Nature's Way Scullcap Herb, 425 mg, 100 Capsule

Nature's Way Scullcap Herb, 425 mg, 100

Scullcap herb is commonly used in traditional nighttime rest formulas.

  • Brand: Nature's Way
  • ASIN: B00016AI32
  • UPC: 033674169001

Horbaach Scullcap 800 mg 200 Capsules | Max Potency, Value Size | Non-GMO, Gluten Free Supplement | Skullcap Herb Extract

Horbaach Scullcap 800 mg 200 Capsules | Max

Nighttime HerbA perennial herb native to North America and also known as “Baikal Scullcap” and “Huang Qin,” Scullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) is a member of the mint family. Scutellaria baicalensis typically grows near marshes and meadows or in other wetlands, reaching up to 80 centimeters in height with flowers that bloom in the summer months along the length of the branches rather than the tops of the stems. Natures Supreme PlantNaturally rich in antioxidants and beneficial flavonoids including Baicalein, Scull cap helps promote relaxation and restful sleep.* This traditional ingredient is also widely used to support overall nervous system health, help maintain healthy liver function, and provide detox support for men and women.* Scullcap supplements are found in many forms such as teas, powders or pills. This supplement is also found as liquids or essential oils and sold in tinctures.Easy-to-Swallow Scullcap CapsulesHorbaach Scullcap 800 mg is available in easy-to-swallow quick release capsules for optimal absorption. Our 200 capsule Scullcap is perfect for those who prefer to order in bulk. This supplement is free of common allergens, including gluten, wheat, yeast, milk, lactose, soy, artificial color, artificial sweetener, artificial flavor, and preservatives.

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Horbaach Scullcap Liquid Extract | 2 fl oz | Super Concentrated | Alcohol Free, Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten Free | Skullcap Herb Tincture Supplement

Horbaach Scullcap Liquid Extract | 2 fl oz

What is Scullcap? Scutellaria Lateriflora more commonly known as Scullcap, is a perennial leaf from the mint family, popular in Chinese traditions. It’s naturally rich in antioxidants and flavonoids and is widely used to support restful sleep and overall Nervous System Health.* It has become a traditional staple to vitamin and herbal nutrition. How to get Scullcap:It can be difficult to receive Scullcap naturally through your diet. Most people turn to a product source to receive herbal benefits from this plant. The most common supplement products are: Pills, Capsules, Tea, Tinctures, Bulk Powder and Essential Oil. It’s often paired with other herbs like Valerian Root and Passion Flower to promote ultimate relaxation and serenity.*About Scullcap:Horbaach is now offering a Super Concentrated, Scullcap Liquid Extract. 2 ML delivers multiple drops of naturally rich antioxidants and flavonoids. Our liquid formula is great to take on-the-go and mixes easily with water. It’s the perfect herbal supplement for men & women and a wonderful addition to any routine!

  • Brand: Horbäach
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Chinese Skullcap, (Biacal skullcap, Scutellaria baicalensis) POTENT 85% BAC 400mg 60 Count

Chinese Skullcap, (Biacal skullcap, Scutellaria baicalensis) POTENT 85%

Chinese Skullcap, (differing from American Skullcap) is a plant in which the roots are thought to have healing properties. Chinese Skullcap is also known as Baikal skullcap or Scutellaria baicalensis and is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Chinese Medical Practice.

  • Brand: Violet Herbs
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Herb Pharm Certified Organic Alcohol-Free Skullcap Liquid Glycerite for Nervous System Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Alcohol-Free Skullcap Liquid Glycerite

Herb Pharm Certified-Organic Skullcap extract works with the body's natural mechanisms to support the nervous system.* Herb Pharm prepares Skullcap extract from fresh (never dried) Scutellaria lateriflora plants which are Certified Organically Grown on our own farm. To assure optimal extraction of Skullcap's bioactive compounds, the plants are hand-harvested while in full-flower and are then taken directly to our laboratory and promptly extracted while still fresh and succulent. Skullcap is bitter and vegetal in flavor. It may be added to water or other liquid for taste and is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Herb Pharm never uses synthetic solvents. The company's farm is Certified Organic, Bee Friendly, and Salmon Safe. Herb Pharm is the #1 selling liquid herbal extract brand in US Natural Food (SPINS). Herb Pharm is a company of herbalists, scientists, and farmers in GMO-free Josephine County, OR. There, they have been cultivating herbs with care, precision, and respect for nature since 1979.

  • Brand: Herb Pharm
  • UPC: 090900000682

Swanson Full-Spectrum Chinese Skullcap 400 Milligrams 90 Capsules 2 Pack

Swanson Full-Spectrum Chinese Skullcap 400 Milligrams 90 Capsules

Promote healthy relaxation with Swanson Chinese Skullcap! Chinese skullcap has been used for at least 2,000 years in traditional Chinese herbalism where it's primarily used as a powerful agent to steady the nerves.

  • Brand: Swanson
  • ASIN: B077HY9JKZ
  • UPC: 087614111285

Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic Liquid Herbal Formula to Strengthen and Calm The Nervous System - 2 Ounce

Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic Liquid Herbal Formula

Strengthen and calm the nervous system with the herbs in Nervous System formula from Herb Pharm. The herbs used to prepare this compound are Certified Organically Grown or they are Sustainably Wildcrafted in their natural wild habitat. They are hand-harvested at their optimal potency, and are then promptly extracted while still fresh & succulent or after being carefully shade-dried. All of the herbs in this formula are individually extracted to ensure a broad spectrum of therapeutic plant compounds. Caution: Seek expert medical advice before taking during pregnancy or with medical drugs.

  • Brand: Herb Pharm
  • UPC: 090700014353

Skullcap Tincture, Organic Skullcap Extract, Skullcap Drops (Scutellaria lateriflora) Dried Herb

Skullcap Tincture, Organic Skullcap Extract, Skullcap Drops (Scutellaria

Skullcap is a plant. The above ground parts are used to make medicine. Organic Non-GMO Vegan Gluten-Free Alcohol-Free Made in the USA About Florida Herbs All products are manufactured in the sunny state of Florida. Florida Herb's is a company that produces products from certified organic grasses or wild herbs. All suppliers have licenses USDA or Kosher. Our herbal products It's commonly known fact that the best quality products are produced in the U.S. We try to excel ourselves and existing standards in quality and in serving our regular buyers. Feel free to try our products and you'll see why our customers choose Florida Herbs. Enjoy! OTHER NAME(S): American Skullcap, Blue Pimpernel, Blue Skullcap, Escutelaria, Grande Toque, Helmet Flower, Hoodwort, Mad-Dog Herb, Mad-Dog Skullcap, Mad-Dog Weed, Mad Weed, Quaker Bonnet, Scullcap, Scutellaria, Scutellaire, Scutellaire de Virginie, Scutellaire Latériflore, Scutelluria, Scutellaria lateriflora, Toque Bleue, Toque Casquée, Toque des Marais.

  • Brand: Florida Herbs
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Ahana Nutrition Organic Scullcap Capsules - Anti Anxiety, Inflammation Relief, Nervous System Support and Detox (425mg - 100 Capsules)

Ahana Nutrition Organic Scullcap Capsules - Anti Anxiety,

Are you looking for the most complete Scullcap Capsules for your body? Get the best value on Amazon: - Scullcap 425mg Per Serving - Max Supply (100 Capsules & Over 100 Days Supply) - 100% Pure and 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days. Our Scullcap Extract is an all natural remedy that derives the best nutrients necessary to provide the ultimate health benefits. Our formulation is completely pure, potent and features no added fillers or preservatives. Every one of our products are always formulated in GMP compliant facilities and FDA approved locations, which go through strict third party testing and all of our products are made in the USA. Change the way you live and feel with our supplements. What Are The Benefits of Our Organic Scullcap Herb: * Helps With Inflammation * Aids Anxiety * Supports The Nervous System * Removes Toxins * Maintains Healthy Hormones This Organic Skullcap features a unique blend of ingredients backed on centuries of research to give you the complete solution. Thanks to Ahana Nutrition, it's never been easier to support your overall health & wellness. Why Ahana Nutrition Scullcap Pills: - Made in the USA with quality ingredients - Only organic and natural items are used in the creation of this product, including the best lutein ...

  • Brand: Ahana Nutrition
  • ASIN: B077YW24N3
  • UPC: 680051566269

Nature's Answer Alcohol-Free Skullcap Herb, 1-Fluid Ounce

Nature's Answer Alcohol-Free Skullcap Herb, 1-Fluid

Nature's Answer Alcohol-Free Skullcap Herb, 1-Fluid Ounce

  • Brand: Nature's Answer
  • ASIN: B00014G41E
  • UPC: 083000006722
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