Salt-Glaze Ceramics: An International Perspective

Salt-Glaze Ceramics: An International

One of the fascinating specialities of contemporary ceramics is the use of salt-glaze as explored by ceramic artists around the world. Whether their work is domestic, architectural or sculptural, this centuries-old technique offers them a means of expression that is both satisfying and challenging. In this book, the work of 60 ceramic artists currently working with salt-glaze is considered, using their own words as well as comments from art critics. The author has combined both their technique and their intention in her examination of these artists, discussing the influences on their work and their motivation for it. While all the artists admit that salt-glaze is a difficult technique, they agree that it holds substantial rewards, enough to keep them experimenting and developing their particular aesthetic to satisfy their own expressive needs. These artists come from all over the world, and are leading exponents of ceramic art in their own countries. It is their use of salt-glaze, with

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Salt-Glaze Ceramics


Potters and collectors alike are captivated by the distinctive surface qualities of salt glaze. Its revival amongst studio potters has produced some beautiful and exciting work. In a rich and authoritative text, the author shares her own fascination with salt glaze, bringing together her practical experience and skills. Lavish illustrations throughout show the textures and colors that characterize old and contemporary salt glaze. Whether you wish to become involved in salt glaze by making and firing pots, or to gain a wider appreciation with an insight into the process, there is a wealth of information to enjoy within the chapters of this book.

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Amazing Glaze: Techniques, Recipes, Finishing, and Firing

Amazing Glaze: Techniques, Recipes, Finishing, and

"This book made me fall in love with glaze all over again." —Ben Carter, author of Mastering the Potter’s Wheel Whether you look forward to glazing your work or are guilty of saying "I hate glazing!" Amazing Glaze is for you. Join author and Odyssey Clayworks founder Gabriel Kline on a journey that makes glazing less intimidating and more fun. Start in the "glaze kitchen" where you'll set yourself up for success, then move on to learning the tools and techniques for getting your glaze right every time. Along the way, Gabriel shares dozens of tried-and-true recipes and combinations for both mid-range and high-fire glazes. The recipes and foundational techniques of Amazing Glaze are just the beginning. Learn about layering with slip and underglaze, work with resists, and combine techniques to take your glazing above and beyond. Whether you're after crystalline effects, an elusive red, or a crash-course in applying decals it's all here. A variety of artist features and stunning gallery work from today's top artists will leave you inspired and ready to get glazing.

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The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes: Glazing & Firing at Cone 10 (A Lark Ceramics Book)

The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes: Glazing &

With hundreds of recipes for some of the most popular and enduring high-fire glazes, this reference will prove a boon to ceramists who want to master this complex and versatile aspect of the art. Author John Britt, who served as Clay Coordinator at the respected Penland School of Crafts, has personally tested many of the recipes, and carefully reviews every one. He offers a thorough examination of glaze materials, chemistry, and tools, and presents the basics of mixing, application, and firing procedures. There’s a wealth of information on various type of glazes, including copper, iron, shino, salt/soda, crystalline, and more. An exhaustive index of subjects and a separate index of glaze recipes will help ceramists find what they need, quickly and easily.

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Salt Glaze Ceramics

Salt Glaze

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Collector's Encyclopedia of Salt Glaze Stoneware: Identification & Value Guide

Collector's Encyclopedia of Salt Glaze Stoneware: Identification &

A price guide to stoneware includes tips on collecting such as spotting repairs and reproductions

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Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide: Master timeless techniques, explore new forms, dig and process your own clay

Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide: Master timeless techniques, explore

In Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide, pottery expert Melissa Weiss shows you the basics of crafting without a wheel, how to harvest and work wild clay, and using natural glazes. Handbuilt pottery is the perfect way for new potters to dive into this unique medium because it doesn't require access to a potter's wheel. In Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide, Melissa Weiss takes an organic approach to harvesting and working with local clays, and even shows you how to mix your own glazes to use on functional pottery for use at home. Students of pottery the world over have traveled to North Carolina to attend Weiss's classes. Now you don't have to! In this book, Melissa provides you with a solid course on slab and pinch-pot techniques that allow beginning students to master the basics and progress through finished wares. Looking to go a little deeper? Melissa also offers her unique knowledge of how to dig and process local clays for use in pottery, and for the techniques she has developed for creating unique glazes with ash, salt, and other dry materials. Melissa will also introduce you talented contemporary potters, who will share their work, tips, advice, and techniques. Learn the basics of handbuilding and more with this engaging guide.

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Power Yoga for Athletes: More than 100 Poses and Flows to Improve Performance in Any Sport

Power Yoga for Athletes: More than 100 Poses

Hockey, football, baseball, golf, swimming, lacrosse - whatever your sport of choice, yoga will help you to improve focus, flexibility, and performance. Power Yoga for Athletes is perfect for those who want a total body and mind workout. Yoga is the ideal cross-training tool and a perfect stand-alone exercise, whether you're looking to improve balance, focus, control, breathing, posture, or flexibility; strengthen your back, joints, or core; or reduce or heal from injury. Yoga benefits athletes of all types, helping you to improve your athletic prowess and hone new strengths. You'll find many poses ideal for the sport of your choice, including: Running Swimming Cycling Golfing Baseball Basketball Soccer Football/rugby Hockey Tennis Featuring more than 100 yoga poses from international fitness instructor Sean Vigue, Power Yoga for Athletes incorporates more than just poses. It describes a whole-body program for cross-training and conditioning. Each yoga pose features step-by-step directions, instructional photography, muscles being worked, overall benefits, and the sports for which each pose is ideal. Get the balance, strength, and focus you need to perform at your best. "Talk about a perfect pitch! Sean Vigue has the moves, mojo, and motivation you need to reach that next level o...

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[ Ceramic Glazes, Including: Vitreous Enamel, Celadon, Salt Glaze Pottery, Lusterware, Crazing, Glazed Architectural Terra-Cotta, Overglaze, Shino ] By Hephaestus Books ( Author ) [ 2011 ) [ Paperback ]

[ Ceramic Glazes, Including: Vitreous Enamel, Celadon, Salt

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Mastering Kilns and Firing: Raku, Pit and Barrel, Wood Firing, and More

Mastering Kilns and Firing: Raku, Pit and Barrel,

Learn the key techniques, tips, and tricks for pit, barrel, raku, and wood firing. Fall in love with flames, wood, and the effect that unique firing methods have on pottery. Move beyond the electric kiln and explore the dramatic surfaces of raku, the flashes of salt firing, and the rustic look of ash rivulets. In this book, Lindsay Oesterritter provides a crash course in the most accessible methods of alternative firing.Raku firing requires minimal equipment and can easily be fueled with a standard propane tank. Likewise, pit and barrel firing do not require much in the way of initial investment. Yet all these techniques provide an immediate glimpse into the magic of firing. Bright reds and blues, dramatic black and white crackle, even metallic luster are instantly possible. For more experienced potters and studios looking to offer more, Oesterritter also explores wood-fired kilns. Drawing on years of experience and extensive interviews with fellow wood-fire potters, there is no comparable resource on the market.Features on top potters working today get to the heart of specialty techniques and asides show firing variations and traditional kilns in different cultures around the world. A gallery of showstopping work from a diverse group of artists round out the package and inspir...

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Salt-glaze (Ceramic skillbooks) by Peter Starkey (1977-06-26)

Salt-glaze (Ceramic skillbooks) by Peter Starkey

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Salt-Glazed Ceramics


Recounts the history of salt-glazed ware, examines salt-glazing materials, techniques, and effects, and considers the construction and operation of a salt kiln

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The Potter's Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery

The Potter's Eye: Art and Tradition in North

Classic North Carolina stoneware pots--with their rich textures, monochromatic glazes, and minimal decoration--belong to one of America's most revered stoneware pottery traditions. In a lavishly illustrated celebration of that tradition, Mark Hewitt and Nancy Sweezy trace the history of North Carolina pottery from the nineteenth century to the present day. They demonstrate the intriguing historic and aesthetic relationships that link pots produced in North Carolina to pottery traditions in Europe and Asia, in New England, and in the neighboring state of South Carolina.With hundreds of color photographs highlighting the shapes and surfaces of carefully selected pots, The Potter's Eye honors the keen focus vernacular potters bring to their materials, tools, techniques, and history. It is an evocative guide for anyone interested in the art of North Carolina pottery and the aesthetic majesty of this resilient and long-standing tradition.

  • Brand: Brand: The University of North Carolina Press
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The ABC of English salt-glaze stoneware from Dwight to Doulton

The ABC of English salt-glaze stoneware from Dwight

The ABC of English salt-glaze stoneware from Dwight to Doulton

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The A B C of English salt-glaze stoneware from Dwight to Doulton

The A B C of English salt-glaze stoneware

This book was originally published prior to 1923, and represents a reproduction of an important historical work, maintaining the same format as the original work. While some publishers have opted to apply OCR (optical character recognition) technology to the process, we believe this leads to sub-optimal results (frequent typographical errors, strange characters and confusing formatting) and does not adequately preserve the historical character of the original artifact. We believe this work is culturally important in its original archival form. While we strive to adequately clean and digitally enhance the original work, there are occasionally instances where imperfections such as blurred or missing pages, poor pictures or errant marks may have been introduced due to either the quality of the original work or the scanning process itself. Despite these occasional imperfections, we have brought it back into print as part of our ongoing global book preservation commitment, providing customers with access to the best possible historical reprints. We appreciate your understanding of these occasional imperfections, and sincerely hope you enjoy seeing the book in a format as close as possible to that intended by the original publisher.

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Australian pottery: The first 100 years

Australian pottery: The first 100

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Encyclopaedia of Australian potter's marks

Encyclopaedia of Australian potter's

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Ceramics Monthly May 2008, Jenny Mendes, Potter Jack Doherty, Sculptor Jeff Pender, Patrick Siler, Tammie Rubin, Vincent R. Clemente

Ceramics Monthly May 2008, Jenny Mendes, Potter Jack

A single issue magazine as pictured with clean, crisp, unread, complete pages. Second photo shows the table of contents.




New Set of Green Snail Salt & Pepper Shakers These adorable Snails are made out of ceramic. They are a Reactive Green Glaze color with Tan Body. The dimensions are approximately 1.75" tall x 2.5" long. These adorable shakers would make a great gift

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Decorative Salt & Pepper Shakers
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AMACO 39182X Potters Choice Glazes, Set A, 1 Pint, Assorted Colors, Set of 6

AMACO 39182X Potters Choice Glazes, Set A, 1

AMACO Potters Choice Glaze Set A contains 6 assorted colors that includes 1 pint each of Blue Rutile, Temmoku, Albany Slip Brown, Shino, Smokey Merlot and Salt Buff. Lead-free, high-fire glazes are fired in an oxidation kiln and works well with stoneware or porcelain clays. For best results, apply on Cone 04 bisque. High Fire Glazes, Cone 5-6. Lead free.

  • Color: Assorted Colors
  • Brand: AMACO
  • ASIN: B0044SBAWQ
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The Science of Salt Glaze Pottery: Science on the SPOT - QUEST North Carolina

Salt Glaze Ceramics

The art and science of salt glaze pottery requires skills and techniques acquired over generations of trial and error. Ben Owen III combines his family's experiential knowledge of ceramics and additional scientific knowledge to create and improve his unique works of art.

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Making Salt-Glazed Pottery

Salt Glaze Ceramics

In this very special episode. We interview master potter Larry Gillam from Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, in Fishers, Indiana. Join us as we watch skillful hands transform clay into beautiful and functional pottery using historically accurate techniques. Conner Prairie Website ▶ http:...

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The Potters' Fire — The Art & Craft of 19th Century Salt Glazed Pottery

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Magic seems to happen as the potter kicks the wheel into motion and awakens the lifeless clay in his hands. Join master potter Mark Presher as he ushers us into the past, bringing to life the fine craftsmanship of the nineteenth century potter. Follow the story of clay gathering, wheel turnin...

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