Sprawl Sites High Society Low Life (Shadowrun)

Sprawl Sites High Society Low Life

Sprawl Sites is a sourcebook for Shadowrun, and includes hundreds of encounters of every type, from blood-crazed gangs and mystic magicians to mild-mannered Orks and back-stabbing Corporate Cops. Plus, you'll find Location Archetypes covering typical Sprawl Locations from all sides of town, eight new Player Archetypes, and dozens of Non-Player Contacts. Round that out with additional essays and rules concerning sprawl law and credsticks, and you've got a whole new adventure on your hands. Your Shadowrun campaign will never be the same.

  • Brand: Catalyst Game Labs
  • ASIN: 1936876256

Catan: Cities and Knights 5-6 Player Extension

Catan: Cities and Knights 5-6 Player

Now up to 6 players can develop their cultures, build metropolises, and muster their knights against the scourge threatening Catan! Expand and inject even more excitement into your Cities & Knights games without sacrificing ease of play. Add more friends and family and even more drama to the award-winning game of culture, politics, trade, and conflict. NOT a complete game! You need a Catan game (aka The Settlers of Catan), a Catan: 5-6 Player extension, and a Catan: Cities & Knights expansion in order to play with this great game extension! Components 18 Commodity Cards 3 Victory Point Cards 12 Wooden Knights 6 City Walls 2 Development Flip-Charts 1 Rulebook/Scenario Booklet

  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: Catan Studios
  • ASIN: B00U26V4Q6
  • UPC: 739833362718

My Feelings Game. Fun educational family game to help kids express their emotions and learn self regulation. Endorsed by Dr Temple Grandin and other world renown clinicians and educators.

My Feelings Game. Fun educational family game to

The My FeelingsTM game is a fun, family-friendly way to help kids understand and express their feelings, and to cope with them in socially appropriate ways! Fun, easy to play and with great educational value. Endorsed by world renowned educators and clinicians including Dr. Temple Grandin, one of Time Magazine's Top 100 most influential People in the world!

  • Brand: Sensational Learners
  • UPC: 627843427384

Stages Learning Materials Language Builder Emotion Picture Cards Expressions, Conversation, and Situation Photo Cards for Autism Education, ABA Therapy

Stages Learning Materials Language Builder Emotion Picture Cards

This Language Builder 80-Card Set helps children identify and discuss feelings. Each 3 ½" x 5” hi-gloss card has a worksheet on the back. A detailed instruction booklet outlines methods for building awareness and social skills. Stages Learning Materials are a professionals’ choice for Autism Education.

  • Brand: Stages Learning
  • ASIN: B002DZX7UU
  • UPC: 817240000307

APL: Co-Prosperity Sphere Scenario Booklet for the Great Pacific War Board Game

APL: Co-Prosperity Sphere Scenario Booklet for the Great

Kit with 4 new scenarios & 90 new counters providing alternative history and studying Japan's ability to stand up to the US economically, politically & militarily in WWII. '17

  • Brand: APL Avalanche Press
  • ASIN: 1932091661

Jet 9 Pyramid Plate Chakra Power Protection Vastu Healing Feng Shui Energy Gift Success Progress Health Wealth Prosperity Good Luck Divine Vastu Defect

Jet 9 Pyramid Plate Chakra Power Protection Vastu

Free 20 Pages Booklet Jet International Crystal Therapy Book provides deep insight about Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Cleansing & Programming Crystals, Use on Pets, Benefits, Applications and many more details9 Pyramid size 2" * 2" "Pyramid Healing" is both the idea and the art of healing the body, the mind, and the spirit of an individual by utilizing universal energy, properly aligned and magnified by the geometric and sacred form of the pyramid and by the further amplification and correct manipulation of the energy utilizing naturally occurring minerals and crystals found on Earth, or brought here by meteors and asteroid impacts eons into the past. Pyramids are the most impressive structures built by man more than 5,000 years old. The pyramid shape itself is a supernatural source of power and energy. There is power in the pyramid shape which is believed to have a generally balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the body. Pyramids are used for charging Crystals, meditation, distant healing, massage, acupuncture, and Reiki. Pyramids can help us in correction of Vastu. We supply highly polished powerful gemstone pyramids which are a must for healer. Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. A crystal pyramid can be used to draw off negative ...

  • Brand: Jet International
  • UPC: 706949393684

Warlord Games, Blood Red Skies - Battle Of Britain - Air Combat Game

Warlord Games, Blood Red Skies - Battle Of

Blood Red Skies is the new World War II mass air combat game from Warlord Games, written by renowned game developer Andy Chambers. Packed with everything you need to play this fast paced air combat game, the Blood Red Skies starter set does what it says on the tin. Plus once started you'll have the extra rules to introduce the play cards that really bring your fighter aircraft to life, allowing you to fly them just as they would have been by the Ace's of WW2! Blood Red Skies starter set includes: 12 coloured plastic fighter aircraft 12 clear plastic advantage flying bases 10 combat dice 12 Pilot Skill level discs 3 Gaming booklets: Rules, Expanded rules, Scenarios 45 cards to use in game 38 markers to use in game A set of tools: a movement template, range finder and navigation caliper 6 Clouds / Air defence balloons clusters 3 Blenheim IV / Dornier Do17 Z2 bombers 2 Quick Reference sheets.

  • Brand: Bolt Action

WW2 Wings of Glory: Battle of Britain Starter Set

WW2 Wings of Glory: Battle of Britain Starter

In the summer and fall of 1940, after the fall of France, the German Luftwaffe faced the Royal Air Force in the first major military campaign fought entirely in the air � the Battle of Britain. This was the prelude to the invasion Hitler planned for the British Islands � Operation Sealion. An ultimate German victory was at hand, and British pilots bravely flew into battle, fully aware of what a defeat would bring to their country and the entire free world. Now, with this WW2 Wings of Glory Battle of Britain Starter Set you can bring to life the epic aerial duels between the Axis and Allied aces on your tabletop. Defend Britain as an Allied pilot, controlling one of the most iconic WW2 airplanes, the Spitfire; or dangerous missions as a German pilot in a powerful Messerschmitt Bf.109 fighter. Wings of Glory is fast�playing and easy to learn. This WW2 Wings of Glory Battle of Britain Starter Set is a complete game that includes everything you need to start playing the WW2 version of the system. Four airplanes are included in this set, each fully assembled and painted. Also included is a full color rulebook, a scenarios booklet, a rich assortment of counters, rulers, and airplane console boards, to start playing out of the box in just minutes! Contains: Four 1/200 scale airpla...

  • Brand: Ares Games
  • ASIN: B01N21GTB8

GMT Games Holland '44: Operation Market-Garden 1713

GMT Games Holland '44: Operation Market-Garden

Holland '44: Operation Market-GardenGMT GAMESPackage contains:1 x Full size map sheet (22x34 inches)1 x Map section (17x22 inches)2 x Sheets of counters2 x Identical player aid cards1 x Scenario card1 x Rules booklet2 x Six-sided diceProduct description:Holland '44 is a two-player game depicting the Allies' combined ground and airborne attack in the Netherlands during WWII, which was code named Operation Market-Garden.

  • Brand: GMT Games
  • ASIN: B072Q56SFL
  • UPC: 817054011384

Battletech Hexpack: Mountains and Canyons

Battletech Hexpack: Mountains and

HexPack: Mountains and Canyons is a flexible map system aid for the BattleTech game system. Designed for use in conjunction with other pre-printed mapsheets (such as those from the Introductory Box Set), the system’s flexibility allows for easy modifications to existing mapsheets, increasing the enjoyment of a given scenario as players quickly change the terrain to bring new excitement to each game they play! A booklet contains two ready-to-play scenarios, which include expanded play options such as clearing woods, buildings and additional weather conditions. Completely compatible with other BattleTech mapsheets.• Allows players to modify maps they already own for new and interesting game play. •• Booklet includes additional rules to enhance game play

  • Brand: Catalyst Game Labs
  • ASIN: B000B2MXOS
  • UPC: 738345538857
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