MARACAS & LARGE REAL WOOD RUMBA SHAKERS Set of 2 - Latin Hand Percussion With Full, Bright Vibrant Sound Quality and Great Musical Instrument Stimulating Salsa Rhythm - Rattle With Party Fun


Try to not shake these Maracas while holding them! It is impossible!!Provide Large Latin Percussion Shakers With Crisp Sound•   Are you done with small, quiet, low quality Maracas?•   Do you need something extraordinary on your next party?Large Wood, Bright and Colorful MaracasThese neat maracas will turn your friend's heads. They will be asking you where you got them.Loud and authentic Rumba Shaker with strong body•   Can provide a superior and vibrant sound quality for live music performances.•   Ergonomically feature curved handle grips and hand painted.•   Rumba shakers that are calling for attention.The manufacturer, Sanowan, offers a Lifetime Money-back Warranty! These beautiful Maracas are going fast at this price. Go click and safe your shake stimulation shac-shacs.

  • Brand: Happy Maracas
  • ASIN: B01DH25DL8
  • UPC: 646437960540

Latin Percussion LP393-RH Salsa Rawhide Maracas Nat'Rl

Latin Percussion LP393-RH Salsa Rawhide Maracas

Create the rhythmic drive to propel the most dynamic bands

  • Brand: Latin Percussion
  • ASIN: B0006A7WL4
  • UPC: 731201569880

Latin Percussion LP281 Pro Maracas

Latin Percussion LP281 Pro

LP's Pro Maracas are the most imitated maracas around. Offered in matched pairs of one high pitch and one low pitch, this variation in pitch is the way maracas were historically designed to produce the classic maraca sound. Traditionally a Latin instrument, these maracas are used in all styles of music to cut through live performances. They offer bright, loud sound with vibrant yellow, plastic shells and wood handles.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Latin Percussion
  • ASIN: B0002F5HBK
  • UPC: 731201160018

Professional Maracas MA2 for latin percussion - YELLOW

Professional Maracas MA2 for latin percussion -

PAIR OF PROFESSIONAL MARACAS This is a Brand New In Package high-quality pair of professional Maracas. Perfect for a percussion set or as a stand alone instrument.

  • Brand: Dealgrinder Co.
  • ASIN: B000YC4QJU

Lp Macho Maracas

Lp Macho

Like the LP Rawhide Maracas, LP Macho Maracas also feature natural rawhide shells and wooden handles.

  • Brand: Latin Percussion
  • ASIN: B001O9NJMC
  • UPC: 731201171311

Latin Percussion LP285 Mini Rawhide Maracas 1 Pair

Latin Percussion LP285 Mini Rawhide Maracas 1

Miniature rawhide maracas, just 5-3/4" tall

  • Brand: Latin Percussion
  • UPC: 731201571531

Lp Puerto Rican Flag Rawhide Maracas

Lp Puerto Rican Flag Rawhide

Create the rhythmic drive to propel the most dynamic bands

  • Color: Puerto Rico
  • Brand: Latin Percussion
  • ASIN: B0007XD4DK
  • UPC: 731201783712

Latin Percussion LP243 Super Guiro with 2 Scrapers

Latin Percussion LP243 Super Guiro with 2

The LP Super Guiro is designed to eliminate the durability issues inherent with the natural version of this instrument. It is precision-molded from high-strength plastic and designed to have the shape, feel, and sound quality of the natural gourd version. Features include perfectly spaced grooves for consistent sound and the rubber-lined finger holes provide maximum comfort and control. Also included are a plastic scraper for bright, loud sound, and a wood model for warm, dry sound. This guiro can be mounted on a drum or percussion table using the LP529AN Mic Claw.

  • Brand: Latin Percussion
  • ASIN: B0002IHDYG
  • UPC: 312010146112

Meinl Percussion MSM3 Natural Rawhide Maracas

Meinl Percussion MSM3 Natural Rawhide

Rawhide Maracas are entirely made by hand and are offered in three different sizes for a wide sonic range.

  • Color: MultiColored
  • Brand: Meinl Percussion
  • ASIN: B000EK0ZG0
  • UPC: 840553052329

LP Matador M283 Maracas

LP Matador M283

Full size counterparts to the Matador Mini Maracas

  • Brand: Latin Percussion
  • ASIN: B0006UGET0
  • UPC: 731201472012
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