's been looking for. And even better, she needs something from him. With the bargain he has in mind, they'll both get exactly what they want. In the few days she's his, Dylan plans to take control of every delectable inch of Leigha's body. But when the weekend is over, will he be able to let her go? THE COURTSHIP MANEUVERChloe Henso...

  • ASIN: B01CV5SE40

Baby Fever: A Romance Collection

Baby Fever: A Romance

It was only supposed to be one night.No strings attached.Our chemistry was off the charts and we didn't fight it.But ever since then, she's all I think about. Replaying the perfect night over and over and thinking about what could've been.Now I'm back in her town, and it could be my one chance to claim what should have been mine forever and not for just one night.I've got it all figured out. But as soon as I see her, I come to a screeching halt.What's with the anger in her eyes? And whose baby is she carrying?Am I too late to make her mine?This collection features Baby Daddy, Duty, and Alpha's Baby. Three secret baby romances. Also includes a special exclusive peak at Racing Hearts, releasing August 8th. Available for a very limited time.

  • ASIN: B07T6BJL4V

Romance Books For Adults: 4 Steamy Romance Stories

Romance Books For Adults: 4 Steamy Romance

This Generous Box Set contains Rising Author Brooke Kinsley's Best Stories at a discounted price.Her 4 best selling stories. More than 700.000 words for you to enjoy.Boss Me Please by Brooke KinsleyWhen math genius Stephanie gets a scholarship to the prestigious Knightswood University in London, she’s both excited and terrified. She’ll have to leave everything behind in Kansas, but she’ll be finally appreciated for her intelligence. Finding herself plunged into the center of English university life, she soon becomes popular and finds her footing as one of the school’s most gifted students. What she doesn’t know is that billionaire and previous Knightswood student, Fredrick Milton is volunteering in her class in a bid to source the most talented mathematicians. When a mysterious test is placed in front of her and she finds herself getting top marks, she’s soon pushed into his orbit. She can’t deny how handsome he is and he has eyes for her too!But when the two find themselves alone in her dorm will things finally heat up, or will Fredrick’s big mouth land him in trouble?Too Curious Series by Brooke KinsleyI’m twenty-one and dying to leave home. Thankfully, the opportunity of a lifetime comes along when I’m accepted as an intern for the world’s most handsome ...


Cotton Tree Ranch: The Complete Trilogy

Cotton Tree Ranch: The Complete

Three cowboys, three city girls, and a ranch in need of saving.Introducing the Cotton Tree Ranch trilogy from bestselling author, Vivi Holt. Buy this complete series now at a discounted price.DaltonEverything in Hazel's perfect life is going according to plan. Every moment is accounted for. But she's in for a surprise. When her best friend and roommate takes ill, Jenny begs Hazel to fill in for her on a trip to South Georgia. But life on a horse ranch in her Jimmy Choos isn't exactly what Hazel had in mind for her summer break.When Dalton Sullivan takes a spill from a bronc at the last rodeo of the season, his life changes forever. Uncertain about his future, his fortunes take another turn when Grandpa Joe bequeaths him a dilapidated horse ranch in his will. Dalton's plans to refurbish the place and turn it into a working ranch again are interrupted when a beautiful woman shows up pretending to be someone she's not. Even though Dalton knows Hazel's hiding the truth, there's something about her that makes him want to change his solitary ways. But will he be able to convince her to do the same before their time together runs out?EamonEamon thinks he has love and life figured out. A successful accountant, full of confidence and charm, he's got it all, including the beautiful girlfri...


The Starlight Hill Anthology 1-3 (Starlight Hill Collection Book 1)

The Starlight Hill Anthology 1-3 (Starlight Hill Collection

~ FULLY REVISED AND NOW INCLUDES THE NOVELLA, ANYWHERE WITH YOU ~A charming collection for fans of small town romance!Nestled in California wine country, the small town of Starlight Hill seems like theperfect place to get away. But for Ivey, Brooke, and Genevieve, there’s no escapingtheir complicated pasts! A charming three-book collection about second chances andnew beginnings. (Bookbub)All of MeWhat would you do for a second chance with your first love? Welcome to wine country and the small town of Starlight Hill, California, where the wine flows freely and so does the gossip. The town has never quite forgiven Ivey Lancaster for leaving their favorite son, Dr. Jeff Garner, when she met a man on an online dating site. But while the people of the township took sides, the truth of her absence is something Ivey doesn’t want anyone to know. When a sudden change of plans forces Ivey to work with her hunky ex, she must keep it professional or risk her heart all over again. Somebody Like YouStrike One ... in one night, Brooke Miller loses her boyfriend, her job and possibly her reputation. She vows revenge on her old boss by bringing a defunct vineyard back to its former glory. But ex-baseball star Billy Turlock swoops in and buys her dream vineyard. Strike Two…Billy hopes the ne...

  • ASIN: B015F5NPII

Hopeful Brides: A Collection of 17 Mail Order Bride Romances

Hopeful Brides: A Collection of 17 Mail Order

17 Sweet Mail Order Bride Romances In One CollectionFollow seventeen inspirational journeys of the heart in Hopeful Brides, a compilation of 17 clean and wholesome historical Western romances by bestselling authors Charity Phillips and Faith-Ann Smith, featuring:Beverly: The Butcher's BrideRita: The Determined BrideMail Order Bride CharlotteZelda's StoryHattie's StoryMontana Mail Order Bride: MadelineA Second Chance For MollyAngelica's Blessing From AboveMail Order Bride: Adeline's StoryMail Order Bride CatherineMail Order Bride WillowMail Order Bride: Eliza's JourneyMail Order Bride: Dorothy's JourneyMail Order Bride Mary's SecretMail Order Bride Grace's Second ChanceMail Order Bride Ellen's DilemmaMail Order Bride: Maya's DestinyGet whisked off to the great American frontier in Hopeful Brides, where love conquers all for these 17 determined, courageous women of times gone by.

  • ASIN: B07T3GMMH3
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These are easily the worst wedding gowns ever made. Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: Yes we get it, to each their own whether one’s lifestyle, clothing choices or anything else. However when doe...

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Romantic Wedding Love Songs - Greatest Love Songs - Wedding Love Songs Collection

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Fairytale Brides 2011 'Romance' wedding dress Collection

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This seasons wedding dresses are all about flowers, bows and 3D beading! Ian Stuart has beautifully combined this look and created some romantic yet fun dresses! for more info visit

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