SABRE Compact Sport & Safety Horn -Audible to ½ Mile (805 M) - Personal Safety, Hiking, Boating, or Sporting Events

SABRE Compact Sport & Safety Horn -Audible to

A must-have for all outdoor pursuits, this compact, yet powerful air horn calls for help when needed. Use the horn to warn animals of your presence, reducing your risk of startling a bear or other predator into aggressive behavior; attract attention during boating emergencies [meets U.S. Coast Guard recommendations for boats up to 39’ (12 m)]; or cheer on your team at sporting events. To sound, press button.

  • Brand: SABRE
  • UPC: 023063955049

Loud 120 decibel horn ensures you will be heard from up to a mile away. Ideal for safe boating in fog, rain and darkness.

Loud 120 decibel horn ensures you will be

Easy to operate push button horn. Meets USCG requirements for marine use. This horn is also great for sports officials, coaches and referees while meeting the needs of the avid sports fan. Can be heard up to one mile away.

  • Color: 1.4 oz.
  • Brand: Shoreline Marine
  • UPC: 039364072385

SAFETY-SPORT Personal 911 AIR Horn


THE PERSONAL 911 weighs in at .88 ounces and stands at 5" tall by 1" wide, but make no mistake - it's a powerful horn that demands attention with every blast! The compact size of THE PERSONAL 911 is perfect for the purse, backpack, or nightstand. The 911 will give you a sense of security walking to your car after hours, attending evening classes, or at the campground. Perfect for singles, students, overtime workers, or senior citizens. Police department recommended, THE PERSONAL 911 is a safe alternative for theft and attack deterrency because it alerts and attracts attention and cannot be turned against you.

  • UPC: 054883009117

SLFORCE Personal Alarm Siren Song - 130dB Safesound Personal Alarms for Women Keychain with LED Light, Emergency Self Defense for Kids & Elderly. Security Safe Sound Rape Whistle Safety Siren

SLFORCE Personal Alarm Siren Song - 130dB Safesound

YOUR FAMILY'S SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY! Is your teenager out late at night while you're home worried sick? Are you afraid of being attacked by assailants, rapists or dogs? Do you want to enjoy your walks around the city without worrying about your safety? Do you like jogging early in the morning or late at night but you're afraid of strangers?You never know when a situation can get dangerous. But you can be ready for it.Unfortunately, many victims are too traumatized from the shock of an attack and are too scared to ask for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations.But with SLFORCE, we've made it much easier for you to protect yourself in a moment of need by creating SLFORCE Emergency Personal Alarm!Why SLFORCE Emergency Personal Alarm?✔ Extremely Loud - 130dB safesound alarm can draw people's attention even at a far distance. It's as loud as a military jet take-off!✔ Smart and Compact Design - easy to carry and easily attaches to bag, backpack or purse for quick access.✔ Easy to Use - Just pull the pin out to activate the alarm and insert it back to stop it. The sounds could last 1 hour!✔ Built-in LED flashlight - for illuminating a dark area, finding a keyhole or looking through your belongings to find an item at night.✔ A Great Choice for - kids, teenagers, women...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SLFORCE
  • UPC: 689355008062

SeaSense Large Air Horn, 8oz

SeaSense Large Air Horn,

This air horn is 8 ounces. An easy to operate button horn, great for sports officials, coaches and referees, while meeting the needs of the avid sports fan. Horn can be heard for up to one mile away.

  • Brand: SeaSense
  • ASIN: B0019M5EZ4
  • UPC: 737765740055

Falcon Safety Products FSB1 Sonic Blast with Clip - 1 oz.

Falcon Safety Products FSB1 Sonic Blast with Clip

Sonic Blast Horns are a great option for uses where flammability is a concern including industrial safety, construction sites, confined spaces, boating and emergency alarm stations.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Falcon
  • UPC: 086216315060

Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm - Backup Whistle - Button Activated with Hidden Off Button - Bag Purse Key Chain Keyring Clip - Batteries Included - for Men Women Kids Students

Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm - Backup Whistle -

The PPS23 keychain model is a special edition version of our popular PPS23 series. For this special limited edition unit, in addition to the colors available, we've included a keyring and a bag clip. We believe this unit is the ultimate personal alarm for purses, backpacks, and car keys. The PPS23 is a dual function emergency attack alarm. It features a 130dB alarm, which is one of the loudest personal alarms sold by Vigilant. It is also the only alarm sold by Vigilant to include a backup feature - it has a security screamer whistle built into the end of the alarm that serves as an emergency backup alert mechanism in the event of battery failure. The alarm is activated by depressing the button on the front of the alarm, but a different button on the back of the unit is the only way to deactivate and silence the alarm. In situations where seconds make a difference between life and death - the ease of activation combined with the "hidden" off button make this alarm an easy to use, and hard to defeat personal alarm. Personal alarms are one of the fastest growing segments at retail in the self defense industry, because an attacker's worst enemy is attention. Personal alarms are legal to carry in all 50 states (even on airplanes!) and are a very safe method of self defense. They requi...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Vigilant Personal Protection Systems
  • UPC: 765857546636

SeaSense Air Horn

SeaSense Air

3.5 oz, air horn, easy to operate push button, can be heard up to one mile away, non flammable, Ozone safe air, impact resistant horn.

  • Brand: SeaSense
  • ASIN: B0019M3FKA
  • UPC: 013893522726

Frontiersman Bear Horn - Sound Heard Up to ½ Mile (805 M), Warn Bears & Give Them a Chance to Leave - Alert If Lost

Frontiersman Bear Horn -

Bears are most volatile when they are startled or surprised. The Frontiersman Bear Horn helps you alert the animals—causing them to move out of the area. A quick burst of the 115dB horn will warn animals up to half a mile away that humans are around. Bears tend to move away from the noise and give you a safer path for continuing your hike or trail ride. Louder and more distracting than bear bells, wildlife in the area will seek to avoid the intrusion and thereby make you less likely to startle them into aggressive and dangerous behavior. The horn is also an effective tool should you become lost or injured, giving you the ability to attract the attention of fellow hikers and campers, and get the help you need. Each horn is compact and easy to carry and can be sounded up to 50 times with a ¼ second blast, or up to 25 ½ second blasts. Be safe and carry a Frontiersman Bear Horn whenever you are hiking, biking, or camping in bear country!

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: SABRE
  • UPC: 023063955100

Shoreline Marine Air Horn, 8 oz.

Shoreline Marine Air Horn, 8

Easy to operate push button horn. Meets USCG requirements for marine use. This horn is also great for sports officials, coaches and referees while meeting the needs of the avid sports fan. Can be heard up to one mile away. Refill can available.

  • Brand: Shoreline Marine
  • UPC: 013893524171
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