Extreme 3D Pro Joystick for Windows

Extreme 3D Pro Joystick for

When the pressure is on, your stick performance is the difference between victory and total oblivion. The Extreme 3D Pro twist handle joystick will never let you down. The 12 programmable buttons and 8-way rubber hat switch give you optimum control, personalized to your taste. Whether youre dropping bombs at a distance or firing guns in a dog fight, the stable and precise Extreme 3D Pro will have you dominating the enemy in no time.

  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Brand: Logitech G
  • ASIN: B00009OY9U
  • UPC: 033584226610

Logitech G Saitek - Farm Sim Controller - Heavy Equipment Bundle (945-000026) (Renewed)

Logitech G Saitek - Farm Sim Controller -

Saitek and Giants software teamed up to create this bumper crop of immersive gear made to enhance the excitement of reaping the rewards of your virtual farm.The farm SIM bundle is the latest member of saitek's impressive stable of specialized gear. Standard keyboard controls or wheels designed for a totally different genre of games may get the job done, But our equipment Does the job right. Care for your Farm with these realistic tools to gain a deep-rooted Sense of immersion and enjoyment, All while driving vehicles And operating attachments with a finer Degree of control.

  • Brand: Logitech G
  • UPC: 086156283443

Thrustmaster USB Joystick

Thrustmaster USB

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: ThrustMaster
  • ASIN: B0002EAA36
  • UPC: 080050355336

Logitech G X56 H.O.T.A.S. RGB Throttle and Stick Simulation Controller for VR Gaming

Logitech G X56 H.O.T.A.S. RGB Throttle and Stick

The updated X56 HOTAS features a new stealthy black and gray finish. The changes go beyond cosmetic, with engineering updates to address the feedback from the community delivering a more amazing experience for all flight enthusiasts; from fun, plug-and-play gaming all the way to professional fine-tuned simulation. The X56 has a multitude of customizable options, including mini analog sticks to enable true 6 degrees of freedom control of your spacecraft. Featuring 16-bit non-contact sensors, the stick offers the most accurate level of control on the market today; control that you can enhance even further via adjustment of the response curves and deadzones. RGB lighting allows you to customize the appearance of the stick so that it becomes a fully integrated part of your simulation setup.

  • Brand: Logitech G
  • ASIN: B079P6SSHP
  • UPC: 097855136145

Saitek P2600 Rumble Pad PC Game Controller

Saitek P2600 Rumble Pad PC Game

Utilizes the latest technology to deliver powerful and varied responses for maximum gaming realism4 quick-fire shoulder triggers8-way D-pad6 responsive buttons2 analog joysticksFPS gaming button; instant configuration for first person gamesFully programmableSystem requires Windows XP XP64 or Windows Vista (all versions)

  • Brand: Saitek
  • ASIN: B000AL7034
  • UPC: 021165104341

Logitech G X52 Flight Control System

Logitech G X52 Flight Control

All the features of the X52 combined with premium engineering and advanced Multi-Function Display (MFD) for real flying interaction. 2 dedicated MFD buttons and 2 rotary dials with in-built buttons to control additional game functionality; MFD displays data directly from games, including Radio Stack info from Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 and 10; Software Development Kit included for creating game-specific programs to interact with the MFD; Choice of red, amber or green button illumination; Illuminated buttons and MFD - ideal for low light environments; Throttle unit illumination varies depending on throttle position; Enhanced MFD backlighting; Improved cable management system. Joystick: Precision centering mechanism, non-contact technology on X and Y axes and constant spring force reduce free play, improve control and increase durability; 2-stage metal trigger; 2 primary buttons in 1 convenient position; 4 fire buttons including missile launcher with spring-loaded safety cover for instant access; Conveniently positioned metal pinkie switch provides shift functionality to double up on programmable commands; 2 X 8-way Hat Switches; 3D rudder twist; 3-position rotary mode selector switch with LED indicators; 3 spring-loaded, base-mounted toggle switches for up to 6 programmable flig...

  • Brand: Logitech G
  • ASIN: B01LY285ZH
  • UPC: 097855127907

Saitek P2500 Rumble Force PC Game Pad

Saitek P2500 Rumble Force PC Game

MODEL- J62 VENDOR- SAITEK FEATURES- P2500 Rumble Force Pad Delivers distinctive Saitek styling with a truly impressive range of features to provide a gamepad which plays as good as it looks and feels. Designed to satisfy any gamers needs; Immersions TouchSense Rumble technology delivers super realistic responses. Advanced Analog and Digital controls for hours of fatigue-free gaming. * 6 Buttons * 4-Position Digital Throttle with LED indicators * 8-way D-Pad * 2 Shoulder Triggers * Shift Key Feature provides up to 16 programmable button functions. * Analog/Digital Toggle CONNECTOR- USB portREQUIRES- PC Pentium 133MHz or higher with USB port Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP DirectX 7.0 compatible

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Saitek
  • ASIN: B000075B5V
  • UPC: 021165102347

Logitech G X52 Pro Flight Control System

Logitech G X52 Pro Flight Control

The world's most advanced flight controller The x52 flightstick and throttle combination give the most realistic flying experience ever. With the feature-laden throttle and stick split into two separate units, The x52 delivers ideal flying position. Programmability and illuminated multi-function display expand the possibilities for SIM pilots everywhere.

  • Brand: Logitech G
  • UPC: 097855127877

Saitek (J61) P880_Dual Analog Pad

Saitek (J61) P880_Dual Analog

This Saitek M-^SDual AnalogM-^T gamepad is the ideal controller for all gamers, combining great looks with superb functionality. It has an 8-way D-Pad, 6 buttons, and 2 rapid-fire shoulder triggers for total control. And the ergonomic design allows for hours of fatigue-free playtime.

  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Brand: Saitek
  • ASIN: B00006RZ1G
  • UPC: 211651023304

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight

Thrustmaster is a designer and manufacturer of interactive entertainment hardware and accessories for PC and game consoles. Wide hand-rest for optimal comfort. Programmable: the 12 buttons and 5 axles are entirely programmable. (**) This joystick is not distributed under licence or with the approval of Microsoft Corporation / Ubisoft / 505 Games. Configurations by default: PC : Flight Simulator X (**) Microsoft PS3 & PC : Tom Clancy’s HawX (**) Ubisoft PS3 : IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of prey (**) 505 Games. Unique: Plug & Play for ultra-simple and fast installation with all functions pre-configured for immediate takeoff (without worrying about configuration). Detachable, real-size, ergonomically-designed throttle control. Exclusive "MAPPING" button: all functions may be instantly switched around between each other. Dual-system aerodynamic control: by rotating handle (with integrated blocking system) or by progressive tilting lever. High-precision joystick with adjustable resistance. Trigger for brakes (civil flight) or for rapid fire (military flight) + multi-directional hat (panoramic view). Internal memory: to save all of your programming, even with the joystick disconnected. Weighted base for greater stability. Exclusive "PRESET" button": to switch, while playing, instantly from ...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Thrustmaster
  • UPC: 999993394374
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